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Weibo Big V's Daily Entertainment Circle - Chapter 121 Part 2 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 121 - Opening Show (2) Part 2

Haute couture was not ordinary clothes, nor was it a Taobao Double Eleven promotion, nor was it in the price of cabbage! A piece of clothing cost hundreds of thousands or even millions, but it was all sold out in such a short time? How was this possible? Even a big-name show couldn't have such an effect! The clothes were worth at least tens of millions, right? Who was so perverted and bought them all? 

Everyone was surprised, their eyes when looking at Jiang Yu couldn't help but turn into admiration! Everyone knew that since the day Jiang Yu's name was linked to the First Lady of the country, the clothes she designed were destined to be different from others. They were destined to be extraordinary! It's just that being famous was one thing, and whether anyone paid for it was another. They really didn't expect that the rich people in China would respond so well to Jiang Yu's works. 

Jiang Shan was also shocked when she heard this. So many haute couture clothes were sold out? Jiang Shan didn't return to her senses for a while and it took a long time to realize that Jiang Yu had done something that others couldn't do. In addition to making today's big show more successful than the haute couture shows of the four major fashion weeks, she also made the show directly bring benefits to herself. The show was set up in the store, and she suspected that Jiang Yu probably decide this for a reason. There was an advantage in doing this was, as everyone was watching the show, they could also visit the store directly. If they liked it, they could buy it directly. They could also pick off any clothes they liked on the model and buy it directly. That was to say, Jiang Yu's version of opening show today was not only for the name, but also for the benefit! 

Jiang Shan suddenly realized that the little girl Jiang Yu was extremely cunning and treacherous! This approach might seem ordinary, and it might seem like nothing, but it was actually very scheming! When everyone was excited to watch the show, they were likely to make impulse purchases. In addition, the decoration of the store was very stylish. The 360-degree panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows gave people the feeling of a mansion, and every detail of the interior design was in high quality. Such an environment, under the shallow smile of the shopping guide and their look of hope, they would feel that sorry for their ancestors if they didn’t buy a piece of clothing and took it away! 

Editor-in-chief Jiang Shan usually wore clothes sent by major brands, but even someone like her who was used to seeing fashion items had the urge to shop. What's going on here? 

If Jiang Shan asked Jiang Yu, Jiang Yu would definitely tell her that the interior design of the store was made by a designer who she especially instructed to use big data. That was, she asked people to investigate and study which style was most likely to make people want to shop, and the store decoration was designed on this basis. 

Jiang Shan picked up a bag and was stunned for a while. Because she realized that Jiang Yu's scheming was not only here. The moment she picked up the bag, there were hundreds of passers-by outside the 360-degree glass window, many of whom were also curious, what exactly did this store sell? Why so many celebrities came? Netizens who knew that this was Jiang Yu’s store stopped to see what was going on. Many little girls took pictures and posted them on Weibo, so that they could take the opportunity to share how beautiful the clothes were and so on! 

And Jiang Shan happened to be photographed. She was startled, and her whole person was almost petrified. To be honest, under the gaze of these little girls, she had the illusion that her image would fall if she didn’t buy the bag! This was definitely one of Jiang Yu's scheming! Many people might not reach the consumption level of the store, so they were embarrassed to even enter. In this case, they naturally felt that those who could come in to shop and buy things were rich, and those who came to shop would also have the illusion of being superior. After all, in a store with tens of millions worth of decorations, 1 yuan coin would look taller than usual. So, those who could afford to visit the store were of course high-ranking people, and they had to spend money. 

Under the influence of this atmosphere, Jiang Shan also ordered several items. 

Fortunately, the Jiang Yu’s design was good, and it was linked to the First Lady of the country, so it would not seem to drop in price! 

The couture stores that should be consumed by just a few people were actually swept up, which was something Jiang Yu never expected. 

"Aunt Gu." At this time, Jiang Yu was busy entertaining Gu's family. Although others were also important, in Jiang Yu's view, family was a priority. "Did you like anything? I'll go back and customize it for you." 

Mother Gu was not polite to Jiang Yu. She smiled: "I really like that bag." 

"Bag? That's hand-made by Jado factory. I'll go back and get one for you." 

"Okay, Taro Ball, you've been working too hard recently. Look, the dark circles under your eyes have gotten a lot heavier. You should take a good rest after your this opening!" Mother Gu said worriedly. 

"I know!" Jiang Yu smiled and agreed, but she knew in her heart that the Young Designers Competition was about to start, so how could she have time to rest? 

On the same day, Jiang Yu warmly entertained every customer and established a good relationship with everyone. Under the introduction of Gu Shenliu, she got to know a lot of big names in the circle. The two of them had a busy day. After everyone left, seeing the empty store, Jiang Yu breathed a sigh of relief. 

