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Weibo Big V's Daily Entertainment Circle - Chapter 140 Part 2 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 140 - End (1) Part 2

In the middle of the stage, some leaves were arranged ​​into an oval arch. The two letters "JL" were written in the middle. Jiang Liu! It's the CP name given to Gu Shenliu and Jiang Yu by netizens. 

On the edge of the stage, a 3-meter-high wedding cake made Jiang Yu feels like she was dreaming. The carousel cake played music that could usually only be heard in a snow globe, and the tall main cake made Jiang Yu sigh with emotion. 

This wedding couldn't be done without the efforts of hundreds of people. Even if she had the budget, it would still be a headache to organize such a wedding. Jiang Yu knew that if it was herself, with her fear of trouble, she would just try her best to be simple. Gu Shenliu obviously knew her very well, so he didn't let her know. He brought her directly to the wedding scene and he handled all the troubles himself. 

How could she not be moved? 

"Taro ball!" Mother Gu came to Jiang Yu in a purple dress, accompanied by Father Gu in a suit. "Are you okay? Are you tired?" 

Jiang Yu shook her head and said with a smile, "I'm not tired. The one being tired is probably you, so do not worry about me." 

"No way! As long as you're happy!" Mother Gu said with a smile. She usually despised her three stinky sons, but at this time, the three equally tall sons with their own characteristics stood behind her, tsk tsk! This aura, there was really no comparison! 

Soon, the wedding began, and the host was a well-known host in the circle. They mobilized the activities very well. 

At this moment, the wedding march began. Originally, Jiang Yu's father should take her hand and walk her to the other end to Gu Shenliu, but because of Jiang Yu's family situation, Gu Shenliu asked an elder in the Gu family to help. This was not only to make people not talk about it, but also to take care of Jiang Yu's face. 

Jiang Yu secretly breathed a sigh of relief. She didn't want those family members to attend her wedding, but fortunately, Gu Shenliu also didn't insist on inviting them over, which made her relax a lot. 

Jiang Yu looked at the man on the other end of the red carpet through the white veil. She knew that not only Gu Shenliu was waiting for her, but also the happiness of her life. 

November's outdoor weddings in Shencheng, the breeze was cool and the sun was not particularly harsh, all of which made people feel very comfortable. 

Jiang Yu looked down and only then did she know that half of the entertainment industry had come. 

Big-name directors, movie stars, well-known producers, film and television company executives, supermodels... She recognized all the people who come. 

This represented Gu Shenliu's connections in the entertainment industry over the years. 

Finally, when it was time to exchange rings, Gu Shenliu picked up a female ring from the tray beside him. He stared at Jiang Yu and said in a deep voice: 

"Jiang Yu, this is the ring I designed especially for you. Remember the first time we looked at the stars? The nebula in the astronomical telescope gave me inspiration. I designed this starry sky diamond ring to tell you, you are the brightest star in the night sky for me!" 

Such love words made Jiang Yu's eyes hot. A hint of warmth flashed in her heart, and her gaze towards Gu Shenliu became softer. 

The audience burst into warm applause. Everyone who came here knew that Gu Shenliu didn't like to talk about his feelings. But when he did, he gave all of his emotions.

Before, they all speculated in their hearts, what kind of woman can make this man fall in love? When they knew that the two were in love, they initially thought that Gu Shenliu was downgrading. They felt that Gu Shenliu lower himself by asking an internet celebrity to be his wife. Everyone had their own weaknesses, happiness of their own, and outsiders were just spectators. 

But these spectators saw everything that Gu Shenliu had paid to prepare this wedding, he had been busy for four or five months in order to give Jiang Yu a surprise. He had even designed the diamond ring himself. From the very beginning of the relationship, Gu Shenliu was the one who gave more. 

Gu Shenliu definitely loved Jiang Yu more than she loved him. This was what everyone thought. Of course, it was only what most men think when they arrived at the extravagant wedding.
And what women really think was— 

F*ck! This wedding is awesome! No one is afraid of pollen allergies with these many flowers? It's worth dying if any man would do this to me! Just 21 years old, worth hundreds of millions, young and beautiful, but still found someone more outstanding than herself, married him, and had a wedding of the century! Jiang Yu's life is so complete! 

And netizens outside the venue cried when they saw the live pictures sent from the scene.
——How cruel! A single dog really can't afford such a happy wedding! 

——Gu Shenliu is definitely head over heels over Jiang Yu, right? The wedding so big, helicopter for the pick up, asking all the guests to keep it a secret, the bih merry-go-round cake, and a custom design wedding ring are proofs. It is said that even the wedding dress was designed and made by Jiang Yu herself without her knowing. I can only say that such a man give me a hit! 

——What a dream wedding! 

——The most handsome man in the entertainment industry married the most beautiful woman! 

——The real version of Zhuang Xu and Lan Xiaoxiao came to abuse us! The real wedding is even more grand! 

——Wow, how much will this wedding cost? I don't listen I don't listen! I want Jiang Yu to continue to love me! 

——Jiang Yu is so beautiful, and her figure is still so good. 

