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Weibo Big V's Daily Entertainment Circle - Chapter 136 Part 1 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 136 - Announce (1)

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Gu Shenliu quickly understood, he no longer looked back, and took Jiang Yu's hand into the hospital.  

In this exam, it would be possible to know the gender of the fetus through some identification methods, but Jiang Yu and Gu Shenliu both hoped to keep the sense of mystery. Even if there was a way, it wouldn’t be used. For them, it would be the same whether it was male or female, boys or girls would make them suffer the same. 

Only occasionally, Jiang Yu will be a little tangled. "Old Gu, do you think we should check the gender? It's better to buy baby products early. Many girls' clothing sets are so beautiful. Because of this pregnancy, I also have a lot of design inspiration recently. If it's a girl, I think I can design at least a thousand clothes." 

"..." Gu Shenliu smiled, touched the top of Jiang Yu’s head, and smiled in a low voice: "Leave some mystery! I look forward to feeling the sensation of meeting the baby for the first time!" 

"All right!" In this case, Jiang Yu was no longer persistent. People said that expectant mother had a natural sense on the child's gender, and she always felt that the child would be a boy. 

In her spare time, Jiang Yu looked at a lot of baby products and studied carefully, only to realize that raising a child was really a great challenge. 

Baby stroller and carrier, Jiang Yu bought the product in advance, and she chose Stokke brand. She chose a brown high seat stroller. It was said to be a multi-terrain off-road vehicle. It could easily handle complex terrain. She also bought a round bed, which was very beautiful. With all the cute designs, it could make all mothers want to have a few more babies. There were also car bassinet, child car seat, baby bottles, diapers, milk powder... She studied all of them carefully. 

After the child was born, it would more difficult to care for the baby at home even with a few babysitters than work, which made Jiang Yu tangled for a while. 

Seeing Jiang Yu in this state, Gu Shenliu shook his head: "The child hasn't come out yet, but you are already so troubled. Everything will be fine!" 

Does he still have a place in this family? A certain Old Gu had already felt an unprecedented sense of crisis! 

"You don't understand, I'm wondering what kind of milk powder the baby should drink! Australian or British, Japanese or Hong Kong... and baby bottles, glass or silicone, should we buy baby pacifiers? Chews? Or don't buy it? Which brand of diapers should we use? It seems that every brand of diapers has bad reviews!" 

Gu Shenliu saw that it was no way for Jiang Yu to go on like this, so he directly asked his mother to introduce a few young ladies in the circle with good taste to Jiang Yu. All of these ladies were also mothers that just came out from the novice period. They would be very good in relieving Jiang Yu's anxiety, they could also give Jiang Yu some advice. 

Sure enough, these mothers were really useful. These mothers loved to get together and talk about which brand of things their children use. As soon as Jiang Yu joined the mother group in the community, the mothers pulled her and said the advantages and disadvantages of each brand the found. They also introduced a lot of useful things to Jiang Yu, so she finally grasped the direction. 

Moreover, these mothers were all wealthy ladies. They bought a lot of brand-name baby clothes that were only used a few times because babies grew very fast. They clamored to give them to Jiang Yu, but considering that Jiang Yu was a designer and had a good aesthetics, they all said: "If you don't mind, I'll give some to you..." 

Jiang Yu smiled, "Of course I don't mind! Even if I have some already, you can still give me more. I bought a lot of baby clothes before, but even after washing, they are still hard. I heard that old clothes are softer." 

When the mothers saw that Jiang Yu was good-natured and easy to talk, they started to talk again, and soon regarded Jiang Yu as their sister. 

Since then, they went to Jiang Yu for afternoon tea every day. 


After drinking the afternoon tea, Jiang Yu realized that these women looked like rich wives and housewives. In fact, the chat content was not entirely about children, and sometimes they would say about whose business had made several hundred million profit again, which stock had topped the daily limit again. These mothers that also had a business earning several hundred million have made Jiang Yu realize that afternoon tea was also a good place to socialize. 

Jiang Yu just returned home that day, and when she opened her Weibo, she saw many netizens mentioned her. Jiang Yu knew it well, and when she clicked on it, it turned out that Zhuo Yi had posted on Weibo. 

[#Jiang Yu’s Pregnancy# Breaking news! Gu Shenliu and Jiang Yu went to a private hospital together! This hospital is the obstetrics and gynecology hospital that celebrities love to go to. Many actresses did their confinement there, and this hospital is considered one of the best hospital. The price of the cheapest confinement suite is 128,888 yuan! It can be called a local tyrant and it is the favorite of female stars. It is said that Wang Tianhou gave birth there and spent nearly one million in a month! It seems that Gu Shenliu wants to make his wife safe after the birth! Zhuo Yi found out that Jiang Yu has been pregnant for more than 3 months!] 

The accompanying picture was a photo of Jiang Yu and Gu Shenliu going to the hospital for an obstetric examination. 

——Wow! Is this real? Is Little Gu really here? 

——The genes of these two people are simply amazing! The child will be very strong! 

——Really pregnant? More than 3 months and still can't see the belly? Then why is my belly protruding even before 3 months? 

——Jiang Yu is really not fat at all, but her belly is indeed a little more protruding than before! 

——JY is changing models recently, it turns out that Jiang Yu is pregnant! No wonder! 

——She looks the same as before. I quite like Jiang Yu’s character, she doesn’t make herself sloppy because of pregnancy, she still looks beautiful. 

——My God! Really pregnant? Congratulations to Jiang Liu CP! @Gu Shenliu @Stylist Jiang Yu

As a result, Jiang Yu's Weibo was almost crowded by netizens, and the whole screen was full of congratulations! 

