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Weibo Big V's Daily Entertainment Circle - Chapter 139

WBVDEC Chapter 139 - Get Married

[My dears, the long-awaited Meng Cheng app is finally on the market! It can be said that the original inspiration for this app came from you. All fairies now have a place to play. Before the app was launched, you gave a lot of advice. I think that for now, the app almost meets everyone's expectations! It can be downloaded on both Apple and Android devices, it can also be used on tablet, so I hope everyone can download and use it. From today, let’s start sharing and planting grass! Today you may get planted, but tomorrow you will plant grass for others, let’s hurt each other!] 

——Is it going to market so soon? OMG! I thought it would take a long time. 

——Like a dream, I just mentioned it casually in the comments at that time, but Taro Ball actually made the app already. 

——Will definitely use it! Especially the orange icon with big eyes and long eyelashes is so cute. On my mobile page, this icon is the best looking! Noticed at a glance! 

——The icon is really cute, the page is also good-looking, and the user experience is good! Ahhh! I feel like I can share hundreds of things, will I become a god on this Meng Cheng app in the future? 

——Use it! Use it! 

——You are amazing, Taro Ball! I went to use it and it really suits us. I have just posted 4 babies, got 12 likes, and 3 people already follow me, it feels quite fun. 

Everyone found an unprecedented sense of satisfaction in the app. 

This app developed by Jiang Yu had a bright spot, that was a fan value system. The more people commented and the more liked, the higher the fan value and the color of the stars next to the avatar would also change. So the more fans that liked the shared post, the higher the level it would be. It could be said that in this way everyone would find the fun of sharing. 

——We can even design and do styling? Amazing! 

——Ahhh! I have never known what hairstyle is suitable for me, but Meng Cheng matched me with one, and it really suits me! I really want to cut it now. 

——The styling design is really fun. It matched a retro red lip makeup for me. I tried it just now and it really looks better than the previous colors I often use. 

Seeing everyone's praise, Jiang Yu gained unprecedented satisfaction. She hoped to make this app a place for her fans to gather, to play and share together, and to find pure shopping fun. 

——Taro ball, do you have anything to share? What is your account number? 

Jiang Yu smiled and replied: [My account is @Stylist Jiang Yu, just like Weibo. You can find me as soon as you search this name. As the boss, of course I also shared many things. I have shared more than 50 treasures in the past few days. You can go and see, it spreads from skin care to hair styles!] 

——Found you! OMG! Your title as ‘Mother of grass planters’ is not for nothing, I like everything you plant! 

——Sky! It is still the same taro that grows grass. I have never most of this things, but it seems to be really effective. 
Jiang Yu smiled and began to lower her head to plant grass again. There were thousands of items in her cloakroom that could be planted. If she wanted to gain foothold in the Meng Cheng app, she must first become a hardcore player. To know the shortcomings of Meng Cheng, she could only try and experience the usage herself.  

Therefore, a pregnant woman with a big belly started holding her mobile phone and planting grass like crazy. 


The next day, Jiang Yu clicked on the background data and saw Meng Cheng app, on the day of its launch, the total downloads on all platforms reached 1 million! This statistic was amazing! Jiang Yu didn't even think of it. 

When the team saw this, they shouted with joy. Everyone gave each other high fives and shared the good news with each other. 

Chen Sihuan was an ordinary white-collar worker in the capital. Although her name was a bit weird, especially after <Song of the Five Rings> came out, people always laughed at her and asked, "Sihuan, where is your brother Wuhuan?" (TN: 四环 / Sì huán literally means Four Rings, and 五环 / Wǔ huán means Five Rings) (Check out the song here)  

Some people also nicknamed her "Si huan su", which although weird, still sounded elegant. (TN: 四环素 / Sì huán sù, means Tetracycline. An oral antibiotic in the tetracyclines family of medications, used to treat a number of infections, including acne, cholera, brucellosis, plague, malaria, and syphilis)  

One day, Chen Sihuan saw an advertisement on the subway. Meng Cheng? What ad is this? 

Originally, Chen Sihuan didn't like to download such strange apps. Her mobile phone was very clean. It was basically the software that comes with the mobile phone, as well as Taobao and Meituan. But Meng Cheng? Is this software fun? The big orange on the advertisement looks so cute, Chen Sihuan could not resist the temptation, so she downloaded it just to take a look. 

However, Chen Sihuan didn’t expect that she wouldn’t be able to hold back that night and kept watching people plant grass. From skin care products, to make-up, to sports, to sports cars, everything! Her eyes were blurred and she stayed up late until 2 am. 

