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Weibo Big V's Daily Entertainment Circle - Chapter 138

WBVDEC Chapter 138 - Promote

It could be said that in addition to Jiang Yu, Jiang Yu's fans would be the one that looked forward to the launch of Meng Cheng more than her. They all hoped to have a shopping and sharing app that could make them addicted and kept planting grass for others. 

Although there had been shopping guide websites in China before, such as Mogujie and Meili Shuo, these websites were obviously linked to Taobao. After commercialization, Taobao merchants began to settle in, and merchants with high review and high rating were basically advertisement. This caused netizens to become more and more tired. If ranking of this kind of shopping guide-style website app was not accurate, it would make netizens unable to find really good products from the pile of shared things, and they would lose the only reason they used the app. 

Furthermore, what the little fairies wanted to share was not only Taobao shopping, but the now treding shopping on behalf of others and overseas shopping. Fairies who truly loved to buy things did not like to go to places like Taobao or Alibaba. They especially hoped there would be a sharing app that could bring together these people who love to buy things. 

Before, Jiang Yu posted a Weibo: [A little fairy asked me to make a shopping and sharing app. If I really do it, what are your good ideas? Tell them all to this Taro Ball!] 

The fans were very active, and they were all serious about making plans. Some fans even wrote thousands of words of planning plans, which made Jiang Yu and the people of the company very excited. 

Especially Jiang Yu, she was very moved. Not to mention, they were indeed a fan of Jiang Yu. Many of the ideas from these fans were very good, and they had also been liked by many netizens. Jiang Yu read the most liked comments, if it was feasible, she sent these comments to the research and development department. It was precisely because of the suggestions and brainstorming of netizens that Meng Cheng could be listed in such a short time, and the functions were complete, leading among similar apps in all aspects. 

Of course, this also had a certain relationship with Jiang Yu's willingness to spend money. In terms of the technology of the original app, the improvement of the technical master was much easier. 

The opinions of several netizens were adopted. Jiang Yu sorted out these lists and posted on Weibo: 

[My dears, thank you for your opinions! The fairies whose opinions are accepted will receive a liquid eye shadow set from Huajianji. This set has 12 colors and worth nearly 2,000 yuan. This is a little bit of Jiang Yu's heart, thank you for always caring about Jiang Yu. For some enthusiastic netizens, you will receive one liquid eyeshadow from Huajianji! Here, Jiang Yu will take the opportunity to announce another milestone liquid eye shadow from Huajianji It is on the market, as shown in Figure 2. As you can see, the packaging is similar to a lipstick. In the color test on Jiang Yu in Figure 3, the fairies can intuitively see that liquid eye shadow is easier to apply than the powderef one, and the color is very natural. These eyeshadows can also be used as a highlighter and a blush, so it's a great deal! Here's the link to buy them: 592EGDG#]

——Haha, Taro Ball, you have become treacherous! Okay, I know you have a liquid eyeshadow now, I'll take a look. 

——I was chosen! Ah ah ah! A set of liquid eyeshadows! I'm going to be proud! 

——Jiang Yu's color test is so beautiful.
——I have never used liquid eye shadows, but the color looks pretty good, and it looks very bright! 

——It's also great to be able to use as blush, how much does it cost? 

Jiang Yu replied: "The original price is 159, but for the new launch only listed with discount at 129 yuan!" 

——I will go buy it! 

——The order has been placed! 129 yuan is a good deal! 

——The products of Huajianji have a good reputation. Before the beauty cream was launched, my roommate still called me a fool for spending so much money on a domestic product. After seeing me using it, she slapped her face and gave up. I bought a bottle of beauty cream and also planted grass for others, not to mention how funny! So this time I will support it too! 

Jiang Yu replied: "Thank you little fairy for your support, I hope your whole school will be planted by you." 
——Huajianji's products are generally good, and the reputation is stable. There is no allergic reaction. To be honest, if Jiang Yu can really make this brand well, I will continue to support it. 

Jiang Yu replied: "Thank you, making a truly good product is the foundation. I know that my effort won't betray me, thank you!" 

——I just want to know when the app will be available. 

——Yeah, taro ball, when will the app be launched? 

Jiang Yu: "It's coming soon! Taros, please wait and see!" 

——What's its name? Must have a cute name! 

Jiang Yu: "Meng Cheng!" 

——Ahhh! The name is so cute! Looking forward to it! Let it be truly useful!

Jiang Yu: "It will definitely be! Please support me when the time comes!" 

——Of course support it! You actually replied two of my comments in a row, I am honored! 

——Please list the app as soon as possible! 

Fans had a high expectation for the app's launch. However, now the technical problems of the app had been overcome, but the app and Meng Cheng's webpage, there was still one place that had not been done well - content! 

That was to say, this app was still empty and had nothing. Under such circumstances, if it was launched rashly, netizens would not understand, would not be able to find the direction, and would have a lacking sense of experience. Then, netizens with poor patience would be very likely to give up and uninstall.

In the industry, general new websites or apps would invite their own employees to fill in some content inside. 

Because the listing of the app was a major event, Jiang Yu chose a time when she was not busy and asked all the employees of her company to register an account. Everyone logged in with their accounts and shared useful things. Colleagues then liked and left messages and added friends! Together they got the app working. 

