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Weibo Big V's Daily Entertainment Circle - Chapter 134 Part 2 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 134 - Fight Back (2)

"Oops, Oops!" Gao Jing circled around the studio and every staff members began to operate. It was time to investigate, issue a notice, deny and deny. "When will the technical department check it out?" 

"It should be soon!" 

Just as they were talking, someone from the technical department came over and said, "I found it out! This photo has not been synthesized and there is no trace of photoshop, that is to say, the photo is real!" 

After hearing this, even the employees of the studio looked at Gu Shenliu with complicated eyes. Not photoshopped? Does that mean the photo is real? So, is Gu Shenliu really messing around behind Jiang Yu’s back? As employees, they refused to believe! 

Gu Shenliu heard the words, looked at the room furnishings in the photo, and said solemnly, "Can you find out which hotel the photo was taken in?" 

"This is more difficult." The technical staff said helplessly: "This is not easy to compare. Unless the hotel is relatively famous, were can find it out by checking it!" 

"Go and try!" 

At the same time, Gao Jing was so annoyed by the media that his phone had more that 400 missed calls in just one hour, not to mention text messages. It was estimated that it would take an hour just to delete them. He dared not open WeChat and his Weibo had also been occupied by black fans. 

——We may know people and faces but not hearts! He looks like a good man, but he was like this behind our back! 

——It’s a pity that the good cabbage Jiang Yu was eaten by dogs! 

——So sad! I don't believe in love anymore. 

——As fans of Gu Shenliu, we believe that this is not true. Don’t worry, let’s see what he has to say before choosing whether to believe it or not. 

——Wuwuwu, Jiang Yu should be sad when she sees it? 

——It doesn't feel like Gu Shenliu. Gu Shenliu seems to be taller than the person in the photo, but his face does look exactly the same. 

——I also think this photo is weird, this woman is so enthusiastic, she looked like she was posing for the camera. 

——Who is this little three? So cheap! 

——@Yao Yiyi, seems to be from Shenda too! It is the one who participated in the design competition. It is said that she has never won against Jiang Yu, but she was ruthless enough to sleep with Jiang Yu's man! 

——The chest is so big, drool... 

Soon, Yao Yiyi's Weibo gained more than 800,000 followers. Many fans attacked her, but some came just to see the photos. 

Su Ye and Durres all called to inquire, and Jiang Yu answered them one by one. 

Su Ye said: "Taro ball, if you need my help, tell me straight. I also believe that Gu Shenliu is not such a person!" 

Durres: "Humph! Someone must have framed him, otherwise why would the photo only showed dim profile? Is this woman crazy?" 

Jiang Yu was very grateful for their concern. She opened her Weibo and the latest grass planting Weibo had already received more than 400,000 comments in a short period of time. Many fans were asking if the news was true or not. Many people pitied her and said her man was not human! They said her judgement was wrong! 

However, Jiang Yu didn't reply a word from beginning to end. 

In this way, one day passed before they knew it and all major news media broadcasted the news. Many people attacked Gu Shenliu on the Internet, and he had become a bad guy in the mouths of others. 

At this point, Jiang Yu even felt sorry for him. After all, it was because of her. If it weren't for her, Gu Shenliu would not have been slandered for no reason.

"Sorry!" Gu Shenliu stroked the side of Jiang Yu’s ear with a helpless tone: "I made you feel wronged." 

"It's me who should say sorry." The two sat side-by-side and Jiang Yu said calmly, "We still have to find the person in the photo! Otherwise, it will be difficult to clear the suspicions on you!" 

"Don't worry! This matter won't pull me down." Gu Shenliu's expression was solemn. 

The incident was so turbulent that the Gu family soon found out as well. Gu Linlu heard what had happened and dispatched some people to investigate together with Gu Shenliu's subordinates. 

Mother Gu was worried, not only worried about her son, but also worried that Jiang Yu's bad mood would affect the fetus in her womb. "Taro Ball, don't worry! Don't be angry, I believe that Shenliu is not such a person! You should take good care of your baby!" 

"Okay!" Jiang Yu smiled. 

At this moment, Gao Jing suddenly rushed in and said happily, "There is progress!" 

It turned out that the technicians did not find out where the hotel was, but thanks to the omnipotent netizens, everyone was like a detective. Many local netizens saw the photo and immediately said that the photo was taken at Cold Mountain Hotel. 

