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Weibo Big V's Daily Entertainment Circle - Chapter 123 Part 1 of 2

 WBVDEC Chapter 123 - Transform (1)

Everyone continued to be shocked 

Mother Gu twitched the corners of her mouth and couldn't help laughing: "Oh! Taro ball is... pregnant?" 

Jiang Yu was stunned for a moment, but her face was still calm as usual. When Xiao Q said that just now, she just thought that the child was ignorant, and he said it casually, but she didn't expect it to be true! No wait, she being pregnant, why didn't she know that? 

"The third brother is expecting? Congratulations!" Gu Linlu smiled. 

"Double happiness for our family this year!" Gu Lingxiao smiled. 

Father Gu also had a smile on his face. For the older generation, what they wanted to see the most was new generation in the family. Although he had three sons, Gu Linlu was in such a situation where he raised Xiao Q by himself. Gu Lingxiao was too obsessed with academics and had no interest in getting married or having children. Shenliu had the will to get married was already a happy thing for them, but he didn't expect before the marriage to be completed, the children would be born already. How could he be unhappy? 

Father Gu said gently: "Jiang Yu is pregnant, you have to take good care of her, Shenliu. If it doesn't work, move back and let your mother take care of her." 

"I can do it." Gu Shenliu said succinctly. 

Everyone was very happy, but Jiang Yu was a little confused. She pulled Gu Shenliu aside, frowning slightly: "When did I…?" 

Gu Shenliu's shattered hair fell to one side, revealing only a pair of deep eyes. "You haven't got your monthly period for two months." 

"But..." Sometimes when women often stayed up late, monthly period might not came as normal. Jiang Yu said, "Not necessarily, maybe it was just the period being abnormal." 

"No, I have observed that when you wake up in the morning, your sense of smell is very sensitive, your appetite is greater than before, and your body begins to change slightly." 

"..." You could see every subtle changes? Jiang Yu was really convinced by Gu Shenliu. After a while, she calmed down and said, "No! I have to go check it out! You have announced everything. If I am not pregnant, it would be a shame!" 

Jiang Yu was in a hurry to leave, but the Gu family did not stop her. Before leaving, Mother Gu smiled and carried a bunch of gift boxes into the car. 

"Auntie, keep these for yourself! I don't need them!" 

"Oh! Why won't you need it?" Mother Gu said with a smile: "It's all high-grade bird's nest given by others. It should be enough for you to eat during pregnancy. Eating bird's nest during pregnancy is good for you and your child, especially for the skin. There's no harm in eating!" 

"I may not be..." Jiang Yu struggled. 

"This kind of thing, when a mother knows, you don't need to test at all. Just feel it with your heart and you will find that your body is different now." 

Jiang Yu was stunned for a while and got into the car with Gu Shenliu. Could she really feel it? Her hands were stroking her flat belly and she couldn't imagine that there was already a life inside. Thinking about how she danced zumba and practiced yoga yesterday, she wondered if it would affect the child. 

"Don't want children?" Gu Shenliu looked sideways at Jiang Yu. 

"No, it just feels too sudden." 

"Don't worry." Gu Shenliu took Jiang Yu’s hand and looked serious: "No matter what happens, we will face it together." 

However, when they wanted to buy a pregnancy test stick, Jiang Yu realized it was not an easy task for them. Gu Shenliu's reputation was big and she was also famous in Shencheng. If this matter spread out, it would definitely make headlines. She really didn't want the whole world to know that they were buying a pregnancy test stick. Thinking about it, Jiang Yu had to let Bei Xiaoxiao go out and bought it for her. 

"What? Pregnancy test stick?" Bei Xiaoxiao dropped her mouse in shock. 

"Pregnancy test sticks? Who wants pregnancy test sticks?" Colleagues came over one after another. 

Bei Xiaoxiao hurriedly covered her mobile phone and laughed dryly: "Oh, that my high school classmate said she bought a pregnancy test stick and is telling me the result..." 

Putting down the phone, Bei Xiaoxiao hurriedly went to the pharmacy to buy some and sent them to Jiang Yu's home. 

"Taro Ball, are you really pregnant?" Bei Xiaoxiao felt it was too sudden. Although Jiang Yu and Gu Shenliu had lived together for a long time, she would not be too naive to think that the two were just chatting at night. But what should she say, Jiang Yu was her college classmate and the other was her idol. Wasn't it too early? And it also took a while to accept that her idol was expecting. Of course, if a little male god was born, she will welcome him with both hands! 

Jiang Yu smiled lightly: "I don't know yet, isn’t this why I asked you to buy a pregnancy test stick?" When she opened the plastic bag, she saw five or six pregnancy test sticks lying inside. "So much?" 

Bei Xiaoxiao shrugged: "I have no experience, I don't know which one is easy to use, so I bought a few more. I heard that it is not necessarily accurate to test this thing only once, so it needs to be tested several times. Also, the test is the most accurate if done in the morning!" 

Jiang Yu pinched Bei Xiaoxiao little round face that was like a peach blossom. She said with a smile, "I'll test it first, wait for me!" 

Ten minutes later, Jiang Yu didn't regain her senses for a long while facing the two clear red lines on the test. 

Bei Xiaoxiao came over and was stunned. She quickly took out her phone and searched. "Damn it! Baidu said it! The two lines means pregnant! You are pregnant!" Bei Xiaoxiao was so excited that she pulled Jiang Yu and laughed: "Hahaha! I'm going to be an aunt! I'm going to be a godmother!!!” 

