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Weibo Big V's Daily Entertainment Circle - Chapter 134 Part 1 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 134 - Fight Back (1)

"When did you offend this woman?" Zhuo Yi asked. 

Jiang Yu looked at the person in the photo and didn't speak. 

The person in the photo had deep European-style double eyelids and a high nose bridge, which was faintly translucent under the light. It was obviously the effect of hyaluronic acid injection. The lips were also very moist, they were probably just got injection not long before. Jiang Yu had no problem with plastic surgery, however, she was so familiar with the face that she frowned when she saw it. 

"How did you get this photo?" Jiang Yu asked without answering. 

Zhuo Yi: "This girl sells these photos to the paparazzi of major media and also sells them to several Weibo Big Vs. You know how popular you and Gu Shenliu are now, the more you rise, the more people need your black material. This black material is very ruthless so it will be a big deal when it is posted. Because traffic will definitely skyrocket and no one is a fool, I guess someone will post it on Weibo soon. Do you think when this photo is exposed, Gu Shenliu will be able to tell?" 

Jiang Yu frowned, but her tone was still calm: "It's fake. It can be clarified clearly." 

Zhuo Yi sneered, "In this circle, it's too easy to destroy a star. The people don't care if it's true or not, they only care about their own curiosity. They want to spy on the celebrity’s private life and character. With all the hyping from the media and gossip accounts, do you think fans can tell who is real and who is fake? Once this matter gets bigger, Gu Shenliu's reputation will be ruined!" 

Jiang Yu stared at this photo. Yao Yiyi was lying in the quilt with her arms exposed. At first glance, she was naked. On the side, a man hugged her and kissed her chest with his lips, because the room was dimly lit, the photo was not very clear. Only a faint outline could be seen from the photo. However, as long as people were familiar with the film and television industry, they would immediately recognize that the man was Gu Shenliu. In other words, Jiang Yu’s future husband and Yao Yiyi were lying naked on the bed, their movements were ambiguous, and anyone could see what they were doing. 

It was undeniable that the moment she saw the photo, Jiang Yu had a moment of doubt in her heart. Gu Shenliu had a lot of free time recently and she also had a lot of work to do. So could he...  

But after a while, Jiang Yu forced herself to calm down. From the moment the two decided to spend their life together, they agreed to trust each other. So she should not suspect that he was having an affair with others until there was definite evidence. Thinking this way, Jiang Yu looked at the photo carefully and saw Yao Yiyi's chest in the photo was squeezed very large and her cleavage was deep. If this photo was exposed, Jiang Yu was sure that netizens would definitely stare at the cleavage first. 

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu suddenly had a feeling that this was not like a candid shot. Yao Yiyi in this photo was very sexy and tempting in every way, and her state was perfect. But it was this perfection that made Jiang Yu even more puzzled. This photo looked too staged, and a dimly lit background were deliberately chosen, making the face of "Gu Shenliu" unclear. 

"How's it going? Is this photo worth it in exchange for a breaking news?" Zhuo Yi stared at Jiang Yu with a half-smile. 

Jiang Yu glanced at Zhou Yi, put away the photo, and said solemnly: "Want breaking news?" 

"Yes. Preferably exclusive." 

Jiang Yu was silent for a moment: "I'm a person in the fashion circle, so I really don't have any big news." 

"It doesn't have to be big news, it can also be about you and Gu Shenliu. Such as when you will get married, which celebrity guests will be invited to the scene..." 

"I really don't know that." Jiang Yu paused for a moment, then said, "However, I do have a big news that I haven't announced yet." 

"What is it?" Zhuo Yi suddenly became interested. 

Jiang Yu glanced at Zhou Yi and said, "I'm pregnant!" 

Hearing the words, Zhuo Yi suddenly stood up. He pointed at Jiang Yu excitedly: "I want this news! And it's will be exclusive! The day you go to do maternity check-up, I'll take pictures behind your back, acting as if I took it by chance. And then I'll help you stir up the heat, how about we have a win-win situation? " 

Jiang Yu glanced at him, "Okay!" 

After leaving Zhuo Yi, Jiang Yu took the photo and returned to the Chang Song Garden. 

"Why didn't you come back until now?" Gu Shenliu didn't have time to pick Jiang Yu up because he had a conference call. 

Jiang Yu put the photo on the table without saying a word. 

Gu Shenliu frowned slightly, picked it up and looked at it for a while, then said calmly, "Who gave you the photo?" 

"Zhuo Yi." 

