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Weibo Big V's Daily Entertainment Circle - Chapter 128 Part 2 of 2

 WBVDEC Chapter 128 - Rival in Love (2)

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Mother Gu smiled and said earnestly: "You and Shenliu are the same age, so I intended to match you, but the relationship is not something outsiders can control. You and Shenliu are too familiar with each other, so it might not work. I understand you young people! You are my goddaughter, I watched you grow up and Shenliu also regarded you as his sister. Now Shenliu already has Jiang Yu, so let's not think about previous things! You should find someone, find a man you know to live with!" 

Bo Manrou was stunned for a moment and the enthusiasm on her face gradually cooled. Before, she heard that Jiang Yu's background was not good and she was not worthy of the Gu family. She took it seriously and thought that Mother Gu would definitely look down on such a daughter-in-law, but who knew, Mother Gu maintained everything inside and out, even at the risk of breaking the relationship with herself. 

Bo Manrou was stunned, did not speak any more, just lowered her head and continued to eat the rice in the bowl, strange, how did the originally fragrant rice suddenly become bitter? 

"By the way, Manrou." Mother Gu didn't seem to see Bo Manrou's thoughts: "This dress on you is very beautiful. As you are a designer, you would definitely wear clothes that you designed yourself. But I almost thought it was made by Jiang Yu!" 

Jiang Yu was stunned for a moment, her brows furrowed. It turned out that this Bo Manrou was also a designer. 

Bo Manrou's face was a little embarrassed. 

Mother Gu continued to smile and said, "This dress is well designed! It suits you very well. Our Taro Ball would probably look good in them as well. Manrou, do you still have this dress? I want to buy one for the taro ball too." 

"Err... no?" 

Jiang Yu snorted coldly, then smiled and said to Mother Gu: "Auntie, my stomach will be big soon, it's a waste to buy it!" 

"Oh! Yes! You'll have a big belly soon!" 

Bo Manrou's face suddenly turned pale, her eyes were full of disbelief. She frowned and asked, "You are pregnant?" 

"Huh?" Jiang Yu was puzzled and seemed really curious: "Auntie didn't tell you about this?" 


This one sentence put Bo Manrou in an extremely embarrassing situation, but Jiang Yu's face was innocent and ignorant, and that expression was very similar to her own when she pretended not to know Jiang Yu before. 

Bo Manrou swallowed the bitter fruit, feeling really unhappy in her heart. She just said blankly: "I just came back from abroad, godmother hasn't had time to tell me!" 

"Hey! This kind of thing, why bother you?" Mother Gu smiled indifferently. 

"..." Bo Manrou seemed to be shot dozens of times in a row. 

The polite tone of Mother Gu's words seemed to be considerate, but in fact, she pushed Bo Manrou outward and pointed out that it was inconvenient for outsiders to know about the Gu family's internal affairs. 

Bo Manrou was full of unhappiness. 

Mother Gu didn't seem to know, and asked with a smile: "Manrou, is there something to do for you to come back this time? I haven't heard any news before." 

Only then did Bo Manrou regain her mind. She glanced at Jiang Yu, and suddenly sneered: "Godmother, I forgot to tell you, I came back this time to participate in this year's young designer competition." 

"Young Designer Competition?" Everyone present was shocked. 

Mother Gu looked at Jiang Yu: "Taro Ball, I remember you are also going to the competition tomorrow?" 



Jiang Yu smiled and put down the bowls and chopsticks in her hand, "It's a coincidence that Miss Bo and I participated in the same competition." 

"What?" Mother Gu's expression suddenly became complicated. If she still felt that Bo Manrou's words against Jiang Yu were unintentional, then now, she was almost certain that Bo Manrou's registration for the competition was aimed at Jiang Yu. Bo Manrou was doing well abroad, after many years, she had become somewhat famous. She had also opened her own independent studio, and business was booming. At this time, she actually came back to China to participate in such a small-scale competition. What was the meaning? 

Although Mother Gu liked Bo Manrou very much, in the final analysis, her daughter-in-law was her family, and the balance in Mother Gu's heart was instantly tilted. Those who wanted to grab the trophy with her daughter-in-law were all bad women! 

Mother Gu hurriedly said: "Oh, Manrou, our taro ball is very good! If you lose in the end, don't cry to me!" 


Bo Manrou suddenly felt that it was a wrong decision to come to Gu's family for a family dinner today. She suddenly remembered that Mother Gu used to protect her, treated her as a family member, and she protected her shortcomings inside and out. But she didn't expect that after not seeing her for many years, Mother Gu's heart was all used for another woman. 

Bo Manrou: "This is just right, I just want to have a good competition with Miss Jiang!" 

Jiang Yu's originally calm blood instantly burned, crushing the enemy under her feet, smashing it ruthlessly, and then jumping on top of it a few times. It was her usual action. How lonely it was to be invincible! When a person reached a certain level, they needed several enemies. Otherwise, how could those powerful characters in the game pass the level smoothly? 

"It's exactly what I want!" Jiang Yu raised the corners of her lips and smiled brightly. 

An invisible fight begins! 


