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Weibo Big V's Daily Entertainment Circle - Chapter 120

 WBVDEC Chapter 120 - Opening Show (1)

When the assistant told Jiang Shan that Jiang Yu was the designer for First Lady of the country, she thought the assistant was joking, and she was not the only one who thought so. She went to the Internet to check it herself and everyone was shocked. Who would have thought that a 21-year-old girl would actually have this ability? Moreover, Jiang Yu could actually keep this matter a secret until now, just working and living normally, as if being a designer for the First Lady of the country, it was not a very great thing! 

Jiang Shan's forehead sweated slightly. Fortunately, she didn't look down on Jiang Yu and gave Jiang Yu some respect. Fortunately, she gave Jiang Yu a chance when nothing was announced yet! Such a big thing, a little girl was able to hold back like this! It seemed that the seniors in the circle should hold their breath. 

Jiang Shan even had some understanding of why the First Lady of the country would use Jiang Yu as a designer. This little girl was indeed not an ordinary person. It's amazing to have such a mind at such a young age! When she learned that Jiang Yu had refused the request at the beginning, Jiang Shan even felt that she had hit the jackpot this time that she was able to finalize the interview with Jiang Yu in advance! Who would have thought that when she thought she had reached a dead end, there was a turning point, and this turning point was like winning a lottery! It could blow people away! 

Therefore, as soon as Jiang Yu came, Jiang Shan greeted her, and when she saw Jiang Yu, she stepped forward with a smile: "President Jiang, you look prettier than you look in photos!" 

Jiang Shan's words were true, although flattery sounded good, but such good words had to be mixed with truth to be more likely to attract goodwill. 

Jiang Yu smiled and said calmly: "Editor Jiang, I have heard Durres talk about you a long time ago, but I didn't expect to have the chance to meet after so long." 

Durres was a photographer with some weight in the circle, so it would be normal that he knew most magazines’ editors. The reason why Durres recommended Jiang Yu to <VQ> was just because it was more established there. 

Jiang Shan smiled, "Ah, Old Du! I haven't seen him for a long time, the three of us should have a meal together another day." 

"Okay, friends have to get together often." 

The two laughed heartily. Today's photographer was also very famous in the circle. He had made many blockbusters. Considering that Jiang Yu was still young, this time he gave Jiang Yu a concept that was dominated by flowers. 

There were several groups of looks. The first group was Jiang Yu with pink roses in her mouth, her hair tied up, looking directly at the camera, and her eyes were empty. Such an empty look made people feel like Jiang Yu was looking at the camera but also not looking at all. With her face, it gave people infinite space for reverie, which was exactly what the photographer wanted to achieve. 

In the next look, Jiang Yu bared her back, only covered the front with a silk strap, and she sat in a pile of flower petals. 

Today's looks were all the photographer's usual gorgeous style. Jiang Yu couldn't say she preferred or disliked this style. She preferred a more individual style. However, when the photographer let Jiang Yu check the result, only then did she realize that the photos were far better than what she had imagined. Although the theme was flowers, it was not sweet, but rather dark, with a strange sense of contradiction in it. It was both personal and sweet, making Jiang Yu stood like a poppy flower with poison in its mouth. 

After the filming, Jiang Yu was then interviewed to talk about her business, her source of inspiration, how she was getting along with Gu Shenliu, and the experience before and after making clothes for the First Lady of the country. 

Originally, only 2-page interview was targeted. However, after Jiang Shan saw the photos, she increased it to 4 pages abruptly. Of course, the cover had to be Jiang Yu as well! 

Before leaving, Jiang Yu handed Jiang Shan an invitation letter: "Editor Jiang, my studio will open the day after tomorrow. If you are free, come to the show and give me some pointers!" 

"Oh! You're polite. Everyone is a friend, I will definitely go to this show!" Jiang Shan laughed. 

Jiang Yu nodded. 

However, as soon as Jiang Yu left, Jiang Shan looked at the invitation letter in her hand and paused. From the invitation letter, it was already very high-end, with a black background and gold edges. The guest's name was pasted with gold foil. It was designed with more care than many famous brand invitations. It could be seen that Jiang Yu had spent a lot of money this time, but... 

