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Weibo Big V's Daily Entertainment Circle - Chapter 122 Part 1 of 2

 WBVDEC Chapter 122 - Pregnancy (1)

Jiang Yu nestled in Gu Shenliu's arms, letting him carry her to the bedroom. When he went up the stairs, her body shook. Jiang Yu looked at the white light above her head and felt a little dazed. , At this moment, she finally calmed down, but she seemed to have no idea what she was doing before, and her head was empty. 

Jiang Yu looked at her man and smiled, "Thank you." 

Gu Shenliu was busy with the opening show. If he hadn't recruited so many media and celebrities, today's show would not have been so successful. 

Jiang Yu was very happy. She only needed to do the clothes and prepare the catwalk. Communicate with the outside world might look simple, but in fact, it was the most annoying. She needed to decide the list, the table arrangement, the seat, the media handover, and the celebrities invited. Communicate, send invitations to celebrities, writing letters, these things, if it wasn't for Gu Shenliu, Jiang Yu would definitely be out of control. 

"Do you really want to thank me?" The two of them had been busy recently, so that they had less time to take care of intimate matters. As a man who were used to indulge himself every day, Gu Shenliu had long been greedy and panicked. "Take some practical action." 

The two fell on the bed, Gu Shenliu looked down at the woman under him, and suddenly realized that Jiang Yu's brows had changed. 

After more than a year, Jiang Yu's face has grown a lot more than before. The baby fat had faded away, the facial features had become more distinct, and the body had begun to have a feminine look. It had become more dazzling than before. 

When the two kissed, Jiang Yu couldn't help groaning comfortably. Gu Shenliu's kissing skills were always very high, and their tongue was intertwined, which made her feel comfortable from the bottom of her heart. Jiang Yu stretched out her tongue and danced with him, meanwhile her body couldn't bear it. It sticked to him, as if wanting more. 

"Jiang Yu." 

"En?" Jiang Yu asked. 

"When will the wedding be done?" 

This was too casual, as if to Gu Shenliu was asking what to buy tomorrow. Jiang Yu smiled, this was Gu Shenliu's style, the big things were as calm as usual. They hadn't seriously talked about marriage after the proposal. After thinking about it, it should also be put on the agenda. 

"Okay, when do you want to have the wedding?" Jiang Yu asked. 

Gu Shenliu's delicate kiss fell on the sensitive area of ​​Jiang Yu's auricle, and the kiss made her flustered and had nowhere to hide. She couldn't help clutching the sheet tightly, her tone begging for mercy: "Take it easy... it's uncomfortable... …” 

Gu Shenliu chuckled lightly and sent himself in, his body was entangled with her. He said: "In autumn, okay?" 

Jiang Yu shook her head and said in forbearance: "No, I'm very busy now. I need to participate in the young designer competition, I am also busy with work..." 

"The wedding doesn't need you to be busy!" Gu Shenliu hummed, "You just need to check in with your bags, and people will come on the wedding day!" 


Hearing this, Jiang Yu suddenly felt that she  was too incompetent as a girlfriend. She pushed everything to her man. She always put her work first and she didn't care about love, which made Gu Shenliu directly become a family cook. Her husband took care of the relationship between the two, while she herself still focused solely on her career. 

If this matter was turned around, if Gu Shenliu made her a housewife, she would definitely not be happy. 

Of course, if Jiang Yu asked Gu Shenliu, he would tell her that his investment was enough for their family to eat and drink for a few lifetimes without worry. Besides, as he reached his prime career, he no longer cared about the false names in the entertainment industry. 

Jiang Yu frowned: "Why do I feel like I'm scum? Go alone on the wedding day and throw everything on you? It's not fair!" 

Gu Shenliu smiled: "There is no fair unfair in a relationship. Besides, your current body is not suitable for fatigue." 

After hearing this, Jiang Yu didn't think much and continued to immerse herself in the joy of the moment. 


A good quality sex brought a good night's sleep. 

Early the next morning, Jiang Yu clicked on the search engine, and saw that the popular news was all related to her opening show. The opening of the 2,000-square-meter store of JY Haute Couture Studio had almost caused the effect of slaughtering.
At the same time, celebrities in fashion forums like Jiang Peifen had posted one after another to discuss Jiang Yu's fashion show, and Tianya had added a hot post [Live Jiang Yu's JY Opening Show! People who claim to have status in the entertainment and fashion circles are all here...]

This post was a live post, and it was not posted by Jiang Yu or arranged by navy. Judging from the photos, the person who posted it had obviously been at the scene. Jiang Yu guessed which fashion buyer this person might be as she broadcasted the show live from beginning to end. The poster also took pictures of the situation in the store. 

——Wow! What a luxurious store! Isn't it the most luxurious physical store in the country? The decoration worth tens of millions is no joke, it really shows the taste even in every floor tile under the feet. 

