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Weibo Big V's Daily Entertainment Circle - Chapter 141 Part 2 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 141 - End (2) Part 2

Since then, Jiang Yu had paid attention to cultivating Gu Zeyi's drawing skills, so he had received many fashion courses since he was a child. With this, JY's new children's clothing brand also incorporated Gu Zeyi's design. 

Of course, all this was not enough to make Jiang Yu happy. 

Jiang Yu felt that her life with two sons was not complete yet. Many young fans did not want her to have another child. They were afraid that she would be a baby machine. 

There were also media saying that Jiang Yu kept giving birth to consolidate her position in the Gu family. She gave birth to two sons in order to fight for family wealth, due to this she had to fight for a third child, but only Jiang Yu herself knew that she really wanted a daughter. 

Wuwuwu... A little princess would be so cute, Ye Fang and Mu Ran's Xiao Mi next door was so cute, she was also getting more and more beautiful, why couldn't God give her a daughter? Things that were particularly easy for some people to achieve were extremely difficult for Jiang Yu. 

Therefore, when Jiang Yu was pregnant with her third child, she was very hesitant and tangled. As netizens said, although her figure was not deformed in the slightest under her harsh exercise, pregnancy was still a very hard thing.  Especially because it's easy to make the belly loose.

Jiang Yu abused herself every time, pushed herself hard, and went to the gym all day, so that she could lose any fat on her belly after giving birth. Keeping her own body on her high standard was not an easy thing to do. These seemingly simple things were pain that others might not understand. So she hesitated, should she fight again? 

But Jiang Yu was not yet 30 years old and she didn't want to regret not having a daughter all in her life. In the end, she gritted her teeth and went to a temple to worship, hoping to have a daughter. 
After the fetus was more than a month old, Jiang Yu went to take blood test and learned that the baby was a girl! Although she would still give birth whatever gender it was, she still cried with joy when she saw the result on the test report. 

Gu Shenliu hugged Jiang Yu, also feeling emotional. Although his little princess was a little late, she finally landed at their home. 

Since then, Jiang Yu's shopping problem was turned over again. When she had two children, the second son mostly wore the old clothes of the eldest son, but now that she was going to give birth to a little princess, the boy's clothes couldn't be worn, so Jiang Yu was very happy to collect cute things! 

Finally Jiang Yu could buy buy buy! Princess dresses, princess hair accessories, princess beds, princess socks... everything for the baby girl excited her. She couldn't stop, and for the little princess, she also made crazy promotions, celebrating every occasion, and resulting in JY's sales in the month to rise to an incredible amount. 

Jiang Yu finally gave birth for the third time. She was already very experienced. After giving birth, she slept for a whole day before waking up. It really took too much energy. That day when she opened her eyes, she saw more than a dozen Gu family members standing in front of her. 

"Jiang Yu, are you feeling better?" The Gu family was a big family, and there were more than a dozen people. Jiang Yu smiled and said, "It's much better." 

Gu Shenliu brought the little princess over with a bright face. He, who had experienced two sons, probably had given birth to fake children before. Otherwise, why was there such a big gap between girls and boys. He was almost melting under the feet of the little girl.

Jiang Yu looked down at the child, who looked like Gu Shenliu between with the same brows and eyes. 

"The child is very similar to Gu Shenliu. We have checked it and she is very healthy. This child ranks 17th in her generation. Jiang Yu, do you have a good name?" The Gu family asked with a smile. 

"Think about it." Jiang Yu said with a smile: "My daughter will be called Qiqi." (TN: Qiqi literally means seven seven.)

"Qiqi? Not bad! Hey, you are so lucky! The 16 children in this generation are all sons. Gu Zeheng and Gu Zeyi in your family are included. I thought you will be like me where our grandchildren are all boys! Hey, I'm so angry! My daughter-in-law has just given birth, and it is another boy! You say, why is it a boy again? This is almost a curse in our family!" After that, the sister-in-law of Father Gu looked at Qiqi with envy and hatred, she said:  "Why do you think your life is so good? If you want a son, you get a son, and if you want a daughter, you get a daughter!" 

These words made Mother Gu and Father Gu smile like flowers. There were always too many boys in the Gu family. Their ancestors just had such genes. Gu family didn't want sons, but they got only boys in their entire lives! When Jiang Yu was pregnant with her third children, these people also said that the baby must be a son again, but fortunately, Jiang Yu was very good and gave birth to a baby girl. Mother Gu could laugh out loud when she thought about it in her dreams. There are 16 sons in the Gu family, but their family Qiqi is a girl! 

