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Weibo Big V's Daily Entertainment Circle - Chapter 143

WBVDEC Chapter 143 - Bei Xiaoxiao x Gu Linlu (2)

The other party was unwilling to do a paternity test. This sentence was drilled into Bei Xiaoxiao's mind word by word. She imagined countless possibilities. She thought that her biological parents might find the news unacceptable at first, but when they realized that they were raising someone who was not related to them, they should be like Yao Cuilan and Bei Yanjun, very eager to threw her out. But she didn't expect the other party to be unwilling to do a paternity test after knowing about this, intending to make this wrong matter stay wrong until the end. 

Dean Jiang also said that the other party was rich and had a good family background. The child was also very good and she went to study abroad at a very young age. The family would treat it as if it never happened, this was also for the good of the children. 

Bei Yanjun and Yao Cuilan thought for a long time, but decided to meet their biological daughter first. 

Bei Xiaoxiao suddenly wanted to laugh when she heard these words. Nobody cared what she thinks. She suddenly felt that she was just a piece of stain on a brand new dress, disgusting and everyone wanted to get rid of her. A cool feeling crawled down from the soles of her feet. She began to feel disheartened and had an indescribable disappointment towards the world. However, self-pity was not her style. Although this was uncomfortable, she had graduated from college and was not a minor without the ability to work. Since her parents didn't want her, why should she want them? 

Bei Xiaoxiao packed up her things and stood at the door with a box. 

Bei Yanjun and Yao Cuilan pushed in the door and frowned upon seeing this.

Yao Cuilan said with a straight face, "Where are you going?" 

"Return to Shencheng to work." 

"Work? Are you still in the mood to work? You can't go anywhere now! Maybe when they agree to do the appraisal, they will expect you to go to the hospital with them!" Yao Cuilan looked at Bei Xiaoxiao with eyes full of malice. 

Bei Xiaoxiao wanted to laugh. Yao Cuilan was already claimed the unconfirmed girl as "our daughter" before she even got the DNA result. 

Bei Xiaoxiao looked neither sad nor happy, she looked at the couple with a calm expression: "Don't worry. You have raised me for so many years, so it is impossible for me to refuse when you ask me to cooperate with you in such trivial matters like paternity testing." 

This alienated attitude made Bei Yanjun sigh. Bei Xiaoxiao suddenly had the same attitude as him, it was once something he did, but it was a bit unbearable to be the receiving end of this act. "It's so late, how are you going back?" 

Bei Xiaoxiao pursed her lips and didn't look at the couple. The incandescent lamp above her head hurt her eyes. "I checked that there is a night bus still. If the other party has news, you can call me. I will immediately ask for leave and come back from Shencheng." 

It was deathly quiet and no one spoke for a moment

Bei Xiaoxiao said again: "By the way, I made supper, you can eat some!" 

At the moment when the door was closed, Bei Xiaoxiao took a deep breath and felt an unprecedented ease in her heart. As soon as she walked to the gate of the community, Jiang Yu called. 

"Why haven't you come back, Xiaoxiao? Is there something wrong at home?" Jiang Yu had been standing for a long time because of the wedding. She had a backache in the past few days and was forced by Gu Shenliu to lie down at home to rest. If it wasn't for someone saying in the group that Xiaoxiao didn't go to work, she wouldn't even know that her friend hadn't come back from her hometown yet. It's not Xiaoxiao style. 

Bei Xiaoxiao's eyes began to get sour again. What actually in this world that would belong to her forever? Even the love of her parents got snatched away so suddenly. "Jiang Yu, I'm fine, I'm going back to Shencheng now." 

Jiang Yu paused and immediately realized that something had happened to Bei Xiaoxiao. She hung up the phone, lowered her head, and said to Gu Shenliu who was exercising: "Shenliu, isn't eldest brother in the neighboring province now?" 


"When is he coming back?" 

"It was originally intended to be tomorrow, but Xiao Q clamored to see him. From what he said, he will drive back tonight." 

Gu Shenliu was doing push-ups. In order to supervise him, Jiang Yu sat on top of his back. The family of three exercised together. "Ah, then I'll call eldest brother and ask him to bring Xiaoxiao back." 


2 minutes later, Bei Xiaoxiao received a call. 

