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Weibo Big V's Daily Entertainment Circle - Chapter 146

WBVDEC Chapter 146 - Bei Xiaoxiao x Gu Linlu (5)

Soon, everyone dispersed and went to the front to participate in the event. 

"Jixiang, what happened?" Zhou Hongjun asked suspiciously. 

"It's okay, it's okay, a little misunderstanding." Xi Jixiang kept cleaning Lin Suyu's clothes. 

"Oh, just a misunderstanding." Zhou Hongjun smiled and introduced Mrs. Gu behind him. He smiled and said, "This is Mrs. Gu. She has a good life. She gave birth to three sons, each of which is promising!" 

"Hello, Mrs. Gu!" Xi Jixiang was so excited. Although Lin Suyu's clothes were dirty, but this situation made Lin Suyu looked more pitiful and obedient. 

"Mrs. Lin." Mother Gu smiled, but her eyes stared straight at the two on the sofa. 

Jiang Yu raised her head and glanced at Mother Gu, her eyes helpless. 

"Mrs. Lin, what happened just now?" Mother Gu glanced at the debris on the ground. 

"It's really worrying you, but it's nothing serious. It was this girl who accidentally broke the plate and bumped into my daughter Suyu, spilling juice all over her. But my family Suyu never likes to make trouble for people, so she doesn't care about this kind of thing anymore!" After speaking, Xi Jixiang glanced at Bei Xiaoxiao, hoping that she would leave soon. 

When Mother Gu heard this, she just smiled and said nothing. 

Xi Jixiang pondered her thoughts. In fact, she had never thought about being able to get on the boat of the Gu family. After all, the Gu family was not an ordinary rich family. With her and Lin Zhenchuan's status as university professors, she could barely get on nouveau riche's boat, so it would be really hard to marry a daughter into such a family! Fortunately, she knew Zhou Hongjun, and Zhou Hongjun was one of Mrs. Gu's little sister, so she barely got this meeting opportunity. 

Xi Jixiang had already inquired about it. Mrs. Gu's sons were outstanding, and she liked the richest one. After all, everything else was fake and having money was a real benefit. 

Zhou Hongjun said with a smile, "Sister, I grew up watching Suyu from the Lin family. She doesn't talk much, the little girl is quiet and obedient." 

Mrs. Gu had seen photos of Lin Suyu long ago and was very satisfied with her appearance. "Sister, why don't you call Linlu to have a look?" 
When Mother Gu heard the words, she waved to the side with a smile: "Son, come! See Miss Lin!" 

When Bei Xiaoxiao heard the words, she was immediately flustered. Gu Linlu was doing a blind date? Didn't he have a wife already? Or was he already divorced? She didn't know anything about these. In fact, she knew very little about him, not much more than a stranger, except for that one night of passion. 

The sound of Gu Linlu's footsteps approached, and Bei Xiaoxiao saw a tall figure approaching from the corner of her eyes. She buried her head lower while Jiang Yu kept helping her clean her palms. 

Gu Linlu stood beside Mother Gu. He was tall, and Mother Gu looked very affectionate against his background. Mother Gu smiled proudly: "Linlu, this is Suyu from the Lin family. She looks so pretty! She also has a good personality. Your Aunt Zhou watched her grow up. Honestly, what do you think?" 

Gu Linlu glanced at Lin Suyu. 

Lin Suyu blushed immediately. 

Gu Linlu immediately retracted his gaze, with a tasteless expression on his face, his voice was cold and without any emotion: "Nothing." 

This made everyone present stunned. 

On occasions like a blind date, people that will directly say that they don't like the other party is definitely a minority. Besides, Lin Suyu was a delicate little girl, but Gu Linlu actually said that she was not good on the spot. Wasn't this a slap in the face? 

Zhou Hongjun was the introducer. Although she was critical of Gu Linlu's actions, she didn't have the courage to tear up her face directly with the Gu family. She was just angry but felt strange at the same time. Since she knew Gu Linlu, he had always been calm. Saying hurtful words like this really didn't seem to be his normal character. 

Zhou Hongjun glanced at Xi Jixiang's face and saw that her expression had become reluctant. Zhou Hongjun hurriedly said: "Linlu, blind dates are sometimes not something that can be done in one go. The first impression is not necessarily accurate. In my opinion, Lin Suyu is really a good girl. She is honest and obedient. I will be your good helper. It's perfect!" 

