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Weibo Big V's Daily Entertainment Circle - Chapter 137

WBVDEC Chapter 137 - Haute Couture

After watching the app, Bei Xiaoxiao asked Jiang Yu: "Taro Ball, what would you name this app?" 

"Meng Cheng!" Jiang Yu said. (TN: 萌橙 / Méng chéng, literally means cute orange) 

"Cute orange?" Bei Xiaoxiao thought for a moment: "The name is easy to remember and it's cute. In this case, the app icon should be a cute Q-version orange!" 

"Well, I'm not very satisfied with the one I designed before, I have already called it back and redo it!" 

Before, the team proposed a lot of names such as Little Sweet Potato, Sweet Orange, Love Things Sharing, etc. but all of them were rejected by her. In the end, Meng Cheng was set. There was no special idea, she just thought this name was easier to remember and has the potential of being red. She had been in business for a long time and still had a little feudal thinking, sometimes she believed in her intuition. She thought the name was right and insisted on using it. Even if some people say that this name is not like the name of a sharing shopping app but like an app for taking pictures and group buying. 

"Brilliant!" Bei Xiaoxiao gave Jiang Yu a thumbs up, "Speaking of which, you are a pregnant woman, how could you toss around so many careers in your hands? Aren’t you too busy?" 

Jiang Yu thought for a moment. JY's Taobao store and Tmall were run by special staffs, and there were also corresponding managers. These people were more professional and more experienced than her. She didn't need to be busy with ordinary things except for designing and finding fabrics! That's right, finding fabrics was a headache for JY. Although JY was bound to the industry's fabric intermediaries and could easily get advanced fabrics from all over the world, but sometimes the fabrics needed for clothes designed by Jiang Yu were unavailable. It took a lot of work to check the materials from abroad as she needed to travel by air or by sea. Therefore, when Jiang Yu was not free, she would ask people to go to foreign fabric market to help her choose materials and then she would watch and command through videos. These people would then buy the materials on behalf of her. 

Recently, there was a high-end fabric exhibition in Hong Kong, and Jiang Yu also asked people from the company to participate. As for design, it's her old job. After handing over JY's photo shoot, her job was much easier. 

And Jado, after they managed to recruit Alex, the marketing specialist from LV, he had pushed Jado to foreign markets. The promotion department had formulated a series of promotion plans. Just like the method of looking for Internet celebrities to promote on the Chinese Internet, they had found a lot of well-known instagram and youtube bloggers in various countries to promote Jado's bags, making Jado popular all over the world now. It had become a brand promoted by many people through Internet celebrities. In the marketing plan that Alex gave Jado, the next promotion plan also had TV advertisements, outdoor advertisements, online soft articles and other promotion methods, which give Jiang Yu confidence that in the next five years, Jado would become an international light luxury brand, open stores all over the world, and let the company go public. 

Jado's operation was more formal than JY's, but because Jia Xing was not in China, the brand needed her to worry more. 

As for Huajianji, several items of Huajianji had been well received, especially the initially launched beauty cream that made Japanese girls go crazy. Many people found it strange to know that beauty cream was the only China's domestic cosmetics that was popular abroad. Jiang Yu was only responsible for investment and promotion in Huajianji, while the management was left to Jian Si. Since Jian Si could open Kafan all over the country and expanded Kafan stores to 40, this job would be a trifle for her. 

Therefore, it was not difficult for Jiang Yu to take the time to make an app. It was like how fast time went with the baby. In the blink of an eye, her stomach already protruded a lot. 

"Taro Ball, many Weibo fans are not used to the new models." 

"I'm sure they are just not used to it at the beginning, but the new models are very good and very unique. They will get used to it over time, and I will still make cameos occasionally when I'm free, so it shouldn't be a problem." 

"Now we launched twice a week and the styles of Tmall and Taobao store are not the same. The task is heavy and you really don't have time. Now we also have to write thesis and do the graduation project, so we are very busy!" Bei Xiaoxiao said with a pouting mouth. 

Jiang Yu squeezed Bei Xiaoxiao little fleshy face and smiled: "I started JY, but without me, the brand must be able to operate independently. Handing over modelling JY's launches to others is beneficial to JY's long-term development." 

Bei Xiaoxiao couldn't help touching Jiang Yu's round belly. In the past few days, Jiang Yu's belly suddenly swelled, but only the little bit below the navel. There was no change in other places.

"Your lower belly is more pronounced. My mother said that this is usually the sign of a son." 

"Don't! I don't want to hear it!" 

"Haha! You have a fate of having only sons!" Bei Xiaoxiao hugged Jiang Yu and kissed her. "By the way, how about the box office of <Song to Qin>? I went to watch it the third time last time and found that as time goes by, the attendance rate is not as high as when it was first broadcast." 

"That's for sure. I heard from Gao Jing last night that there were about 2.5 billion box office!" 

"So high?" 

