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Weibo Big V's Daily Entertainment Circle - Chapter 142 Part 2 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 142 - Bei Xiaoxiao x Gu Linlu (1) Part 2

In the early morning of the next day, Bei Xiaoxiao looked at the morning light penetrating through the curtains. It took a long time for her to digest the fact that she had slept with Gu Linlu. Sh*t! This should be just a plot in a novel, didn't everyone say that in real life men's thing doesn't work when drunk? Why did Gu Linlu not play cards according to common sense? No no no! Was now the time to think about this? It's a big deal! She has a big deal! She actually slept with Gu Linlu! But, Eldest Brother Gu was probably drunk at the time. Otherwise, he who had always been calm and composed, would not have been able to take the initiative to pounce on her little cabbage. She was a little drunk at first, but when taking advantage of Gu Linlu, she was half-drunk and half-sober.

Bei Xiaoxiao really felt that she was helpless. Could it be that she really read too many novels? Why did she think it was a good thing to have sex with Gu Linlu? Well, she couldn't deny that the other party was so handsome, and was the perfect object. 

But wait...

Bei Xiaoxiao's face darkened, she suddenly thought of something. Xiao Q! She remembered that Gu Linlu had a child, which meant that Gu Linlu should be married! 

Realizing this, Bei Xiaoxiao's face changed immediately, she didn't just destroy other people's families in a confused way, would she? Sh*t! What to do? Would she really become the kind of person she despised the most? Bei Xiaoxiao was in a hurry for a while, for fear that she would really become a third party. Suddenly, she glanced at the time. Oops, it's already 9 o'clock! I made an appointment with Yao Cuilan to go home. If she didn't rush to the station, it will be too late! 

Thinking of this, Bei Xiaoxiao eliminated all evidence and left quietly. As soon as she left, Gu Linlu on the bed suddenly opened his eyes. These days, it's popular to eat clean and then run away?

Gu Linlu sat up, the thin quilt of the hotel slid down his strong chest, he slowly put on his glasses, and called the secretary: "Hey, help me find someone." 


Although she had expected it long ago, Bei Xiaoxiao couldn't believe it. Yao Cuilan and Bei Yanjun called her back to tell her that they had divorced. Yes, they had already done it, even the divorce certificate was done. 

Bei Xiaoxiao didn't have the slightest ups and downs about all this, but felt relieved instead. Children who grew up in an environment of domestic violence probably all had some sort of flaws in their hearts, right? Bei Xiaoxiao's small flaw was that she might look enthusiastic, but her heart was colder than anyone else. The two divorced and she felt relieved when she thought that she would no longer have to hear loud scoldings and fights outside the door when she was studying, and no longer needed to hear Yao Cuilan's hysterical cries. 

It's just that since the two were already separated, why did they call her back? 

Yao Cuilan looked indifferent. She then glanced at her daughter and said, "I called you back to ask you to do me a favor."  


Bei Yanjun lowered his head and smoked a cigarette. 

"You go do a paternity test with us." 

Bei Xiaoxiao's head was buzzing and it took a long while to understand what her parents meant. It was at this time that she put everything together. When she was young, her parents took her out and neighbors always joked that she was picked it up. Saying that her mother gave birth to another man's child secretly, saying that she didn't look like her parents at all.

At first Yao Cuilan and Bei Yanjun didn't care, they just thought perople were joking, but they talked a lot, and it became more and more unscrupulous. So in the end, they still had doubts. Especially Bei Yanjun. He looked left and right and he felt that Bei Xiaoxiao had no resemblance to his and Yao Cuilan's long-faced self. Her face was round. Round, fair-skinned, 166 feet tall, with long legs, this child didn't look like she were born from them in every way. 

Of course, Bei Yanjun was also tall, so his daughter should not be short, but the figure couldn't deceive people. Especially Bei Xiaoxiao's face and facial features, which were not at all the same as them. 

Since then, Bei Yanjun had been sloppy, often used wine to question Yao Cuilan, asking where Bei Xiaoxiao came from, and kicking the mother and daughter out, saying that the mother and daughter were noy a good thing! 

Bei Xiaoxiao didn't understand why before, but now she finally understood. It turned out that Bei Yanjun was not good to her for no reason. He always believed that she was not his child.

This was something she couldn't stop, so Bei Xiaoxiao followed her parents to the hospital in a hurry. Paternity test was already a very popular procedure, so it could be done by an average top 3 hospital, but it would take several days to get the result. 


In the past few days, Yao Cuilan and Bei Yanjun seemed to feel guilty and began to be uncharacteristically enthusiastic towards Bei Xiaoxiao. Bei Xiaoxiao was not surprised by their attitude. Feeling guilty, They would also buy some stationery and some books for her, as if to let her know that she was still their daughter. This kind of relationship also made her hardened heart shake for a moment. This guilty road had happened before and her Apple laptop was also obtained under such circumstances. 

Sometimes Bei Xiaoxiao thought that her parents were really the best at calculating. 

Bei Xiaoxiao had been unusually quiet these few days. After thinking about it carefully, she and Bei Yanjun were really not alike. Walking on the road, no one ever said they were father and daughter. She began to imagine many possibilities. If she really wasn't Bei Yanjun's biological child, it didn't matter, she still had Yao Cuilan as a relative. No matter what Yao Cuilan did wrong in the past, since she was her mother, they would still live well together. Although her mother was a little indifferent, but she did not treat her harshly. Although they were not close, she was better than strangers. No matter how bad it was, she was already an adult and had a stable income as well, so she could still support herself completely. 