Lin Suyu heard the words, her moist lips were tightly pursed, and she seemed a little wronged. Her lips were red and her teeth were white, much like a beauty in a lady's painting. Her every move was beautiful, not to mention men, even Zhou Hongjun couldn't help but want to cherish and comforted her in her arms. So it was strange that a man like Gu Linlu was indifferent? 

Gu Linlu pursed his lips tightly, staring at Xi Jixiang and her daughter like a torch, he said: "Aunt Zhou, you don't need to introduce people to me in the future." 

Hearing this, Bei Xiaoxiao's heart on the side thumped and thumped, not understanding why Gu Linlu hurt the hearts of others on such an occasion. Although he was vicious behind his back, had no gentlemanly demeanor, and always liked to bully people, but this was something that couldn't be seen on the face. On the surface, he was an introverted, unobtrusive, workaholic boss! 
Zhou Hongjun was surprised: "Linlu, are you dissatisfied with Auntie's arrangement? In fact, Auntie really didn't mean to harm you. This Suyu is really a good girl. She just came back from studying abroad. She is sensible and obedient, she is also filial to her parents. Do you dare to say that she is not outstanding? Auntie also considers many aspects.  Marrying such a girl and bringing her home is a blessing. After all, she is the daughter of a university professor, so she is not the same as the children of ordinary people!" 

When Bei Xiaoxiao heard this, she snorted coldly. The daughter of a university professor? Don't you feel guilty when Xi Jixiang and Lin Suyu act? 

Gu Linlu said solemnly, "It has nothing to do with that." 

"It doesn't? Could it be that you already have a partner?" Zhou Hongjun was puzzled, "Your mother told me before that you are single!" After speaking, she looked at Mother Gu.

Mother Gu heard the words, nodded, and said, "Linlu is indeed single. He has been single for many years and has never had a partner, which is why I want to arrange something for him." 

After Mother Gu finished speaking, she slapped her son on the back and said: "You stinky boy! You lose the chain at a critical time! Say, why are you talking to your Aunt Zhou like this? If you don't give a reason today, mother won't spare you!" 

Gu Linlu's eyes were deep and calm. He didn't answer and just walked directly to Bei Xiaoxiao's side. He didn't move or speak, just stared at her like that. 

Bei Xiaoxiao was stabbed in the back like a thorn, her whole body shaking, and her eyes were full of defense as she raised her head to look back. 

At this time, everyone was staring at Bei Xiaoxiao, not understanding why Gu Linlu suddenly stared at a little girl who was embarrassed just now.

Gu Linlu spoke directly with his actions, and he directly hugged Bei Xiaoxiao in everyone's astonishment. She was stunned and the others were also stunned. 

Meanwhile Jiang Yu had a 'what did I miss' expression on her face. 

The man's breath came to Bei Xiaoxiao's face, and she was imprisoned in his strong arms. Her face was hot. She never dreamed in her life that one day, she would be princess carried by a man in public. She reminded in a low voice, "Gu Linlu, let me go!" 

"You're injured!" Gu Linlu was clearly upset. 

Bei Xiaoxiao felt it was necessary to remind him: "That... I hurt my hand." 

"Thanks for your reminder, otherwise I thought you hurt your brain." Gu Linlu retorted.

Under Gu Linlu's eyes, Bei Xiaoxiao shrank for a moment, not daring to say another word.

Gu Linlu snorted coldly and turned his eyes to Lin Suyu, who was full of astonishment, he said: "Miss Lin is worthy of being the daughter of a university professor. She has practiced the idiom 'reversing black and white' and implemented it very thoroughly!" 

As soon as these words came out, Lin Suyu's face suddenly turned pale. She lowered her head, clenched her hands tightly, trembling all over. 

How could others still not understand what happened? None of them were fools. 

Zhou Hongjun heard Gu Linlu's words and her eyes on Xi Jixiang's mother and daughter became subtle. The matchmaking she was doing was completely based on kindness. She felt that Lin Suyu was an excellent child so she had the heart to introduce her to Gu Linlu. But who knew, this Lin Suyu was actually not a simple girl. 