Jiang Yu smiled. Since she promised Zhuo Yi that he would give him some traffic, Jiang Yu would not go back on her promise. However, confirming the pregnancy news too soon would make netizens feel hopeless. When there was pleasure, if she satisfied them too early at the beginning, it would be less fun to gossip! 
Jiang Yu and Gao Jing discussed and decided not to confirm anything first. As they had not spoken out, this also made Zhuo Yi's Weibo repost quickly soar to 100,000! This kind of traffic was completely unexpected by Zhuo Yi. In the past, it was announced that a male star was derailed, and the number of retweets was only tens of thousands. This kind of exclusive news would soon be forwarded by other accounts. Although netizens read the news, they will not directly repost his Weibo, so when the number of reposts could exceed 100,000, really surprised him. 

Until Jiang Yu's stomach bulged slightly and everyone could see it, Jiang Yu sent a Weibo without haste: [1+1=?]

The photo was an ultrasound photo. 

——Haha, my Taro Ball Dada! You are naughty again, of course it is equal to 3! Is it possible that it will be equal to 4? 

——The is she pregnant with twins? 

——The ultrasound is so cute! 

——What? I hope  she is pregnant with quadruplets, at least have more than one, don't waste good genes! 

——OMG! it is true! congratulations! You and Gu Shenliu are my favorite people, I hope you are happy. 

——Taro Ball, I think you are the real winner in life. You are only 21 years old, marrying a famous actor, having both money and looks, and having such a successful life. Now that you are having a child and will be having a wedding next, I really think this kind of life is what I ideally wanted to live. 

——Winner in life! 

Soon, Gu Shenliu reposted Jiang Yu's Weibo and said, [1+1=3!]

——Haha, I thought it would be twins, it seems that my dream was shattered. It turned out that she is only pregnant with one! 

——Great! The goddess is pregnant! The male god is going to be a father! 

——It must be a little male god! 

——Or a little princess, I hope Jiang Yu will give birth to a girl like Xiao Qi! 

Gu Shenliu's repost brought the popularity of this incident again. This incident soon became a hot search again and it also dominated the headlines of various media. The heated discussion among netizens remained high, and many people also synthesized the previous mixed photos of how their babies would turned out. Everyone was betting to see if the baby would look like the prediction! 

Seeing the announcement, Mother Gu said in a good mood, "I'm going to be a grandma again! Welcome to the 13th child of the Gu family!" 

——What? Rank 13? It is a big family! 

——Haha, this number is also funny. I think we can call the baby 13th brother or 13th sister! 

——I want to know, do these children in the Gu family mostly boys or girls? 

Mother Gu immediately replied: "The other 12 children born in the Gu family are all boys!" 

People who ate melons: "..." The melons were all scared off. 

——What? All boys? Sh*t! So incredible! But I can understand it when I think about it. After all, the three Gu Shenliu brothers can show that this family is really prosperous in yang but declines in yin! 

——Mother Gu, then do you want a grandson or a granddaughter? 

Mother Gu: "Wuwuwu... of course it's a granddaughter! However, as a mother-in-law I can't put pressure on my daughter-in-law! Both boys and girls I will like it!" 

This makes everyone wonder whether to laugh or cry, and many people were still thinking, if everyone gave birth to a boy and Jiang Yu gave birth to a daughter, would she be discriminated against? But they didn't expect that the Gu family didn't value sons over daughters at all. In turn, they valued women over men, they were so foreign! 

In just 1 day, Jiang Yu's Weibo had over 400,000 reposts, over 500,000 comments, over one million likes, and everyone was congratulating them. 

In a short period of time, Jiang Yu's Weibo followers reached as many as 70 million. The number was close to Gu Shenliu's and had overwhelmed many first-line actresses. Because of this many people speak of her with a sour tone. 

Because of the failure to frame Gu Shenliu, Yao Yiyi became the object of ridicule by all netizens, not only her, but also her parents were looked down upon by the neighbors. After Yao parents' work unit knew about the issue, they were discussing in private, saying how the couple taught  such a shamefull daughter to this extent! It made Yao Yiyi's parents afraid to go out recently and they often washed their faces in tears. Yao Yiyi's mood was also unstable. While going to school, Yao Yiyi's parents couldn't care about their sadness as they had to comfort their emotionally unstable daughter, for fear that Yao Yiyi would jump off the building. 

This matter had also attracted the discussion of Shenda University students. Everyone said that it was a shame that Shenda University had such student. Someone then posted on Shenda University's forum: 

[Yao Yiyi framed someone and ruined the school's image, we strongly demanded that Yao Yiyi is expelled!]

This post attracted a lot of replies from fellow students, especially the fact that Yao Yiyi was an escort girl, something that made Shenda got laughed at by rival schools. When people talked about Shenda, they would no longer say that it was Gu Shenliu and Jiang Yu’s school, but would say: 

"Oh, it's the alma mater of the escort girl! Shenda is the cradle of the escort girl!" 

Such words made all the students of Shenda University very angry. The beautiful image they painstakingly created was ruined by one Yao Yiyi. 

Jiang Yu knew very well that she must not be merciful to people like Yao Yiyi. Her repeated concessions made the other party went higher and higher again and again. Jiang Yu no longer hesitated and directly produced all the evidence. She put Yao Yiyi's record on escorting multiple men to open rooms was printed out and sent to the principal's office. 

Soon, the principal's office issued a statement asking the head teacher to talk to Yao Yiyi and inform her that she was suspected of corrupting her reputation online and seriously damaging the image of Shenda. After further investigation, the school decided to expel her! 

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