On the day the result came out, Bei Yanjun held the report, his knuckles creaked, his face ashen. 

Bei Xiaoxiao grabbed the report, her eyes were dull, and it seemed that she could no longer see the conclusion of the document. She only felt that her vision was blurred, and there was a buzzing sound in her head. 

Yao Cuilan kept shaking her head and seemed to be hit hard, and said again and again: "No! Impossible! Whose daughter is she if not your daughter?" 

"You b*tch! You have to ask yourself! Which scumbag did you have her with? You lied to me for so many years and I'm going to kill you!" After Bei Yanjun finished speaking, he was about to go strangle Yao Cuilan's neck. 

Yao Cuilan avoided him and dragged Bei Xiaoxiao to the appraisal center again. 

"Doctor! I want to test again! Confirm my mother-daughter relationship with her!" 

These words made Bei Xiaoxiao almost unable to stand up and her whole body was not right. Her internal organs seemed to be stripped. She heard Yao Cuilan's words word by word and had a bad feeling in her heart.


When they got back, Bei Yanjun was going to make trouble, but the two had already divorced. So Yao Cuilan threw him out and never gave him another chance to smack her. The defeated Bei Yanjun was beaten like a chicken by the news and bent over to leave. 

Bei Xiaoxiao stood upstairs, she also felt a bit of pity for Bei Yanjun. The daughter who had been raised for 21 years was not his own, it would be a big blow to a man who was already prone to domestic violence. 

When the second result came out, Bei Xiaoxiao calmed down a lot. The result showed that she was not related to Yao Cuilan or Bei Yanjun. 

Yao Cuilan and Bei Yanjun were both stunned by this result. They had been making trouble for so many years because of the rumors in the neighborhood, but who knew that the child was not his and it was not Yao Cuilan either! What did this conclude? 

They suddenly thought that 21 years ago, on the night Bei Xiaoxiao was born, there were almost a dozen pregnant women in the hospital who gave birth at the same time. These pregnant women were crowded together and it was hard to guarantee someone would not get the wrong child. 

They found the person in charge of the hospital, but even the person in charge felt that such a thing was unheard of. He agreed to investigate, starting with those who gave birth on the same day. 

It's easy to say, difficult to do. The head nurse, which at that time was still an entry nurse, remembered that there were 11 children being born that day, but only 2 daughters. She remembered the birth of these daughters and the fact that the two families live in the same ward. Because of this they had a reason to suspect that the baby got switched by accident. After all, newly born children were mostly similar in appearance. 

The reason why it was difficult was because the data from 21 years ago was very difficult to find, and even whether it could be found was also a problem. 

Yao Cuilan was in the hospital crying uncontrollably. Over the years, she had been suspected of cheating by her husband, suspected of having an affair. But she didn't even expect that her marriage would be so unfortunate that even the child was not hers! Then what about her child? Where did her own child go? Where was the pink and good-looking child she gave birth to now? What's her day like? 

Yao Cuilan slumped on the ground, crying, and shouting, "My baby... Where are you?" On her face, there was a kind of love a mother has for her child. This kind of love and tenderness was something that Bei Xiaoxiao had never felt before. On the way back, Bei Xiaoxiao kept thinking that blood relationship really couldn't be deceived. The reason why Yao Cuilan was indifferent to her was not because she was born like that, but because she probably felt no maternal instinct with Bei Xiaoxiao. 

Bei Xiaoxiao couldn't help but think, if her biological parents knew about this, would they, like Yao Cuilan, eagerly look forward to meeting her?


Shencheng Lin family. 

The Dean of Liyun Hospital in the neighboring province called the Lin family, and Lin Zhenchuan picked it up. "Hello, Dean Jiang." 

Dean Jiang was very embarrassed, but he sighed in his heart. Even for him, this matter was difficult, but when he thought that the two children that had been swapped for so many years, he felt very uncomfortable. However, things have to be resolved. Dean Jiang said bravely, "Professor Lin, long time no see." 

"Yes, Dean Jiang, the last time we met was when I went to Liyun to pick up my wife and daughter home. I have to thank your hospital for allowing my wife and daughter to be born safely." 

Dean Jiang was stunned. "Professor Lin, that... your daughter she..." 

"You mean Su Yu?" Lin Zhenchuan laughed heartily: "Our husband and wife only have this one girl and we have always loved her. It is not too much to say that she is the jewel in the palm of our hand. She went to study in the UK after graduating from high school!" 

Dean Jiang's really didn't know where to start. Wouldn't it be hard to say to a father that his daughter was probably not his own? They were both parents, who could take such a blow? Who could make up for the missing 21 years? 

Dean Jiang coughed and felt a little dizzy. After chatting with Lin Zhenchuan, he finally said: "Professor Lin, something happened to us recently. The paternity test of a couple's children showed that they were not their own." 

Lin Zhenchuan was puzzled by these confusing words: "So?" 

"Their child happened to be born in our hospital 21 years ago on the same day as your child, and it is also a daughter!" 

These words made Lin Zhenchuan's expression pause for a long time, and finally there was a crack. 

"And that day, only two girls were born in the hospital." 

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