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Weibo Big V's Daily Entertainment Circle - Chapter 136 Part 2 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 136 - Announce (2)

Yao Yiyi cried and shouted, "Expelled? Why did you expel me?" 

The head teacher was stunned when he heard the words, and then sighed: "Yiyi, the evidence of your incident is conclusive, and the social impact it has caused is too bad. I hope you can understand the school's decision and take the time to go through the formalities." 

After hearing this, Yao Yiyi cried and shouted, "If you guys dare to expel me, I'll jump off the building!" 

Hearing this, the head teacher frowned and said, "Yiyi, don't blame teacher for being unpleasant. You have been looking for trouble with Jiang Yu when she didn't even care about you and do not want to have anything to do with you! Anyway, you caused this incident yourself, so you can't blame others. Besides, you did that thing of being an escort,... The principal has already obtained the evidence. As a student of Shenda University, the impact of this kind of incident is too bad! You should stop threatening people with jumping off the building, look for a job after you drop out of school and start over!" 

"No... I won't!" Yao Yiyi cried and lay on the ground. As if she was stimulated, she suddenly widened her eyes, rushed into the kitchen and picked up a knife. She ran to the door while crying. 

"Yiyi!" Mother Yao opened the door and came in. When she entered this scene, her soul was frightened, and she shouted: "Yiyi! What's wrong with you? What are you going to do! Ah! Listen to mother's words, put down the knife! " 

Yao Yiyi cried with tears all over her face, she shouted hysterically: "I won't let it go! Mom! I'm done! The school said it would expel me! It's all because of Jiang Yu! She must have given the evidence to the school, she wants to see me die! I will never let her succeed, I'm not going to make her feel better! I'm going to kill her!" 

"Silly child!" Mother Yao hugged Yao Yiyi and cried, "Yiyi, don't be impulsive, mother is with you. If you have troubles, what do you want me and your dad to do? Besides, I read the news and people said that Jiang Yu is pregnant, if you really go down with the knife, you might end up killing 2. Do you think the Gu family will spare us? Not just you, even me and your dad won't survive! For the sake of mother effort in raising you all this years, don't be so paranoid and put down the knife, okay?" 

"She's pregnant?" Yao Yiyi kept shaking her head. 

Jiang Yu is pregnant? She is actually pregnant? She should be very happy at this time, right? She can't! Yao Yiyi couldn't see Jiang Yu being happy! She couldn't see Jiang Yu's life being so perfect. Why was she like a bed bug hated by all, but Jiang Yu could be envied by everyone? 

Yao Yiyi's eyes were red and her lips were purple. She trembled with her hands and tried to rush out. "Mom, get out of the way, I'm going to kill her! Kill her!" Yao Yiyi shouted hoarsely. 

Mother Yao felt a little tired in her heart. She really didn't know how she taught her daughter to be like this. Their conditions were ordinary. In a city like Shencheng, even buying a penny's worth of food must be calculated carefully. Even so, their life was still tight. But since having a daughter, in order to nurture her, they send Yao Yiyi to multiple talent classes. She did live up to their expectations when she went to paint, learn piano, and dance. This child was very good at an early age and was very strong. With such a daughter, such an excellent daughter, they had face when they took her out. She was always praised by relatives and friends. Every time she took an exam, she would be the best among the children of their colleagues. They always took Yao Yiyi as their pride. But why such an excellent child was reduced to this point? 

At this moment, Father Yao walked into the house and saw that his daughter was holding a knife in his hand. He was frightened and walked over in a hurry. "Yiyi! Don't scare your parents, don't scratch your hands!"
Yao Yiyi was hugged by her parents and cried sadly. She said with tears in her eyes, "Mom! Dad! I'm finished, my life is finished! I can never stand up again!" 

"Bullsh*t! You're only 21 years old, how can it be over? As long as you want to stand up, you can!"  Mother Yao said and sobbed: "You said just now that Jiang Yu did this? If it's a big deal, I'll go and ask the principal. I'm going to beg Jiang Yu, let them forgive you and don't expel you!" 

"It's useless! The school's notices are all down! I've been expelled!" Yao Yiyi kept shaking her head, crying until her voice was hoarse. 

Seeing this, Mother Yao was so distressed that she hugged her daughter and said: "That Jiang Yu is also too much! Although you played a little trick, it didn't hurt them at all. She was too stingy and kept targeting you. This countryman is like a bed bug, always coming to our city to follow us!" 

Father Yao sighed deeply in his heart when he looked at his daughter whose face was deformed by plastic surgery. He suddenly felt that he was wrong. They thought they were correct in loving their children and always following Yao Yiyi's request, but they forgot that they were parents first and foremost! Maybe they only focused on the child's success, but they never thought about how to teach her to be a human being and be a kind person! 

Listening to his daughter's complaints and his wife's blame, Father Yao felt a sense of powerlessness from the bottom of his heart. 


Jiang Yu didn't know about Yao Yiyi's dismissal until she listened to Bei Xiaoxiao. However, she just listened to it and didn't make any comments.

Bei Xiaoxiao was so angry because Yao Yiyi framed Gu Shenliu. She attacked Yao Yiyi on the Internet every day and posted all the bad things Yao Yiyi had done in the past.

Netizens were dumbfounded by the revelations. Why did it feel like they went to a fake college? Even if their classmates couldn't be said to be particularly friendly, their brains were still normal. Was this Yao Yiyi an idiot? Why did she always make some brainless remarks and did some brainless things? 

These things also made netizens even more angry, especially Shenda University students, who were scared to death when they found out! 