"Cold Mountain Hotel?" Gu Shenliu said. 

"Shenliu, wait here, I have found a special investigation agency to help us." 

Soon, those people got the man's name from the front desk of the hotel and found out that the man was Jiang Tianlai, a local. He was also Yao Yiyi's high school classmate. He and Yao Yiyi had a relationship in high school, but they broke up later. After seeing Jiang Tianlai again, Yao Yiyi was shocked to realize that he and Gu Shenliu looked a bit similar, so she came up with a strategy to deal with Jiang Yu and took the scandalous photo. 

Gu Shenliu was not a good person either. He quickly found Jiang Tianlai's office and put pressure directly on Jiang Tianlai's superiors, making Jiang Tianlai under pressure and had to admit that the person in this photo was him! 

In order to prevent this incident from causing a big loss of his job, Jiang Tianlai agreed to prove that the man in the photo was him. He never imagined that a casual one-night stand could cause such chaos. 


On the other hand, Yao Yiyi was very happy. Her followers had increased by more than 2 million and her account was very hot. Although many people were scolding her saying she was a scheming b*tch or something, Yao Yiyi was not afraid at all! Since the last time she was beaten by the legal wife, she felt that her face had been disgraced. She became fearless and no longer afraid of losing her reputation. She also began to figure out that even if she had a bad reputation, she could use it to make herself rich. She didn't mind playing tricks. After all, after she became famous, she could buy traffic to wash herself clean. 

This was a society that laughs at the poor not the evil, Yao Yiyi was fed up with the cold eyes of others! 

Yao Yiyi sneered, imagining Jiang Yu's reputation being ruined and her being pitied by everyone, Yao Yiyi felt an unprecedented pleasure! She was finally going to step on Jiang Yu with the soles of her feet! Finally, Jiang Yu's reputation was going to be discredited. Jiang Yu made her what she was now, so she couldn't spare Jiang Yu. Those who were barefoot were not afraid of wearing shoes. She had nothing more to lose! 

Yao Yiyi estimated that this incident could bring her at least 4 million fans. When this matter cooled down, Gu Shenliu's studio would come out and explain. As long as she sold miserably and claimed that Gu Shenliu turned his face and did not recognize her as his woman, when the time came, there would always be fans willing to be her guns. 

As for later... 

Yao Yiyi still had follow up plans. After 3 months, as the enthusiasm faded, she would generate breaking news again saying that she was pregnant with Gu Shenliu's child! With this, she didn't believe Jiang Yu would still have the face to marry Gu Shenliu! She didn’t believe Jiang Yu would marry a man with such a bad reputation. 

Thinking of this, Yao Yiyi showed a sneer. Jiang Yu would never be rid of her in this life! 

Who knew, at this moment, the number of messages on Yao Yiyi Weibo suddenly increased by more than 100,000. She smiled and opened a comment on Weibo, dreaming of seeing the pictures of netizens tearing her apart, but who knew, when she opened it, her smile would suddenly solidified on her face. 
——I have never seen anyone who is more cheap than you! Why did you slander Gu Shenliu? Just because Jiang Yu is stronger than you? 

——You're not even a b*tch! Does your family know you are like this? 

——The woman in the photo is named Yao Yiyi, father: Yao XX, mother: Yi XX. Yao Yiyi is a local and she studied in experimental middle school in junior high and high school. She used to bully Jiang Yu, which made Jiang Yu deeply traumatized by school violence. Later, when Jiang Yu counterattacked, Yao Yiyi couldn't stand it, so she began to frame Jiang Yu in various ways. Unexpectedly, this time, she even turned to her high school classmate against Jiang Yu and the two co-produced news together. This kind of woman is really vicious! Just imagine, news of cheating will make a star in the entertainment industry unable to turn over for a lifetime, if Gu Shenliu can't explain this clearly, his career will be over! Yao Yiyi must have known about this, and it shows that this woman is not human at all! Can you believe that this kind of person is actually a student of Shenda University? @Shenda Official Weibo, please give an explanation! We demand the expulsion of Yao Yiyi! 

——Yao Yiyi is suspected of framing others and has seriously violated the school discipline of Shenda University, please expel Yao Yiyi! @Shenda Official Weibo 

——Yao Yiyi, you b*tch! 

Yao Yiyi's smile froze, and her face sank instantly. Why is it like this? How can netizens make such comments? Her expression began to panic. 

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