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Weibo Big V's Daily Entertainment Circle - Chapter 144

WBVDEC Chapter 144 - Bei Xiaoxiao x Gu Linlu (3)

Seeing Bei Xiaoxiao's crying expression, Gu Linlu didn't tease her any more, he just said solemnly, "Don't want me to publish the video?" 

Bei Xiaoxiao lowered her head, nodding like she was pounding garlic. Immediately after thinking about it, it felt wrong, so she said, "You are also on the video yourself. What good will it do for you to publish it?" 

"I'm sorry." Gu Linlu raised his lips, squinted and smiled, showing a meaningful smile. Until this moment, Bei Xiaoxiao realized that there was actually a small mole under Gu Linlu's eyes. "The video only captures you!" 

Bei Xiaoxiao frowned, obviously in disbelief. Seeing this, Gu Linlu took outhis phone, opened the video, and suddenly, such a lascivious groan sounded... 

Bei Xiaoxiao couldn't believe she made that sounds! She really wanted to dig a hole in the ground and bury herself! But Gu Linlu indeed didn't lie to her. Perhaps it was because of the angle, but un the whole video, Gu Linlu only showed his strong body, while his face couldn't be seen at all. 

Bei Xiaoxiao slumped her shoulders unconsciously. 

Seeing this, Gu Linlu seemed to be in a good mood, and only said, "Go swimming with me tomorrow!" 

"Then delete the video first!" 

"Depends on your performance!" After saying that, Gu Linlu closed the door and left. 


The next day, Bei Xiaoxiao came to the swimming pool agreed on by Gu Linlu. It was in a relatively high-end clubhouse where people needed to make an appointment to enter. The lady at the front desk of the swimming pool was wearing a Hermes scarf and a Dior dress. It simply refreshed Bei Xiaoxiao's three views. Fortunately, Gu Linlu had already arranged with the front desk, so the staff glanced only at her and welcomed her in with a smile. 

Gu Linlu was already swimming, so Bei Xiaoxiao slowly changed into her swimsuit and wrapped herself around her body with a shawl like wrapping zongzi, and then she hurried to the pool. 

Gu Linlu finished swimming back and forth, stopped, emerged from the water, took off his swimming goggles, and frowned when he saw Bei Xiaoxiao like this: "Are you cosplaying a mummy?" 

"Don't worry about it! I like to swim like this!" Bei Xiaoxiao pouted. After that, under Gu Linlu's gaze, she walked down the pool uncomfortably. 

The indoor swimming pool water usually kept at warm temperature despite the seasons outside, but Bei Xiaoxiao's swimming skills were not good, she could barely guarantee that she would not sink. 

Seeing Bei Xiaoxiao staying still, Gu Linlu frowned: "Can't swim?" 

"Yes!" The voice was louder than anyone else. 

Gu Linlu put his hands around his chest and stared straight at Bei Xiaoxiao. Under his signal, she bit her lips and went into the water. 

Well! So cold! Because it was too cold, Bei Xiaoxiao didn't do a good job of floating and almost sank. Fortunately, her dog paddling skills were good! Bei Xiaoxiao kept sliding her arms backwards in the water, her head still raised high, and her movements were no different from dogs. As she was paddling, her feet cramped. She made an "Oops" sound, and her whole person sank and she started drowning. 

Seeing this, Gu Linlu sighed. The girl couldn't even be a proper dog! He got into the water and pulled Bei Xiaoxiao out. 

"How is it?" Gu Linlu pulled Bei Xiaoxiao to the shore. 

"Cough cough cough..." Anyone who had experienced the feeling of water rushing through the nose and mouth at the same time would know, so Bei Xiaoxiao just glanced at Gu Linlu sadly: "What do you think?" 

"Your swimming skills are too bad! Come here and I'll teach you!" 

"No!" Bei Xiaoxiao put her arms around her chest, for fear that she would be too close to Gu Linlu, "I can do it myself, you don't need to teach me!" 

"Come here!" Gu Linlu frowned, indicating that he didn't have the habit of saying something more than once. 

