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Weibo Big V's Daily Entertainment Circle - Chapter 116 Part 2 of 2

 WBVDEC Chapter 116 - Resolve (2)

The reporters wanted the headlines to be good, but they had all seen the live broadcast of Jiang Yu, and this Zhang Meifeng was too hard to describe! How could this kind of relative still exist after the founding of the country? If they dared to distort the facts, not Jiang Yu, but Gu Shenliu would be the first to beat them! Besides, now was not the time where no one would question when a report was published. These days, netizens often broke the false news on the Internet. If they dared to write untrue things, they would definitely be sprayed to death by netizens. If the matter got too big, they might lose work! 

"Zhang Meifeng, are you Jiang Yu's mother?" 

"That's right! I'm her mother! But she doesn't support me! Write it down and let the netizens scold her!" Zhang Meifeng said anxiously. 

Just when Zhang Meifeng thought the reporter would be upset for her, she heard the reporter ask, "I heard that you sold Jiang Yu when she was a child?" 

"Huh?" That's not the point... 

"You also want Jiang Yu, who is in college, to drop out and marry a fool in the village for the sake of 100,000 betrothal gifts and a wife for your son?" 

"Huh?" That's not the point... You made a mistake! You were here to criticize Jiang Yu! Take her and scold her! 

"I also heard from netizens that you asked Gu Shenliu for 20 million betrothal gifts? Are you loving your daughter or selling your daughter?" 

"Huhh?" 20 million only! Gu Shenliu waz so rich, that was not much! 

"Oh! By the way, you actually asked Jiang Yu to leave her house to your grandson? How did you think of such a thing?" 

"Huh?" Wazn't that what it should be? It was the lone grandson in the Jiang family! The only seedling of the Jiang family! My daughter was a loser, how could she live in such a nice house! 

"Mrs. Zhang, can you tell me why you did these things? I think netizens must be very curious, please tell your story!" 


For a time, all the reporters gathered around and asked similar questions. Zhang Meifeng was confused. She lied on the ground and dodged. "No! It's not like that! I sold her to let her live a good life!" Zhang Meifeng looked for a reason. 

Journalists were not vegetarians, they were the mouthpieces of the people. "Then why don't you sell your son to let him have a good life?" 

"Huh?" Zhang Meifeng was confused and said quickly, "How can I sell my son! My son is the only seedling of the Jiang family!" 

"So you want to say, a daughter is worthless, so you should sell her?" A female reporter asked in displeasure. 

Zhang Meifeng couldn't say anything about this group of people, and she was about to cry right now. "I didn't call you here to ask you these questions! Jiang Yu kicked me out of her house yesterday, you should report this!" 

The female reporter hummed: "Mrs. Zhang, I saw yesterday's live broadcast. It was already Jiang Yu's kindness to just kick you out of the house. Many netizens want to kick you out of Shencheng! By the way, I advise you not to stay in Jiang Yu Company's door." 

"Why?" Zhang Meifeng said angrily, "Who dares to drive me out?" 

The female reporter had a weird expression, "Don't you know that because you said those words preferring sons to daughters on the live broadcast yesterday, this had aroused the indignation of netizens! Now, almost all female netizens on the Internet have formed an alliance, saying that they want to crusade the worthless relatives for Jiang Yu! They wanted to drive you away, if they receive news that you are here, they will definitely come over, and then you will be in trouble!" 

"Humph! Do you think I'm scared?" Zhang Meifeng raised her chest and looked confident. 


At this moment, someone shouted, "Why are there so many people running over there? They are also holding banners!" 

Jiang Yu was taken aback for a moment, and looked over with everyone. 

Ordinary people demonstrated with banner to ask for wages and oppose injustice, but this was the first time Jiang Yu saw someone write on a banner: 

[Zhang Meifeng get out!]

[Down Zhang Meifeng! Down patriarchal women! Severely punish this biological stepmother!]

[Don't cry, Jiang Yu, we are all your natal family from now on!]

[Jiang Yu stays strong! You still have us!]