"Xiaoxiao, stand at the gate of the community and don't leave. Someone will pick you up to go back to Shencheng. I have given him your number." 

20 minutes later, a black car stopped in front of Bei Xiaoxiao. 

When the car window opened, Bei Xiaoxiao lowered her head and saw someone's spectacles reflecting perfectly under the street lamp. "!!!" Jiang Yu didn't say it was Gu Linlu, if she knew, she would just run away! But, Gu Linlu looked calm, he probably didn't remember what happened that day? 

Bei Xiaoxiao got into the car with a hint of happiness. She sat in the back row, but saw Gu Linlu adjust the rearview mirror and said, "Miss Bei?" 

"Huh?" Bei Xiaoxiao stretched her back. 

"Sit in front!" 

"No, no!" Bei Xiaoxiao laughed and refused directly: "It's fine for me to sit in the back, I like to sit in the back, hehe." 

Gu Linlu didn't move, just stared at Bei Xiaoxiao from the mirror with inexplicable eyes. "In the evening, wearing a white sweater and sitting in the back seat with loose hair, Miss Bei has a preference to act like female ghosts?" 

"..." Bei Xiaoxiao's teeth itch with hatred. It's strange, she didn't know that Big Brother Gu was so vicious, why was he like this when his brother was so humble? 

Bei Xiaoxiao, like a small snail, came to the front seat slowly and expressionlessly. 

The car galloped in the dark, and soon got on the highway. It was a 3-hour drive from Bei Xiaoxiao's house to Shencheng. Along the way, Bei Xiaoxiao was in a tense mood and did not dare to relax for a moment, for fear that Gu Linlu would mention some things that couldn't be mentioned. 

"Miss Bei and Jiang Yu have a good relationship?" Gu Linlu said suddenly. 

"Yeah." Bei Xiaoxiao reluctantly replied: "We are college classmates. We spent four years of college and we also live together." 

The two of them only said this sentence, and then there was a long silence. Gu Linlu held the steering wheel and drove steadily. Sometimes, in order to go faster, he shuttled between other cars. A coward like Bei Xiaoxiao couldn't help but grab the handle on the car window, her heart lifted even higher. 

"Afraid?" Gu Linlu suddenly opened his mouth. 

"It's okay" Bei Xiaoxiao's voice was a little dry. 

Gu Linlu looked straight ahead and saw that Bei Xiaoxiao was in a low mood, so he did not continue to talk, but the speed of his driving was a little slower. 

Three and a half hours later, Gu Linlu's car finally stopped slowly at the entrance of Jinghu Garden. 

After graduation, Bei Xiaoxiao still lived in Jiang Yu's house. Bei Xiaoxiao dragged her suitcase, got out of the car, and was about to say goodbye, but she saw Gu Linlu unfasten his seat belt and strode out of the car. Only this moment Bei Xiaoxiao saw that he was wearing a black trench coat. Gu Linlu, who was similar to Gu Shenliu, was also an authentic clothes hanger. Although his figure was not as perfect as Gu Shenliu's, he had a kind of masculinity that only belonged to him. 

Bei Xiaoxiao couldn't help lowering her head when she thought of the sporadic episodes of that night, panicking in her heart. 

"Let's go!" Gu Linlu took the box from Bei Xiaoxiao's hand. 

"Ah?" Bei Xiaoxiao was stunned. "No no! No need, I'll just go up by myself!" 

However, Gu Linlu was already walking in front with the box. 

When the elevator stopped, Bei Xiaoxiao took out the key and opened the door very awkwardly. She felt guilty, Gu Linlu already sent her to the door, so why didn't he go back? 

"Are you afraid of me?" Gu Linlu suddenly spoke again. 

"Ah? No!" Bei Xiao whispered. 

Gu Linlu glanced at the key in Bei Xiaoxiao's hand. "The key is reversed." 



Entering the door, Bei Xiaoxiao hurriedly preempted: "Mr. Gu, thank you for sending me back. I've already arrived, please come back!" 

Gu Linlu didn't speak, he looked down at the girl who was a head shorter than him, and suddenly hooked his lips. His face was overflowing with a sneer. "Do you have anything else to say to me?" he asked. 

"No!" Bei Xiaoxiao looked away. 