Gu Linlu really had the attitude of a high-ranking person. An ordinary employee like Bei Xiaoxiao would subconsciously feel nervous when she saw such a big boss-level character. Just like in the eyes of the dean in school, she and other students were just student A, B, C, D, according to their final score. She was very afraid of being targeted by this kind of people, for fear of angering the other party. 

Bei Xiaoxiao had to get out of the pool. Gu Linlu grabbed her in the water and pulled her into his arms. "I teach you freestyle, come on, swing and breathe like me first..." 

After ten times, Gu Linlu almost doubted his IQ. "Are you really a pig? If I taught a real pig this many times, it would probably be better than you now." 

"Hehe, so Mr. Gu, you don't have to waste time teaching me. I'll just float by myself." Bei Xiaoxiao smiled sincerely. 

Gu Linlu seemed to have insight into Bei Xiaoxiao's thoughts, looked at her sideways, and said: "I forgot to tell you that if you still not proficient after this, you can stay with me tonight." 


As soon as the words fell, Bei Xiaoxiao had already rushed out. Where did she look like the dog just couldn't paddle well? After learning a lot, she was like the white streak in the waves already. She even rushed to the deep area of ​​the swimming pool. 

Gu Linlu squinted, he began to understand the routine of this pink pig. 

In this way, Mr. Gu quickly taught Bei Xiaoxiao breaststroke, sidestroke, and backstroke swimming techniques. Bei Xiaoxiao was very fast and she drew inferences from each other. She blinked at Mr. Gu with a pair of round eyes, thinking that she had learned very well so she asked him to let her go at night.

President Gu was very satisfied with Bei Xiaoxiao's response, squinted his eyes and waved his hands, letting her go. 

Bei Xiaoxiao came up to take a rest, but suddenly, with a loud bang, Gu Linlu emerged from the water. Bei Xiaoxiao looked over inadvertently, only to realize that Gu Linlu was really tall. Like Gu Shenliu, he had an inverted triangle body, but his waist and hips were not overly wide as well. In short, such a body shape was very suitable for Chinese aesthetics, it was perfect to wear good-looking clothes, or a swimsuit... 

The swimming trunks fit tightly on Gu Linlu body, outlining the curve of his upturned buttocks. His legs were long and straight, so people couldn't help but look at them. What's worse, the lump between his legs, just look at the size! 

By the way, what's his size? Bei Xiaoxiao didn't seem to remember much, but she vaguely remember that after that day, she was in pain for a long time. It was even painful to just walk. So... the size should be amazing, right? 

Thinking of this, Bei Xiaoxiao's face turned red. 

Over there, when Gu Linlu turned around, he saw Bei Xiaoxiao's smiling face. The corners of his mouth twitched up as he unscrewed a bottle of mineral water and raised his head to drink. As he drank, some of the water spilled on his chest. The water droplets rolled down and this scene was even more fatal! 

It's killing me, it's killing me! Bei Xiaoxiao hurriedly turned her head, blushing, and didn't dare to look again. This man was simply a seductive little goblin! It's really not a loss for her to eat him before! 


After swimming, the two of them were hungry, so they simply ate lunch. Lunch was not like what Bei Xiaoxiao thought, with revolving romantic restaurant, eating snails from France, sea urchins and sashimi from Japan, and red wine airlifted from Italy. In the end, Gu Linlu took her to a modest private restaurant. 

Bei Xiaoxiao was very disappointed, thinking that president's novels were all lies. Although the restaurant was not outstanding, it didn't even have a name, it had a good taste. When she walked in, she knew that this restaurant specialized in fish pots. It was said that the fish were directly shipped from XX Lake, which was a copycat version of ingredients being airlifted from France.

Bei Xiaoxiao nodded, indicating that Gu Linlu still did not break away from a domineering president's routine! 

The fish came up and the white fish fillets lay on a large plate layer by layer. They were garnished with chopped green onions and hot oil was poured on the surface. It exuded a delicious smell, making Bei Xiaoxiao's little stomach rumbling. She didn't know if she was too hungry after the swim, but she ate two bowls of rice in a row. 

Seeing this, Gu Linlu's eyes became meaningful again. 

"What's wrong?" Bei Xiaoxiao froze for a moment, "I have rice grains on my face?" 

