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Weibo Big V's Daily Entertainment Circle - Chapter 133

WBVDEC Chapter 133 - Breaking News

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As Gu Shenliu expected, the team was really unprofessional. The app was developed by a few college students in their spare time, they had good ideas, but unfortunately the technology was not sufficient, the user experience of the app was not very good, and they were incapable of fixing it. Lack of improvements had made this app stop developing. There used to be many customers who were interested in this app, but they did not hear back after trying it out.  

This time, the team heard that a company was willing to negotiate with them, but the method was acquisition, and they agreed without thinking! Anyway, it didn't cost a lot of money. Everyone made the app it with pocket money, to be able to sell it at all was already very good! Besides, they couldn't run this app with their abilities. It's still too difficult to fire up an app as inexperienced people they currently were. Gu Shenliu sent people to negotiate the price with them, and the negotiation went well. 

At the same time, Jiang Yu went to school to attend classes. Before she knew it, the day started to get cooler. After a rain, the cool morning breeze blew on the bare skin and the chill penetrated through the pores little by little, so she couldn’t ignore it. The scenery of the campus was also dyed with autumn colors, even the sun had obvious autumn hue. 

Jiang Yu went to class with the book in her arms. She just walked into the classroom, but saw all the teachers in the class came. They stood on the edge of the blackboard and said with a smile: "Classmates, let's applaud Jiang Yu together!" 

The thunderous applause sounded.  

Every classmate had a smile on their face and Jiang Yu could feel that the smile was sincere. She bowed to everyone. "Thank you all!" 

"Jiang Yu, you finally lived up to our trust and won glory for our department and even the entire school!" Professor Zhou sighed. Before Jiang Yu made clothes for the First Lady of the country, he did not praise her in front of the school, but instead behaved very low key. But this time she won the first place in a small competition, and he was so happy for her. 

Jiang Yu smiled and said, "Professor Zhou, thank you for your guidance. If it wasn't for the training from the teachers, I wouldn't be where I am today!" 

The teachers all knew that Jiang Yu rarely came to school, so the success of Jiang Yu had nothing to do with them. They could even say that Jiang Yu's level was far higher than theirs. But for a student who had achieved such a high level of achievement to be so humble, the teachers were still happy in their hearts. Not because they were wearing a high hat, but because such a person would definitely go further. 

"Principal!" The head teacher shouted. 

Principal Wen walked in with a smile, he smiled and looked at Jiang Yu: "Jiang Yu, you have won glory for the school! These days, the school has been interviewed by more than a dozen media every day! You have helped the school a lot and established a positive image for the school!" 

Principal Wen can predict that this year Shenda would become a school where freshman students were vying to sign up. 

Jiang Yu smiled and said, "Thanks to the school for the training." 

"You are talented! Your deconstructionist design is really classic! I have asked your teacher to give a detailed analysis of the beauty of your design, explain it in pictures and text, and post it on the bulletin board, so that everyone can I can understand your work!" Principal Wen's face was bright, obviously really excited. 

Jiang Yu smiled: "My little achievement is not worth exaggerating." 

"Hey! It's not exaggeration. I hope to use you as a positive example to inspire students from Shenda University to work hard as well!" Principal Wen said. 

"Okay!" Jiang Yu was helpless. According to her temperament, she was initially unwilling to be too showy. 

"The other students who participated in the competition also performed very well!" Principal Wen looked at the students below and said with a smile, "I am very impressed with you all this year. Everyone who participated in the competition performed very well, I am proud of you! This is your last year in school, so I hope you will continue to work hard! Win glory for the school and yourself!" 

Applause broke out, and all the students seemed to be motivated. Yes! They were about to graduate and go into society, and they were no longer students in the ivory tower. 

In fact, when they saw Jiang Yu winning the competition on TV, most of the students were very uncomfortable, because no one liked the feeling of losing. Jiang Yu sat in the same classroom with them, but she was already so strong. They also had bad relationship with Jiang Yu, thinking of this, most of the students looked at Yao Yiyi complainingly.  

The good students in the class and the few male classmates all joined JY to help Jiang Yu. Now JY was already a very popular company. The salary was good, the employees were young, and the corporate environment was good, so everyone wanted to go in. However, Yao Yiyi bullied Jiang Yu before and they didn't stand up, so the relation between them was awkward. If it wasn't for Yao Yiyi, maybe they could help Jiang Yu’s company as well and get a high salary commission like the others. 

How could they not complain! 

At this time, Principal Wen smiled again and said, "The school will commend you for winning this competition, and there will also be a bonus." 

Jiang Yu thought about it and said, "I accept the commendation, but the bonus should be reserved for needful classmates!" 

Principal Wen was stunned for a moment and smiled more sincerely. It was a very valuable quality for a person to be willing to help others when they were rich. 

"Your mother-in-law was so happy last night that she shouted that she was going to find you. I even needed to persuade her and your father-in-law not to disturb the two of you. If you are free today, you have to go back and visit her, she's so excited but she has no one to brag to!" 


What Principal Wen said was normal, but it surprised all the teachers and students. 

Principal Wen knew Jiang Yu's mother-in-law? Ah! How could they forget that Jiang Yu's mother-in-law was Gu Shenliu's mother, and Gu family and Wen family were family friends. It was right for them to know each other! But… 

The students were even more unhappy. Jiang Yu went too fast. When they were busy looking for jobs, she was worth hundreds of millions, had a company with strong assets, and was even in close relationship with the principal. She was no longer someone they could catch up with. 


