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Weibo Big V's Daily Entertainment Circle - Chapter 123 Part 2 of 2

 WBVDEC Chapter 123 - Transform (2)

Jiang Yu asked Gu Shenliu directly: "What do you think? Do you want to take photos domestically or abroad?" 

"You decide." 

Jiang Yu was a little hesitant. The scenery would be more beautiful abroad, but she had been taking photos for JY all the time, so she would inevitably feel bored when she took too many photos. She believed that Gu Shenliu was the same. It's really annoying, but if she wanted to take pictures in China, she didn't want to just take studio photos of them standing and posing. 

"Going abroad is a bit of a toss, but domestically, what are your good ideas?" 

Gu Shenliu leaned on the sofa. Hearing the words, he closed the astronomy magazine on his lap. He was silent for a moment, then suddenly said: "Then, let's go to Shenda!" 


"Yes." Gu Shenliu's eyes were lightly stained with a smile, "The first time we had close contact was when I gave a speech at Shenda University. We are seniors and juniors, we know the same principal and teacher, and we are from the same school. All alumni have many common memories, and taking pictures in emotional places is enough!" 

Jiang Yu thought about it and thought it was very good. She smiled and said: "Do it simply, the wedding dress is also exempted! We can wear casual and comfortable clothes, like a couple on campus, take pictures wherever we go, or watch people play basketball, go to cafeteria to eat, going for a run in the playground, or going to a movie... There's no need to emphasize the theme as a wedding photo. It's ok to take it like a couple's photo, anyway, someone will help us take pictures at the actual wedding! Just leave a souvenir at that time!" 

"Okay!" Gu Shenliu stretched out his hand and touched the top of Jiang Yu's head, his smile reaching the bottom of his eyes. Maybe, with the right people, doing anything was good. 


Before they knew it, it was time to start school. 

Right now, Jiang Yu was already a senior student at the School of Fashion, Shenda University. The senior year was different from the previous three years. By this time, the content of the study was almost the same, especially in the fashion department, women's clothing, men's clothing, children's clothing, they had all been learned in the first three years. The things learned in the fourth year were basically a repeat. Fortunately, the teachers did not have high requirements for the students. After all, from the second half of the junior year, many people had begun to look for internship units. 

An atmosphere of silence began to permeate the class, and everyone seemed to gradually realize that they could no longer be like the previous three years. They were no longer able to mess around with their homework. Everyone faced the same pressure in life. In a place like Shencheng, the daily income of 5,000 was only enough to rent a house and eat, while the daily income of 10,000 might not even have any surplus. Work as fashion designer sounded bright, but it was actually as hard as any other jobs. They also often needed to stay up late, and the work pressure was not ordinary. 

Under such circumstances, everyone seemed to have no strength to even cry. 

When Jiang Yu walked into the classroom, Yao Yiyi was also sitting on the seat. She had a delicate makeup, painted red lips, and sat on the seat with a blank face. However, Jiang Yu didn't even look at her and began to organize her books for class. 

Soon, the head teacher came in and talked about the young designer competition. Jiang Yu listened to it for a while as she was in a trance. Before she knew it, she had been reborn for more than a year. From being alone and having nothing, to now having a family of her own and having a huge savings, perhaps, she should also think about what to do next. 

After class in the morning, Jiang Yu had a sore back. 

Bei Xiaoxiao noticed that Jiang Yu was rubbing her waist all the time. She came over quickly and asked in a low voice worriedly, "How is it? Are you uncomfortable?" After she finished speaking, she rubbed Jiang Yu, for fear that Jiang Yu would be affected by the tiredness and it would affect the fetus. 

They were all still students. Jiang Yu would be the first one among Bei Xiaoxiao classmates to get married and have children. She just felt that she could only pay more attention to Jiang Yu and let her know that she was a best friend not for nothing. 

Yao Yiyi passed by, glanced at Bei Xiaoxiao, and said in a cold voice, "Little b*tch, for the sake of money, yiu don't even want dignity!" 

Bei Xiaoxiao was stunned for a moment, then realized that she had been scolded. "Yao Yiyi, is there something wrong with your brain?" 

"Forget it." Jiang Yu pulled Bei Xiaoxiao and said, "Don't lower yourself to this kind of person's level and get your mouth dirty." 

"Jiang Yu! Who are you scolding? You think it's great just because you make some money, I'll tell you..." 

Unexpectedly, Jiang Yu hugged her book, and without saying a word, pushed Yao Yiyi away. She directly walked out. 

Yao Yiyi hadn't finished her words, but when she looked again, the desk in front of her was already empty. Across from her, there was nothing but air! 

Awkward! Terribly embarrassing! Such a silent face slap was much more powerful than verbal humiliation! 

Yao Yiyi glanced around to saw that everyone was mocking and staring at her as if watching a good show. Yao Yiyi's eyes shrank. She quickly lowered her head and ran away without looking back. 

"How dare she come?" 

"That's right! She was beaten by the legal wife when she went to bed with an old man. The video was posted on the Internet and the school also gave her a punishment. I thought she would be too embarrassed to come back!" 

