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Weibo Big V's Daily Entertainment Circle - Chapter 132 Part 2 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 132 - Tentative Plan (2)

After hearing this, Jiang Yu smiled, and she asked, "Will you make me regret it?" 

Gu Shenliu frowned and shook his head, his tone affirmed: "No!" 

"Then will you bind me with your family?" 


"That's it." Jiang Yu smiled: "I know that after marriage, I will still have the freedom to work and pursue my dreams, and I will not be burdened by family. For me, marriage is nothing but love. I get married by choice, so I will not regret it! Of course, I will not allow you to regret it as well!" 

"Will I regret?" Gu Shenliu hugged Jiang Yu, his lips touched her sensitive zone: "The thing I regret most is that I asked too few times before you got pregnant..." 

"What!" Jiang Yu laughed. 

"Now I'm afraid of hurting you and the child every time. I don't dare to use force and I don't dare to take too long." Gu Shenliu put Jiang Yu on the desk, came over, and whispered in her ear. His deep eyes showed a dangerous light, and he forbeared: "Wife, your husband needs help now." With that, He stroked her hand over his bulge. 

Jiang Yu glanced outside and became slightly nervous: "In case someone comes in..." 

"They won't." 


"Since the moment I pulled the curtain, I'm afraid they can already tell." 

"..." After a pause, Jiang Yu still refused: "It still won't work, if I can still feel it. I will feel in my heart that we are irreconcilable parents." 

"Following your words, what we will be doing is prenatal education. Teaching the baby how to have sex with others, so that he can win at the starting line after birth." 


How did Movie Emperor Gu solve it in the end? Jiang Yu just wanted to say that her hands were sore! 

Hand:  I am so pissed! Some people always use me to do that shameful unspeakable thing! Other people make skewers, but here...


On this day, Jiang Yu thought of what Gu Shenliu said, so when she walked out of the office, she was always a little unnatural. 

That night, Gu Shenliu kept the promise and invited everyone in the company to go out to dinner. There were so many people in the company. Although some people did not go because of personal matters, there were still hundreds of people that joined. Fortunately, Gao Jing worked well as usual and booked out a large seafood buffet. 

This buffet restaurant was relatively high-end, and it was newly opened. The dishes were also very good. After a dinner, everyone chatted and laughed, and they were happy. They also secretly took many private photos of Gu Shenliu. 

When it was posted to the circle of friends, it was full of mourning. Everyone was saying that Gu Shenliu was such a good person that he even invited the employees of Jiang Yu's company to come out for a dinner. If they worked there, they could see celebrities at any time. There was no better job than this! 

Mom, I want to work in JY too! 

That night, the director of Shencheng TV checked the data of the designer competition. Seeing this, the director immediately stood up from his chair. He looked at the data in disbelief! How did they do it? Channel 3 had always very little traffic, it was so small that it can be ignored, but who knew, from the data point of view, the live broadcast ratings of the competition have broken 2%! 

The director did not need to compare with others, he only compared with himself! Such an achievement was something he never expected! Break 2? What a concept! The most popular programs on their channel may not be able to break 2, even if a popular TV series reaches its ending climax, they might not be able to break 2, but this competition was broadcast without much fare can, so how could he not be surprised that such a result was achieved? 

At this moment, the director suddenly looked at Jiang Yu. Jiang Yu's last visit to < Star Wardrobe > also created a ratings myth, and the TV series she acted brought also had its own traffic. He watched the drama, although it wasn't the type he liked, but he had to admit that the plot inside was exquisite. Because of this, even many celebrities had posted on Weibo saying that the TV series being able to achieve this level was commendable. 

The director suddenly had a bold imagination. Like Channel 3, there were 10 other channels in Shencheng TV. There was no difference between these stations. In the past, he hardly watched the ratings of these stations. But if he could convince Jiang Yu to come and do a fashion show, with her reputation, maybe it would become popular, and even pulled the TV station up. 

The more the director thought about it, the more he felt that this idea was good. He quickly asked the people below to contact Gu Shenliu's studio. 


