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Weibo Big V's Daily Entertainment Circle - Chapter 131 Part 1 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 131 - Young Designer Competition (3) Part 1

Three-dimensional tailoring, as the name suggests, emphasized the three-dimensional shape of the human body curve. 

France called it "copy-in cut", the United States and Britain called it "cover cut", and Japan called it "drape cut". (TN: Sorry, I cannot confirm this name, it was just a literal translation of the Chinese name on the raws.)

Different from the general method of making clothes, three-dimensional tailoring was much more difficult. It covered the fabric directly on the model and made the clothes into various clothing shapes by folding, dividing, bending and other methods. This method was widely used in haute couture. It was used more in clothes customization, and people would often see it on the four major fashion week shows. 

The three judges were naturally aware of this. The use of three-dimensional tailoring was very common. The combination of deconstruction made the clothing completely played by Jiang Yu's hand. Yes, played around! With the familiar application, she easily grafted these extremely difficult techniques. Apart from playing, Old Zhou couldn't think of any other word to describe it. 

Old Zhou pointed to a model's clothes and couldn't help but explain: "Many people may not understand and think that these are just some clothes with slightly strange lines, but experts will know how difficult it is to make such cuts and deconstructions. Like this black long and wide suit, I won't talk about how good the shape is, I'll just talk about the creative drape behind it. The fabric similar to the suit directly used to create a drape, and the drape is integrated into the back of the suit, making the back of the suit seem to have a gap, and there is room for escape. In line with the theme that the designer wants to express in this series of clothes, it is a kind of emotional catharsis." 

Zou You also seemed to be infected by Old Zhou's excitement. He pointed to another model's clothes and said: "This white coat, the front is wrinkled, and the creative draping at the back incorporates several boxes of graphics, from flat to convex and bulging high, but the direction, degree, and angle of this bulge have been precisely designed, very beautiful and creative!" 

Li Yuanfeng couldn't hold it any longer, he said a little excitedly: "This black dress is also very creative. The front of the dress looks very ordinary, but the zipper on the back is made with three-dimensional tailoring cloth, which looks a bit like origami at first glance. In short, three-dimensional tailoring is full of details in its cuffs, collars, zippers... It is said that the beauty of clothing is in the details, and this suit perfectly exemplifies this sentence." 

——Damn, after listening to this interpretation, I suddenly felt that this set of works is amazing! As expected of a scholar!

——I thought it was just a casually folded and and sewed kind of clothes. It turns out that there are many things to pay attention to. It is no wonder that these professors are shocked. Obviously, they think Jiang Yu is very creative. 

——Sister Jiang Yu, we students of Shenda University are proud of you! 

——I hope Jiang Yu-senpai wins the championship! I hope that Sister Jiang Yu will win glory for Shenda! 

——So nervous! Sister, you have to hold on! 

——By the way, Gu Shenliu didn't go to the venue to watch the competition? 

—Yes, why didn’t I see Gu Shenliu’s shadow? I didn't see him posting Weibo to encourage Jiang Yu either. 

Hearing these words, Bo Manrou's face that was already dark and went darker. She never expected Jiang Yu to come up with such a work. The name of this work was "Rebirth". Jiang Yu not only expressed rebirth in the color of the clothes, but also used three-dimensional tailoring and deconstruction to ingeniously incorporate some small details. Breaking the fabric, then re-splicing and wrapping, giving these fabrics new life, wasn't this rebirth? Furthermore, with the black and white theme, her suit gave a stronger sense of collision. 

Such clothing, as long as people who knew how to appreciate, no one would doubt that it was advanced! A designer who could make high-end clothing naturally had its unusual place. 

Only then did Bo Manrou realize that Jiang Yu's design ability was far better than she thought. Before, she always thought that Jiang Yu's popularity was all the result of marketing, but now, she realized that she really underestimated this woman! 

Bo Manrou's face was tightly tensed, and she stared at the runway. Now it's up to the judges to see how they scored the works. Their scores must be about the same. 

——Oh my god, the score is about to be announced, I'm so nervous! 

——However, I heard that there will be a play-off! That is to say, the result at this time is not the final result. 

——Even so, who wants to lose? I think this round has already shown strength. 

——I don't know how to compete next. 

Under such circumstances, Old Zhou smiled and asked, "Classmate Jiang? The Fashion Department students of Shenda University?" 

Jiang Yu stood under the light, pulled the corners of her lips, and nodded: "Yes!" 

"Can you talk about your original intention to create this suit?" 

Original intention? 

Jiang Yu was silent for a moment, then smiled and said: "Every time we pursue and explore, it will bring us a brand new self, just like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly and gaining new life. We broke the ordinary and reconstruct the extraordinary beauty, so the process of threading the needle is also a kind of rebirth!" Of course, the real reason was that she was reborn into this world and gained a new life. 

Old Zhou nodded and praised: "Yes, yes! I have long heard that there is a rookie in the design field in Shenda's fashion department. They all say that her clothing design is very good and she has made clothes for the First Lady of the country. It must be you?" 

"Yes." Jiang Yu still smiled. 

At this moment, the audience in front of the TV was stunned for a moment. 

Although the story of Jiang Yu designing clothes for the First Lady of the country had spread, there were still people who didn't know it. Everyone was stunned for a moment when they saw Jiang Yu. She was the designer of the First Lady of the country? So young! How could it be possible for her to design such mature and atmospheric clothes? The same is true of her designs today. Although many people did not understand deconstructionism and draughtsmanship, everyone could see the style. Jiang Yu's style was very calm and overpowering. They didn't expect her to have such courage at such a young age. 