Bei Xiaoxiao was shocked. Although it was not the highest box office in Chinese film history, but the theme of this movie was not pleasing. It could be said that the love scene was very light and it mainly retell the life of Qin Shihuang. It was a historical movie, so she didn't expect the audience to buy it. "It can be seen that everyone can see the film with their heart. This box office is already very good! Gu Shenliu is worthy of being an old showman, he really can hold the scene. Because of the beard he has, recently it became popular for man to grow beard and pretend to be an uncle. A few days ago, I went to Jinjiang to read novels and it was filled with uncle-type male protagonist, which shows that the influence of this movie is still very big." 

"Really?" Jiang Yu smiled, she would never admit that she hadn't seen this uncle for two days. 

Under such circumstances, the weekly broadcast drama <The Entertainment Circle of Chong Fei> reached its finale! In the finale, Zhuang Xu, played by Gu Shenliu, rode a helicopter, parachuted directly from it, and put on the words "I love you" in the air to propose to Lan Xiaoxiao. 

At this time, Lan Xiaoxiao was already different from the past, she was already a popular first-line actress in the entertainment industry. Zhuang Xu knelt down to propose marriage, and Lan Xiaoxiao agreed with tears. Thinking of her previous life, she shared a lover with so many women, but in this life, she would be married to Zhuang Xu, who looked very much like the emperor but they would be a couple for the rest of this life without any harem intrigue. Lan Xiaoxiao had high hope for this second life. 

Finally, the movie "Pink Mary" starring Lan Xiaoxiao participated in a film festival. The host came to the stage to announce the awards. After reading the list of shortlisted best actresses, they glanced at Lan Xiaoxiao meaningfully, and Lan Xiaoxiao knew it, and then they really called out Lan Xiaoxiao's name. 

Lan Xiaoxiao stood up excitedly, hugged Zhuang Xu, shook hands with a few friends, and stood on the podium. At this time, she had a satisfying love and a satisfactory career, she said with great emotion: "This movie gave me a new life, a happy new life! Thanks to the man who is about to spend the rest of his life with me, I will share this trophy with you!" 

Everyone was in an uproar and there was a lot of discussion, and then they began to applause in surprise! 

Lan Xiaoxiao announced her marriage on the podium. She even occupied the headlines in the entertainment industry for half a year! 

This scene became the climax of the whole web drama. When Jiang Yu, who was filming the movie, sat in front of the TV and watched it, she couldn't help but get excited. 

Just like a game, Lan Xiaoxiao had been fighting monsters all the time, and finally overcame the difficulties. She hit the big monsters and upgraded to the peak. This was the success that many women hope for! Even Jiang Yu was not immune to being infected. 

Finally, when the scene changed, Zhuang Xu and Lan Xiaoxiao held a seaside wedding under the blue sea and blue sky. Witnessed by relatives and friends, the two exchanged rings and started a new life. The whole drama ended here, and it also made the audience who watched it hooked. 

Jiang Yu was also infected by the plot of the play just like everyone. If it wasn't for the face on TV that looked exactly like her, she even wondered if she had acted in this play, otherwise she would have known the ending long ago. So why were there many things that she didn't realize? 

What Jiang Yu didn't expect was that this drama had maintained its high ratings since the first broadcast. Although the popularity of the drama was not as high as it was in the early stage, there were still many people watching it. On the day it ended, Jiang Yu's circle of friends was almost overwhelmed. Many people even tagged her and asked her to act again. They wanted to see many more well-made, fashionable clothes that were in the drama. Just pull out a supporting role and the clothes could even be used to participate in a film festival. 

Jiang Yu smiled, she had no plans to act again. But it's not impossible to make costumes for TV dramas, but such opportunities should be reserved for the future! 

<The Entertainment Circle of Chong Fei> had over 100 billion clicks, making the boss of Ai Qiqi go crazy! He didn't expect that the ratings of this drama would allow him to earn enough to turn this year's profit the only profitable year for the Ai Qiqi drama department in history! 

Jiang Yu was of course happy to see such a win-win result. She and Fang Huai spoke on the phone once, and the two said hello to each other. Fang Huai said that because of the success of the web drama, he recently took on many projects and became very a sought-after new director! 

In the end, Fang Huai also congratulated Jiang Yu for her pregnancy and said that when she gave birth, he would give her a big thank you gift. 


Jiang Yu Office. 

"President Jiang." Zhong Xiaoping walked in, knocked on the door and said, "An artist has come to borrow clothes again!" 

"Oh?" Jiang Yu raised her eyes and glanced, "Who is it?" 

Zhong Xiaoping said: "It's Sun Chenxi, she's a third-tier star. She's always been tepid, but recently, her popularity has increased by appearing on variety shows, but according to what you said, we can't just lend clothes, we need to investigate the popularity and image of the artist, so I am not sure how to procceed. This Sun Chenxi not only wanted to borrow JY's haute couture, but also 30 sets of JY's Taobao store clothes." 