Due to long-term body management, Gu Shenliu rarely ate greasy food. Under the leadership of Gu Shenliu, Jiang Yu also paid more and more attention to healthy eating. Suddenly, she felt that the heavy-tasting food that she used to liked was not her preferance anymore. 

After the meal, Jiang Yu didn't eat any junk snack at all, only some steamed taro, purple potato, and the like. 

When they got home, Gu Shenliu went into the room to take a shower while Jiang Yu turned on her computer and planned to give her fans a good message. She took out today's medal, took a photo, and posted: 

[I didn't tell you in advance because I didn't want to cause any trouble. Now that I have won the championship, it is an explanation for your long-term support. I hope that in every event below, every major change between JY and me, there will be you as witness!]

——Woohoo, I'm crying! Jiang Yu, I am so happy for you to see you win today. 

——Taro Ball, I am looking for new products from Huajianji, I want more makeup! 

——Taro ball, the starry sky eye shadow set is easy to use, the formula is fine and very pigmented. 

——Dada, I'm so happy for you! Seeing you happy makes us fans feel happy too! Especially since Gu Shenliu is so kind to you, I really have nothing else to ask for. I hope you will give birth to little Gu soon and pass on your powerful genes! 

——Congratulations to Jiang Yu for winning the championship, and by the way, I also ask for Little Gu soon! 

——Same request! Asking for a little princess, you can imagine the sight of Gu Shenliu holding a little princess with one hand, it would be so cute!

Facts have proved that netizens were also easy to be led astray. One comment clamored for Jiang Yu to give birth to a baby, and the wind direction below suddenly changed. From a warm congratulation on winning to crying for a quick baby Gu, a cute baby for their eyes! How did the pace become so fast? Jiang Yu just wanted to laugh. 

There were also netizens who combined the photos of her and Gu Shenliu to generate a baby picture. Jiang Yu smiled knowingly when she saw the picture. 

The little baby in the photo had thick hair, big eyes, a high nose bridge, a fleshy smiley face, and a blushing mouth. It couldn't be more cute! Jiang Yu couldn't help but click Save and put this picture as her computer desktop screen. 

It's been a long time since she planted grass. Jiang Yu looked through everyone's comments and found a girl asked: 

"Taro Ball Dada, I need urgent help! I am only 25 years old, but because it is easy for me to gain weight, I often go on a crash diet to lose weight fast, which causes me to be change from fat to thin frequently and my skin becomes very loose. But this is not the most important thing! Because I often surf the Internet for a long time, like to play mobile phones and stay up late, I found that my neck wrinkles are very deep in the mirror today. Does this have anything to do with my yoyo constitution? What should I do? I am only 25 years old! Is there any product that is good for neck wrinkles removal?" Likes: 32111. 

Jiang Yu was a little surprised. There were so many people who liked the neck wrinkle removal post. Everyone knew that she would most likely read the comments with high likes, so now fans had become accustomed to like relevant comments if they wanted anything. That said, there were really many people who wanted a way to get rid of neck wrinkles. 

Jiang Yu thought about it, took out a product, took a photo, and posted it: 

[Many people wanted something for neck wrinkles. Neck is the easiest way to reveal age, especially if the skin on the area is loose, so it should be taken care of as soon as possible. I recommend Shiseido Revital Neck Zone Essence! This product is really easy to use. It is a product with the most visible result in getting rid of neck wrinkles on the market. After buying, keep using it, and the money spent will not be in vain! I recommend it to everyone.]

——Taro Ball, I like you so much, you always recommend things we all need. 

——I only recently started to pay attention to the lines on my neck. Now everyone often bowed their head during work or in daily life, so it is really easy to have neck wrinkles. 

——I'm going to buy it, but sh*t, why is Taobao out of stock? so hot? 

——Taro ball, I'm too late. Everyone said that there are many people placing orders and it will take at least 2 months for the pre order to arrive. 

——Taro ball, you will make this product out-of-stocks everywhere again! 