After returning from Gu's house, Jiang Yu turned on her computer as usual. The campus wedding photos had been reposted more than 500,000 times, and there were hundreds of thousands of comments. Most netizens had a blessing attitude towards them. Many big V had forwarded their wedding photos, and the media had also reprinted them. Baidu's tending topic number 1 was #Gu Shenliu Jiang Yu Wedding Photos#, and the other search was still on the rise. 

Jiang Yu flipped through the comments, and saw a comment from @Elder Brother Talking Nonsense that a lot of people liked. 

@Elder Brother Talking Nonsense: "Taro ball, can you recommend removing dark circles? My dark circles are too heavy and I have the illusion of becoming Panda the national treasure every day! It's a pity that the zoo thought I wasted food and kicked me out!" Likes: 44232 

There were more than 2,000 replies below, all of them were asking for recommendation on eye cream for dark circles. 

Seeing this, Jiang Yu smiled, then edited Weibo and said: 

[If I told you that the ingredients in the eye cream are ordinary moisturizer and there is no special ingredient to remove dark circles, would you believe it? Then you will ask me why these eye creams are marked to remove dark circles, right? If truly useful, I'm afraid there won't be so many ladies with heavy dark circles in this world. After all, the ingredients and production process of eye cream are similar to ordinary face creams. You may not believe it, saying that the skin around the eyes is more fragile, how could it be the same? Well, if you don’t believe me, you can check some articles and check the product ingredients. In fact, if your skin is not sensitive and prone too allergies, you can use the cream directly as an eye cream.

Some people will ask me, do I use eye cream? I can tell you that I use it, why? Psychological effect! This is also a marketing method for sellers! The workmanship of eye cream is not much different than face cream, but the price is higher. Women know it is useless but we still buy it, isn’t that the case? So if Huajianji also comes out with eye cream in the future, you must come and buy it! Hehe , just kidding! If you are around 20 years old, I recommend Fancl moisturizing eye serum, which is refreshing and light. For people more than 25 years old, I recommend Estee Lauder small brown bottle. For the more expensive ones, Lamer and LaPrairie eye creams are good! However, eye cream is not enough. Buy Kao Gentle Steam Eye Mask, put it on before going to bed every day, and the next morning you will find dark circles under the eyes becoming much better.]

——Does this really work? 

——Are steam eye masks useful? Can it get rid of dark circles? 

——Wow! What do you mean by saying that? You only need to use eye cream that suits you, and you don't need to buy specific one for dark circles? I feel like I've saved a lot of money. 

——Save money! Long experience! 

——Taro ball, what are you talking about! If you sell eye cream like this, be careful no one will buy it! 

——I'm going to buy the steam eye mask right now. 

——The conscience of the industry! My dark circles are heavier than pandas because I stay up until three or four o'clock every day. Now I'm going to place an order. 

Suddenly, a tall figure came, and before Jiang Yu regained her senses, she was held by Gu Shenliu. He sighed into her ears: "Wife, you don't seem to be in a beautiful mood?" 

Jiang Yu laughed. The two of them had never been awkward in love, but today's Bo Manrou was really annoying. "Then you should review yourself and see why you are attracting bees and butterflies." 

"There is no such thing." Gu Shenliu said solemnly, "Your husband is not as attractive as you think." 

The most wanted male star voted by women across the country, not that attractive? 

Gu Shenliu reached out and unbuttoned Jiang Yu's blouse, put his hand inside, and said, "He is just an ordinary man who needs your comfort." 

Jiang Yu wasn't really angry at first, she was just a little unhappy when she saw Bo Manrou. She didn't want to be too mean to save Mother Gu's face, but she also knew very well that she should not create opportunities for the other party. Women shouldn't talk about other women in front of their men. If you do and let the man think about it specifically, some unwarranted things would become true. Indifference was the best way. So, she didn't mention it. 

"Oh? Where does he need my comfort?" Jiang Yu turned to face Gu Shenliu. 


"Then this Teacher Jiang will check!" Jiang Yu picked up the ruler next to her, and slipped the ruler from Gu Shenliu's shirt to her waist in an ambiguous tone, she pursed her lips and smiled: "Look at where Mr. Gu need comfort the most! Teacher Jiang will comfort you!" 

The two started to drive as soon as they disagreed, but the car was driving so fast that the brakes could not stop it. As a result, a large-scale roleplay was staged indoors. 

Teacher Jiang's teaching level was very high, and she was getting more and more proficient, which made student Gu squinted and temporarily lost the initiative. But in the end, Gu Shenliu still pressed Jiang Yu to the bottom of his body with low hums. He wanted to enter, but Jiang Yu would not let him. 

"You can stand at the door! Do you really want to come in? Don't you know my situation?" 

"It's okay." Gu Shenliu said in a low tone, "I asked the doctor and he said it's fine." 


"Be good, husband loves you!" Gu Shenliu's fingers held Jiang Yu's softness, making her squinted unbearably. 

The gentle rhythm brought a different kind of pleasure. 

Jiang Yu felt that she seemed to be more... um, more sensitive when she was pregnant!


Early the next morning, the Young Designers Competition started! 

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