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Weibo Big V's Daily Entertainment Circle - Chapter 130

WBVDEC Chapter 130 - Young Designer Competition (2)

Before going on stage, Bo Manrou and Jiang Yu glanced at each other. Bo Manrou then raised the corners of her lips, and looked confidently towards the runway. She chose a piece of music with a strong sense of rhythm, and foreign supermodels came onto the stage from both ends of the runway. 

The models in the competition were all found by the designers themselves, because each set of clothes needed to be designed according to the model's body shape and each model was suitable for different styles of clothes. The competition committee couldn’t meet the needs of everyone, so there were such regulations. 

Bo Manrou's models caused a burst of amazement as soon as they appeared, because they were all foreign supermodels. Many of them were Victoria's Secret Angels and regulars of the four major fashion weeks. Because of their own fame, these models were not only difficult to invite, but also very expensive. The price was almost not acceptable to ordinary people. There was no one who can afford to pay more than one million just for a competition. 

How could such a large handwriting not be surprising? After all, the first place in the conference would only receive the 200,000 bonus and the opportunity to go abroad. Bo Manrou was already studying abroad so naturally didn't care about the opportunity to go abroad, but the 200,000 bonus also seemed like a joke in front of these supermodels. 

Several judges were discussing with each other, and there was an uproar at the scene. In such an atmosphere, the models moved forward confidently. 

Bo Manrou's work was called "Time Ripple". Like Jiang Yu, she used black and white to express the design. Using the concept of decomposition, she forced original things to be broken and superimposed softly, emphasizing self-worth and the importance of clothing. It was expressive and had distinct personality. 

Bo Manrou's clothing style was simple and atmospheric, black and white showed an alternative tone on European and American models, all black, all white, white background with black gradient, black background with white rendering, black top hat, and exaggerated earrings. The seemingly unremarkable styles had a new life under her hands. The details were reorganized, and the original traditional styles were all decomposed and spliced ​​together to create this set of extremely atmospheric and fashionable works. 

Listening to the dynamic music, watching the model walk through the runway step by step, Jiang Yu seemed to have also transformed into a model, with a feeling of blood burning. 

It was undeniable. In terms of design alone, Jiang Yu liked Bo Manrou very much. Bo Manrou's design was spiritual, and coupled with its high aesthetics, it seemed that she was born with fashion genes. These black and white colors walking on the stage made people couldn't look away. 

When the song ended, the audience applauded. 

Zhou Wenbo praised with excitement: "As expected of a famous teacher's apprentice! Deconstructionism is used very well, making the clothes feel very spiritual! I saw a kind of out of the cocoon in your design, breaking the tradition, using line art very well. There's also a beauty that is often seen in architecture! When the models are walking, I suddenly see a shattered beauty of 'dancing in shackles'! This beauty makes my heart flutter!" 

"Not bad!" Li Yuanfeng said immediately: "Miss Bo's clothes are very pure, this dress gives me a very shocking feeling, there are very few designers in China could express what they intended successfully. Miss Bo's design is simple and direct, pursuing freedom, breaking the bondage, and gaining new life from deconstruction, which is amazing!" 

"The ability to control color is also very good!" Zou You looked at the other two famous judges: "I don't know if the two teachers agree, I think Miss Bo's designers are the best group so far. Of course, there are also the international famous models that gave extra points. The music, styling, and even the use of this runway, give us the illusion of watching the big four fashion week shows!" 
"Zou You, you are right. Arranging the catwalk flow is always the result of a multi-faceted operation. The catwalk is not just as simple as a model coming out. The factors you mentioned will affect the final result!" Old Zhou echoed.

"Miss Bo's works are really wonderful!" The three judges praised it again and again. 


At the same time, the audience in front of the TV couldn't help staring at the screen. 

Han Xiangxiang was an ordinary working woman. She was 25 years old and had a monthly salary of 4,000. She worked in a second-tier city and lived at home. Therefore, her usual salary was used to buy clothes and cosmetics. Once a woman was over 25, she couldn’t neglect maintenance. After eating every day, the skin was getting looser and the physical condition was not as good as before. Staying up all night would be debilitating. So she could only rely on maintenance and makeup to dress herself up. Of course, she had to buy more clothes. 

Like most girls, Han Xiangxiang was very concerned about fashion. She occasionally read some fashion magazines, followed a few fashion Big Vs on her mobile phone, and received pushes from fashion public accounts every day on WeChat. 