Jiang Yu smiled back: "It seems that Shiseido should pay me an endorsement fee." 

——Taro Ball, have you considered making a sharing app? It is the kind of app that shares the good things you have used. In this case, you can share more things and we can also play happily on it, eat all kinds planted grass happily, and then all kinds of other things as well! 

——The idea by upstairs is very good! Hearing about such an app, it feels very fun! Come! Let's all hurt each other! You make my wallet insecure, so I want you to be as poor as me that you can't save any more money when you open the app. 

——Such an app is poisonous, but it sounds so exciting! 

——Women should love themselves, I also want such an app. 

For a time, many netizens even thought of such an app in a decent manner, which made Jiang Yu ponder. Yes, she liked to recommend things, and her more than 60 million fans also liked to buy things. Like her, they loved shopping. Although many people couldn't understand, but shopping could really relieve anxiety. When they were in a bad mood, when their period came, when they experienced a bad break up, they would not resort to stress eating. Why? Because if they did, as they looked at the flesh that grows on their body the next day, their mood would be even worse. At this time, what they need was a bag, a lipstick that had been in the cart for a long time, and a good blush. 

So, it would be interesting to gather these people who love to share into one app, right? 

At this moment, Jiang Yu didn't even think about making money, she just wanted to design an app like this so that she would live up to her reputation and become the mother of grass planters! She wanted to cultivate 60 million small grass planters! In the words of fans, come on, let's hurt each other wallet! See who fell first! 

Jiang Yu hoped to really have such an app to satisfy the feelings of people like her who love to share! 

The more Jiang Yu thought about it, the more interesting the idea became. 

"Old Gu!" Recently, Jiang Yu felt more and more that the name Old Gu was easy to use, so she often used this. 

An old Gu glanced at Jiang Yu and silently accepted the title that matched his handsome appearance with a degree of 0. "Um?" 

"How if I build a shopping sharing app? Different from the shopping guide app like Mogujie, my app is only for sharing. What good things people buy just like posting pictures and texts on WeChat's circle of friends. Of course, the app should also have the function of editing pictures, making it more convenient for everyone." Jiang Yu thought more and more boldly: "It would be best if the app also has the function of designing and styling." 

"Designing?" Old Gu said solemnly, "What design?" 

"This is what I just thought of when I was shopping on Taobao a few days ago. It turns out that there are many shops that design hairstyles on Taobao. Customers take pictures of themselves and send them to the shop. Then the merchants design a hairstyle according to the customer's face shape and recommend the customer what kind of hair to cut suits them best. As for what type of clothes they should wear, they often send photos of girls with similar hairstyles for reference. For the clothes, if the customer wants them, they will buy it on their behalf. Don’t say, it actually costs hundreds of yuan just to design the hairstyle. I was thinking, if there is such an app, take a selfie, and it will design your hairstyle, makeup, and dress style, wouldn't it be such a big help for any girls who are confused? It is a multifunctional app.” 

Jiang Yu's idea was very interesting, however, Gu Shenliu didn't express it at all. He just went back to the bedroom and took a stack of documents and threw them to her. 

"What is this?" 

"Shopping sharing app." 

"..." Jiang Yu opened it up in surprise. It turned out that this was an investment project. The team had been developing a shopping and sharing app. Of course, because most of the developers were boys, the app made was very rough and had no aesthetic feeling. It was hard to look at and the customer experience was not very good. Therefore, no one had invested in them for so long.

In fact, a lot of such apps were not worth much at all, but the valuable thing was that their philosophy coincides with Jiang Yu. "When did it happen?" 

"I received it a few days ago. I was afraid that it would affect your game, so I didn't tell you. If you are interested, we will acquire this company." 

"Acquisition? Not investment?" Jiang Yu wondered. 

"This project is not enough to attract me to invest. In fact, if I find a new team to develop it, it will not be much more difficult. The development of the app would be a very mature project, so if you are interested, we can put this small project together. Let the company acquire it and then we can recruit several R&D experts to improve the app and make your vision come true."

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