"I'm thinking, you actually eat a lot, but where does all of that go." 

When Bei Xiaoxiao heard the words, she laughed, "I'll take it as a compliment." It was true that her appetite was not small. Every time she ate with Jiang Yu, Jiang Yu only ate half a bowl while she ate two or three bowls. But she was indeed not fat. Although her face was round, her body was very thin. In winter, she wore a down jacket and wrapped her body up and down with only her face showing, so when people saw her they asked her to lose some weight, the audacity! But when the down jacket was taken off in spring, everyone was surprised and said that she was actually so thin! 

Bei Xiaoxiao was still very proud of this point. After all, she was thin so she looked good in any clothes, but her round face had the necessary fat and collagen to resist aging. She looked pure and cute, and had a girlish vibe. 

When Gu Linlu said it, Bei Xiaoxiao was very happy. 

Who knew, Gu Linlu said solemnly: "There is no part of your body that is worthy of your appetite." 

Bei Xiaoxiao pondered for a moment, and finally realized that this fellow was mocking her for having a small chest. She was even more depressed. "You laugh at me? I think you should eat ham sausage to fill a certain part as well!" 

Gu Linlu's eyes narrowed slightly, his lips were slightly raised, and the light in his eyes gave people the illusion that he was placing Bei Xiaoxiao on the scale to be sold by the pound. 

Bei Xiaoxiao shivered involuntarily. 

"There will be time to make up." Gu Linlu said in a deep voice and stared at Bei Xiaoxiao again: "After all, it will be used frequently in the future." 

Bei Xiaoxiao's body froze, and she didn't dare to say a word. She lowered her head and began to count the rice grains in her bowl. 


In the afternoon, Bei Xiaoxiao went back to the company, handed in her design draft, and reviewed the performance of the previous month. Jiang Yu's company was more friendly. For a designer like her, as long as she submitted the drafts on time as required, occasionally asking for additional leave would not deduct the salary, but the premise was that the drafts and assignment had to be done as required and on set deadline. 

Bei Xiaoxiao was operating the computer when her phone suddenly rang. As she picked up the call and heard what was said on the other end, her face suddenly turned cold. She was stunned and looked at the phone in her hand in a trance. 

"Xiaoxiao, what's the matter?" Zou Xiaoyu asked worriedly, "Are you sick? I think you look pale." 

"It's okay, you help me tell the boss that I need to go out." 

"Go Go!" 


In a coffee shop. 

As soon as Bei Xiaoxiao entered the door, the lucky cat at the entrance of the coffee shop sounded "Welcome". She looked for a seat and saw a couple sitting from a distance. When they saw her, the woman stood up and pushed the man next to her. The two looked complicated. 

Bei Xiaoxiao had imagined the scene where the two sides met countless times. She thought that they would hug her. Even if they didn't cry, it should still be quite emotional. They would hold her hand and ask her if she had suffered in these years and how her life was going for example. But no, her biological mother, Xi Jixiang, saw her and was stunned for a moment before she said dryly, "Sit down!" 

Bei Xiaoxiao sat down and glanced at the man on the other side. Only then did she know who her round face was inherited from. Lin Zhenchuan also had a round face. Although his face was shriveled due to age, the outline was still vaguely visible. It was exactly the same as Bei Xiaoxiao's. 

Xi Jixiang paused before saying, "What would you like to drink?" 

"No, just say it straight!" Bei Xiaoxiao still smiled. 

These words made Xi Jixiang not know how to speak. She was stunned for a moment, then lowered her head and said: "This kind of thing is something we have never thought about. I hope you understand that we are parents that have been with a daughter for more than 20 years, and for the sake of her daughter's happiness they have already helped her plan a marriage. We didn't expect that at this moment, someone told us that our daughter is not our biological daughter. How can we accept it? Since childhood, we have given her the best things and poured too much affection into her. Such a daughter, even if it is not biological, the feelings are real, so we really can't let it go. For a while, it's hard to accept a daughter who suddenly appeared." 

"Oh." Bei Xiaoxiao didn't seem surprised at all, still smiling: "So what are you trying to say?" 