The clothes in the Taobao store were not worth much. There was a third-tier star who promoted the online store was a kind of affirmation to JY anyway. Speaking of which, more and more artists like to wear JY apparel to appear on shows. Some talent show singers, variety show artists, and 18-line internet celebrities all wore JY when they appear on a show. After all, JY was not expensive but still has a great sense of design. In addition, it was the same brand as JY's haute couture brand, and it came from a well known designer, which made JY an online brand that had its own style, and it had become the most popular designer brand. 

Jiang Yu recalled this star in her mind. Thanks to her good memory, she remembered that although the actress was tepid, she often took photos for magazines because of her long legs and a good temperament. She was not particularly beautiful, but her temperament was against the sky, which made people unable to ignore her. But because her temperament was so strong, she became too limited in casting, so she had not been popular so far. "Which dress does she want to borrow?" 

"She wants to borrow one of the clothes from the previous opening show. That dress is worth more than 2 million! It's not a small amount. If she made dirty..." Zhong Xiaoping really felt a pain in the flesh. No matter how well protected a star was, the clothes would be worn outside. It was also easy to leave cosmetics and perfume smells on clothes, not to mention sweat. Clothes that were not well protected would be difficult to sell again. Therefore, even if celebrities wear clothes to endorse the brand, it couldn't be done casually. 

Furthermore, borrowing clothes also depended on the other party's strength, and therefore, this was mainly what Zhong Xiaoping meant to ask Jiang Yu today. 

Jiang Yu said in a deep voice: "Although the other party is only a third-tier star and is not particularly popular, but this girl has a good temperament and looks very good in many styles of clothes, so let's go! You talk to her again, if she is willing to change the dress, JY can lend her one." 


"Yeah! She doesn't fit that dress." Jiang Yu said with confidence. 

Zhong Xiaoping was stunned for a moment, then nodded: "Okay! I'll tell her right away." 

Jiang Yu couldn't help but fall into contemplation while holding the mouse. JY had lent a total of 3 clothes before, but the other party was best actresses, people born with fashion cells. 

Soon, Zhong Xiaoping replied: "President Jiang, Sun Chenxi is willing to change and asked you to help her make the look! She is really treacherous! She must have known that you are expensive, doesn't this mean that she wanted you to directly help her with styling on top of lending the dress?" 

Jiang Yu laughed, but didn't mind too much, and said directly: "Give her the black halter neck and trousers! She needs it." 

A few days later, Sun Chenxi wore clothes Jiang Yu gave to attend the opening ceremony of a fashion dinner. During the red carpet, all the cameras were aimed at her. It could be said that the black halter top outlined Sun Chenxi's figure very well, made her proud chest almost fall out and her waist looked even more slender. Sun Chenxi's figure was indeed very good, her legs were not only long and straight, but her hips were also very upturned. The trousers really accentuated this. 

It could be said that this dress made Sun Chenxi stand out! She had also been praised by fashion magazines for her good taste! 

All the magazines made the headlines, and Sun Chenxi overtook the first sister to become the most talked about actress on the red carpet. 

Sun Chenxi was so excited, this kind of hot discussion, coupled with her own efforts, the topic was even higher than that of a super second-tier actress, because of this, many fashion shows recently invited her, and TV dramas asked her to play an important fashion editor role, many brands also invited her to watch brand shows, which made her famous for a while. 

Sun Chenxi knew that this was all due to Jiang Yu, so she called and thanked her. 

The two of speak kind words, and they could be regarded as friends. 

Sun Chenxi's clothes were chosen by Jiang Yu. After the news spread, the first brothers and sisters in the entertainment industry were inexplicably attracted. They also dressed up with all their strength, but who knew where they would go. At one moment, no one even paid any attention them, but Sun Chenxi was different. Although Sun Chenxi's dress showed her figure and curves fully, it was also graceful. It gave people the feeling of a foreign film festival. It was casual and not too busy. They were also fashionable and gimmicky, making everyone fooled. 

More and more people were looking for Jiang Yu's styling! More and more people were beginning to regard JY as their own styling studio. Many actresses were scheduled to participate in major fashion weeks and just the high-end clothing needed major film festivals would be overwhelming. 

However, everyone wanted to crush others, so who would be crushed in the end? For a time, Jiang Yu was really distressed. 

Speaking of which, Jiang Yu seldom saw Gu Shenliu recently. Every meeting was in a hurry.

Jiang Yu felt bored alone, so she went to chat with the mother group in the community, and went home to accompany Mother Gu when she had nothing to do, or played with chubby Xiao Q. When she had time, she would play matchmaker or something, and her days were full. 


By the end of October, the official Weibo and WeChat accounts of the app had been preemptively registered, and the press release had also been prepared. With the help of Gu Shenliu, the media resources was fully in the hands of Jiang Yu. 

Through competitive research, the company compared several apps of the same type, found the shortcomings of their app and eliminated them. After that, the company optimized the user experience for Apple and Android app stores so that netizens could download the app better and easily. The company had also negotiated with the two parties, so both mobile phones and tablets versions were developed at the same time. 

With everything in place, Jiang Yu was ready to promote Meng Cheng's app on the market! 

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