The posts of Shenda's crusade against Yao Yiyi were getting higher and higher, Yao Yiyi had no face to stay in school anymore and had never been to school since then. 

Jiang Yu smiled and poured a drink for Bei Xiaoxiao. She into the wardrobe villa to have afternoon tea with Bei Xiaoxiao. "Forget it, don't think about these things. We will graduate next year. After that, everyone will go their separate ways. Maybe we will never see each other in this life, so we should be relieved." 

Bei Xiaoxiao snorted: "It's your kindness!" 

At this moment, the doorbell rang suddenly, Jiang Yu went out to open the door and saw Gu Linlu standing at the gate holding a little fat child in his arms. 

"Little Q?" Jiang Yu smiled and clapped her hands. 

Xiao Q immediately jumped into Jiang Yu's arms and gave her a kiss: "Auntie." 

Xiao Q's speech was much clearer than before. When he got older, he liked to stick with Gu Shenliu and Jiang Yu. He said that Jiang Yu was pregnant with a younger brother. No matter how the adults teased him, he would not change his mind. 

When Bei Xiaoxiao saw Gu Linlu, she smiled and said hello: "Hello, big brother Gu!" 

"What kind of strange name is that?" Gu Linlu laughed and said to Xiao Q again, "Xiao Q, come down quickly. Your aunt is pregnant and can't hold you!" 

"It's okay, I'll hug him for a moment." Jiang Yu smiled. 

"He's three years old, he's fat, he's already too heavy, be careful that you hurt your body!" 

Gu Linlu had something to do today and had no time to look after Xiao Q. Coincidentally, all the nannies in the family were on vacation. Mother Gu also went to her parents' house to attend a relative's wedding while Father Gu went on a business trip abroad. Gu Lingxiao was never in the pitcure, he was basically useless. So, Gu Linlu had no choice but to send Xiao Q to Jiang Yu. 

When Bei Xiaoxiao heard the words, she smiled and clapped her hands to Xiao Q: "QQ, this aunty will hug you? Let Aunt Jiang Yu rest for a while!" 

Xiao Q looked at Bei Xiaoxiao several times with no expression on his face and then blinked his eyes after a long time. He suddenly shouted: "Mother?" 

"Eh?" Bei Xiaoxiao was stunned for a moment and looked confused: "Could it be that I look a lot like Xiao Q's mother?" 

Jiang Yu still didn't know if Gu Linlu was divorced or not, let alone who the child's mother was, so she didn't speak.

However Gu Linlu glanced at Bei Xiaoxiao and said calmly: "You look like the mother in the cartoon." 

"Cartoon? Which one?" Bei Xiaoxiao wondered, did she look like a cartoon character? Was it the red wolf, or the apron mother? 

Gu Lin said as he drove his car down the road, "<Little Peppa Pig>!" 

Bei Xiaoxiao was silent for a long time, and after a long while, she chased after the car among the exhaust and said: "Little Peppa Pig? What do you mean? You mean I'm like Peppa Pig's mother? Peppa Pig is a pig, so is the mother, Big Brother Gu, come back here!" 

Jiang Yu laughed, pinched Xiao Q's face and said with a smile: "Since Xiao Q likes Xiaoxiao, why not let Xiaoxiao be your mother?" 

Xiao Q, who was only 3 years old, suddenly became serious and began to think about the first major event in his life. 

"Jiang Yu, what are you talking about!" Bei Xiaoxiao said while blushing. 


Jiang Yu had not planted grass for several days. She had nothing to do that day and happened to be applying eye masks. After thinking about it, she directly took the photo of the eye mask without editing it, and posted it on Weibo: 

[Shiseido wrinklelift eye mask can quickly smooth dry lines around the eyes! It is suitable for girls who want to improve eye wrinkles problem! The effect is visible, and even already obvious after just one day after use. It is better than the snake venom eye mask I recommended before and the ingredients are safer! By the way, many people think that skin care products cannot be used during pregnancy, but it is not necessarily so. I consulted many doctors and they said that it does not matter, I just need to avoid using whitening or similar type of products.” 

During this time, Gu Shenliu had been very busy, always leaving early and returning late. Every time Jiang Yu asked, he said that he had just received a few new advertisements and needed to negotiate. 

Jiang Yu was almost always at home alone. After the company went on the right track, she didn't have to deal with as many works. Instead, she was more leisurely than before. She even occasionally found time to do her graduation project and write her graduation thesis. 

At this time, the research of app had made a breakthrough. 

"President Jiang! The app has been made almost according to your requirements. The categories and functions meet your requirements, the technical master you hired with high salary is really powerful! The function of the camera software has been added so that this sharing app can take pictures, it also has the design and reshaping function!” 

With the development of smartphones technology today, it was not too difficult to make an app, but it was not easy to make an app with a good user experience. Also, Jiang Yu had high requirements for the app. 

Jiang Yu took a look and found that the app met almost all her requirements, except that the icon was not very good-looking and looked strange, which did not meet the name she gave. 

"Revise the visual! Strive to give users a relaxed but trustworthy feeling!" 

"Okay! I'll let design team change it again!" 

Under the temptation of high bonus, the people in the app design department could not wait to stay in the company 24 hours a day. Jiang Yu went to check several times and saw them sleeping on the folding bed in the office. She heard that in order to encourage these people and let them work all the time, the company even invited some cute girls to stimulate these single dogs. 

Jiang Yu was happy to see the success of these methods. What she had to consider now was how to better market this app. 

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