Xi Jixiang couldn't bear it, but Lin Zhenchuan held his wife's hand and looked at Bei Xiaoxiao directly: "She can't, so just let me do it! We hope you don't affect Suyu's life, she is about to discuss her marriage soon and the other party is a very powerful family. This matter is related to the rise and fall of our Lin family, so I hope you understand. We can give you some financial support if you want, but it's can only be maximum 20,000 yuan." After speaking, as if afraid that Bei Xiaoxiao would be insatiable, he specially emphasized: "We don't have much money to spend on you, everything in the family belongs to Suyu. If you want, we can walk around as relatives in the future, if not, then forget it." 

When Bei Xiaoxiao heard the words, she couldn't help but sneer. Her always gentle face showed a trace of boredom. "Don't worry, I won't pester you and I won't chase you begging to recognize you as my parents. Since you don't want to, then treat it like we've never seen each other in the future. Shencheng is so big, so it shoud not be difficult not to meet in a lifetime, right? Even if we do, let's pretend we don't know each other!" 

Lin Zhenchuan and Xi Jixiang were stunned for a moment. They didn't expect Bei Xiaoxiao to be so decisive. This was far beyond their expectations. They originally thought that a child born in such a small place would be petty, or at the instigation of his adoptive parents, she would go back to her biological parents' home to seek help, wanting to seize the property. This was why they put the rude words in front. Besides, they could only do this. Although this daughter was related to them by blood, their relationship was definitely much less than with Suyu, which they had got along with day and night for decades. Suyu had been trained so well by them, she was their proud work. The family was discussing a marriage and they heard that the parents of the other party liked Suyu's gentleness very much. If they could succeed, Suyu would also share all the status of this big family and the other party's tens of billions of assets with them. At this time, it was impossible for them to recognize Bei Xiaoxiao as it might hurt Suyu's heart. 

The matter had come to this point, more words would be redundant. 

Walking out the door, Xi Jixiang looked back at Bei Xiaoxiao and couldn't help sighing: "Zhenchuan, she really looks like you when you were young." 

Lin Zhenchuan was stunned for a moment, and finally sighed. "Let's go! Suyu is waiting for us!" 

It would be a lie to say that it was not uncomfortable, so Bei Xiaoxiao lay down on the table and did not change her energy for a long time. She pretended to be normal, but her legs under the table kept shaking. This shaking couldn't be suppressed. Even if she held it with her hand, it couldn't stop. When meeting their own daughter, they have to choose the meeting place at a coffee shop instead of letting their daughter who hadn't come home for 21 years go to chat at home. Were they really so cruel? 

Yao Cuilan and Bei Yanjun were real scumbags and indifferent, but in the end they directly had feelings for their own daughters even before they saw her, unlike these people... Bei Xiaoxiao suddenly felt that many things in this world were too much, Yao Cuilan and Bei Yanjun, Xi Jixiang and Lin Zhenchuan too. 

Suddenly, the regular footsteps of high-heeled shoes approached. A girl was standing in front of Bei Xiaoxiao. 

Bei Xiaoxiao looked up. She saw that the girl's hair was black and straight. She had a sweet appearance, clear facial features, and a soft expression. Just looking at her face could easily arouse others' favor. She was also tall and thin. Looking at her legs, she really had no flesh on her body except for the necessary bump. People couldn't take their eyes off just by looking at her. She was covered in new luxury brands. Dior's long dress and a light rose red fur cover. The delicate makeup made her appearance more prominent. 

"You are..." Bei Xiaoxiao was puzzled. 

"Bei Xiaoxiao?" The girl sneered: "Do you think you can kick me out of the house by doing some tricks at this time? Don't be funny! I tell you, you'd better go away fast. Even if you are their biological daughter, I can still make you unable to return home!" 

Bei Xiaoxiao suddenly felt that she must have not read the almanac when she went out today. "Lin Suyu?" She frowned, tired of this kind of conversation. Yes, the world was indeed too much. Even Lin Suyu ran over to warn her in such a hurry. This made Bei Xiaoxiao feel an unprecedented annoyance, so she didn't even bother to say anything. 

Bei Xiaoxiao frowned. "Sorry, I don't understand what you're talking about. After all, it's really difficult for people to understand the barking of mad dogs." 

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