"Oh! Boys and girls are the same! They all hurt the same!" Mother Gu pretended to be modest: "Now men and women are equal, so everything is the same." 

"Humph! You have a granddaughter in your family so you can say that now, how can we who don't have it not be greedy?" 

So, after seeing the little princess, all the Gu family left sourly. Look at how cute and soft the little princess was, wearing a small skirt and a small net hat. It was said that those fans on the Internet know that Jiang Yu had given birth to a daughter, so they went on the news. 

Qiqi was born a real princess. This child was chubby when she was young, with small lips, and when she pouted, everyone's heart was about to melt.


One day, the family of five went out. 

Jiang Yu walked in front, Gu Zeheng followed behind her, Gu Shenliu hugged Princess Qiqi in a small skirt with his left arm, and Gu Zeyi followed on his right arm. People were taking pictures like crazy. In the past, people used to take pictures of the two adults, and sometimes they also took pictures of Gu Zeheng and Gu Zeyi, but now they couldn't do it anymore. These people were now old news while Princess Qiqi was the current traffic! 
Qiqi inherited her mother's hot search physique, so she would be on hot search wherever she goes. 

Since then, the endorsement invitation had continued. The happiness of a family of five made all the manufacturers wanted to find them as models, but unfortunately it was all rejected by Gu Shenliu. 

Gu Shenliu said that the family was not short of money, so they wouldn't use their children to work. 

Netizens were swiping the screen every day, and they had also established the Qiqi Global Support Association.
——Wow, our Princess Qiqi is really cute! Wherever she goes, she will gather a crowd! 

——Wow! Qiqi pouted! so cute! 

——Qiqi's clothes are so cute! Was it specially designed by Jiang Yu for her? Pretty! Please do mass production, my children want it too!

——Wow! Qiqi is so fashionable! Still so small but she can already carry a brand-name bag crossbody when sitting in her father's arms, so trendy! 

——Princess Qiqi is the little princess of the whole family! Kneeling and begging Jiang Yu not to have another child! I hope Qiqi will always be the youngest and always be pampered by the whole family. 

——Yes, I beg Jiang Yu not to have another child. It feels like giving birth to her is like playing. Every time she goes out to the street after giving birth, she was even thinner than before pregnancy. Now her figure is even better than when she was 21 years old. I am her old fan, and I know for sure that her breasts are a little bigger now, she is also more feminine! 

——We hope Qiqi will be the only princess! 

Jiang Yu was annoyed by these comments. Did everyone think she was addicted to giving birth? Don't these people know how tired it is to be pregnant? If it wasn't for her dream to have a daughter, she wouldn't even have a second child. Besides, she was getting busier and busier with work now, and she also had to take care of her existing family and children. This child would be going to primary school, that child would be going to kindergarten, and the little one had to be with her every day. Otherwise, netizens would accuse them of not caring about Princess Qiqi and neglecting Princess Qiqi. One day, if Qiqi pouted, netizens would come to ask her if Qiqi was unhappy. 

Needless to say, Jiang Yu would definitely not have another child! With these three children, her life had no regrets! 

Raising children was not easy. Jiang Yu and Gu Shenliu both compromised a lot for their families, especially Gu Shenliu. He never asked his wife to give up her career, but he gradually reduced his work. He only worked for a few months a year and spends the rest of the time at home with his children. Now Gu Shenliu only took one play a year, occasionally took on a few commercials, and spends the rest of the time taking care of the children.
With such a father, the three children were taught very well. 

Jiang Yu's daily life was to send fitness pictures every day to abuse netizens, to show her long legs and perfect figure. She also often sent work photos, like going to Paris Fashion Week, took some pictures of her own clothes, and of course, the occasional photo of her children.

Gu Shenliu's daily life was filming, bring the baby! Bring the baby! Bring the baby! Huh? Why is the princess unhappy again? Coax baby! He also has to prevent the faces of his two sons from being thrown around at every turn, yes! The two sons were jealous as always. 

In the past, the media always said that Jiang Yu had no status in the Gu family and was unhappy, so they wanted to use the method of giving birth to many children to keep Gu Shenliu's heart. Now, after so many years, seeing this family of five get better and better, everyone closed their mouth and sent their blessings to them. 

