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Weibo Big V's Daily Entertainment Circle - Chapter 135 Part 1 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 135 - Heavyweight (1)

Yao Yiyi's heart panicked instantly, and she suddenly had an ominous premonition. She hurriedly clicked on the hot search of #Gu Shenliu Cheating#, and saw a Weibo posted by Zhuo Yi in it. 

Zhuo Yi: [As a paparazzi, although I have always been despised by fans, I can honestly say that I have never published any untrue news, very in contrast to the recent Gu Shenliu incident. Zhuo Yi, as an insider, still has knowledge. This is just a hype, the angle of the photo is too staged to show the girl's good figure, and it so happened to be the first thing people are attracted to. That way, I won't believe it if this was not staged. However, the problem everyone is concerned about is the man. Is it really Gu Shenliu? Zhuo Yi definitely can say that this man is definitely not Gu Shenliu! Why? Zhuo Yi believed in his ability. I followed Gu Shenliu for more than half a year and I didn't get even crumbs of black material. Why this nobody came out of nowhere and posted nonsense!]

——Wuwu, someone finally spoke for my Gu, he is really not such a person! 

——Yeah, it can be seen from the video of the marriage proposal that my Gu's true love is for Jiang Yu! Otherwise, he would not have been secretly watching from the back row for so long on the day of the design competition. I think Gu Shenliu's love is true, and he doesn't look like someone who can do such a thing. 

——I don't want this to be true! Otherwise, I don't believe in love anymore. 

——For the first time, I have a good impression of Zhuo Yi. Good for Zhuo Yi to stand up and speak for Gu Shenliu. 

——Hey, if it’s fake, it’s also chilling. For hype, someone framed Gu Shenliu, making the couple’s relationship on the verge of breaking down. 

Next to Zhuo Yi's Weibo was the Weibo just released by Gu Shenliu Studio: 

[Recently, there was a large-scale photo with our studio artist Gu Shenliu circulating on the Internet, @Entertainment Reconnaissance Plane pointed at Gu Shenliu's derailment, claimed that he betrayed his girlfriend Jiang Yu, and took a photo with the third party. In response to this situation, our studio will stand the following statement: 

1. The man in the photo is not Gu Shenliu himself. Gu Shenliu has never taken private photos with women other than Jiang Yu. The photos circulating on the Internet have nothing to do with him. He was framed, it is a defamation! 

2. Gu Shenliu didn't know the woman, but Jiang Yu did. In fact, the woman was Jiang Yu's college classmate and a student of Shenda University. As for why the woman posted such a photo, did she deliberately led netizens to be dissatisfied with Gu Shenliu so that Jiang Yu is also caught in the whirlpool of netizens' discussions? The matter is subject to further investigation. 

3. Gu Shenliu specially instructed us to inform the vast number of netizens that one person is enough for him, that is Jiang Yu, and he will never empathize with other women. Thank you for all your concern and love! He and Jiang Yu will go on and walk into the marriage hall hand in hand. 

@Entertainment Reconnaissance Plane's false remarks have caused great losses to Gu Shenliu and hurt his reputation a lot. The studio has handed over the case to lawyers for now and will file a lawsuit against the account. I hope the majority of netizens can also follow it up and keep your eyes open. After all, there are many people like Gu Shenliu, but not everyone is him!] 

This Weibo basically explained the matter clearly. The netizens had waited for nearly 2 days for the statement. So, when they saw the official response, how could they not be excited? 

——It is enough to have one person? So sweet! 

——OMG! Gu Shenliu's third statement is really handsome! I love you both so much, I hope you can go on. 

——Jiang Yu, I’m still waiting for you to give birth to Little Gu, don’t be affected! 

——OMG! This statement put my mind at ease, and now I'm waiting for more hard evidence to come out. 

——Dear friends, the woman in the photo has been fleshed out by me, you go to my Weibo to see the information. 

Yao Yiyi's hands trembled more and more the more she read. She couldn't even hold the mouse and almost fell to the ground with black eyes. She really didn't understand why when she was about to win she was suddenly caught by Gu Shenliu's studio. Gu Shenliu had the upper hand and many netizens have already believed the statement and his words. There were more and more people speaking for Gu Shenliu on the Internet, and Gu Shenliu gradually had an indication of being whitewashed. 

At the same time, Su Ye forwarded Gu Shenliu's Weibo: 

[As Jiang Yu's best friend, let me tell you, this is not true, the two are in a really good relationship! Sometimes I, a bystander, are almost sweetened to death by the two of them! If you saw them together, you will definitely be abused same as me. PS: When the two of them are at home, Gu Shenliu will always be the one cooking in the kitchen, do you think it warms your heart or not?] 