"Editor-in-chief, Jiang Yu's haute couture studio has an area of ​​2,000 square meters and the opening show has invited many celebrities, which is no smaller than the Paris Fashion Week. You said that such a studio would not be able to be opened in China, are you going?" 

Jiang Shan shook her head, obviously not optimistic. 

The assistant was stunned for a moment, "Why? Jiang Yu is the designer of the First Lady of the country..." 

"She's famous now, but us Chinese people always preferred foreign goods. If thinking to buy high-end clothes that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, people might as well buy big names like Valentino. You can see the brand of most rich people's clothes, it would be either Dior or Chanel, or if worst it would be a few less popular designer brands. But if when people ask you which brand you wear, you say it was designed by Jiang Yu, would people in the circle know who Jiang Yu is?" 

"Foreigners naturally don’t know Jiang Yu either. If it is like this, wouldn’t the price of the clothes drop in an instant? Leaving aside the things abroad, there are only a few local designers recognized by entertainment stars. All kinds of dragon robe, or a large Northeast jacket, had already appeared in the red carpet. After all, there are only a few designers, and the most powerful works are designed by these few people. So, it is even more difficult for designers to grasp it well!" 

"Chinese people's recognition of domestic products is also low. When they heard that Chinese designers made the clothes, their first impression would be that the price has dropped! This is why, Jado, in which Jiang Yu invested in, emphasized its Italian origin. It had never been made public that she is one of the boss." 

"What?" The assistant was also an insider. She often watched various catwalk shows and she would go to shows that the editor-in-chief couldn't go. She thought she knew a lot about the circle, but this sentence still made her startled. "Jiang Yu is one of the boss in Jado?" 

"Yes, not many people know about it, but you can still find out if you have the will. See, she is so smart and knows what the Chinese want! I just don't understand why she is so confused this time and opened her studio in Shencheng, not in New York, or Paris!" 

"So, you mean, you are not optimistic about her haute couture studio?" 

For the opening of a haute couture studio, it was a common practice in the industry to held a show. Not to mention haute couture, even if an expensive jewelry store opened, the opening ceremony could be turned into a show. The JY store of Jiang Yu was open, as she was not an ordinary person, every eyes would be watching. Some were giving Jiang Yu face and some were for Gu Shenliu and Gu family’s face. But for the store to go on, it was not enough to rely on face alone. 

"Anyway! It would be really hard to keep this store open!" Jiang Shan paused for a while and Jiang Yu's calm expression suddenly appeared in front of her eyes. This little girl was not a regular person, and she had also repeatedly misunderstood her, enough to teach her a lesson to not underestimate young people! 

Thinking of this, Jiang Shan changed her words again: "Let's go and see it tomorrow!" 

That night, Jiang Shan secretly posted a Weibo: 

[Our <Women's Wear> magazine is honored to invite Jiang Yu, a special designer for the First Lady of the country, as the cover of this month's magazine! The contact with Jiang Yu made me understand why the First Lady of the country chose her. This 21-year-old girl has an unlimited future! Want to know how Jiang Yu designed the clothes? Want to know how the First Lady of the country found Jiang Yu? Want to know what interesting things happened between Jiang Yu and Gu Shenliu? Stay tuned!] 

Anna, who saw this Weibo, took of her fashionable sunglasses, gently lifted her red lips, and scolded, "B*tch!"  

However, after all, Anna herself despised Jiang Yu. She had been in this industry all her life and she had never been wrong, but this little girl broke the record! Thinking that Jiang Yu contacted her twice, but was rejected by her, Anna only felt that her bowels were green with regret! 


In the next two days, Jiang Yu checked all the clothes used for the opening show, and let the models rehearse. In this show, only a few Chinese models were used, and these Chinese models were ones that were well-known internationally. The rest were foreign models. It was a little more troublesome to communicate with foreign model, but most are fluent in English. Fortunately, Jiang Yu had been in the circle for a long time in her previous life. Although there were still many aspects of her English that was not great, but fashion-related aspects were surprisingly good. 

Under such circumstances, the opening of JY's Haute Couture Studio had finally come! 

On this day, Jiang Yu got up at five o'clock, Gu Shenliu made the meal, and the two were relatively silent. Before leaving, Gu Shenliu glanced at her, "Nervous?" 

"It's not too nervous! It's just that the goal I set to myself is that I can only succeed and not fail!" 

