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Weibo Big V's Daily Entertainment Circle - Chapter 131 Part 2 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 131 - Young Designer Competition (3) Part 2

Just then, all the designers went into the backstage and started production. Images of them making clothes were projected on the big screen at the scene. 

Bei Xiaoxiao had already started to use scissors. She was not strong enough to gain or lose. She felt that it was enough to do it quickly. It would be best to get the bonus, but it was not bad if she did not get it. 

Jiang Wei, Zhou Zhou and the other contestants all started to move. After Bo Manrou thought for a moment, even she started to pick up her sketchbook and planned to make a pattern for the clothes. 

Seeing this, Jiang Yu did not rush to start, but just analyzed it in her heart. 

——Why haven't Jiang Yu started yet? I am very impatient! 

——Yup! I'm also anxious, there is a time limit for this part, once she lose, the first place in her hand will be gone. 

——Taro ball! Hurry up! 

——The topic of shoelaces doesn't seem to be difficult. Jiang Yu might be thinking a lot because she is afraid of being overtaken by the people below. She is thinking of countermeasures. 

——But I'm afraid she won't have enough time. It's really stressful to make a dress in half an hour! 

Jiang Yu looked at the time, there were only 25 minutes left. She glanced at the mannequin in front of her. For this round, there will be no life model. As the clothes would be displayed on the mannequin, it was necessary to make a product that could still look nice. 

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu picked up the material and started making something. She first took some fabric with dark green woven gold thread. The original dark green color was diluted by the gold thread, so the fabric was soft and slim. It was undoubtedly the most suitable for a dress. 

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu began to make her design... 

Half an hour later, Yan Qing said: "Dear designers, the time is up. Start the countdown now, 10, 9, 8..." 

Jiang Yu's face was calm, only the thin sweat on her forehead revealed her true emotions. When the number reached 5, she finally finished the clothes. She hurriedly put the clothes on the mannequin and cut off the only thread on the clothes. Fortunately, she caught up! 

In the end, the staffs pushed all the mannequins out, and the three judges gave them points. 

The clothes designed by Bei Xiaoxiao were somewhat similar to Jiang Yu's. The red sleeveless halterneck skirt was hollowed out at the side waist and tied directly with red shoelaces, which made it look very sexy. Such clothes were usually beautiful to wear casually, but as a work in a design competition, there was really nothing to comment, so the judges were also lacking in interest. 

Old Zhou: "Well, the little girl is very suitable for this line of food. She can grasp the essence of the design and I think this kind of clothes will be loved by the market." 

"If this skirt is sold on Taobao, it will be very good!" 

"Yes, the design is remarkable, but the finishing of the short skirt is not very good. The handling is not advanced enough." 

In the end, Old Zhou scored 9.3 points, Li Yuanfeng 9.2 points, and Zou You 9.4 points. 

Bei Xiaoxiao was the first to be reviewed, so Jiang Yu was not sure whether this score was high or low. 

Soon it was Yao Yiyi's turn. Yao Yiyi made a floral halter swimsuit. The bottom of the swimsuit was very short, giving it a bit of a bikini feel. Yao Yiyi hollowed out the front of the swimsuit all the way to the top of the waist and used black fabric on both sides. The shoelaces were crossed and tied. In some respects, tying was linked to sexiness. What's more, the fabric of the swimsuit was very small. Therefore, even on a mannequin, the dress still looked very sexy. 

"Cool and sexy, the use of shoelaces is not obtrusive. It is a successful commercial work." 

"Yes, it blends well with the swimsuit, and the colors match well." 

"It's rare to see straps in fashion swimwear." 

Although the judges had compliments, Jiang Yu could see that their interest was not high. Obviously, this type of work was only the level of a graduation project in a certain university, not like participating in a design competition. 

In the end, Zhou Wenbo gave a score of 9.4 points, Li Yuanfeng 9.3 points, Zou You 9.4 points. Yao Yiyi's score was the highest among several classmates. 

Subsequent contestants were criticized one after another, and finally, it came to Bo Manrou, who was the most concerning for Jiang Yu. 

Bo Manrou expressionlessly lifted the cloth covering her mannequin. 

——Wow! So sexy! 

——Right! Bold design! The list works well too! In reality, people with good figures should look good in such clothes, right? 

——Nosebleeds are coming out! So sexy, it would be a crime to wear it on the street! 

Jiang Yu took a closer look. The clothes designed by Bo Manrou were all black long-sleeved thin knitwear. She hollowed out a V-shape from the neckline to the waist. The opening was large at the top and small at the bottom, the width was also different. The black shoelaces were crossed into a certain pattern and tied to the body. The bottom was tight and the top was loose, which happened to reveal the curve in the chest. Not to mention a man, Jiang Yu couldn't help but bleed from her nose just looking at it. 

"I finally saw a work that can be seen!" Zhou Wentao said. 

"This piece has a Givenchy style." 

"Givenchy once also designed such strappy clothes, I vaguely remember the spring and summer show in 2015!" 

"This dress is simple yet ingenious in design!" 

——I also think Bo Manrou's design is very good. I'm really worried about Jiang Yu! 

The judges were praising unanimously, and they all looked faintly excited. 

In the end, Zhou Wenbo gave 9.6 points, Li Yuanfeng gave 9.8 points, and Zou You 9.7 points. 

Seeing this score, Jiang Yu felt a sense of crisis in her heart. She really didn't like the feeling of being pressed down, but this score was getting closer and closer to her. Once she didn't perform well, or the judges didn't like her style, this game would be dangerous. 

