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Weibo Big V's Daily Entertainment Circle - Chapter 145

WBVDEV Chapter 145 - Bei Xiaoxiao x Gu Linlu (4)

"Sure enough, you came from a small place. Your poor family gave you such an upbringing?" Lin Suyu frowned, but even the frowning movement was outrageous. 

Bei Xiaoxiao finally understood why Lin Zhenchuan and his wife put their treasure on Lin Suyu. If nothing else, just Lin Suyu's appearance was enough for her to marry into a wealthy family and enter the upper society. The so-called big family in Lin Zhenchuan's mouth was the title as young mistress that everyone envied. 

"Small place? Poor people?" Bei Xiaoxiao suddenly sneered. She looked at Lin Suyu and said unceremoniously, "Yes, I'm from a small place and I'm what you call poor people. But don't forget, all of this should have been yours! It was you who stole my good things while you threw me the mud you were originally in! So, what kind of identity are you accusing me now?" 

After hearing this, Lin Suyu's expression did not change, and she only hummed: "Bei Xiaoxiao, everyone has their own fate, and this is your fate! Who can you blame for your own fate? If you have the ability, let your biological parents recognize you back! What's the use of saying all this in front of me? You think I will go back to that poor place to suffer? I tell you, blood relationship is not the most important thing. The important thing is whoever wins the hearts of the parents, she is the one qualified to stay in the family!" 

When Lin Suyu was done, she turned around and left. 


"Suyu, where have you been?" As soon as Lin Suyu got home, Xi Jixiang greeted her with a sliced ​​fruit plate. 
"Mom." Lin Suyu took Xi Jixiang's arm and smiled coquettishly: "Lovely mother, I just went out for a while and I miss my mother already. I now think about what if I get married in the future and can't see my mother every day. How would I manage?" 

Xi Jixiang was coaxed into laughter and said, "You! You just trying to make your mother happy. Why? Are you thinking about getting married already?" 

"No! They just hope that I can marry a good family and have a lot of money in the future to buy a lot of good things for the parents!" Lin Suyu seemed innocent. 

Xi Jixiang seemed to like hearing such words very much. She patted her daughter's hand and said happily: "Go wash! Mom made your favorite dish." 

As soon as Lin Suyu turned around, the original innocent expression on her face disappeared. Everyone didn't know that she knew that she was not her parents' biological daughter since she was 8 years old. That year, the school organized a medical examination. The medical examination list included blood type test. She got the blood type test result and after wondering for a long time, she realized that the blood types of Xi Jixiang and Lin Zhenchuan were very different from hers. 

Lin Suyu immediately asked the teacher vaguely and the teacher told her that with the blood types of Xi Jixiang and Lin Zhenchuan, only a few specific blood types could be born, and her blood type was not among these. 

Later, Lin Suyu searched the Internet by herself and then she realized that just from the perspective of blood type, she could not be the daughter of Xi Jixiang and Lin Zhenchuan at all. 

From then on, Lin Suyu was full of panic. She was afraid that one day she would be kicked out by Xi Jixiang and Lin Zhenchuan, so she had to keep expressing herself. So that they would like her more and more, let them be inseparable from herself, and let herself change. She had to be more and more valuable, lest one day she would suddenly get abandoned. 

A few days ago, Lin Suyu noticed that his parents were acting unusual. After listening secretly, she found that it was her biological parents who came to the door. She heard that the other party was an ordinary family from an underdeveloped area in a neighboring province. Her father was an abusive alcoholic, and her mother was a useless housewife. Such a family was a nightmare for her and she didn't want to go back even if she died. 

So, Lin Suyu found Bei Xiaoxiao today to warn her that there was no chance of replacement in this life. 

"Suyu, by the way, just now your aunt Zhou said that she will take us to a charity dinner this week. Mom told you last time that the man will also attend this banquet. When that time comes, you will dress up and try to give the other party left a good impression." Xi Jixiang smiled. 

"Okay, Mom." Lin Suyu turned her head again, already with a well-behaved smile. "I will dress up well so I don't embarrass anyone!" 

"My daughter, she is beautiful even without dressing up!" Xi Jixiang smiled. 

As soon as Xi Jixiang left, Lin Suyu suddenly laughed lightly. As long as she could handle this man and become a rich wife, her life would be completely changed. She would fly to high branches and become a phoenix. By then, Xi Jixiang and Lin Zhenchuan would never have the possibility to abandon her anymore. 

Thinking of this, Lin Suyu's face was firm.