A mean sneer came again: "That's right. It's your usual style to throw something away after you've used it." 

"..." These inexplicable words made Bei Xiaoxiao suddenly think of a possibility, but she really had no intention of falling in love with a married man. Even if others didn't accuse her, she would spurn herself. "I don't understand what you're talking about." Her eyes were dodging, her cheeks were slightly red, and all her thoughts were written on her face. 

"Really don't know?" 

"Yes! I don't know! So you can go!" 

Bei Xiaoxiao stretched out her hand and was about to push Gu Linlu, but he suddenly grabbed her little hand, held it in his palm, and hummed: "Don't worry, I won't eat you even if I don't leave!" 

Bei Xiaoxiao was frightened and said in a panicked tone: " Mr. Gu, we are not familiar with each other, why did you said such a thing?" 

Hearing this, Gu Linlu raised the corners of his mouth slightly, and the deep eyes behind the lens were gleaming.

Bei Xiaoxiao heard Gu Linlu's voice just beside her ear: "How familiar we are, you know better than me." 

With a bang, Bei Xiaoxiao's head exploded and her ostrich-like mind was completely blown away. She only looked at Gu Linlu in surprise. In the past few days, Gu Linlu had not moved at all, he did not look for her, and did not ask about her through Jiang Yu. She thought that Gu Linlu did not remember the drunken incident that day, and even if he did, there should also be a tacit understanding to forget that night in the back of their minds.

"You!" Bei Xiaoxiao's emotions were all written on her face. 

Gu Linlu snorted immediately: "You think I forgot? Or is it your usual style to run after sleeping?" 

Bei Xiaoxiao's head was still buzzing. How could Gu Linlu's attitude seem to be asking for explanations, as if he suffered a loss after being slept by her, and wanted her to compensate. 

"You must know, I'm a businessman!" Gu Linlu adjusted his glasses, his eyes dimmed. "Businessmen never do business at a loss. You slept with me once, so of course, I should get it back with profit." 

Bei Xiaoxiao's face turned red again. Even if she didn't want to admit it, she still couldn't bear such an attack. No one could resist such a handsome man with overflowing hormones. "What do you want?" 

Gu Linlu seemed to be waiting for these words, he raised his head, looked down at Bei Xiaoxiao's mouth and grinned: "Reciprocity. You sleep with me once, so let me sleep with you once." 

Bei Xiaoxiao immediately refused: "No!" 

"No?" Gu Linlu's face suddenly sank. 

Gu Linlu always concealed his emotions, so Bei Xiaoxiao didn't even know why she was making him unhappy. Could it be because she didn't let him sleep? 

Gu Linlu pondered: "Do you have a boyfriend?" 

"No" She didn't know if it was an illusion, but Bei Xiaoxiao only felt that Gu Linlu breathed a sigh of relief. "If that's the case, why not?" 

"I don't have a boyfriend, but you have a wife, so it's wrong for you to do this kind of thing!" Bei Xiaoxiao said again: "You are so bad! You should be sorry for your wife, sorry for your Xiao Q! You should go back immediately, leave here! 

Gu Linlu's expression suddenly became strange. "Wife?" 

"Yes! I don't want to be a third party, so hurry up and leave! Forget that night! We are all adults, so it's nothing special! Don't worry about it, even though you are being slept with by me, but if you think about it carefully, you also didn't suffer." 

Gu Linlu narrowed his eyes, approached Bei Xiaoxiao, and suddenly said with a wicked smile: "What should I do? The more you reject me, the more interested I am in you. Do you think that if you reject me now, you will not be third party? What happened that night has already happened, and you have hurt my wife anyway! The injury has already been done, you are already a bad woman!" 

"I'm not" Bei Xiaoxiao was about to cry, and hurriedly said: "I really didn't mean it! You can go quickly!" 

Afraid that this little thing would really make Bei Xiaoxiao cry, Gu Linlu no longer forced her, but just lay beside her ear and said vaguely: "I forgot to tell you because I was drunk that night, but I actually forgot to turn off the video on my mobile phone, so everything was filmed. I have to say that you look young, but in bed, you are really passionate." 

Bei Xiaoxiao's face was redder than pepper, she was so ashamed that she really wanted to dig a hole in the ground. That kind of absurdity was actually recorded? God! Let her die! 

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