Jiang Yu: "..." 

There were a lot of people, about 70 or 80. Some of these people were holding basket of eggs, some had cabbage leaves, and some were holding paint buckets. They were aggressive and angry, and the leader shouted. He said, "Down with Zhang Meifeng! Down with Zhang Meifeng!" 

Zhang Meifeng was frightened, who were these people? Why did everyone seem to want her life! 

At this time, the leader grabbed the egg far away and threw it over. 

Slam, the egg smashed on the ground, and then cabbage leaf also flew. By coincidence, an egg hit Zhang Meifeng's head, making her head covered with egg liquid, and the golden yolk flowed down her eyes.

Zhang Meifeng was so frightened that she ran in the opposite direction! She also shouted, "Murder! Murder!" After speaking, she ran away. 

Jiang Yu really didn't expect that things would turn out like this. Originally, if there were no netizens, she planned to find a group of people to cooperate with her in acting and scare Zhang Meifeng's group away. Who would have thought that even this money could be saved. 

"Jiang Yu, don't be afraid! We will all stand by your side!" 

"Yes, Jiang Yu, we believe in you! It's Zhang Meifeng who is too much! It's been too hard for you these years!" 

"Taro Ball! No good mother can sell her daughter or marry her to a fool. We are really distressed! If Zhang Meifeng comes again in the future, tell us, and we will clean her up for you!" 

"That's right! Taro ball! Don't give her a penny of your money! Donate it to beggars if you need to. If you give, you will only increase her appetite! It's not worth it!" 

"Why should you help them after all they have dont to you?! You have done your best to her! Don't be afraid, we are all your strong backing!" 

Hearing these words, Jiang Yu smiled, her fans! How cute! 

Almost instantly, there was overwhelming news of Zhang Meifeng's abuse to Jiang Yu. Zhang Meifeng became the target of everyone's shouting and beating. If she didn't wear a hat when she went out, she would be thrown to death with rotten eggs in an instant! In the middle of the night, there were people knocking on the hotel door and shouting! She no longer dared to stay in Shencheng and was busy packing up with her children, hastily returning home! 

Who knew, when Zhang Meifeng went back and looked around, the villagers had long known from the news about her troubles and they all scolded her for having no conscience. They said that she had a problem with her brain, that she was blinded by greed, and that she only thought about her son every day, even her own daughter was angered by her! For a while, no one in the village spoke to Jiang family.

Zhang Meifeng couldn't get any favors everywhere, so she slipped home in despair, closed the door, and she didn't dare to leave. 

The debtor heard that Jiang family was back, so they stopped at the door and arrested Jiang Mingxuan. Jiang Jie and Jiang Lan saw this and ran away without looking back. Zhang Meifeng had no choice but to cry all day long. However, people who was in charge for collecting debts were not as easy to fool as Jiang Yu, so they could either repay the money or let Jiang Mingxuan die! 

How could Zhang Meifeng be willing to let Jiang Mingxuan die? There was no other way, she had no choice but to sue Jiang Yu to court and ask Jiang Yu to give her money. 

For this kind of thing, Jiang Yu was already prepared. She asked a legal team to represent her with full authority. The legal team assured her that they would do their best to make Zhang Meifeng not get a penny, but even if they could not avoid paying, according to the law, maintenance obligation to parents was at most a few hundred yuan a month. 

Jiang Yu shook her hand, saying that she was not interested in this kind of thing, but this trouble must be completely solved! 

After that, Jiang Yu received news that Jiang Mingxuan was being forced to pay debts every day. It didn't take long for him to be unable to bear this kind of life. In the middle of the night, without leaving a word, he packed up and ran away with Wen Wen and the child. He also took away Zhang Meifeng's 20,000 yuan life savings! After that, he didn't answer the phone and he didn't bring back a letter, leaving Zhang Meifeng and Jiang Daquan at home. 

However, what did this have to do with Jiang Yu? After she heard the news, she didn't react at all. She just lowered her head and continued to work.