——Ahhh! As expected of a good best friend. Many celebrities pretended to be dead and didn't speak, but Su Ye stood up. I became a fan of Su Ye from now on.
——My Gu can cook? This unscientific! I remember he said that cooking is his only weakness. He changed for Jiang Yu? 

——I am relieved to hear Su Ye say this. 

——Su Ye, I hope you tell them that they must be strong! 

——Woowoo, my little heart can't stand the toss! 

Unwilling to be left behind, Durres also stood up to speak for Jiang Yu: 

[Haha, seeing the two of them a few days ago, Gu Shenliu almost fed Jiang Yu by hand. You don't have to worry about their relationship, if Gu Shenliu really wants to cheat, I will be the first one to fight him! I will never allow anyone hurt Jiang Yu!] 

——Good friend for a lifetime! 

——Durres, you and Su Ye are both Jiang Yu's best friends. 

——Look at Durres, the character is much better than some stars. 

——I believe what you said and I believe that Gu Shenliu is innocent. 

Yao Yiyi's hands were shaking more and more but she forced herself to calm down. Now Gu Shenliu had begun to whitewash himself, but not all fans would believe him. So what if the statement sounded credible? There was still a bunch of black fans calling him a scumbag. This way, Yao Yiyi quickly posted a Weibo: 

[The love has passed, so everything can go back to its original position. You go back and continue to pretend to be a good gentleman, I will still be the same as I was before!] 
——If this is false, it can only be said that you are a real drama queen! 

——I don't believe what you said. Now I just hope Jiang Yu can stand up, I only believe her words, I look forward to her explanation! 

——Our family Jiang Yu won't spare you! 


At the same time, Jiang Yu's fans discovered that Jiang Yu just started live-streaming on her Weibo. 

Wow! Jiang Yu hadn't started a live broadcast for a long time. She had always said that she was too busy with work ao she had no time to live broadcast. But now, with such a commotion on the Internet, she actually started a live broadcast without prior notice. What was this for? 

Fans flocked to Jiang Yu's live broadcast room. They saw Jiang Yu wearing a short tight top and black skinny jeans. The clothes was simple, but it showed off her long legs and good body proportions. 

Jiang Yu smiled on the live broadcast, and she said calmly: 

"Recently, there have been rumors in the internet that Gu Shenliu is cheating. First of all, I thank you for your interest in our relationship, and I hope you can also supervise us. If he really cheats, I would really thank the person who broke the news because you prevent me from being deceived. To be honest, when I first saw the news, I was confused. After all, I know his personality. He is someone that disdains doing such sneaky things. Later, I accidentally inquired and found that Miss Yao actually kept long term room reservation in the hotel the photo was taken at. For Miss Yao, a local Shencheng city's female university student, why does she have to have a private room in a hotel all year round? I really don’t understand it, but it’s her business. What I want to say is, Miss Yao has a boyfriend named Jiang Tianlai in high school, what does he look like? I guarantee you will be surprised after seeing him!"

At this moment, the camera turned to a boy wearing hip-hop style clothes. The boy was around 180cm with strong looking body and small face. 

Netizens were stunned for a moment. Was Jiang Yu acting weird because of the negative news?Why would she show this man on her live broadcast? What does this rambunctious man had to do with the news? 

Jiang Yu smiled and said, "Are you wondering why I want him to be in the screen? Well, I will change the angle and you will know!" 

After speaking, Jiang Yu pointed the camera at Jiang Tianlai's side profile, and all the audience started to pay attention clearly. 

"From the side he really looks like Gu Shenliu!" 

"F*ck! It looks very similar from the side, but not from the front!" 

"The side face is really a replica. It doesn't look the same from the front, only a bit of resemblance!" 

"Ahhh! The T-shirt he is wearing is also the one on the photo!" 

After receiving a huge sum of money from Jiang Yu, Jiang Tianlai had long promised to tell the truth through live broadcast. So he went straight to the topic and revealed: 

"Sorry, I didn't expect this matter to have such a big impact on Gu Shenliu. Yao Yiyi asked me to help her with one thing and invited me to the hotel, then she seduced me to have a relationship with her and filmed us in the process. I saw that the photos were not clear enough to expose myself, so I didn’t ask her delete them. I didn’t expect it to come out later with people claiming that it was Gu Shenliu who opened a room with her. Seriously, Yiyi, we can’t be so unconscionable, can Gu Shenliu see someone like you? Don't think I don't know what messy things you have done before!" 

"No! Don't say..." Yao Yiyi clicked into the live broadcast tremblingly and heard the last few words. Her face turned pale and she hurriedly reached out to cover Jiang Tianlai's mouth on the screen, but his voice still came out from all directions. 

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