——The wedding dress is so beautiful. I like this kind of wedding dress as I don’t like the exaggerated kind. 

——As expected of a designer with good taste! The clothes of the two really blow up other stars. 

——Did anyone notice that Ye Fang and Mu Ran also brought their three babies? That family is also a winner in life! 

——Uh-huh! I like Ye Fang and Mu Ran, Gu Shenliu and Jiang Yu! 

Finally, a small climax at the scene - throwing the bride's bouquet! 

Many girls on the scene were single. Female stars in the entertainment industry were busy working hard, so it was normal not to marry at the age of 30 or 40. It was said that people who receive the bride's bouquet would soon have the same happy relationship. Therefore, this event was very popular.

Although the women behaved indifferently, in private they all hoped that there would be a man as good as Gu Shenliu, who would spend a lifetime with them. As a result, many people gathered around to grab the bouquet, and there was applause from the scene. Everyone was watching to see who could grab it. 

Jiang Yu faced her back to the crowd, held flowers in her hands and said with a smile, "I'm going to throw it now! Take it!" 

The bouquet flew in a parabolic shape, and soon, a girl jumped up. After blasting other actresses, she "snatched" the bouquet without any burden. 

Although the actresses participated, they still tried to keep their pretentious image. No one was so stupid to give a chance to get photographed making hideous face as they tried to rob the flowers! But there was a woman who played cards out of line. In the end, she held the bouquet of flowers in her hand and said with a smile, "I got it!" 

Geez! Other actresses shook their heads in their hearts. Being so spartan like you, can you really get married? 

Bei Xiaoxiao, who held the bouquet in her hand, blushed and waved to Jiang Yu happily. 

Among the crowd, the pair of friends looked at each other and smiled, Jiang Yu also hoped to pass on her happiness to Bei Xiaoxiao. 

Gu Linlu secretly shook his head and sighed. This woman, Bei Xiaoxiao, is amazing! When she saw Jiang Yu get married just now, she cried like someone died, but within a few seconds, she actually laughed like she won the lottery! The face turning was even faster than scrolling Weibo!


The wedding went on for a long time. That night, Jiang Yu lay on the bed, recalling all the details of  the day, but felt that everything was still like a dream. The major media and Weibo hot searches were dominated by the wedding. The photos gave sneak peak of the wedding scene. 

Jiang Yu turned to look at Gu Shenliu, smiled and kissed him. She rarely took the initiative, her lips brushed over his face, and then kissed his throat. 

Gu Shenliu choked up, only to feel that there was a fire running around him. It was their wedding night, there were even candles in the bridal chamber, so he felt that he must live up to the occasion! 

"Husband, you've worked hard!" Jiang Yu said sincerely. Gu Shenliu not only worked hard to take care of her, he was also busy preparing the wedding. 

"Knowing that husband is working hard, you must treat him well tonight!" Gu Shenliu put his hand into Jiang Yu's clothes. 

Jiang Yu smiled, "From today on, we can finally do that legally. No worry about someone kicking the door in the middle of the night to check the water meter!" 

"Your imagination is so rich." Gu Shenliu smiled and unbuttoned Jiang Yu's wedding dress. Her wedding dress was very long, and Gu Shenliu was afraid that she would trip over while walking. 

After finally undoing the wedding dress, Gu Shenliu's lips moved all the way down from Jiang Yu mouth and finally came to her stomach. 

Jiang Yu's body was still slender, only her belly was bulging, which made people wonder if all the nutrients she ate have been absorbed by the child? 

Gu Shenliu faced Jiang Yu's stomach with a gentle face: "Baby, this is dad. Today, mom and dad got married. You witnessed mom and dad's wedding. How do you feel? You must tell your dad about it after you are born!" 

Jiang Yu laughed: "Would you like to ask it how it felt when it was reincarnated? That sounds more exciting!" 

"Who said no?" 

"The child is still young and can't understand you at all!" 

"Who said it doesn't understand?" Gu Shenliu didn't believe it. He stroked Jiang Yu's stomach and murmured in a low voice, "Baby, do you understand what Dad said?" 

Jiang Yu looked at Gu Shenliu gentle appearance when he lowered his head, and only felt that the happiest thing in life was this. Outsiders thought Gu Shenliu was indifferent, but she knew that Gu Shenliu was an extremely gentle and responsible person who loved her dearly. 

Who knew, suddenly, Jiang Yu felt a little kick in the stomach. It felt like a cramp. She froze for a moment, then looked at Gu Shenliu in surprise. But she saw that he was also stunned, the surprise on his face was no less than hers. The two people who had always been calm outside, were excited like a child when they faced the baby's first obvious fetal movement. 

"Did you feel it?" Jiang Yu asked excitedly. 

"Wife, do you feel it too? The baby seems to be moving!" Gu Shenliu couldn't hide his excitement: "So it understands my words and is responding to me?" 

The two couldn't help but hug each other. 

Such a day was suitable for keeping in memory forever. Years later, when they had gray hair, they would definitely talk about it with relish to their future generations. 

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