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Weibo Big V's Daily Entertainment Circle - Chapter 140 Part 1 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 140 - End (1) Part 1

The wedding dress was designed by Jiang Yu herself, and the makeup artist was her own team. From the moment she sat down, the team performed their respective duties. Some people curled her hair, some applied makeup, and some did her nails. She didn’t even need to do anything, she could just sit there. 

The waist of the wedding dress was high, so after Jiang Yu put it on, no one could see her bulging belly. 

"Taro ball! I really didn't expect you to get married so early!" Bei Xiaoxiao was very emotional, holding Jiang Yu, as if she was reluctant. 

Jiang Yu laughed, "We meet every day. Whether I marry or not has no effect on our relationship." 

Su Ye on the side also smiled. She really admired Gu Shenliu: "Your Old Gu is really amazing. He has hidden this plan from everyone, not only you, but also the media. There was news this morning and everyone was stunned. The paparazzi followed you every day, but as a result, they don’t even know about such a big thing as your marriage. They looked confused and doubted their life. But now, everyone in the circle has received the calls, and I guess the media across the country will be dispatched later!" 

After hearing this, Jiang Yu had vague expectations for today's wedding. She really wanted to know what kind of wedding Gu Shenliu would give her. Although she had thought about just getting the certificate and not have a wedding, Gu Shenliu disagreed and bluntly said that he wanted to give her an unforgettable wedding. The Gu family also felt that no wedding would make her got misunderstood by outsiders, they might thought that the Gu family did not like her, so they of course did not want this. Furthermore, with the Gu family's status, the wedding would be a place for people to exchange relationships and connections. 

At the same time, many netizens woke up early in the morning, opened Weibo subconsciously, glanced at the hot search as they got up for work. Unexpectedly, the number one hot search today turned out to be #Gu Shenliu Jiang Yu Big Wedding#. 

Jiang Yu and Gu Shenliu were the hottest couple right now. Seeing this hot search tag, the first reaction of netizens was hehe. Big wedding? You are kidding! Who are you trying to deceive? Who made this hot search? With the status of the two people, how could it be possible that the wedding was not announced until now? We don't believe it! 

But, they still clicked on the tag to see it! 

This hoax, is good! Even the photos of the hotel were taken and some hotel staff released the interior decorations of the hotel. From the pictures, the hotel had become a sea of ​​flowers. There were many flowers on the scene, but the colors were simple and elegant. It had the feeling of being in The Wizard of Oz movie. 

Netizens suddenly woke up. Sh*t! Are these two really going to get married today? 

"Mom! Jiang Yu and Gu Shenliu are getting married today!" Many netizens couldn't help shouting out. 

"Marriage?" Netizen’s mother gave a cool look: "What's wrong? They invited you to come?" 

They didn’t, but... wuwuwuwu! The woman you like was about to get married, what was this sudden feeling of lovelorn? 


At this moment, it was Jiang Yu's fans who were even more confused. Those 70 million fans blinked, and it took a long while to react! What the hell! Getting married today? Such a big thing, there was no media exposure? Only known on the d-day? 

——Uuuuu, Taro Ball, are you getting married? How can I feel like I am brokenhearted! Don't, don't, don't! 

——Congratulations to Taro Ball Dada! I really like you so much, you must be happy! 

——Taro Ball, you said before that the wedding would be broadcast live to us! How about it! 

—— Taro Ball, it’s so sudden, we are not mentally prepared, why didn’t you tell us? 

——It was so sudden that I thought it was fake news. 

——It is said that the reporters also received the news this morning. What happened? Taro ball did not tell us in advance. 

After ten o'clock, the makeup was done, Su Ye smiled and said: "Taro ball, let's take a selfie!" 

All the bridesmaids took a photo together and recorded the moment with their phone cameras. Then, with Jiang Yu's consent, Su Ye posted the first Weibo about the wedding: 

[Good girlfriend @Stylist Jiang Yu Wedding. I have been hiding it for so many days, and I even managed to hide it from the bride. @Gu Shenliu asked everyone to keep it a secret, so don't blame me for not telling you in advance. It's really the groom who wants to give the bride a big surprise!] 

In the post was a group photo of Jiang Yu and the bridesmaids. They deliberately held up one of their leg to expose the side slit of the bridesmaid's dress. They made a funny facial expression as well. 

Seeing this photo, netizens immediately exploded! 

——It turns out that Gu Shenliu wanted to keep it a secret? OMG! No one really find out about it! Wuwuwu, so jealous! I want to have a boyfriend like this too. 

——Jiang Yu is so beautiful! Su Ye is also beautiful, and the bridesmaids are all very good looking! Everyone have long legs. 

——Taro ball is so beautiful! The wedding dress is so chic, not the kind of fluffy tulle, but it is also beautiful. It has the feeling of a retro beauty. 

——It can be seen from Jiang Yu’s expressions that she is really happy, and that's enough! Please continue to live stream the wedding. 

——Awesome, Gu Shenliu! Be sure to treat my Jiang Yu well, or I won’t spare you! 

——Really shocking! Last night, Taro ball was still planting grass for us, but she actually getting married today! So sudden! 

——It took a few months for people to prepare a wedding, but your wedding just made without a word? 