It's amazing! 

On the other hand, looking at themselves... uh! All audiences keep brainwashing themselves, ordinary was also a kind of beauty! Although no one was extraordinarily beautiful, no one had overly long legs, no one had proud big breasts, and no one was handsome or rich, but a salted fish also had the advantage of being a salted fish! 

The light shone on Jiang Yu. At this time, Jiang Yu was dressed simply, with a white shirt on her upper body, which was very retro with a special tailoring method. The high-waisted jeans made her legs look more slender, and her hair was rolled up. Wearing a flat shoes with a unique shape, she looked clean and stylish. Unlike many fashion designers who dressed like a demon and nor was it like Bo Manrou who was too meticulous, the audience had the feeling that Jiang Yu's dress today, although not as feminine as Bo Manrou's slim dress, but the sense of fashion was not at all contrasting. 

This indisputable style made people unable to take their eyes off it! 

"Very good! Very good!" Old Zhou said two times, then raised the sign, he said excitedly: "I give you 9.9 points! The remaining 0.1 points are space for you to improve more in the future!" 

"Thank you!" Jiang Yu smiled. 

Bo Manrou's hands were tightly clenched. Although her face was calm, she felt indescribably nervous in her heart. 

At this time, Li Yuanfeng also smiled, and he said: "This year's Shenda was indeed full of talents! I hope you can lead this year's students to create greater glories for Shenda!" He raised the sign, which made the audience agitated again. 

9.8 points! This was also a rare high score! 

Zou You looked at the scores of the two seniors and smiled, he said: "You are a frequent trend on Weibo, and you are often found in hot searches. I have always heard that you are very good. I hope you can make persistent efforts and hope that we will have opportunities to cooperate in the future!" After he finished speaking, he also gave a high score of 9.8! 

Seeing this result, Jiang Yu smiled and bowed to the judges.

Jiang Yu fans in front of the TV were boiling. 

——Awesome, Jiang Yu! 

——As a student of Shenda University, I am really proud, very proud of Senior Sister Jiang Yu! 

——Did Jiang Yu win the championship? 666! 

—— She hasn't won the championship yet! There is still the last link of the competition, I don't know what the theme will be? 

——Jiang Yu-senpai is so handsome! She looks great in today's outfit too! She is a textbook goddess-like character! 

Of course, some black fans sneered: "Haha, wouldn't this score be bought?" 

Seeing this result, Mother Gu in front of the TV couldn't help but jump up, she said excitedly: "Old Wen, look, my daughter-in-law is amazing, isn't she? She will help you to win a championship for Shenda University!" 

Principal Wen, who was pulled by Mother Gu to watch TV together stroked his forehead depressedly: "The competition isn't over yet, don't be too happy." 

"Ah? It's not over yet?" Mother Gu couldn't hide her excitement. Her heart was thumping cautiously. "What's next?" 

Hearing this score, Bo Manrou's face turned dark, and she looked away expressionlessly. 

At this moment, Yan Qing came out and smiled: "According to the process of this competition, the following will be the next assignment." 

Jiang Yu was not surprised by this. The reason why almost all the sponsor of the competition hold the competition was to directly plunder and plagiarize the designer's design draft and made ready-made clothes to sell abroad. The designer might not even know about it.
Therefore, one more round means one more set of clothes. To the designer, it was just a set of clothes made on the spot, but for the sponsor, they could produce dozens of more imitation clothes just based on one design. 

In this industry, good inspiration didn't come often. 

"The score of this round will be added to the total score and then the final ranking will be determined!" 

——In other words, the current score is equivalent to nothing? 

——No way! Isn't this too much? The competition has been going on for more than two hours now, can Jiang Yu stand it if it goes on like this? 

——Is it not easy to make clothes on the spot? The key point is that Jiang Yu is still pregnant. 

——Yeah, I couldn’t help worrying about Jiang Yu.

(TN: I checked a few times and I am sure that the pregnancy was not announced to the public yet, so this part was a bit confusing, but I will just translate as per the raws.)

——Bo Manrou must be happy, as long as she performs well in this part, she can counterattack. 

——I thought Jiang Yu would win, but she hasn’t? 

These words rekindled hope for everyone who thought they had lost! The winner will be based on total ranking, that was to say, if this round was performed well, it was very likely for them to counterattack. 

At this time, Elder Zhou stood up and said loudly, "The theme for this assignment is shoelaces." 


Hearing this topic, everyone was confused. 

Bei Xiaoxiao asked in a low voice, "Taro Ball, isn't shoelace too low-end? It doesn't feel like it fits the theme."
Jiang Yu smiled, it was really low-end, close to the public, and it was also convenient for designers under the sponsor companies to adapt. After all, the deconstruction and creative tailoring clothes that Jiang Yu made before were very unusual, so not easy to copy, but shoelaces were different. 

With shoelaces as material, designers could easily turn them into other things, such as straps, such as responsive nets. Just by changing some minor details, they could be released directly to the market. 

However, now that she was here, Jiang Yu had no choice even if she knew the inside story. She thought about the topic for a moment. Shoelace would involve the art of lacing. It could be made into casual or sexy.They could be used to hold corset like top with spliced chest, or it could be used on the side to tie two front and back pieces of cloth in an outfit. Which method would be more popular in today's competition? The second was more common, but if it was executed poorly, it was easy to be overtaken by other party. 

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