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Weibo Big V's Daily Entertainment Circle - Chapter 129 Part 1 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 129 - Young Designer Competition (1) Part 1

This competition had attracted many capable designers. Although there were many competitions held in the clothing industry every year, the first prize winner was 200,000 yuan plus the opportunity to study abroad, the second place was 100,000 yuan, and the third place was 50,000 yuan. Such arrogant prizes, were not common. 

A year ago, Jiang Yu participated in the Young Designer Competition purely to gain popularity, but who knew that this competition would be postponed for some reasons, so that today, she had gained popularity by virtue of her own strength. In such a situation, the help of this young designer competition to her was not particularly big anymore. After all, she had become a household name because of the role of Lan Xiaoxiao. In addition, she also had a haute couture studio to support. 

It’s just… 

Jiang Yu knew that was not enough. As a professional designer, the Young Designer Competition was just an application form she submitted to be able to go to Paris Fashion Week. 

Even if the high-end fashion show was not a game that the public can afford, losses were the norm. Even world-famous big brands were not immune to bad luck. For example, YSL lost 10 million euro in the fashion week spring and summer of 2001. Even if people subjectively believe that the high-definition conference would not be bad for the promotion of the brand reputation, but it was not known whether it would definitely be good. Nowadays, the content of the four major fashion weeks was getting lower and lower.  

Jiang Yu didn’t care about the fashion week, and the reason why she insisted on going was to make her haute couture studio go international. China had inherent shortcomings in the field of fashion, and many foreigners had inherent prejudice that Chinese can only imitate, not create. From this point of view, JY Haute Couture still had a long way to go international. 

In a situation like this, attending Paris Fashion Week was a great way to start. So, Jiang Yu stood here, trying to make some achievements to prepare for next year's Paris Fashion Week. 

This year's young designer competition, because of the high-priced brand name, would be broadcast on TV, and it had lost its original flavor. It was not so much a competition as it was a variety show, so just for entertainment. 

Jiang Yu let people carry the clothes and go inside. 

"Handle with care! Try not to damage the clothes." Jiang Yu instructed them. 

Jiang Yu put the clothes on and let the models she found stand aside. She asked the makeup team to do makeup for the model according to her own requirements. These makeup artists knew Jiang Yu and were polite to her.  

The competition would start soon. Jiang Yu communicated urgently with the makeup artist and tried to achieve the perfect look. 

Jiang Yu saw Bei Xiaoxiao and Zhou Zhou approaching from a distance. "Xiaoxiao." 

"Taro ball!" Bei Xiaoxiao glanced at Jiang Yu’s clothes and sighed, "Hey! We're here to serve as a backdrop for you! Just by looking at your clothes we already know we're going to lose!" 

These words attracted Jiang Wei and Zhou Zhou to nod their heads together. 

"Yeah! If it wasn't for the sake of increasing exposure, which would be good for our future work, I wouldn't come! What are we doing here? Be a green leaf for you?" 

"That's right! It's a waste of taxi money to come here. It's not comparable anyway!" 

"Yes, yes! It's so hot, better stay at air conditioned room at home. By the way, when will autumn arrive?" 

Xu Shi had long known that there was a huge disparity in strength between himself and Jiang Yu, so they all came this time with the determination to lose. 

"..." Jiang Yu didn't like these kinds of words. She only said in a flat tone: "Because you already reach this stage, everyone has the same opportunity, so we have to go all out." 

"By the way, I heard that there are stars to help this time, is it true?" 

Jiang Yu shook her head. Her eyes falling on the model beside her. "I don't know, I heard that there will be star guests to help out, but I haven't received the relevant script and no one has communicated with me." 

"That's weird!" Jiang Wei murmured. 

In general programs, someone would come to communicate the process, or just gave a script and ask everyone to follow. What’s more, even the audience was fake and cut in the later stage. Jiang Yu participated in variety shows in her previous life, she had seen situation where there was no audience at all. At that time the audience part was re-recorded, and most of the audience members were group performances. Someone shouted at the scene: "Come, let's wave together!" The audience wave. "Let's swing from side to side together." The audience swayed from side to side, very professional! 

Since then, Jiang Yu had never watched variety shows again, but this time, although there was a live broadcast, it was a competition in the end, so it was normal to not have script. 

At this time, Yao Yiyi was also guiding her model to dress. Bei Xiaoxiao glanced at Yao Yiyi who was beside her, and said in a low voice: "Taro Ball, you have to beware of Yao Yiyi. She suddenly came back this time, I think she wants to do something!" 