——The money is not in vain, and the store is also very big. The 360-degree panoramic glass window makes the clothes in the store a dream of passers-by without knowing it, just like the girls who pass by the bridal shop and want to try it. This is a dream. 

——I didn’t expect this girl, Jiang Yu, to reach today. Many people questioned her before, saying that she could not be the First Lady of the country's designer of the country. How about it? Slap in the face? 

——The clothes on the show are very high-end! Very nice! 

——The black and white show is very sensational! With the style of Lagerfeld, the theme of floating life is also very Chinese, which is particularly suitable. 

——The catwalk of haute couture is also very self-styled, and the fusion of Chinese and modern is not abrupt at all. 

——Wow! Do not know how much a red wedding dress cost? I really want it. I originally wanted to order Vera Wang's wedding dress. Now that I think about it, I should support Jiang Yu. As long as it's not too expensive, I'm willing to order a set! 

——Speaking of which, can you go shopping if you don’t have money? 

Landlord: It is said that it is possible. The shopping guides are very warm and friendly. Even if you don’t buy anything, you can go in and have free afternoon tea. You can also do manicures and skin care. This time it's really bloody! 

——Wow! Looks fancy! I really hope Jiang Yu can do well and win glory for the country. 

Jiang Yu was also almost contracted by her opening show on Weibo. If nothing else, the luxurious decoration in the store was enough to amaze everyone. 

At this moment, the official blog of JY Haute Couture released a long Weibo: 

[Thank you for your support, the JY opening show was a complete success! The turnover of the physical store on the opening day exceeded 10 million! This is everyone's affirmation to us. We will turn the support into motivation and strive to produce products that will not let you down!]

The accompanying pictures were high-definition photos of the show and the store. These photos were taken by people from Durres Studio. 

What's more eye-catching was that there were red carpet pictures of each guest on the post. On occasions like watching a fashion show, what people paid attention to was not only the models who were on the show, but also the ones who went to the show as well. Those people, celebrities, high society ladies, and buyers, each tried their best to wear what they thought was the most fashionable and best-looking clothes, with the intention of overpowering every guest who went to the show and becoming the most concerned show tyrant on the spot! Therefore, the clothes of these people were more likely to cause heated discussions than the clothes on the catwalk that were far too conceptual for netizens. 

Everyone looked at the picture and commented on which actress looked good, which editor-in-chief was domineering, and which buyer matched clothes blindly. 

A Weibo had sparked another round of heated discussions. 

Jiang Yu quickly forwarded the Weibo and said: "Thank you everyone! The daily turnover of over 10 million is just a starting point! We still have a long way to go. Our aim is to make uncompromising fashion and high-end products, but we must make every customer satisfied! Everyone is welcome to come to the store to play, drink afternoon tea, and supervise our service. Even if you don’t buy anything, you can come and play!” 

——Ouch, ten million? Really cool! 

——Congratulations to the taro Ball! I sent you a red envelope on WeChat, you can accept it! 

Jiang Yu: Thank you for sending me red envelopes. Everyone is not easy, so take the red envelopes back! I will just take the good wish. 

——Can were really come just to eat and drink? 

Jiang Yu: Of course. You are welcome. 

It was said to be free eating and drinking, but in fact, who would go to such a high-end place for nothing? Everyone just said that such a high-end store would ultimately belong to a few select people. 


At the same time, a Japanese beauty forum. 

Netizen Kaori posted a post: "Is there anyone who knew the beauty cream that was popular in China recently? Does anyone want to buy online with me?" 

——Beauty cream? what is that? 

——The name is like a skin care product that can beautify your face? 

——I heard that Chinese people like online shopping, but I really don’t understand why? I feel more comfortable shopping in a physical store. 

——Upstairs, Chinese people have a high likings to online shopping because it is cheaper. Unlike here, online and on physical store the price is the same. 

——Is the beauty cream easy to use? 

Kaori: "My dears, look at my picture, this is a screenshot of the video and blog posted by Jiang Yu, the inventor and owner of beauty cream. The first picture is bare skin, the second picture is with beauty cream. The video also shows that the effect is real. This product caused a sensation in China as soon as it was launched, and it also directly led to a decline in the sales of base makeup products in our country, which shows its impact.” 

——The contrast is really obvious! So, beauty cream is a base makeup? I really want it. 

——Having a good foundation means winning half the battle! I really want to see this in person. Even the spots caused by vitiligo can be covered? Amazing! 

Kaori: "Let's do a group buy together? I asked my friends in China to help buy it and send it to me." 

——I want! 

——I'll buy one too! 

——Purchase! This girl looks familiar, is she the costume designer from before? 

——It seems that she is the one who everyone agrees to be beautiful than the so-called number one beauty in China! 

So, on the same day, Zou Xiaoyu ran into Jiang Yu's office excitedly and said, "President Jiang, a customer wants 120 bottles of beauty cream to send to Japan! She asked if we can make it cheaper!" 

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