"Finally finished! I'm exhausted!" Jiang Yu moved her shoulders. 

Gu Shenliu came over and whispered, "Go back and I will massage you!" 

Jiang Yu was about to speak, but the cashier shouted with a smile, "President Jiang! Come and see, today's turnover is quite impressive!" 

"Oh? Have we exceeded 20 million?" 

"..." The cashier swallowed and sneered: "You have such high requirements? 20 million? A store's turnover in one day? Although there are not that many, it is indeed over 10 million! It's really amazing. In just one day, you have made so much money, and the business only opened today! After recovering some costs, you will not have so much pressure in the future." 

The cashier was very considerate, but unfortunately Jiang Yu said with a smile, "It's only tens of millions, I have no pressure." 

The cashier fully understood what it's like to want to beat someone! 


The opening show, which had kept Jiang Yu busy for so long, finally came to an end. Although the opening show was simpler than the four major shows, the quality of the clothing had not declined at all. In general, Jiang Yu found today's show quite satisfactory. 

When Jiang Yu got home in the evening, she opened her Weibo and saw that because of the live broadcast, the netizens were going crazy today, screaming in excitement. They all said that the opening show was very professional, not worse than fashion week, and also said that Jiang Yu’s designs were very unique. Some people say that the clothes in Jiang Yu store were so beautiful, but unfortunately they were too expensive! 

Jiang Yu replied to a few Weibo posts to interact with netizens. 

In any case, after this matter was done, it was a concern for her. As for how much money she could make, it was not within her scope of consideration. Besides, for her now, money was really just a constant rolling of bank cards. But, the turnover of more than 10 million was undoubtedly a good start for JY Haute Couture store, and all this was due to the announcement that she was the First Lady of the country’s designer at the right time. 

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu smiled. Everything was just right in the direction she expected. This was what she would love to see! 


Because Jiang Yu was busy with the opening, she hadn't planted grass for several days. Thinking of this, she flipped through Weibo and saw a comment with more than 10,000 likes. 

[Taro Ball Dada, first of all, congratulations on the store opening! Although I don't want to trouble you, I really need your help. Can you recommend a cheap brightening and blemish-reducing essence? Although I heard that small light bulb (Estee Lauder Brown Essence) is easy to use, I really can't bear the price. Is there any cheaper alternative that works well?] 

Brightening spot serum? After summer, many people recently realized that they had blemishes and their skin developed dark spots dull due to UV overexposure. Many fans were eager to get brightening products, so they could go back to school and work beautifully. They urged Jiang Yu to plant grass on Weibo every day! 

Jiang Yu thought about it and replied: 

[Actually, a really well-reputed brightening essence is expensive. Recently, I am using Dr. Ci:Labo 377VC whitening and blemish-reducing essence. This essence is only about 300 yuan, which is much cheaper than Estee Lauder Brown Essence, but this product is only 18 grams. One bottle can only be used for about a month, so please consider this. However, the effect of this essence is very good. It is said that 7 pieces is sold each minute in Japan. I recommend it to everyone!] 
Dark spots and blemish treatment were really a major event that many people care about. Therefore, as soon as Jiang Yu recommended it, a bunch of fans jumped out. 

——Really? I just bought the light bulb. 

——Buy buy buy! I want to delete these dark spots! My spots are not obvious, and there are only a few, but they are dark and I want to get rid of them! 

——It sounds amazing, and the price is not particularly expensive. I have already bought it! 

——Find a purchasing agent! 

——Su Xiaoqi: This one is very popular in Japan and the recommendation of Jiang Yu is timely! Our store has it, you can come and see! 

Soon, the post was reposted 20,000 times and 30,000 comments were made. Many of them congratulated Jiang Yu for her successful store opening.  

What made Jiang Yu laugh and cry was that all the boxes of JY had been printed with JY's public WeChat and Jiang Yu's private WeChat. Of course, this private WeChat was not commonly used by Jiang Yu. Speaking of which, it was just for work registration. Jiang Yu occasionally posts some fashion-related things, as well as clothing pictures in the store, promotional information, etc. The fan activity was not bad, to her surprise, in order to congratulate her for the store opening, more than 1,000 fans sent her red envelopes on WeChat! To be honest, Jiang Yu didn't want to accept everyone's red envelopes, so she didn't open it. 

Seeing so many people giving her red envelopes, Jiang Yu's eyes were warm, and she secretly swore in her heart that she must make better products for everyone. 


At this time, Gu Shenliu came over. He hugged Jiang Yu from behind, his chin rested on Jiang Yu's shoulder, and his voice was hoarse: "Wife, after work, shouldn't it be time for us two? 

Jiang Yu hugged Gu Shenliu’s neck, and the corners of her mouth curled up: "Well! Our time is a big deal, so we have to be busy! Seriously busy!" 

"Then... do it?" 

"Do it!" 

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