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Weibo Big V's Daily Entertainment Circle - Chapter 141 Part 1 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 141 - End (2) Part 1

Before they knew, May came. 

Jiang Yu with a big belly had become a unique scene on campus. In fact, her due date was approaching and she was worried every day that she would have a baby at any time. The doctor told her to rest assured, saying that the first child would always be late, so generally the due date would get postponed. 

In this way, knowing that this year's graduation defense and graduation show of the Fashion Department of Shenda University were in May, Mother Gu was still worried that something would be broken, so she followed Jiang Yu to the school to take care of her, for fear that she would not feel well. 

Jiang Yu felt the maternal love that she had never felt from her mother, and with the encouragement of Mother Gu, she entered the auditorium to do her thesis defense. 

The thesis was written seriously by Jiang Yu. She checked a lot of information while she was pregnant and it was completed in the first half of the year. After reading it, the professor passed it directlu and praised her for her good writing, he also declared her thesis as excellent, which was rare in her department.

The graduation show was a big event for the Fashion Department of Shenda University. Everyone had to go all out. In this case, where would there be time to write the thesis. 

The other students asked Jiang Yu, but she only smiled and said, "I have finished before the show preparation. I wrote a few hundred words when I have nothing to do, with this, I actually finished it soon!"  

"..." Even Bei Xiaoxiao wanted to beat Jiang Yu. 

The graduation show was held in Pioneer Park. The school issued tickets to students in advance, and also sold tickets to the outside world. It could be said that this show was just like the fashion week. Not only many people came to watch the show, but major clothing companies also sent their people. Even many editors-in-chief of well-known fashion magazines in China were present. 

Seeing this situation, the dean was very excited. He knew very well that most people came for Jiang Yu, how could there be such a battle if this was not the case? Just like last year's show would be great if some of these people could send an assistant. But with Jiang Yu, it was different. Jiang Yu's haute couture store had become the most well-known haute couture store in China, and it had also gone international. The video of her young fashion design competition had been seen by foreigners and had been widely circulated on the Internet. Even Paris Fashion Week sent invitations to Jiang Yu. But it was rejected. 

Where would Jinag Yu have the time to go to Paris Fashion Week? With such a big belly, she was already tired every time she took a step. In addition, although she also gained weight during the pregnancy, but everything seemed to go to the belly, while the other body parts stayed slim. This caused her to often feel tired. When it's hot, Jiang Yu often couldn't eat, and it made Mother Gu very worried. Therefore, let alone participating in Paris Fashion Week, she didn't even have the physical strength to travel farther that the campus now. 

Jiang Yu worked on the graduation show pieces for 5 months. This was still with the help of her team. Because of her physical condition, she drew the design, and the production part was completed by the team. 

The theme of Jiang Yu's graduation show was "Reset". It was the concept that her collection of clothes wanted to embody. Fashion was a cycle, a process from scratch. If a person wanted to go further, they needed to have knowledge about themselves. 

Jiang Yu was directing the model in the backcourt. Originally, Gu Shenliu said that she should find someone to replace her, but Jiang Yu refused. Although she was more famous than others, she was still a student and should keep her identity in mind. If the graduation show was also done by others for her, she couldn't even explain it to herself. 


The lights flickered and the music started in the catwalk. 

Jiang Yu watched the models walk to the stage, watched her clothes sparked discussion and admiration, and watched so many people take out their mobile phones to take pictures. Only then she felt that her long-term efforts had been affirmed. 

Suddenly, Jiang Yu's stomach throbbed. She could endure it at first, but later, the pain became more and more regular. She had taken a course in the hospital and knew that it was labor pain and a harbinger of childbirth. But because it was her first child, it would not be born so soon. There was still time for her to go home to take a bath and clean up the things to bring to the hospital. 

After Jiang Yu finished analyzing in her heart, she turned to Gu Shenliu and Mother Gu who came to accompany her with a calm expression: "Mom, Shenliu, we might have to go back." 

"Go back?" Mother Gu was stunned for a moment. "Your show has just finished and we haven't seen the results yet, you don't want to stay?" 

Gu Shenliu frowned, and his always low voice was tense, "Does your stomach hurt?" 

