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Weibo Big V's Daily Entertainment Circle - Chapter 128 Part 1 of 2

 WBVDEC Chapter 128 - Rival in Love (1)

Jiang Yu walked from the clothing room of the East wing to the front hall, and saw a fair-skinned and graceful girl sitting on the sofa in the distance. Her skin was really fair, the kind that glows. Traditional Chinese aesthetics believed that women should be fair. If a person had fair and delicate skin, even if the facial features were ordinary, it was easy to give people a good impression. 

When Jiang Yu got closer, she saw that the woman’s profile was so perfect that it was impeccable. It was a very popular profile on the Internet. With such beautiful facial features, people couldn't find mistakes. Jiang Yu felt that the woman's appearance was similar to her. At this moment, the girl turned her face and looked back at Jiang Yu. 

A stunningly beautiful face just slammed into Jiang Yu's eyes. 

Jiang Yu greeted with a face as usual: "Hello." 

The woman nodded, raised her chin slightly, revealing her slender and graceful neck, she snorted lightly, her attitude was a little careless, and she gently blew the tea in her hand: "Are you Jiang Yu?" 

"Yes." When opening the door to do business, regardless of whether the customer's attitude was good or bad, Jiang Yu would treat them equally. 

"Then I'll just say it straight." The woman played with the small bag in her hand without raising her head. Jiang Yu can see the Hermes logo from a distance. "I need a dress. I heard that you are very popular recently, claimed as the most famous newcomer in the country. Can you recommend me what kind of dress is suitable for me?" Her eyes swept across all the clothes, but she did not have the excitement of seeing beautiful clothes in the slightest. Also, her exploratory eyes stayed on the workmanship, details and design of the clothes. 

Jiang Yu was very familiar with such eyes, because every time she saw beautiful clothes in the store, she also behaved like this. "What kind of occasion do you plan on wearing it?" 

"Occasion?" The woman snorted softly, pursed her red lips and said, "I'm going to wear it to see my lover." 

"Lover?" Jiang Yu smiled lightly: "It's better to choose a dress that is not too exaggerated, then?" 

The other party shrugged, neither saying good nor bad, Jiang Yu gave the shopping guide a wink when she saw this. "Go and give the customer a try on those skirts I brought yesterday. By the way, I haven't asked the customer's name yet." 

"Bo Manrou!"

The shopping guide brought a few pieces of clothes over, and Jiang Yu picked out a white short skirt with a slim fit. The skirt had a tube top-shaped upper body and an umbrella-shaped lower body. The upper body of the skirt was embellished with dense hand-embroidered crystals, and the particles were spliced ​​into three-dimensional flower pattern which was repeated one by one on the clothes. Meanwhile, the lower body was a smooth fabric without any embellishment.

Both complexity and simplicity were subtly blended in the dress. 

Speaking of which, this dress took a lot of effort from Jiang Yu. Although it was not made to measure, it was considered a high-end garment. This woman didn’t seem to be short of money. Since she would buy such expensive clothes to meet her lover, it could be seen that the other party was not necessarily her lover yet. Therefore, Jiang Yu chose this dress that could highlight the figure. With fine crystals, it could make people see different beauty from different directions. What's more valuable was that this dress could be worn to a dinner party or at home without feeling awkward. 

"This dress suits your temperament very well." Jiang Yu said. 

"Oh?" Bo Manrou lifted up the dress and glanced at it. She then raised the corners of her lips with a half-smile: "Since there is no better choice, I will take it!" 

Jiang Yu was unhappy when she heard this, but since the other party was willing to pay, she had absolutely no reason to push a customer out.  

"Then let me do a styling with you by the way?" Bo Manrou glanced at Jiang Yu, "I heard that you are very good at styling, so you can do it for me?" 

For the sake of 2 million, Jiang Yu didn't care, just nodded with a smile: "Since Miss Bo is going to see her lover, let me paint a peach-blossom makeup for you!" 

"Okay! Help me paint a makeup that make a man wants to throw himself to me when he sees it." 

Jiang Yu was stunned for a moment, and then continued the movement in her hand.  

Bo Manrou originally only painted light makeup, but Jiang Yu modified it for her, and finally showed a more satisfactory effect. Later, she also styled Bo Manrou’s hair with some curls and tangled it loosely on the side of her ear. A few curly stands of hair slanted down, and the bangs were softened and obediently attached to the side of the ear. 

After the styling was done, Jiang Yu looked at Bo Manrou through the mirror and smiled, "Are you satisfied?" 

Bo Manrou was looking at her phone, so when she heard this, she raised her head suddenly. She was stunned for a moment, hooked her lips, and smiled again. She then took out a card and said casually, "Swipe it!" 

Jiang Yu didn't think it was a pestle, so asked the shopping guide to swipe the card and send Bo Manrou out. 

"President Jiang, this woman is weird!" said the shopping guide. 


"I always feel like she's here for inspection. Maybe she's also a designer and wants to open a haute couture store, so she came to inquire about the situation and see how we decorate ours?" After the shopping guide finished speaking, she shook her head again: "Wait no, she can't spend so much money on clothes, what a strange woman!" 