At the same time, the music played, Yan Qing smiled and said, "Next, please open the cover!" 

Jiang Yu heard the words and slowly raised the corners of her lips. She stretched out her hand and pulled the cloth with a "swoosh". A golden-green dress appeared in front of everyone's eyes. 

The dress was a retro high-neck design with a slim waist and raised buttocks, and fit every inch of the mannequin's body, showing the designer's extraordinary pattern making skills. Although from the front this dress did not reflect the shoelace theme at all, but the shape was really impeccable. 

Everyone in front of the TV couldn't help but get nervous. 


Han Xiangxiang also clenched the sheets tightly, not daring to let out the air, for fear of missing some important link. So nervous! I don't know why, in this battle between Jiang Yu and Bo Manrou, she really hoped that Jiang Yu would win. Maybe women had this kind of feeling. She saw someone saying on the Internet that Bo Manrou and Gu Shenliu had known each other since childhood, the more it was revealed, the more she felt sorry for Jiang Yu. Bo Manrou had a good relationship with Mother Gu, so Jiang Yu must be very uncomfortable. If at this time she also lost in the game to Bo Manrou, wouldn't it be a double strike? 

At this moment, Jiang Yu turned the mannequin with a smile, and pointed the side to the audience. 

Looking at this profile, several judges looked at each other, and then everyone's eyes shone brightly. 

"Not bad! The side is hollowed out from the arm and goes all the way to the top of the hip line so that the figure is well outlined. Using shoelaces to help the sideways is more attractive than a completely hollowed-out design, and people can't help but look! It shows the sexy beauty of women very well!" 

"Whether it's the cut or the design, this dress deserves compliments!" 

"It smells like haute couture dress!" 

The taste of haute couture? The melon-eating crowd couldn't help but be surprised. Everyone knew this was a very high evaluation! After all, a dress made in 30 minutes could make professional judges valued it to be similar to haute couture, so it could be seen that Jiang Yu's dress was impeccable in every aspect! 

Now, it's time to announce the scores. 


Mother Gu pulled Father Gu's arm nervously.

Principal Wen didn't dare to come out, for fear that something would change. 

Jiang Yu's classmates all sat in the classroom holding their breaths, for fear that someone's voice would disturb everyone watching the show. 

At this time, Elder Zhou wrote the score on the sign, and soon, he held the sign high. Everyone saw a big 9.8 on it! 

Jiang Yu smiled and thanked him. 

"Little girl, keep working hard, I'm very optimistic about you!" Elder Zhou said. 

"It's really a talented person! I, an old sparrow in the industry, will be shot to death by these young people born in the 90s sooner or later!" Li Yuanfeng smiled. 

"Professor Li, don't be modest. When you were a leader, these little girls weren't even born yet!" Zou You joked. 

Several people laughed. 

At this time, Li Yuanfeng held up his sign and said with a smile, "Since Professor Zhou gave a score of 9.8, I can't fall behind!" 

Zou You looked around, then smiled: "Oh! It seems that everyone likes the number 9.8? How about I also give it a 9.8?" 

In other words, Jiang Yu had the highest total score! Bo Manrou was second! 

When the judges started to speak, Bo Manrou's face was already ugly. What does it feel to be slapped in the face? Bo Manrou knew it now. Not long ago, she was confident that she would win, but in less than 3 hours, she lost so uglily. The difference in score might be just a few decimal points, but it felt like a whole galaxy away! 

Jiang Yu, however, still stood on the spot with a calm expression on her face. Her expression was light, neither sad nor happy. People could not see much ups and downs. 

——Slapped in the face, slapped in the face! Bo Manrou, didn't you say you will definitely win? Hahaha! what about your face? 

——You can eat rice indiscriminately, but you can’t talk nonsense. Arrogance must be supported by sufficient capital! 

——Taro ball, you look so cool! Hahaha! Strength slaps the face! 

——Ahhhh! My great Jiang Yu! I admire you! 

——Hello, Jiang Yu Dada! Dada is here to crush us on a daily basis again! 

——Woohoo, taro ball, I really like this green skirt you designed, will it be sold in the store? It wouldn't be in the couture store right? I yes then I can't afford it! 

——Taro Ball, your lipstick looks good, come back and plant grass! 

——I like your eyeliner. It didn't smudged at all even after so long. Please tell us the brand! 

——Taro Ball's skin is good! Congratulations to taro ball again! 

In front of the TV, Principal Wen stood up excitedly. Since the establishment of Shenda Fashion Department, it had never won the championship of this kind of clothing competition. It was the first time Shenda University won a trophy. Looking at Jiang Yu standing on the stage, Principal Wen felt proud from the bottom of his heart. He simply taught and educated people, but there were always some students who made proud of being teachers from the bottom of their hearts. 

Principal Wen patted Father Gu's shoulder and sighed, "Old Gu! You have found a good daughter-in-law!" 

Father Gu snorted and replied: "Of course! Jiang Yu is a very good girl!" 

"It's really a glory for our Shenda University! No, I have to go back and write a commendation letter in person. I also have to ask the school to post a publicity image on the bulletin board and have someone send a notice to the media." 

Meanwhile, Mother Gu was already wiping away her tears excitedly. 


At the same time, in the last row of the Young Designer Competition, a man stared calmly at the runway. Seeing that the awards on the runway had ended, he turned and left the scene. 

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