When beauty cream was officially launched, Jiang Yu asked Jian Si to make a lot of samples for everyone. These samples were not samples of beauty cream, but various samples of lipstick, eye shadow, blush, lotion, etc. Just single use sample for upcoming products to be launched under Huajianji. 

These single products had won them good reputation, especially the makeup, which had continued the good reputation of the beauty cream. They were outstanding in everything. They were called "the only domestic makeup products that can compare with foreign products". 

Jiang Yu also participated in the research and development of these makeup products. She also provided many skin care product formulas she knew from her previous life for Jian Si. 

As a famous stylist in her last life, she had also developed a lot of formulas, and sometimes she would tinker with products herself. Many celebrities liked to ask her about this. Before she died in her last life, she had plans to develop makeup products. If she could develop the brand of Huajianji in this life, it could be regarded as her previous  life's last wish. 

Jiang Yu opened Weibo and saw that there was already a riot. However, these days, she specially didn't watch news or TV, and only left everything to Gu Shenliu to operate. The staff of Gu Shenliu's studio especially the publicity department handling various big gossip accounts were not a vegetarian. In a few days, Jiang Yu had become a "Real life Fan Shengmei", "A little cabbage in the big world", "Poor kind girl", and  "poor little girl who everyone wants to pamper". (TN: Fan Shengmei is the female protagonist of C-drama Ode To Joy. She also has leech like family.)

Jiang Yu's wealth and entrepreneurship history has become a legendary of struggle for life to not be sold to fools! The reason why she studied hard was because she didn't want to go back to the countryside and be controlled by Zhang Meifeng for a lifetime! In short, under the guidance of some leading articles, netizens became distressed and supported all Jiang Yu's approach! They also wanted Jiang Yu and Gu Shenliu to live well and welcome their new life! 

Jiang Yu smiled, but she didn't respond a word. Instead, she wanted to close up this page. 

Zhang Meifeng's family is just a stranger to her. If it wasn't for the original owner, she would completely ignore them. Now this was the best outcome. If the court ordered her to pay parent support, she was still willing to pay every month. Giving Zhang Meifeng a few hundred yuan a month would be considered filial piety on behalf the original owner. 

After that, the eldest brother who posted the video was besieged by netizens and everyone called him out! Say he was nosy! Said he wanted to be popular and that he was crazy! The neighbor's eldest brother had no choice but to delete Weibo in a sullen manner. Later, netizens even picked up his real name and he was fired from his company for the incident! 


However, life must go on. 

Jiang Yu flipped through Weibo and continued to plant grass. 

School was about to start and the weather was still very hot. Many fans asked about eyeliner and said that they often went out with makeup and reduced to panda eyes within 3 hours! They asked Jiang Yu to recommend a cost-effective waterproof eyeliner for them. 

Jiang Yu thought about it, found a cheap eyeliner from her makeup table, took a picture, and posted it: 

[LB Smudge Gel Eyeliner, this eyeliner is very waterproof and anti-smudge. It is a popular model of Japan. Its performance definitely beats the KISSME eyeliner, which is also famous in Japan. The most important thing is that it is very affordable! For daily use, I think it is very good to be able to get this quality for just a few dozen yuan.]

——Kudos to taro ball! This eyeliner, I plan to buy it! 

——I need eyeliner. I find that I am very good at choosing other things, but I often don’t know what to use with eyeliner. 

——The kissme one I already have it! This should be better, right? 

——Like a cabbage! Only a few dozen yuan! I have already bought it! Hope it works. 

——Adding the item recommended to the shopping cart is the best affirmation to Jiang Yu! 

Although Zhang Meifeng's incident was not a good thing, it was undeniable that it had brought a lot of attention to Jiang Yu. With the operation of Shenliu Studio, almost all netizens supported her, which also made her Weibo fans rose directly to 49.3 million, approaching the 50 million mark! 

Looking at the comments of netizens, Jiang Yu smiled and replied: "This account followers will reach 50 million soon! If it exceed 50 million, I will do a lottery!" 

——The local tyrant is here again! 

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