Infected by Bei Xiaoxiao’s emotions, Jiang Yu smiled. Although the arrival of the child was a bit sudden, after thinking about it carefully, having a child had always been something she was looking forward to. In this case, she would just let the flow take its course, there was nothing to be confused about. She had enough means to raise children, second, she had a partner to undertake this responsibility with her, and third, she had a career that could support her. In short, everything was ready, only the child was missing! 

"Oh my God! This baby is so lucky in reincarnation, he will actually be the child of you and my idol! No matter how I think about it, I think this is a future god or goddess!" After she finished speaking, Bei Xiaoxiao also looked towards the stairway and said with a look of admiration: "As expected of my idol! The fighting power is too strong!" 


Jiang Yu laughed and walked out with a pregnancy test stick. She glanced at her man, but before she could speak, the corners of Gu Shenliu's mouth were already raised, and he said solemnly, "From today onwards, no more staying up late." 

"Yes, Mr. Gu!" 

Bei Xiaoxiao was on the side, and her heart trembled. She was tortured by dog food on the spot. This feeling was really sour. 


Suddenly, the doorbell rang. 

Jiang Yu was about to open the door, but was stopped by Bei Xiaoxiao. 

"From today onwards, you are the Queen Mother! I will do this trivial matter of opening the door!" After speaking, Bei Xiaoxiao opened the door. She saw a tall man standing at the door. His facial features were deep, his facial lines were clear, the corners of his mouth were slightly raised, and his smile was not like a smile. His temperament was even more outstanding. 

To be honest, this man and Gu Shenliu look a bit similar, but not exactly the same. Bei Xiaoxiao stared at him for a moment and realized that the only places they were similar on were their eyes. Gu Shenliu’s eyes were narrow and deep, like an undercurrent. The man in front of her was also narrow and deep, but it made people feel that there was a dark light flashing through. 

Bei Xiaoxiao looked at the man for a moment, only to feel that the word "black belly" was flashing all over his body. "Who are you?" She asked. 

The visitor raised his eyebrows lightly: "Gu Linlu." 

"Gu... ah!" Bei Xiaoxiao deserves to be a loyal fan, pointing at Gu Linlu in surprise: "You are my idol’s eldest brother, the eldest son of the Gu family!" 

Gu Linlu nodded. 

"I've been looking forward to meeting you for a long time! As expected of my idol’s brother, you are exactly the same! Your Gu family's genes are really good!" 

Gu Linlu laughed. 

"Big brother." Jiang Yu called out and greeted Gu Linlu with a smile. "Why did you come?" 

"Mom was afraid that you wouldn't be able to eat well, so she asked me to send some supplements." After speaking, Gu Linlu picked up a bunch of gift boxes at his feet and moved them into the house. 

Gu Shenliu came down in silence, glanced at Gu Linlu, and hummed, "Be honest, what are you doing here?" 

Gu Linlu smiled, "You don't know your own mother? Asking me to send something is just camouflage, the real intention is to inquire about the news. She wants me to make sure that Jiang Yu is pregnant!" 

"I knew it." 

Gu Linlu rarely came over, so he went to watch the stars on the terrace with Gu Shenliu. 

Bei Xiaoxiao looked at the two brothers, and her drool was about to come down: "Indeed my handsome idol’s family! Elder Brother's demeanor doesn't diminish his younger brother! He's so handsome!" 

Jiang Yu knocked on Bei Xiaoxiao’s forehead, "You! Don't be crazy! I called DiDi* for you, you should go back quickly, it's not safe to be late." (TN: Online car hailing service in China, similar to Uber.) 

"Okay! Okay!" Bei Xiaoxiao picked up her bag and walked out, "Then I'm leaving!" 

"It's past dinner time today, come to my house for dinner next time!" 


Knowing that she was pregnant, Jiang Yu put taking wedding photos and marriage on her nearest agenda. She didn't want to get married with a big belly. Besides, her belly would get bigger as time goes by, and activities would be inconvenient. Everything should be done early. 

Jiang Yu called Durres directly. "Old Du!" 

"Little taro ball! Why did you remember to call this brother today?" Since Durres fell in love with Yuan Wei, he became more easygoing. He took his little boyfriend to travel around the world and sold the travel photos to magazines by the way.  

Yuan Wei played as Gu Shenliu's younger brother in <The Entertainment Circle of Chong Fei>. Although he was only a supporting role, he was playing a lovable character. With the popularity of the web dramas, he was now a little popular on the Internet, and fans even established support club for him. He also got to know a lot of producers in the circle with the help of Durres.  

Jiang Yu heard that Yuan Wei recently played as the second male lead of an idol drama, and he was doing well. She and Durres never concealed their conversation. She smiled and said, "I'm pregnant!" 

"Ah?" After Durres reacted, he snorted softly: "It's not mine!" 

"You!" She smiled and said, "I'm looking for you because I hope you can take pre-wedding photos for me and Gu Shenliu!" 

"Pre-wedding photos?" Durres smiled, "Oh! Your marriage will be a big thing, I want to witness it with my own eyes and I definitely want to take photos!" 


"But styling and clothes are not my strengths... You definitely won't like my choices." 

"I will prepare these myself! You just need to go out and take pictures for me!" 

"Ok! I got it!" Durres snorted and said, "When you had it all sorted, call me, and this brother will take beautiful pictures for you!" 

"Then it's settled." 

"By the way, do you want to travel?" 

Jiang Yu pondered for a moment, "I'll discuss the details with Gu Shenliu, and I'll contact you later." 


For Jiang Yu, clothing and styling were a trivial matter. It didn't matter if no one helped her with makeup because she could do it herself. Clothes were readily available in the haute couture store and she could wear them all. However, what Durres just said reminded her that many people go abroad to take pre-wedding photos, but she really had no time. 

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