Of course, what surprised Jiang Yu the most in recent years was that Bei Xiaoxiao became her sister-in-law.

Bei Xiaoxiao actually got together with Gu Linlu. Although Jiang Yu had thought about matchmaking the two before, they showed that they didn't like each other at all. So when the two walked into Gu's house holding hands, Jiang Yu couldn't believe her eyes. 

Hearing Bei Xiaoxiao talk about the process of the two getting to know each other, Jiang Yu could only sighed. 

In life, every step was already arranged, and people who were destined would always be together. 

When Gu Zeheng was 9 years old, Jiang Yu posted a Weibo on her birthday: 

[It's 30, time flies so fast! You think you're still a young girl, but you already have 3 children! Cry...]

——Wow! Jiang Yu has just reach 30 years old? Seeing her with three children every day, I thought she should be in her mid 30s at least. I thought she just maintained herself really well so she looks young, but it turns out that she is really young! 

——She is only 30 years old, has a listed company, has hundreds of billions worth of assets, has 2 sons and 1 daughter, has a perfect marriage and a perfect husband. I'm 30 years old, hehe! Still a single dog! Where should I put my face! 

——Taro Ball, I am your old fan. Before I know it, you are already 30 years old and I am also married and have children. I hope we can all be happy. 

——Your life has just begun, taro ball. 

——OMG! If Jiang Yu is 30, then Gu Shenliu is almost 40?  

——Wow, I'm almost 40? Why still looks so young? Do men in the entertainment industry have the secret art of keeping their youth?

After the birthday, that night, when all three children fell asleep, Gu Shenliu took Princess Qiqi, who had been occupying her mother, to one side. He couldn't wait to lie on his wife. After having three children, their daily practice became more and more difficult. Just like being a thief, they had to keep their voice low, but also had to prevent the child from waking up at every turn. 

However, why was his wife's figure getting better and better? Concave and convex, it was simply reverse growth. 

Thanks to exercising and rubbing anti-stretch marks oil diligently during pregnancy, Jiang Yu gave birth to three children without a single stretch mark on her stomach. Coupled with her harsh training every day, her body was really hot. 

Of course, Gu Shenliu wasn't bad either. He took off his T-shirt, revealing a better and more mature figure. 

Jiang Yu almost drooled. Having three children, she seemed to be more and more interested in intercourse. 

The moment the two were close to each other, they were shocked. The feeling of seeing each other every day, but still missing each other very much, demanding everything from each other, made them feel like they were poisoned and couldn't help but get close every day. 

Gu Shenliu asked for it twice in a row until Jiang Yu finally lay down on the bed softly, unable to lift her hands. 

Seeing this, Gu Shenliu caressed her lovingly, "I'll take you to take a bath." 

After washing, Jiang Yu had already fallen asleep in Gu Shenliu's arms. He initially wanted to ask for it again, but he couldn't bear to disturb her. In the end, he had to lie beside her and have a good time with his mouth. He didn't let her go until she groaned from his mouth in her sleep.

In the dead of night, Gu Shenliu came to the floor-to-ceiling window. Because it was farther away from Jiang Yu, the noise in his ears rang again. 

The children were asleep, and the wife was also in a deep sleep, but the head of the family had a moment of free time and had some thoughts. 

Gu Shenliu sometimes wonders, was God putting such a sound in his ear to torture him or to test him? 

It was only after a long time that Gu Shenliu realized that God loved him. God wanted him to know that he had suffered so many years before, just for a girl named Jiang Yu. 


Meanwhile, Jiang Yu had a strange dream. 

She dreamed that Gu Shenliu 121, a netizen she met when she was 20 years old but rarely contacted later, stood at the other end of the corridor and asked her: "Jiang Yu, how have you been all these years?" 

At the other end of the corridor was a large window, the sunlight was dazzling, Gu Shenliu 121 was not in the light but in shadow, so Jiang Yu couldn't see his appearance. 

Standing far away, Jiang Yu thought about the past few years and only felt that life couldn't be better. 

She already had the best life. 

"I'm fine." Jiang Yu said with a smile. 

Gu Shenliu 121's unreal sounding voice came: "I'm fine too!" 

She's fine, he's fine, that's enough. 

It was not the so-called perfect life, but they are happy. 

- The End - 



The main story ends here, next few chapters are extra story for Bei Xiaoxiao x Gu Linlu.

Thank you for reading~

- MD

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