Almost immediately, all the news announcements came out, and everyone copied the pictures on Weibo posted by Su Ye and posted the news. 


At more around ten o'clock, there was a car sound downstairs, Bei Xiaoxiao came to the floor-to-ceiling window to take a look and immediately laughed: "The pick-up team is here!" 

Soon, Gu Shenliu brought a group of best men to the door. He directly stuffed a bunch of red envelopes from the crack of the door. Each of the bridesmaids took several. Naturally, they were embarrassed to stop him, so they quickly let him come in. 

Light came in through the door and everyone had smiles on their faces. Jiang Yu looked at the door and felt like a dream as Gu Shenliu walked in front of these people. He was wearing a black tuxedo, a white shirt, a vest, and a bowtie. The design of this tuxedo also came from JY Haute Couture store. The highlight was that all the buttons on the suit were made of black onyx. 

The close-fitting black tuxedo complemented Gu Shenliu's already sturdy figure. He narrowed his eyes slightly, his thin lips were tightly pursed with an arc like a smile but not a literal smile. When he stepped forward, he looked like a prince from a fairy tale, making Jiang Yu feel that as long as she spends a lifetime with this person, there would be nothing to be picky about. 

"Jiang Yu, I'm here to pick you up!" Gu Shenliu said. 

Soon, Gu Shenliu went downstairs with Jiang Yu in his arms. Jiang Yu thought he was going to carry her into the car. Who knew, when they got downstairs, Gu Shenliu carried her to the green area not far from Xiang Song Garden. When the high-end villa residential area was established, the developer paid more attention to greening, especially surrounding the lawn golf course, so that all residents in the community could play golf at their doorstep. Most golf course looked very similar, and Jiang Yu had often come with the mother group and their children recently. 

There was no one on the course today, and a helicopter stood in the middle instead. 

Jiang Yu looked at it with awe, but felt that she was no longer surprised. Since she opened her eyes this morning and saw her group of bridesmaids, this wedding was already destined to be an unforgettable memory in her life. 

"Let's go!" Gu Shenliu looked at Jiang Yu with a smile: "From today, you are Gu Shenliu's woman! No one can take you away!" 

When Gu Shenliu said this, of course he didn't know that in short five months later, a little boy would steal his woman directly. 


The advantage of the helicopter was that it can fly fast and not get stuck in traffic. It was the first time that Jiang Yu looked down on the city from a helicopter. The river was surrounded by high-rise buildings, and the road ran through it. A truly modern city. 

Jiang Yu kept smiling, only feeling that her dreams had come true here. The captain of the helicopter was experienced so the whole flight was very stable. Even Jiang Yu as a pregnant woman didn't feel uncomfortable, only felt that the noise of the helicopter was a bit loud. It was great not to be stuck in traffic, otherwise, this trip to the hotel, they wouldn't know what time they would eventually arrive. 

Although the wedding had been kept secret before, when the helicopter landed on the top floor of the hotel, Jiang Yu heard a loud noise from below the hotel. "Huh? What's the sound?" She couldn't help looking down from the roof. She then saw thousands of people gathered at the entrance of the hotel, many of whom were fans of her and Gu Shenliu, and of course, many reporters. At the moment she lowered her head, the spotlight kept flashing. Everyone raised their heads, picked up their camera or cell phone, and waited to take a picture of her. 

Jiang Yu was stunned for a moment and then realized that taking the helicopter was a right decision. 

In November, it was still not too cold, so outdoor weddings had become a good choice. Jiang Yu looked at the flower arrangements on the hotel’s garden, and felt as if she had traveled to a fairy tale, "The Wizard of Oz" mixed with "Beauty and the Beast". In such stories, the princess always walked among a sea of ​​flowers. Today, the scene was surrounded by pink and white roses, it was so full as if flowers from all over the world had been shipped just for the occasion. (TN: The novel setting should be in Shanghai, average temperature in November is around 17 – 20 Celsius or around 63 – 68 Fahrenheit) 

"Where did so many roses come from?" Jiang Yu asked. 

Gu Shenliu supported Jiang Yu and said, "In order to ensure the timely supply of roses for the wedding, I started booking all the roses that can be picked a few months ago and shipped all the good roses near d-day." 

Jiang Yu smiled and kissed Gu Shenliu. "Thanks." 

"It's me who wants to say thank you." Gu Shenliu bowed his head and kissed Jiang Yu on the side of her ear. He took her where there was no one, they stood in the sea of ​​flowers, smelling the fragrance of roses, Gu Shenliu's eyes were affectionate and warm: "Jiang Yu, thank you for giving me a perfect life." 

Jiang Yu smiled, today was their day. 


There was a big screen on the main stage of the wedding, with Gu Shenliu and Jiang Yu’s pre-wedding photos and Weibo photos appearing on the screen in turn. Roses around the edge formed a circular wreath and framed area beautifully. According to Su Ye, this was the largest Wedding floral arrangement ever made in China. A team of 300 florists took a lot of effort to set up this wedding scene by staying up late for several days while keeping the confidentiality of the work. This all was to make the wedding look like a dream. 

In fact, Jiang Yu actually thought this was a bit wasteful, but... still very beautiful? Her mood that had never been ups and downs couldn't help but thump when she saw the next scene. 

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