The next morning, Chen Sihuan got up for work reluctantly. When she arrived at the office, a colleague asked: "Si huan su, why are your dark circles so deep?" 

Chen Sihuan sighed: "Don't mention it. I found an interesting app and my eyes almost went blind. I scrolled it until 2 am last night! Do I have heavy dark circles? I saw a man planting eye mask to remove dark circles last night. Should I buy and try it?" 

"What app makes you so fascinated?" The colleague snorted disdainfully: "Young people really have poor quality. I never play this kind of app, it feel like a waste of traffic and time." 

"Sister, try download and play! I'll download it for you! It's fun!" 

After half an hour. 

Colleague: "D*mn it! It turns out that the eye cream I have been using has a very heavy silicon feel and it turns out that I use too much peel off mask! It turns out that external application of collagen is useless! It turns out that donkey hide whitening essence is useless! Should I go for a whitening injection instead? Ouch, everyone is doing facial lifts? There are so many fake hyaluronic acid? Oh my god! 

Chen Sihuan laughed helplessly: "Sister, start working!" 

"Don't pull me! I want to play for a while. I will go abroad for vacation in a few days, I will collect many kinds of grass and then I can buy more things!" 

What about a waste of time and traffic? 

Seeing that they were all playing, the female colleagues in the office were collectively planted, and everyone went to download Meng Cheng. For this purpose, when they had lunch, they chatted about the things in Meng Cheng. Really fun! 

After planting this kind of grass to others, it gave the pleasure of being consulted and being kindly replied. 


Unknowingly, Meng Cheng app suddenly rose to become a favorite app for fashionable women and the number of shares jumped from the initial 20,000 to 1 million! And they were all shared by real netizens. It could be said that if someone wanted anything, they could search for real reviews in Meng Cheng. 

Girls developed a habit unconsciously. Before buying something, they habitually search the reviews on Meng Cheng. 

This was of course a good thing for Jiang Yu. 

Under such circumstances, more and more people realized the commercial value of Jiang Yu, and many bosses even threw olive branches to her, promising that they would take her company to fly! Her fame was getting bigger and bigger, and the business of JY's Haute Couture stores was also getting more and more popular. Under the marketing plan formulated by Alex, JY's attitude kept being high. Sometimes, the threshold for borrowing dresses in JY was even higher than that of old luxury brands. Unconsciously, JY left an impression on everyone as a high-quality big-name custom store. 

Coupled with Jiang Yu's strict control of JY, ​​JY's reputation had been maintained to be very good. 


Before they knew it, in November, Jiang Yu’s belly was bigger than before. It’s strange to see that since the beginning of the second trimester, her belly was blowing up like a balloon. It was getting bigger every day, but if she wore loose clothes, people still couldn't see the pregnancy. 

Jiang Yu went back to school recently and the teachers took good care of her. She just smiled and thanked the teachers. 

On the campus of Shenda University, pregnant women were like pandas. Although there was no rule that stated students couldn’t get pregnant during their studies, almost no one would do so as they often would take a break. Therefore, anyone who was pregnant and still went to class would be discussed by everyone, let alone Jiang Yu as a celebrity. 

"Taro ball! Recently, many people asked me about your situation and sent you a lot of supplements." Bei Xiaoxiao said. 

"Supplements?" Jiang Yu looked at the honey, chai eggs, and pigeon eggs in front of her, crying and laughing: "Who gave it?" 

"Second year's junior, she said she is a fan of yours and she asked me to hand all of this to you!" Bei Xiaoxiao also smiled. 

The students had a pure heart. But when they saw a pregnant student in campus, they couldn't help but want to take care of such a giant panda. Therefore, no matter where Jiang Yu went, someone would give her a seat, bought breakfast, and delivered hot water. This kind of special treatment made her really embarrassed. 

The classmates in the class also often sign in for Jiang Yu, so that she wouldn’t be absent if she didn’t come to class. 

Jiang Yu was surprised by their change, but Bei Xiaoxiao knew the inside story, she hummed: "Don't look at it weird, just how much glory you have brought to Shenda University and how much glory you have brought to our current fashion department?! I heard everyone said that this year's fashion department students, especially our classmates are very popular in the job search market. Many bosses said that being classmates with such a powerful person as Jiang Yu is definitely an advantage! Therefore, it is very easy for them to find jobs. So even if they have no conscience, they would still say hello to you at the least..." 

Bei Xiaoxiao sighed: "You have tolerated them enough and you didn’t mind the past. If they still act like before, they're really not human!" 