Gu Shenliu took Jiang Yu hand and whispered, "You have to believe that this photo is not real." 

Jiang Yu didn't speak, so Gu Shenliu said solemnly: "I haven't even seen the person in this photo. I'll ask Gao Jing to check the background of this person." 

"No need, she's my classmate." 


"Yes, I'm afraid she is targeting me this time." Jiang Yu never believed that Yao Yiyi could suddenly change for the better. In the previous young designer competition, she had always been on guard against Yao Yiyi, but in the competition, there was someone recoding throughout the whole process, so it was not easy for Yao Yiyi to act in front of everyone's eyes. But Jiang Yu never expected that Yao Yiyi would choose to deal with Gu Shenliu in this way. There was no complicated conspiracy about the photo, but everyone knew that for people in the entertainment industry, it was very necessary to cherish each and every feathers.  

Which fan could accept a movie emperor who betrayed his wife and cheated outside? As long as this photo was released, Gu Shenliu’s image would crumble, and at the same time, it will affect Jiang Yu. It would make her a pitiful object for everyone and made her relationship with Gu Shenliu questioned. 

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu's face suddenly turned cold. Yao Yiyi thought that Jiang Yu was a vegetarian? If people didn't offend her, she wouldn’t offend others. If others did, don't blame her for being ruthless! 

Gu Shenliu took a closer look and realized that the girl in the photo seemed to have participated in the designer competition, so he quickly figured out the conspiracy. He was silent for a moment, and said, "Since we can get the photo, other media must have get it as well. Maybe someone will announce the news soon. I'll let someone check if the photo is photoshopped." 

Soon, the other side replied, saying that the photo didn't look like Photoshop. That was to say, there was really a man whose profile was very similar to Gu Shenliu's, so that in the dim light, even Jiang Yu, someone who was so close to him could make mistake at a glance.
"I'll have someone check it out!" Gu Shenliu quickly called Gao Jing. 


However, at this moment, an account named @Entertainment Reconnaissance Plane posted on Weibo: 

[A certain actor is about to get married, but still playing the trick of two boats? I really sympathize with his girlfriend. She must be waiting to marry the actor, right? Let’s just say, why do women want to be so strong? You being busy every day until you don’t even have time to work on your man, look! Your man is eating outside! There are always other women who would love him besides you!] 

When this Weibo was first released, no one paid attention, because the reputation of Reconnaissance Plane in the entertainment industry was not very good. Previously, this account exposed a well-known little flower as a transgender, and the provoked melon-eating people were shocked. It was later confirmed to be false. Not only was this little flower not a transgender, but she became pregnant soon after, married a swimming champion, and contributed to a pair of good love stories in the entertainment industry. Therefore, Reconnaissance Plane was ridiculed by all the crowd. 200,000 comments were been swiped to scold and laugh. 

Another time, Reconnaissance Plane also said that a popular school girl was being nurtured by a certain rich man, that’s why she quickly took position and could play the role of the female No. 1 in a movie. At that time, many pictures were of the school girl walking down the street holding a rich man's hand made Weibo go viral on the same day, and a bunch of black fans scolded her for being rude and mean, also scolding her for seducing old men! 

Who knew that when the school flower went back that night, she sent a long Weibo saying that this old man was her father. What’s wrong with shopping with her father? She also sent her family's household registration book, which clearly stated that the two were a family. So, the always low-key school girl was actually a rich girl. The reason why she had a different surname from the rich father was because the rich father was adopted to someone else's family as a child but changed back to his own surname when he became an adult. He was afraid that the adopted family would fail, so he let all his children had the family's surname, and that was the cause of the misunderstanding. 

As soon as this news came out, the account was ridiculed to death again. It was even suspended for a while. It was brought to court by the rich father, so no one expected that it would make a comeback later. It had not been spreading scandal for a long time, so it hoped to make an explosive return! 

Because of the bad reputation, fans didn't care about it at first, but they didn't expect to be shocked when they clicked on the photo. 

——Sh*t! Isn't this Gu Shenliu? But who is the woman in the photo? Looking left and right she doesn't look like Jiang Yu! In other words, Gu Shenliu derailed? 

After fans realized this, they reposted the Weibo crazily and many black fans even dispatched. They had been following Gu Shenliu for many years and they finally caught the other party's black material. How could they let it go easily? 

As a result, in less than an hour, the Weibo had been reposted by 400,000 people and the number of likes had exceeded 1 million, which showed the level of attention it got from netizen. 

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