On this day, Han Xiangxiang was about to go shopping, and accidentally switched to Channel 3. Seeing that Channel 3 was broadcasting a competition, she glanced at it indifferently, and wiped some sunscreen while watching TV. Who knew, she couldn't stop watching it because she was attracted by the two beauties on TV. 

Bo Manrou, the name was beautiful. 

Were all the designers now looking so terrifying? They were already talented but also looked so beautiful. Wasn't this like cheating in exams? 

Seeing the tension, Han Xiangxiang couldn't help sweating in her heart. Although she really wanted to go shopping, she wanted to know the result. Who would win between the two? Bo Manrou's works were really powerful and high-end. Han Xiangxiang thought her works were even better than those famous brand clothes from fashion weeks! This kind of work should not be able to be surpassed by anyone, right? However, she looked at the face and thought that the one named Jiang Yu also looked very good. She seemed to be very modest and her expression was calm, giving people a feeling of trust and closeness.  

Besides, Jiang Yu's face was also invincible! Han Xiangxiang selfishly hoped that Jiang Yu would win. 

Just then, the three judges began to score. Zhou Wenbo put up a sign with a score of 9.5! 

Seeing this score, Han Xiangxiang couldn't help gasping. Such a high score? Was it the highest score from the opening so far? It seemed that this Bo Manrou was really awesome! Even the judges were taken care of by her!  

Han Xiangxiang couldn't help but feel worried, what should she do? She hoped that Bo Manrou can win the championship, but also hoped that Jiang Yu would be the first as well, so contradictory! 

At this moment, Li Yuanfeng put up a sign with a score of 9.4.
Wow! Still a high score! 

Immediately after that, the sign of Zou You also stood up. Just as Han Xiangxiang was staring at the TV, who knew that Yan Qing would suddenly said: "Want to know Bo Manrou's final score? Let's enter an advertisement first..." 

"What are you doing?!" Han Xiangxiang couldn't help muttering: "This TV station has never broadcast commercials before. A TV station with such poor ratings, who would wait for commercials!" 

In the spare time between advertising, Han Xiangxiang had nothing to do. She clicked on Weibo, which she hadn't logged in for a long time, and read casually. However, she saw that the number one trending search was #Jiang Yu Bo Manrou Decisive Battle# 

Wow! I was on the top of the trending search? Wasn’t Channel 3 a channel that no one watches? In addition to shopping shows it was just a channel for selling beauty pills normally! 

Han Xiangxiang clicked the search and saw the two Weibos displayed on it. It turned out that these two were Weibo Big Vs. 

Han Xiangxiang clicked on Jiang Yu's Weibo and saw that Jiang Yu already had 60 million followers! 

"Oh my god! This girl named Jiang Yu is so famous? Why haven't I heard of her before?" 

Han Xiangxiang flipped through Jiang Yu's Weibo, but saw that Jiang Yu planted grass for everyone almost every day. Of course, sometimes she also made links to promote her own clothing store and cosmetics brand, but from the fans' reactions, Jiang Yu was very conscientious. There was no advertising fee for the recommended things, and she truly recommended useful things. She often interacted with fans, sometimes when fans scold her, she would repost it and laugh at it. 

The more Han Xiangxiang read Weibo, the more she felt that she like this girl Jiang Yu. She went to Baidu to search again, only to find out that Jiang Yu was actually the heroine of the hit drama <The Entertainment Circle of Chong Fei>. The reason why she didn't know it was because of in her recent circle of friends, everyone talked about the drama everywhere, so she was physically disgusted. The more people watched a TV series, the less likely she would watch it. OMG! If only she knew that the heroine was so beautiful. After all, when she watched TV series, she never paid attention to the male protagonist's appearance, only the female protagonist! 

Right now, the channel continued to air the competition. 

Zou You's sign showed the score of 9.8 points. 

"What a high score! I'm so worried about Jiang Yu..." 

At the same time, netizens were also talking about it. 

——Speaking of conscience, Bo Manrou's design is good, I really want to kneel and lick! Why are other people so beautiful and talented, but the only thing I have is fat and a big face? 

——Manrou is also a goddess! The score is very high, it is too difficult for Jiang Yu to win! 

——I also think Jiang Yu is a little redundant. Although Jiang Yu is famous recently, she is only a senior in college, and she is still a lot worse than an experienced driver like Bo Manrou. 

——Bo Manrou is more feminine than Jiang Yu. 