Jiang Yu nodded with a smile: "It seems that the little guy can't wait to come out and see the world!" 

Mother Gu and Gu Shenliu were both stunned for a moment, then they were in a hurry and didn't know what to do. 

"Don't panic! Let's go back first. I'm going to take a bath, and you guys can pack the things. We've already booked the confinement room in advance, so Shenliu, please call the hospital and tell them hospital to move it to today. The rest is no big deal!" 

"It's not a big deal? It definitely is!" Mother Gu was so excited that when she got into the car, she kept calling the other Gu's family members: "Yes, yes! Jiang Yu is about to give birth! Go to the hospital quickly!" 

Jiang Yu sweated silently in her heart. She gave birth to a child and the few big men would come to watch it? 


The door of the delivery room. 

All Gu family members were sitting on chairs while Gu Shenliu was walking back and forth at the door of the delivery room. 

When Jiang Yu was delivered, she went to the ward for observation and then moved over when she was ready for the delivery. The director of the obstetrics and gynecology department checked Jiang Yu's belly a long time ago. She was thin all over, and only her belly was bigger. But her belly was still much smaller than that of a pregnant woman of the same age, so the family thought that the child would only weigh no more than six jins. In addition, the B-ultrasound showed that the child was only 6 jins and 5 taels. Everyone thinks that it should not be difficult to give birth naturally. (TN: 1 jin is around 600 grams, and 1 tael is around 37 grams)

Jiang Yu had always wanted to give birth naturally. Her beauty-loving temperament would always strive for the ability to still wearing nice clothes in the future. Besides, natural childbirth was easier to recover, so she hoped to give it a try. 

The director checked Jiang Yu belly and said, "Your belly, the baby will weigh at least 8 jins." 

"What?" Jiang Yu's face turned pale with fright. "8 jins?" 

"Impossible, doctor, the ultrasound shows that it is only over six jins, and Jiang Yu stomach is not too big." 

"But her stomach is full and very tight, it has almost no fat. So all of them are the child. I can't be wrong, so you can decide whether to have a natural birth or a caesarean section." 

There were many people who have caesarean sections in this era, but Jiang Yu still hoped to have a natural birth. She was young and had been exercising diligently all the time. She never stopped swimming during pregnancy and she also did some yoga moves that were good for delivery. In the end, she gritted her teeth and chose to give birth naturally! 

So, Jiang Yu went in for a full 4 hours. 

Gu Shenliu was in a hurry, for fear that the child would hurt the mother. 

Suddenly, the door opened and a nurse came out with a wrinkled child. The child's calf and hands were exposed. It was red and a little gray. It was very different from the fat child in Gu Shenliu's expectation. He hurriedly walked over. 

The nurse asked with a smile, "Who are Jiang Yu's family?" 

"I am!" Gu Shenliu managed to calm himself down. "Nurse, how is my wife?" 

"Congratulations, both mother and son are safe!" 

When the Gu family heard the words, they all laughed, and Mother Gu cried with joy. "Mother and son are safe! Mother and son are safe!" 

Gu Shenliu's heart was suddenly relieved, but the nurse looked at the family strangely. The family were all moved, but no one attempted to look at the baby? 

"You don't want to check on the baby?" 

"Baby?" Gu Shenliu lowered his head and noticed the little thing in the nurse's arms. It's not that he didn't pay attention to it, it was because there were other mothers in the delivery room, he thought that the child held by the nurse was someone else's, after all... He is so ugly! The hair was sticking to the skull, the head was very long, the skin was wrinkled like an old man, and the eyes were not opened. The baby looked like walnut kernels, was this their child? 

The name on the bracelet reads - Gu Zeheng. 

That's right, looking at the name, it's his son, it's just his appearance... Gu Shenliu saw the freshly baked authentic little baby that had just come out of a mother's womb. 

"Oh! Why are you so useless? Don't even dare to hug!" Mother Gu was very disgusted and pushed her son away, "You were even uglier than him back then. If I thought you were ugly and threw you away, there will be no you today!" 

The two brothers of the Gu family kept laughing. 

Gu Shenliu then stretched out his hand and held the baby in his arms. However, how to hold it? Although he had learned it in the hospital, holding the soft and moving child was completely different from holding a dummy doll! 