"Xiaoxiao, do you have anything planned on saturday?" Jiang Yu patted Bei Xiaoxiao's head. But then she said doubtfully after seeing her friend's fave, "I don't know if it's my illusion, but I always feel that you have lost some weight recently. Even your chin has become pointed. What's wrong? You haven't eaten well recently?" 

"Oh, no!" Bei Xiaoxiao was dejected. She couldn't speak at all, she couldn't tell Jiang Yu that she was annoyed by Gu Linlu and Lin Suyu's family. 

Jiang Yu smiled and pinched Bei Xiaoxiao's increasingly thin face, and said with a smile: "Okay, you can go to a charity dinner with me on Saturday. I'll prepare all the clothes for you." 

"Charity dinner?" Bei Xiaoxiao stared with her round eyes, "What project?" 

"Initiated by the Ye family. Donating some good things that are not used by each family to help poor children. It is said to be a dinner party, but it is actually a gathering of feelings." 

Hearing this, Bei Xiaoxiao asked tentatively, "Who else is going from your family?" 

"Our family?" Jiang Yu said truthfully: "Me, Gu Shenliu, my in-laws." 

That's good... Gu Linlu would not go! Bei Xiaoxiao breathed a sigh of relief and smiled: "Okay! I'll accompany you then!" 


The Ye family's charity dinner had been held anually for several years, and such a dinner was actually a place to gather contacts. 

Because it was Jiang Yu's first year to appear as the daughter-in-law of the Gu family, she had a long headache about the things to donate. After all, in such an occasion, if you donated less, you would look stingy, but if you donate too much, it would make other people in the circle feel uncomfortable. She thought about it for a long time before making a decision. She took out a small item from the Qing Dynasty gifted by Gu Shenliu, which was worth hundreds of thousands. If auctioned in the charity dinner, it would rise up to at least a few million, which should be enough. 

Bei Xiaoxiao went to this kind of place purely for the food. She didn't know anyone, so she felt a lot more at ease. When she got there, she ate and drank without any pressure. People around her were wondering which daughter she was. Thinking that she was one of the distinguished guest. After all, Bei Xiaoxiao's dress alone worth at least 400,000 to 500,000 yuan. 

How would they know that these were all prepared by Jiang Yu. 

Today Jiang Yu was wearing a silver-grey deep V dress. Her hair was curled, and she looked indescribably sexy. Her belly was already big, but her limbs were still slender. Her dress was more eye-catching, and many women in the circle had asked her for maintenance tips, taking the opportunity to get close. 

Bei Xiaoxiao wore a black short dress, black high-heeled shoes, and her hair was half braided up while the rest being let loose. She looked cute and charming and she had to say that this styling made by Jiang Yu was very suitable for her. 

Jiang Yu was dragged to talk by other people so Bei Xiaoxiao was a little bit bored. She hid in the corner with a plate to eat. She just ate a cake when she heard a voice above her head: 

"Bei Xiaoxiao?" 

Bei Xiaoxiao raised her head, thinking that she had seen it wrong. How could she see this woman anywhere? "Lin Suyu?" After speaking, she lowered her head and continued to eat, acting like the other party was a transparent person. 

Lin Suyu was going crazy. The identity issue had always been a nightmare for her. Over the years, she often got awakened from her dream, dreaming that everything she owned being robbed by a faceless woman. How could she allow this! How could it be allowed! She, Lin Suyu, had worked hard all her life for today and she finally had a chance to become a master and step into a wealthy family. How could she allow Bei Xiaoxiao to make trouble here? If Bei Xiaoxiao got into trouble and let the people knew that she was not biological, how could they want her! 

"Bei Xiaoxiao, what do you mean?" Lin Suyu clenched her teeth, her eyes were scarlet. She said word by word, "Are you trying to hurt me? Are you trying to take everything from me? I tell you! It can only be in your dream!" 

Bei Xiaoxiao really didn't understand Lin Suyu's brain circuit. Were people with ghosts in their hearts always extremely sensitive? She didn't lift her head, she just lowered it and continued eating the cake. 

Lin Suyu was in a hurry and she turned to look around. Fortunately, there was an event at the front desk, so no one was paying attention to this area at the moment. She pulled Bei Xiaoxiao's hand and said angrily, "I'm talking to you! Are you deaf?" 

Being pulled, Bei Xiaoxiao couldn't stand still and the plate in her hand shattered to the ground with a bang as she fell. As she fell, she tilted her body and subconsciously put her hands on the ground as a buffer. When she came back to her senses, she realized that her hands were covered with blood and glass shards from the plate. 

Bei Xiaoxiao was instantly sweating in pain. 