"I'm not nervous at all." After Gu Shenliu finished speaking, he wiped his hands and said, "We have rehearsed many times in the past few days. I can see that this show will definitely cause a sensation!" 


"Let's go!" Gu Shenliu knew that Jiang Yu didn't need comforting. A fashion designer could accommodate everything else in life, but only in fashion things couldn’t be compromised. Jiang Yu pursued perfection more than anyone else. "Let's go to the studio." 

"Okay!" After half an hour's drive, the two arrived at the most prosperous street in Shencheng. At the corner of the street shopping mall, a three-story store with almost 360-degree glass floor-to-ceiling windows was Jiang Yu’s store. 

"You go to work first, I will help you take care of this place!" 

"Okay!" When Jiang Yu came to the store, she saw the stage and lighting decorations in front of her and she imagined the effect of all the clothes under the lights. She suddenly became confident. She and Gu Shenliu designed the stage together. It was also her who designed it and handed it over to a professional. Some people liked to outsource things to other teams when preparing a show, but Jiang Yu was a perfectionist. She must do everything herself to feel comfortable. Her stubbornness was still reflected even in a mole on one model's face. Jiang Yu had to change the model’s makeup so that the mole wouldn't spoil the expressiveness of her outfit. 

"President Jiang, start the makeup?" 

"Rehearse first!" 

Soon, the models went to the stage as required, and Jiang Yu watched and pointed until everyone was perfect. Everything was ready, and in the afternoon, she began to let the makeup team do makeup on the models. 

In international shows, most brands had their own makeup teams, some of which were tied to studios, but because Jiang Yu was confident about makeup and had held a lot of shows in her previous life, she did not seek foreign aid. She just designed the look by herself on what kind of makeup needed to be applied to each outfit. 

In terms of makeup and styling in fashion shows, the most difficult part was the makeup change after the model walked off the stage, which must be changed in a short period of time. Modifying the model's makeup to the desired look and completely changing the model's look could be extremely challenging for makeup artists. 

Finally, the opening show began. 

Jiang Shan took her assistant Coco out of the car. When she got out of the car, she was taken aback by the battle in front of her. If it wasn't for the JY sign hanging on store facade, she would thought it was the opening red carpet of a film festival. The red carpet was very long, and there was a signature wall at the front. Photographers from major magazines and media were filming and taking pictures. There was also a live broadcast from Aiqiqi video website. That was to say, today's opening show would be broadcast exclusively on Aiqiqi platform. 

Jiang Shan's expression was shocked. The 2,000-square-meter storefront was full of floor-to-ceiling glass windows. From the door, people could see the bright lights and all kinds of beautiful clothes. The stage was all-white, very pure and clean, it was made into an arc shape. A huge circular lamp overhead complemented the shape of the stage. 

"It has the style of Chanel's big show a few years ago." Jiang Shan said. 

"Yeah, I remember that they like this feeling, pursuing both tradition and fashion." 

Jiang Shan was silent for a moment with an unspeakable expression on her face, she nodded and said: "You are right, there are not too much gorgeous ornaments that make people laugh. The feeling of all aspects of the stage is very simple, but this simplicity shows an unusual confidence. The kind of calmness that is very similar to the feeling this little girl gave me even though she is a newcomer." 

"Yeah, if Jiang Yu makes the stage too fancy, she will inevitably be ridiculed privately by the people present, saying that she doesn't understand fashion and can't be on the stage. After all, people in this circle are all mean. The most outstanding aspect of her performance is her calm style." Coco echoed. 

Jiang Shan squinted, "This girl makes me feel like she is an experienced person who can't go wrong! She's like a Lagerfeld, always full of energy!" 

Later, Jiang Shan also walked on the red carpet. Today, she was wearing a red floor-length dress with a piece of cloth dragging on the shoulders of the dress. The length of the cloth was the same as that of the dress. 

"Editor Jiang, how are you feeling now?" 

Jiang Shan raised her lips and smiled: "Of course I am happy for Jiang Yu, I believe she will not disappoint us today!" 


At this moment, several well-known fashion buyers in the circle also came, and several celebrities also came. Jiang Shan passed the red carpet and entered the room. Someone came to serve immediately. Jiang Shan looked out the door, but she was still shocked. She knew that Jiang Yu's show would not be small, coupled with the reputation as the First Lady of the country’s designer, there were naturally many people who gave her face, but she didn't expect that these ladies were all here. 