Gu Shenliu stretched out his finger, the baby seemed to know it and immediately opened his small hand to hold his father's finger. 

At this moment, a warm current flowed into Gu Shenliu's heart and the corners of his lips rose up unconsciously. He knew that he would be done in by the hands of this pair of mother and son for the rest of his life! 


Baby Gu Zeheng was the treasure of the whole family from birth. Everyone loved him. 

In such an environment, Gu Zeheng grew up slowly. 

When Gu Zeheng was five years old, he and Su Ye co-produced the first movie in his life. He was playing the role of Su Ye's son. Over the years, under the subtle influence of Gu Shenliu, Gu Zeheng was simply a role model of contemporary acting school student. Seeing his acting on the spot, even the old drama bones in the industry was stunned for a while.

"This child has a great future!" said everyone. 

Gu Zeheng's face had the appearance of a prince since he was a child and his temperament was even more outstanding. He often pursed his lips and said nothing, very much like a typical man of the Gu family.

Because of this, Gu Zeheng was only 5 years old but he had already attracted a large number of fans. Fans were crazy for him, and they said that he was so handsome. Showing cuteness in a serious manner, really mesmerized people, it made female fans unable to resist. 

——I officially removed Gu Shenliu from my list. Gu Zeheng will be my number one male god from now on! 

——So handsome, Jiang Yu is so good at giving birth! Wuwuwu, this kind of gene, simply amazing! Some people said that Jiang Yu had plastic surgery before, but if you look at Gu Zeheng, you will know that Jiang Yu did not do anything to her face at all! 

——Winner in life! Such a happy life and such a successful career! JY is listed! Huajianji has become a skin care product brand representing China and it is now exported to other continents. Meng Cheng app has become the overlord in the industry. Since Meng Cheng and Kafan have joined hands to do genuine purchasing business, diapers and other maternal and child products are very popular. Needless to say for clothes ans skin care products, they are also selling very well. Now everyone loves to go there. Meng Cheng has become an app that integrates shopping and sharing. Although this app was not listed yet, its market value is said to be nearly 100 billion! 

——Upstairs, everyone knows what you said, but as soon as you said it, I was amazed by Jiang Yu again. 

——So, now Gu Shenliu is taking care of the baby full-time? 

——To be able to give birth to such a son, Jiang Yu is really good! 

——What a handsome son, with such a son, life is almost complete! 

In fact, Jiang Yu originally did not want Gu Zeheng to enter the entertainment industry. She really wanted to protect her children, but the more she wanted to protect him, the more the paparazzi liked to take pictures secretly. After thinking about it for a long time, if she couldn't change the current environment, it would be better to be as generous as a foreign star. Since then, she would no longer block Gu Zeheng's entry into the entertainment industry. Gu Zeheng would take whichever movie he liked. After filming a few, it turned out to be successful. From then on, when the family of three went out, the two adults had to stand back because fans would say: 

"Jiang Yu, Gu Shenliu, please stand to the side! I want to take a photo of Gu Zeheng alone!" 

The parents who were robbed of the limelight were dumbfounded. 


As Gu Zeheng grew up, his charm became bigger and bigger. His fans ranged from 2-year-old children to 80-year-olds grandparents. 

What's more worth mentioning was that when he was 7 years old, he was already the elder brother of two little kids. 

When Gu Zeheng was five years old, Jiang Yu got pregnant by accident, but still chose to give birth. Since then, she had a second son, Gu Zeyi. 

Gu Zeyi and his eldest brother had completely opposite interests. He liked to draw since he was a child.

Because Jiang Yu was busy with work, Gu Zeyi's early childhood education was learned in Jiang Yu's office. Jiang Yu took him with her when she did things and talked about business, which led to Gu Zeyi being in close touch with fashion when he was a child. He even took Jiang Yu's design draft as an enlightenment painting. When he was 2 years old, he was already able to do sketches.

Jiang Yu was surprised to find out that Gu Zeyi's drawing turned out to be a fashion design drawing, although it was not yet professional and the proportion of the human body was not too good, but the feeling shown in the design surprised even Jiang Yu. 

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