——Upstairs, Bo Manrou is almost 30, okay? Jiang Yu is only in his early 20s, what do you think? 

——Worry about my taro ball! So tight and dirty! 

This score also gave Jiang Yu invisible pressure. 

On the stage, Bo Manrou gently lifted her red lips and said confidently, "The score is alright, but it's worse than I thought!" She walked off the stage in a black dress, like a queen. 

Yan Qing walked over to interview: "Manrou, congratulations on completing the catwalk." 

"It's too early to congratulate!" Bo Manrou smiled: "Congratulate me when I win the championship!" After she finished speaking, she came to Jiang Yu and said with a sneer, "I hope you don't disappoint me!" 

"Definitely!" Jiang Yu showed saint like smile again. 

Bo Manrou couldn't help scolding in her heart. She didn't know why, but she got angry when she saw Jiang Yu laughing like this! She couldn't wait to tear Jiang Yu's face off! 

At this time, Jiang Yu's model appeared. As the second person that used international models, her models did not cause the previous sensation. The model walked on stage wearing her clothes, walking forward to the beat of the music, from the end of the runway to the front of the runway, and then turned back. Each model was well trained. 

Han Xiangxiang couldn't help but be surprised. As expected of a stylist, Jiang Yu's models were different from those before. Although the models in many previous works also pay attention to styling, some of the makeup looks were really indescribable, and only Bo Manrou’s were slightly better. At first glance, it was made by a professional makeup team.  

However, Han Xiangxiang had seen the situation in the backstage before. The types of makeup of Jiang Yu's models were all drawn by her in advance. There were special annotations on the pictures, and the makeup artist would draw them according to her requirements. 

This look was really amazing! 

As a girl, Han Xiangxiang first paid attention to the makeup on the faces of these models. Different from the simple makeup of the previous models, the models of Jiang Yu's family were enough for a creative makeup show! 

The large and delicate smudge method with different light and dark paid attention to creating the three-dimensional effect of the model's face. It put attention to the use of facial decorations, used the face as a drawing board, and the makeup brush was a tool to made over these models' faces in Jiang Yu’s hand. Various styles of makeup were used. Because Jiang Yu’s clothing was mainly black and white, many models wear ink and wash makeup, with red lips, biting lip makeup, or gradient makeup. Under the illumination of the light, they showed a thrilling beauty. 

"What a nice view!"
——Makeup is so awesome! 666! 

——As expected of my taro ball! Absolutely talented! Kneel down and call mom! As expected of a scholar! 

——I love you! But do you remember, you are here for a design competition costume, how can you make such a good makeup as well? Crush us from all sides, are you? 

——Don’t say it...Why is Jiang Yu so beautiful? Woohoo, I like Jiang Yu's makeup, but I really can't appreciate the clothes she made. Is it a problem of my ability? 

——I don’t seem to appreciate this suit, can anyone explain it to me? I always felt that Jiang Yu would not have designed such unbeautiful clothes. 

Of course, different from what Han Xiangxiang paid attention to, the judges at the scene valued the model's clothing. They looked at the model for a while, and as the model turned around, several judges suddenly widened their eyes. 

——What happened? 

——Any boss can explain? I cannot understand! 

"This dress..." Old Zhou called out first. 

For a few minutes, it was not long or short, but for some reason, everyone was mobilized, and everyone couldn't help but be excited, as if it was themselves who went to the competition. 

"Why do I have the illusion that I'm a model and I'm standing on the catwalk now? I always feel like I'm there." Han Xiangxiang muttered. 

At the end of the song, Old Zhou hurriedly stood up from the judge's seat, and the other judges were frightened. 

"Where are you going, Mr. Zhou?" 

Yan Qing also asked, "Is Old Zhou going to come on stage to watch?" 

"That's right! My eyesight is not good, so I can't see clearly if I don't go up!" After Old Zhou finished speaking, he walked to the model group, first looked at the front of the model's clothes, then went around to the back to appreciate the back as well. The more he looked at it, the more surprised he became, and the more frightened he felt. He couldn't help calling the following two judges: "Come and have a look together!"
Li Yuanfeng and Zou You came to the stage and looked. The more they looked, the more surprised they became as well. 

"This method..." Li Yuanfeng exclaimed: "Three-dimensional cutting?" 

Zou You felt like he was in a dream: "It's a creative decision to be precise, but I didn't expect anyone to use this technique to such a degree!" 

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