Fashion shows were meant to promote brands. So, famous ladies of the rich circle were the people designers hoped the most to come to the show. Most of these ladies were loyal fans of haute couture. If they were excited when watching the show, they signed with a big hand. They placed orders worth millions. These ladies invited by Jiang Yu had one similar characteristic, they not only liked to buy, buy and buy, but they also had high taste. At the same time, they had a little reputation on the Internet! If such ladies place an order, it would inevitably bring income and topicality. 

Someone came to lead them to their seats, and Jiang Shan sat down, only to realize that there were old acquaintances around. 

"Durres? Su Ye?" 

A few people laughed, and Durres hummed: "Xiao Shanshan, you are here too? It seems that my family's taro ball is really well connected. The fashion circle, entertainment circle, celebrity circle... anyone with a bit of status is invited to come." 

"It's a big deal." 

Looking left and right, there was an illusion of time travel. What was the difference between this and the Paris Fashion Week not long ago? The presence on the scene was not small. 

Under such circumstances, the opening show of JY Haute Couture Studio began. 


The theme of the show was "Floating Life like a Dream". 

The lights were turned on, and the supermodels entered the stage. They stepped on high heels and looked arrogant. If the models themselves were a kind of dazzling existence, then the clothes on their bodies were even more dazzling. 

These models were all dressed in black with various black hair accessories on their heads made into various hairstyles. The makeup on their faces and accessories on their bodies were all black. 

Coco exclaimed: "It's really domineering! The name Floating Life like a Dream is attractive enough!" 

Life like a dream, under the fine taste, the name was very amazing, Coco couldn't help staring at the clothes on the model, but the model was walking too fast. She wanted to see every piece, but she had not finished seeing one dress and another dress already came up. The distance between these models was not much. They walk around the arc-shaped stage like ladies who had traveled through a hundred years. The black clothes made them have a kind of sexy ascetic style. They shuttled between tradition and fashion, but there was no violation. 

For example, the first model was wearing a Qing Dynasty court-style cloak, but this cloak was integrated into modern design with a high neckline and black feathers at different angles. It had a strange sense of harmony coupled with a pair of flowerpot shoes under the feet. The uniquely shaped high-heeled shoes had earned enough attention. At this moment, many people took pictures of them. Everyone knew that Jiang Yu had the technology to make painless high-heeled shoes, but no one thought that she could design such eye-catching ones. 

Another example was the second model, with a water-sleeve long dress on the outside and a special girdle belt on the waist. The all-black color made the model have a cold and solemn temperament, but it was still a stunning beauty. Coco noticed the girdle of the model. It was completely Chinese style, and the pattern on the front was made from bronze. The reason why coco knew it was because it was written in detail in the on-site brochure. 

The lights changed, and this batch of all-black clothes was finished. The black clothes matched with the white stage gave people a very advanced feeling. 

Afterwards, the models stood in the middle of the stage. With the signal by the music and drums, they abruptly ripped open their clothes, only to show that the inside were filled with colorful clothes that were the complete opposite. These clothes included fairy dresses, water gauze dresses, and one piece dresses. The colors of the clothes inside were very bold, which was in sharp contrast with the all-black clothes outside. It was also very different from the cold and solemn image of abstinence before. This was to show that modern women were an image outside when they came into contact with different people, but at home, their hearts might have a completely different image. 

Clothing was not only clothing, but also something to convey a concept. Just like the artwork "Blackboard" by Twombly, an American abstract art master. If a child drew the painting, it might be disregarded at will, but a master's work was different. The price of 449 million yuan made the painting a classic among the sky-high lists. Once it was regarded as a classic, people would interpret in many different way, and the connotation in the painting would become taller. The same was true about clothing, an idea expressed in clothing, would be recognized when the viewer could have an intuitive feeling. 

The next series was the abstract clothing made of tobacco cloth*. (TN: Tobacco cloth is a light, airy, loosely woven cotton fabric similar to gauze or cheesecloth. Historically, it was primarily used to cover tobacco plants to protect from insect or frost.) 

This series made all the big names on the scene stare with bated breath and be amazed for a long time. 

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