Jiang Yu currently had more than 300 employees, and Jiang Yu assigned each employee to create 30 accounts, which was already very few. Usually before some webpages went live, the employees would fill in the content overnight.

After that, Jiang Yu let Jian Si helped and made Kafan's employees came to use these newly vreated accounts. At first, the employees must have been annoyed. After all, no one liked this kind of assignment task, but who knew that when they play, they would show more sincerity, because they discovered that everything could be shared. 

The Meng Cheng app included categories such as fashion, beauty, skin care, sports, travel, and styling. When they went for a run in the gym, they could take a selfie and post some thoughts. All the skin care products they used can be shared. The same went for travel photos. As for makeup, hehe! They were the sister company of Huajianji, and they were also employees of the grass planting machine Jiang Yu. Who didn't have some well-known products? In this way, after everyone used it, they began to write and share content, so that in just 2 days, the content of the app reached more than 20,000 posts. 

It's not a lot, but it's already pretty good. 

Before the app went live, Jiang Yu sent it to Su Ye, Durres, and Gu family. She also sent it to the mothers group to ask them to give feedback on the usage. 

Everyone said it was interesting, and some people made some suggestions. Jiang Yu wrote it down and reported it to the people in the technical department. 

The mothers group all said that the app was very good, but they were the same crazy shopping experts as Jiang Yu! Like Jiang Yu, these hot moms liked to buy bags and skin care products. When they saw this app, on one hand, they liked it, and on the other hand, in order to support Jiang Yu, they all posted the Hermes bags and silk scarves that they had bought. Thus, a variety of luxury skin care products, yoga clothes, sports cars, etc got shared in the app. 

Not to mention, although Jiang Yu had not officially promoted the app to everyone, it was amazing that there were already several replies under some content.
"Old Gu, how about my app?" Jiang Yu gave gu Shenliu the tablet. 

Gu Shenliu finally returned home. Just after taking a shower, when he heard the words, he brought the tablet over, clicked a few times, and then returned the tablet to Jiang Yu. "I don't understand what the point of shopping is!" 

"..." Jiang Yu wanted to hit someone. "Share yours too!" 

Gu Shenliu didn't lift his head and said solemnly, "I have nothing to share." 

Jiang Yu thought about it, "Just share your telescope! Share pictures of stargazing! Also, share some of your fitness photos and send them to the sports column."
"..." Gu Shenliu couldn't beat Jiang Yu. But he never took selfies when he was exercising, so Jiang Yu's request made him very worried. Where would he find photos to share in Meng Cheng? However, he had to follow his wife's instructions. After thinking about it, Gu Shenliu went to the gym reluctantly. He planned to stock pile some pictures for his wife in a rush. 

Under such circumstances, Jiang Yu picked a good and auspicious day to put Meng Cheng on the market!


Promotion was a crucial part of an app. 

On the same day, Baidu advertisements, subway advertisements, and Weibo advertisements were launched. For a time, Meng Cheng's advertisements were posted everywhere, especially in Shencheng. The subway in Shencheng was almost occupied by Meng Cheng.

In order to win these ads location, Jiang Yu spent a lot of money, however, the overall fashion taste of girls was slightly higher in major cities. As a fashion city, Shencheng girls loved shopping and sharing. Exchange of shopping experience was also an office culture, it was an indispensable part. 

As a result, many girls were very puzzled when they saw the subway advertisement that day. 

Meng Cheng? What app is this? Love to share? Share the good stuff you've used? Become a walking grass planter? See who's the next lawn mower? There were also several advertisements with Jiang Yu inviting everyone to plant grass together! 

What was this stuff? Many girls downloaded the app out of curiosity. 

When they were searching on app store, they found that Meng Cheng ranked first, so they could download it fast. 

When a Q-version small orange icon with big eyes and long eyelashes appears on the mobile phone screen, everyone knew that Meng Cheng had been downloaded successfully. They clicked on it, and found that the page was very beautiful. All of them were colors with comfortable tones. Many girls had already shared a lot of good things. They clicked to see, and after a few scrolls, they were deeply attracted by the things shared by the fairies. 

Wow! So many good foundations? So many good lipsticks? So many good fitness methods? Can even do styling just by taking a selfie? 

Everyone clicked repeatedly and was deeply attracted by the app in front of them. Their three views seem to have been refreshed! The door to a new world is opening to them! 

If they didn't try Meng Cheng, they wouldn't even know that there were so many things worth buying in this world! It's against the sky! 

Coverfx's custom enhancer drops metallic liquid highlights? Elegance eyeshadow blush pallette? Recore Serum DDS capsule? Douglas loose powder glitter body spray? Narciso Rodriguez Pink Musk perfume?

Why haven't they used any of these products? Does it really work? Well, the person who shared it said it was very good, what should they do if they really want to buy it? 

And this hot mom who shared tens of millions worth of sports cars, is this true or false? Why is she so rich? Shouldn't over sharing wealth be bad for rich people? Click into the other posts, all items were luxury brands and very expensive. These people were like spiritual leaders and fashion guides, leading all girls into the world of planting grass! 

There were also some little fairies who were fans of Jiang Yu, but they also knew this app from subway advertisements! 

They were stunned for a moment, this was the app invented by Jiang Yu? Meng Cheng? Ahhh! It already went live? Why don't they know? 

This way, they clicked on Jiang Yu's Weibo and saw that Jiang Yu had just posted a promotional Weibo. 

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