Jiang Yu smiled. She was so old mentally after 2 lives, so when she looked back at the childish struggles between her classmates, she just thought it was ridiculous. 

"This is our final in class semester, and everyone will go their separate ways next. We will only come back when for the thesis defense and to take a graduation photo! So it doesn't matter if we get along well or not." After Jiang Yu finished speaking, she pondered again: "I don't know what Gu Shenliu has been busy with recently, he always comes home very late." 

"Ah?" Bei Xiaoxiao scratched her head and looked away: "I heard that he recently took on a new job, so he might be busy with work!"  

However, what Jiang Yu couldn't bear was that = night, Gu Shenliu didn't say a word, and didn't even come home. 

After sleeping until dawn, Jiang Yu looked at the flat bed next to her and frowned. She looked out the window and felt that she had to tame her husband and set some house rules. 

Suddenly, there was a loud noise from the door. 

Is Gu Shenliu back? Jiang Yu frowned and walked over barefoot. She opened the door. 

"Surprise!" Bei Xiaoxiao's voice came and she smiled brightly like a peach blossom. "Jiang Yu! Congratulations on your marriage!" 


"My big taro ball! Congratulations on your marriage!" Su Ye said. 

There were many people Jiang Yu knew at the door, and there were more than 20 people at least. Without exception, all these people were meticulously dressed. The men wore suits and ties, and the women wore lavender tube top dresses. 

Su Ye, Bei Xiaoxiao, and Jian Si all wore similar dresses. 

Jiang Yu was stunned for a moment, such uniform clothes seemed to be a standard for certain occasions. A wedding! 

"Wait!" Jiang Yu just woke up, touched her soft hair, and felt that her always bright brain was not enough this morning. She just woke up and as soon as she opened the door she saw so many people congratulating her on her marriage, but… 

"Who said I am getting married?" Jiang Yu was puzzled, suspecting that this group of people made a mistake. 

Su Ye smiled and handed a handkerchief. The handkerchief was pink with Wizard of Oz-style floral pattern distributed on its corners. On the middle part there was a carefully designed special characters that said: [All the luxury goods in the world are inferior to you, my luxury woman! Please put on your wedding dress and come to the following place to attend our wedding.] 

A calm person like Jiang Yu was so shocked that she couldn’t close her mouth after reading this sentence. So, today is really her wedding today? Jiang Yu was as confused as the first day of her rebirth. 

So, this was why Gu Shenliu didn't go home on purpose recently, didn't fulfill the obligations of husband and wife, and even went too far the night before, which was very abnormal. 

Jiang Yu laughed. Gu Shenliu probably knew that people like her were not easy to deceive. If the plan was not done well, she would easily know that Gu Shenliu was preparing for the wedding, so there would be no sense of surprise. 

"Okay, Taro Ball! Hurry up and put on your wedding dress!" Bei Xiaoxiao and Su Ye carried the wedding dress over. 

Seeing this wedding dress, Jiang Yu was stunned again. Because this wedding dress was designed by herself! 

The haute couture store received an order, saying that an international student studying abroad was going back to China to hold a wedding. They said that she had no time to come back in advance to measure the size and asked Jiang Yu to design a wedding dress using her own size directly. Jiang Yu and the client communicated online and the other party said that all styles were acceptable. She also asked her to design the formal wedding dress and the banquet dress according to Jiang Yu’s own preferences.
Jiang Yu didn't think much about it. Anyway, a wedding dress costs hundreds of thousands, and a high-quality couture banquet dress costs at least 100,000. The girl ordered a few dresses, which in total was not a small amount. That’s why, Jiang Yu personally went out to make it for this lady. All she had to do was to make the design well and let the people below make it out by hand. 

This wedding dress was exactly what Jiang Yu imagined. There was no exaggerated fluffy tulle and no exaggerated fishtail line, on the contrary, the silhouette was simple and elegant but it didn’t lose the femininity. The pattern fit her curves well, and the sheer lace was also very sexy. From the outside, the wedding dress looked elegant and generous, but the subtle sexy aura still made people unable to take their eyes off. 

However, Jiang Yu really didn't expect that she would really wear this dress to her own wedding!
"Taro Ball, hurry up and put on your makeup! Your makeup artists team is here. You don't have to do anything today, just enjoy it obediently!" Su Ye urged with a smile. 

Up to now, Jiang Yu had to accept it with a smile. Although she felt it was like a fake marriage because she literally didn't do anything. Gu Shenliu seemed to have arranged everything, and nothing was left out, just as he promised. 

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu smiled and sat down in front of the vanity mirror. 

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