"Everyone in the fashion department knows, she is completely famous!" 

"She's still embarrassing Jiang Yu, why doesn't she understand that Jiang Yu doesn't even bother to look at her!" 

Jiang Yu and Bei Xiaoxiao said goodbye and returned to the company directly. Yao Yiyi's words did not affect them at all. 

Jiang Yu habitually opened Weibo on the computer and replied to several netizens' comments. She smiled and recalled the picture she had already prepared from her mobile phone and posted today's Weibo: 

[Lancome Matte Shaker, I bought all colors in this series. Everyone look at the pictures, there is color swatches on my arm. The colors of this series are pretty good. Among them, when number 272 was swatched on my arm, it is an inconspicuous creamy orange color. Surprisingly, after applying it on the lips, it complements my skin color very well. It also matches well with my eye shadow.

Number 186 coral pink, 378 rose pink, and 374 red are also good, but it is not easy to remove. This is a common problem with lip tint. If you want a good-looking color, you have to endure some shortcomings!]

As soon as Jiang Yu posted on Weibo, she received an enthusiastic response from fans. 

——Wow! This color swatches looks very good. I knew this product before, and I am afraid that it will not look good. It seems that taro ball matches fine with 272. 

——Taro Ball looks good with number 272 taro.

——Taro balls look good in any color. I am a little hesitant with the fact that it is not easy to remove, but you are really beautiful when you put them on. 

——Are you planting grass again? My wallet is thin because of you! 

——I like the rose color number 378! Very nice! 

Jiang Yu closed Weibo with a smile. She sat on the office chair and began to work, thinking about the company's next development. The company had grown to this size, and although the momentum was very strong, she still saw two things wrong from the current situation. 

One was the inertia of the company's designers. Although the company's designers had a certain assessment system, because JY had its own fans already, that was to say, no matter whether the works designed by the designers were good or not, some people would pay for them. The existing sales volume gave designers an illusion as if their design was really outstanding, also an illusion that the customers were very satisfied. However, Jiang Yu knew that although many people indeed had the strength, there was still a lot of room for improvement. Moreover, new products launched once a week could no longer meet the needs of buyers. The experience learned from fast-selling brands like Zara made her know that the update of clothing must be fast and accurate!

Only in this way could the stickiness of customers be increased, so that customers could choose more styles, the styles could be updated quickly, there would be no inventory pressure, and fans could keep the freshness for a long time. This was what Jiang Yu needed. 

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu came to Zheng Lan: "I want to make some adjustments to the existing structure of the design department." 

"Okay." Zheng Lan looked at Jiang Yu. Jiang Yu said adjustment, but did not ask her opinion, it could be seen that she had already made her own decision. 

"Our design department, including interns and assistants are in total 40 employees. I want to divide these 40 people into 4 groups and they will compete in a team of 10 people. The end of the year bonus will be linked to the group.” 

Zheng Lan was stunned for a moment. She immediately realized the purpose of Jiang Yu's actions. A group competition could improve the designers' crisis awareness, made group work more efficient, and would benefit the company's long-term development. 

"I have no opinion." 

Jiang Yu folded her hands and nodded: "In addition, I want to change the launch from once a week to twice a week." 

"Twice?" Zheng Lan was stunned for a moment. Yes, the current update was indeed not enough to meet the customer's requirements. Also because JY's clothing volume had always been small, it was not enough for everyone to grab every time. It only took three days of after sale works every launches, and after these three days, the company's customer service and delivery department were mostly idle. Increasing the launch volume would definitely help increase the turnover, but the labor cost would hardly increase, it's just... "Our design department may be able to handle it, but the factory can't! The existing production capacity is only enough to do launch once a week." 

Jiang Yu picked up her decaf coffee and came to the window. After a while, she turned around and said: "That's the second decision I made." It was also the second point she saw was still wrong in her company. 

Existing factories could no longer meet the requirements of the company's Tmall and C store's demand. A small factory was no longer able to meet the production capacity required by a store with annual sales of several hundred million. The scale of JY had completely gone beyond a small workshop. Sometimes Jiang Yu designs required difficult embroidery or required some special imported fabrics. Jiang Yu realized that if the production was not up to the standard, there would be nothing to talk about! 

Therefore, when she looked at the hundreds of millions of deposits in her bank card thatshe didn't know where to spent, she realized that it was time for her to spend money on shopping! It's just that shopping didn't necessarily mean buying clothes, shoes, and bags, she could also buy a car, a house, and land! 

"I want to build my own factory!" Jiang Yu said loudly. 

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  1. I totally don't get why the need to have a new thing twice a week.
    #1 some designs want be polished
    #2 factory production will be rushed resulting in decrease in quality
    #3 environment can't stand the forcefully sped up fashion trend making people buy, buy and buy while throwing stuff after wearing them once or twice

    1. Oh yeah, it doesn’t make sense from a business or logical POV. the author has some shortcomings in these areas - several things mentioned make no sense, but they’re not germane to the story, so I overlook them 🤷🏻‍♀️


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