As soon as Gu Linlu left, Zhou Hongjun looked at Xi Jixiang's mother and daughter with a light tone: "Since it didn't happen, then forget it? If there is a suitable family another day, I will introduce it to Suyu again." 

When Xi Jixiang heard this, she was quite uncomfortable. She had the illusion that she was being sold at a price instead of being the one who should select the product. She raised her daughter according to the standard of a lady since she was a child, hoping that her daughter would shine on this circle and let the parents follow suit. She disliked her biological daughter and wouldn't even let her enter the house, yet she was actually so close to Gu Linlu? 

How could it be possible? How could a family like Gu Linlu know a daughter from a poor family like Bei Xiaoxiao? How could he fall in love with such an uneducated child? Her family Suyu was so good, but Gu Linlu didn't even look at her. Could it be that the man's eyes were blind? 

Jiang Yu had already guessed what happened. Although she didn't know when Bei Xiaoxiao and Gu Linlu actually got together, just looking at Gu Linlu's reaction today, they must have had something to do with each other, but they never told her. 

Jiang Yu supported Mother Gu's arm and said with a smile, "Mom, didn't you always say that Xiaoxiao is cute and gets along well with Xiao Q? Would you be happy if Xiaoxiao was your daughter-in-law?" 

When Mother Gu heard the words, she smiled and said, "I'm of course happy about it." 

"But Xiaoxiao's family background is ordinary, and the dowry is not rich." 

"Oh... you kid, are you trying to trick me?" Mother Gu smiled and looked at her new daughter-in-law: "I am looking for a daughter-in-law and don't care about her family background. I will not be persistent. I only hope that Gu Linlu's future wife can treat others with kindness and get along well with Xiao Q. Just this!" 

"You can rest assured." Jiang Yu smiled and said, "Xiaoxiao is attentive. I promise that she will be good to Xiao Q!" 

After they finished speaking, the two left regardless of the shocked faces of Xi Jixiang's mother and daughter.


Bei Xiaoxiao was carried out by Gu Linlu. 

"Put me down!" Bei Xiaoxiao twisted her body and felt very uncomfortable. She was so tall, it was really incongruous to be nestled in a man's arms. 

Gu Linlu glanced at Bei Xiaoxiao, and when he got to the door, he directly stuffed her into the car. 

Bei Xiaoxiao's hand touched the car door, she instinctively screamed in pain.  

"You still know it hurts?" Gu Linlu held his breath: "You were bullied, but you didn't even know how to say a word? You were lying there pretending to be a statue, what's the matter? You don't dare to say anything?" 

"What do mean?! How can you satirize an injured person?" Bei Xiaoxiao was very angry. It wasn't that she didn't want to argue with Lin Suyu, but she felt ashamed. Especially when Xi Jixiang helped the other party to attack her together. It made her very frustrated and sad. 

Bei Xiaoxiao sighed: "You don't understand anything, that Xi Jixiang is..." 

Gu Linlu drove forward. For some reason, once he was with Bei Xiaoxiao, he would start the bickering mode. "Who? Your mother?" 

There was a sudden silence. 

Gu Linlu braked abruptly and looked back at Bei Xiaoxiao. Her expression had already told him everything. That Xi Jixiang was really Bei Xiaoxiao's mother? 

Bei Xiaoxiao lowered her head and said, "It all started from that one time we..." 

Gu Linlu didn't seem to hear clearly: "Which one?" 

"Just that time!" 

"Which time?" Gu Linlu frowned. 

Bei Xiaoxiao blushed with anxiety, "How can you be such a bad person? That one night stand!"
The corners of Gu Linlu's lips twitched slightly, half-smiling, not knowing what he was thinking. 

Bei Xiaoxiao told what happened. The more Gu Linlu listened, the tighter his brows became. He couldn't understand that there were actually parents in this world who didn't want to recognize their biological daughters. In this case, trying to make up for the debt owed to the biological daughter was what normal parents would do. 

The actions of Xi Jixiang and Lin Zhenchuan were really embarrassing. 

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  1. That’s all to their story? It feels like something is missing. Also….I thought Xiaoxiao was supposed to have a pretty decent family - it mentioned that they loved and sacrificed for her and bought the Apple laptop because all the good things should be given to their child. Now it’s been flipped? Did the author forget her character set up, or did she change her mind and hope the readers wouldn’t notice?


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