Tomorrow was the Young Designer Competition, Jiang Yu modified the last bit of clothes and went to Gu house for dinner. She pushed the door in and heard a burst of laughter coming from the room in a distance. Jiang Yu was stunned for a moment. From the crack of the door, she saw Gu Shenliu sitting on the sofa watching TV. Beside her, Mother Gu and a woman were happily watching TV and chatting. This kind of happiness was something Jiang Yu had never seen before, she also didn’t know what interesting things they talked about.  

The woman smiled and said: "Godmother, do you remember when you said you wanted me to be your daughter-in-law? Fortunately, it didn’t happen, otherwise the third brother will be frightened!" After speaking, she glanced at Gu Shenliu. 

Gu Shenliu didn't lift his head: "How could it be scary? I have the eldest brother and the second brother on top of me, it won't be my turn!" 

The woman's smile stopped for a while. When she was about to speak, she looked up and saw Jiang Yu standing at the door. She glanced at Jiang Yu with a half-smile, grabbed Gu Shenliu's arm, and said coquettishly: "Third brother, what do you think of my clothes today?" 


The corner of the woman's mouth was slightly raised, showing a triumphant smile, as if she was showing off something. 

Jiang Yu stood at the door with an expressionless face. 

However, Gu Shenliu suddenly spoke again: "But this dress is more suitable for Jiang Yu. Manrou, your waist is too thick." 

The waist is too thick...too thick...thick... 


Bo Manrou's face was extremely ugly, as black as pig liver. 

Jiang Yu raised the corners of her lips. It became more and more interesting. Bo Manrou bought a dress in her store and said she was going to see her lover, but she turned around and came to Gu house to meet Gu Shenliu. She gave a peach-blossom makeup to Bo Manrou, styled her hair, and made the clothes she worn. Was Bo Manrou wearing this outfit and wearing this makeup to come to her house and pry her man? 

The door creaked, Jiang Yu walked in as usual. Mother Gu stood up suddenly and said with a smile: "Taro ball! Come and cool down, isn't it hot outside?" 

Jiang Yu smiled: "It's okay." 

"Let me introduce you, this is Bo Manrou, my god-daughter. She was abroad before and only came back today." Mother Gu smiled. 

"Hello." Bo Manrou stretched out her hand and sneered: "I know you, you are the Internet celebrity, right? Last time you seemed to be on the social news, saying that you drove your parents out. After you became popular, you don’t even recognize your own father and mother." 

"Manrou!" Mother Gu frowned: "Jiang Yu is not that kind of person, that's a misunderstanding!" 

"Oh, it turned out to be a misunderstanding!" After saying that, Bo Manrou didn't apologize at all, but only pulled Mother Gu’s arms to act like a spoiled child: "Godmother, come and teach Manrou how to cook! In the future, Manrou will be like you and be good at cooking!" 

Mother Gu had no daughters, so she had no ability to resist such coquettish girls. She smiled: "Okay! As long as you want to learn, godmother will teach you!" 

The two left, leaving Jiang Yu to stand alone. 

Jiang Yu sneered in her heart, this Bo Manrou was really interesting! They met just now, but in a blink of an eye, she pretended not to know each other. She also pretended to be ignorant and casually told the issue about her parents being kicked out. What a white lotus! 

Gu Shenliu came over and asked, "What's wrong? I called you several times and you didn't answer?" 

Jiang Yu glanced at Gu Shenliu and rolled her eyes. This thing had attracted flowers and butterflies to the house! 

Gu Shenliu had a confused expression on his face. Wait, when did he offend his wife? 

Jiang Yu rolled her eyes again, snorted, and went to the bathroom to wash her hands. 


When it was time to eat, Gu Shenliu just sat down and Bo Manrou sat directly beside him, Gu Shenliu frowned indiscernibly. 

Seeing this, Jiang Yu sat across expressionlessly. 

Father Gu seemed to have noticed something, glanced at the three children, then snorted and continued to eat. Young people's business, let them deal with it themselves. 

Halfway through the meal, Bo Manrou smiled and acted coquettishly at Mother Gu: "Godmother, I have been abroad for so long and I often miss the meals you made. Living outside for a long time, I don't think it's interesting, I really want to go back to China to develop." 

"Come back? It's good to come back! In this way, your parents can watch you often!" Mother Gu said sincerely. 

Bo Manrou smiled: "Then as the godmother said before, for me to be your daughter-in-law? If I become your daughter-in-law, I can eat the food you make every day." 

When Mother Gu heard the words, she was stunned and asked subconsciously, "I have three sons, which son do you want to marry?" 

Jiang Yu lowered her head to eat expressionlessly, as if she hadn't heard this. 

Bo Manrou didn't seem to expect that Mother Gu would ask such a question, and laughed: "Godmother, which brother did you want to match me with before?" 

Mother Gu glanced at Jiang Yu and realized that the atmosphere on the table was a bit wrong. She understood instantly that Jiang Yu did not welcome Bo Manrou's arrival. Mother Gu was a little puzzled for a while, but then she saw from Jiang Yu's point of view. If she was Jiang Yu, seeing a somewhat arrogant little girl suddenly came to her family, this little girl seemed to have some interest in her future husband, and the girl’s relationship with her husband's family seemed to be much better than her own, under such circumstances, she would feel uncomfortable, right? 

When Mother Gu thought about it like this, she felt a little ashamed of Jiang Yu. Bo Manrou recognized her as godmother when she was a child. After this child went to study abroad, she never came back, and there was little contact between the two. She didn’t know that Manrou would suddenly return home. 

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