These days, all the media were chasing Jiang Yu. They were even more interested in Jiang Yu than Gu Shenliu because all the media have found that all news about Jiang Yu would be good, the public’s attention to her was even higher than Gu Shenliu! Why? Because when Jiang Yu appeared, the media could take beautiful pictures like crazy, so fans also liked to see her. Besides, she was a fashion designer, and the clothes she wore can easily arouse the crazy pursuit of fans. That was to say, interviewing Jiang Yu means controlling the traffic.  

More importantly, Jiang Yu did not accept any interviews after winning the designer competition! How could this not make them anxious? They have a lot of questions to ask, okay? 

Finally, Jiang Yu left school and was caught by Zhuo Yi. 

Zhuo Yi was well-known in the entertainment industry. He was a paparazzi and had always followed Gu Shenliu. However, the negative news about Gu Shenliu and Jiang Yu had not been photographed for so long. Because of this, Zhuo Yi simply let his photographer take pictures clearly. Anyway, it's all traffic, they couldn’t just left with nothing! 

"Jiang Yu, when are you planning to marry Gu Shenliu?" Jiang Yu just walked out of the school gate and a person rushed out. She was startled, but after a closer look, it turned out to be Zhuo Yi. 

Jiang Yu laughed. Although she had never dealt with this person directly, she had heard about him. "Aren't you a paparazzi? Is it really good to be interviewing so bright and openly?" 

Zhuo Yi smiled: "We paparazzi also need to bask in the sun, you haven't answered my question yet?" 
Jiang Yu thought for a moment and said, "It should be soon? Gu Shenliu has been preparing everything. He asked me to just come with my bag to the wedding." 

Abuse the dog! Abuse the dog! Even Zhuo Yi, a single dog for ten thousand years, felt sore teeth! 

"You don't even know the date of the wedding?" 

Jiang Yu shook her head. 

It was just after school time. Many students were not used to seeing Jiang Yu being interviewed. After all, many media interviewed students on the road recently, and they were asked: 

"Do you know Jiang Yu? What's your impression of her?" 

Of course, the classmates wouldn't drag Senior Sister Jiang Yu down, and they would just say that Jiang Yu were beautiful, smart, loved by everyone, or something. 

"Didn't Gu Shenliu tell you the date?" Zhuo Yi asked. 

"No, you can either ask him yourself!" Jiang Yu said. 

Zhuo Yi choked. "Your family Gu Shenliu is too difficult to follow. I lose 99 out of a hundred times and the remaining one is blocked when he go to the toilet! It's not easy for us paparazzi!" 

"..." Jiang Yu laughed: "Or I will ask him to invite you to dinner another day so you both can have a good chat?" 

"Stop! No need!" Zhuo Yi coughed: "Are you happy to win the competition?" 

"Definitely!" Jiang Yu smiled: "If you were me, you will be happy too, won't you?"

"Netizens are saying that Bo Manrou is your rival in love. Is there such a thing?" 

Jiang Yu was really surprised this time. Her character was like this. She wouldn't offend anyone else if they didn't offend her. But for the talk about a rival in love, she didn't have this word in her dictionary, why? She thought that flies wouldn’t bite crackless eggs. If Gu Shenliu ever had ambiguous relationship with Bo Manrou, she would have kicked him long ago. But as long as Gu Shenliu ignored the girl and let her affection be unrequited, then it's not worth mentioning. In this regard, Jiang Yu still had the most basic trust in Gu Shenliu. 

Jiang Yu laughed and said with obvious surprise: "Rival in love? You are exaggerating! Bo Manrou is Mrs. Gu's goddaughter, and she is also the godsister of the three sons of the Gu family!" She specially emphasized the three sons, which cleared Gu Shenliu's suspicion well. 

"Is that so?" Although Zhuo Yi heard about it, he didn't expect that Bo Manrou was Mrs. Gu's goddaughter, not a godsister Gu Shenliu personally recognized. 

"Yeah, if you don't believe me, go ask Mrs. Gu. In fact, the day before the competition, Manrou was still eating at Gu's house. We met at the dinner table and we had a good chat. Manrou is also very nice, she even went to my haute couture store and I bought a piece of dress. This has also supported my business, you say, if our relationship is not good, can we do this?" Jiang Yu looked sincere. 

Zhuo Yi was more shocked. 

"For real?" 

What Jiang Yu said was the truth, it just depended on how people understand it. Besides, the two of them really didn't fight, so she was not lying. "Of course it's true. If you don't believe it, you can check it yourself." 

"..." How to find out? Who to ask and clarify? 

Zhuo Yi chatted with Jiang Yu for a while and it was quite pleasant. After some words, he suddenly said: "Actually, I have very interesting news here. I wonder if you are interested?" 


Zhuo Yi stared at Jiang Yu with a smile that was not really a smile: "I myself actually don't believe this news, otherwise I would have exposed the matter long ago!" 

Jiang Yu's expression remained the same, but her brows twitched: "Is this related to me and Gu Shenliu?" 

"Smart!" Zhuo Yi admired Jiang Yu more and more and understood more and more why Gu Shenliu fell in love with this girl. 

"Then say!" 

Zhuo Yi: "I can tell you, but you also know that there is no free lunch in our business. If I share it with you, shouldn’t we exchange a breaking news of similar weight?" 

Jiang Yu thought for a moment, then nodded and said: "Okay! I really have breaking news, but it depends on whether your news is worth my exchange." 

Zhuo Yi confidently took out a stack of documents from his snakeskin bag and handed it to Jiang Yu: "See for yourself!" 

Jiang Yu took a look and her expression suddenly became solemn. 

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