This crisp sound echoed in the empty and silent hall, so harsh that someone had already come to check the situation from the front hall. 

Lin Suyu was in a hurry, she couldn't let others know that she had knocked over Bei Xiaoxiao's plate indirectly! Bei Xiaoxiao was currently full of glass shards. If she said it was an accident, who would believe it? People's imaginations were rich, especially in the rich circle. She couldn't tolerate any little mistake at this time. 

So Lin Suyu gritted her teeth and simply sprinkled some orange juice in her hand to her body. 

At this moment, Jiang Yu's voice came: "Xiaoxiao, is that you?" A few people followed behind her, and everyone gathered around. 

"Suyu, what's wrong with you?" Xi Jixiang ran over anxiously. 

Lin Suyu stood aside, covered her arms, and said with tears, "This girl was walking too fast, she bumped into me, her arm got hurt, and she got orange juice all over my body." 

"What?" Xi Jixiang glanced at Bei Xiaoxiao on the ground. The more she looked at the girl, the more familiar she became. After looking at it for a long time, she frowned: "Is it you?" 

If Bei Xiaoxiao bumped into Lin Suyu, then things would not be so. Xi Jixiang's mind suddenly increased, how could it be so coincidental? Bei Xiaoxiao also came to the dinner they came to? She must have found out that they were here and tried her best to come in. She probably wanted to force them to recognize her, or she was dissatisfied with Suyu and took the opportunity to take revenge by bumping into her on purpose. 

Xi Jixiang's face suddenly became ugly and her tone was very bad: "Bei Xiaoxiao, why are you here? Did you hit us Suyu on purpose?" 

When Bei Xiaoxiao heard the words, she held the injured palm tightly behind her back in pain. She was not used to showing her weak and painful side to others. This had been the case since she was a child. When other children got sick, they wished for everyone to know, but when she was sick, she just took some medicines silently without even telling her parents. Why? Because she knew that no one would actually worry about her. 

Bei Xiaoxiao lowered her head and said nothing. 

However, this was seen as a default in Xi Jixiang's eyes. 

There were a few people around, and Xi Jixiang couldn't afford to lose face in front of these people. As it is, it would be difficult to guarantee that others would not talk about it. If they wanted to talk about it, it might evolve to something bigger. Thinking of this, Xi Jixiang said to everyone: 

"This child is a distant relative of mine. Maybe she was angry that I didn't bring her to the banquet, so I sneaked in and bumped into my Suyu." 

Hearing this, Lin Suyu gritted her teeth hurriedly, lowered her eyebrows smoothly, and looked like she was well-behaved and full of grievances. "Mom, I don't think she did it on purpose, so don't hold her accountable. My clothes are wet, just accompany me to find a place to change!" 

"Okay!" Xi Jixiang said, and was about to leave when she heard a cold voice.


Jiang Yu looked up at the mother and daughter. She forcibly pulled Bei Xiaoxiao's hand out of her back, only to see the palm covered with broken glass shards and bleeding heavily. Just this made people unable to bear to look directly. "My friend was injured, but you just left?" 

Xi Jixiang frowned, "It was she who bumped into Suyu, our Suyu didn't hold her accountable, could it be that we also need to apologize?" 

Jiang Yu was angry and asked Bei Xiaoxiao, "Did you hit her?" 

Bei Xiaoxiao shook her head: "Forget it. Jiang Yu, I'm fine, take me to the hospital!" 

Jiang Yu didn't know what happened, but she saw that there was something unusual between the two of them, otherwise Lin Suyu would not be able to deliberately embarrass Xiaoxiao. She raised her head, stared at the mother and daughter, and said coldly: "You have finished talking your side of the event only. You said that it was my friend who bumped into you? Your daughter just got some juice spilled on her body and she already made a fuss and wanted to leave to change her clothes. My friend's hands are full of glass shards, but you didn't even apologize or try to understand the root cause of this accident? I really don't know how you entered this charity dinner. As a person who didn't know what kindness was at all, are you worthy of attending this banquet?" 

There was a lot of discussion, and most people agreed with Jiang Yu's words. In fact, most of the people in the circle were very generous and kind, which were completely two extremes from the portrayals on novels and TV series. 

No one in this world had money that came for no reason. To be able to get to this level, to climb to this position, everyone would at least have some real materials. But the behaviour of this mother and daughter was really too petty.

"You are talking nonsense... I just... just want to take my daughter to change clothes!" Xi Jixiang was anxious. However, her mind has long been exposed, and no one was interested in her anymore. 

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