Jiang Yu's face was pale, and she answered. "As long as she doesn't mess with me, I'm too lazy to care about her." 

At this moment, Bo Manrou also came in. She was followed by a professional makeup team, a dozen servants to help her carry boxes and clothes, and even two secretaries to guide her. 

As soon as Bo Manrou came in, she attracted the attention of the audience. 

"She looks so beautiful!" Bei Xiaoxiao exclaimed. 

"Jiang Yu, you have to be careful with thin Manrou." Zhou Zhou reminded: "I heard that she is a young and famous person, and she has been taught by a famous old man in the industry. She can have today's status not only because of her outstanding talent, but also because of her outstanding talents." 

Jiang Yu had already seen Bo Manrou’s way of doing things, so after hearing Zhou Zhou's words, she nodded. Looking around, she found that there were 30 or 40 finalists in the competition, and most of them were of some strength. However, the number of finalists from their class was quite large, so Professor Zhou must have given a good guidance. 

At this time, the host Yan Qing came over and asked with a smile, "Jiang Yu, are your clothes ready?" 

Jiang Yu smiled: "It's almost there." 

"Your design once aroused the public's amazement. Can you talk to the audience about what fashion design is in your heart?" 

Jiang Yu smiled lightly: "In my opinion, fashion design is lonely, it is a dialogue and collision between oneself and the soul, and the works that come out are a reflection of the designer's heart." 

"Fashion design is lonely? It's a good saying!" Yan Qing quickly went to interview Bo Manrou next to her: "Miss Bo, what do you think fashion design is?" 

Bo Manrou glanced at Jiang Yu, very confident, with a half-smile: "I don't think fashion design is lonely!" 

When these words came out, not only Yan Qing, but even the audience in front of the TV was stunned. 

F*ck! This was the rhythm of picking up fights! 

The Youth Designer Competition was broadcast on the fashion channel of Shencheng TV Station 3. This channel always liked to broadcast some TV shopping shows. It sold diet pills, abdominal belts, treadmills and other things, and occasionally there were some models. The designer competition, was broadcast from beginning to end, and this time was the same. 

Bo Manrou said with an expressionless face: "Actually, real fashion design needs applause. Everyone wants their designs to be recognized. It's not just a skill to draw a piece of clothing, it is necessary to be able to let customers buy it, wear it, and walk around on the street, walking in the crowd. Only at this time fashion design has its own value!" 

This statement was obviously against Jiang Yu. Yan Qing was stunned for a moment and then got excited. As the host, he most wanted to see this kind of embarrassingly talented and embarrassingly intrigue scene! It was said that literati were light-hearted, but in fact it was worth watching the competition in the design world. After all, these designers, when seeing other’s clothes would likely said behind their backs: "D*mn it! How did you design this dress? Did the designer go crazy? Why don't they die? Isn't it illegal to waste national fabrics?" 

For the sake of ratings, Yan Qing deliberately lead the battle, so she asked, "Who does Miss Bo think the champion will be this time?" 

Bo Manrou looked serious, with a sneer at the corners of her mouth: "I promised my teacher before I came here that if I can't win the championship, I am willing to be expelled from the division." 

"So, do you think it's impossible for domestic designers to beat you?" 

"I cannot say for all, but as far as the designers who are currently participating in the competition, I think there is still some gap between them and me!" 

Bo Manrou's designs had always been Western style and hardly reflect any Chinese elements. Jiang Yu didn't know much about this person. After searching her information last night, she realized that Bo Manrou was very talented. She entered a luxury company and also set up her own studio. 

"Miss Bo is very confident in herself!" After Yan Qing finished speaking, she turned the microphone to Jiang Yu: "Miss Jiang, do you agree with Miss Bo's point of view?" 

Jiang Yu smiled and lowered her head to rearrange the cuffs of her clothes. She chuckled lightly: "Yan Qing, it has always been a traditional virtue of the Chinese to not pierce other people's big words. Could it be that you want me to tell Miss Bo to look up in the sky to see if there are cows flying?" 

Bo Manrou's face turned cold. 

"Jiang Yu, what do you mean?" 

Jiang Yu looked at Bo Manrou and showed a saint like smile again. This familiar smile made Bei Xiaoxiao at the side swallow her saliva. 

At this moment, the top of Jiang Yu's head seemed to have a halo, she smiled and said, "Miss Bo, just be happy!" 

Bo Manrou was shocked and didn't say a word for a long time. 


Jiang Yu, who was at the scene, didn't know that the confrontation between her and Bo Manrou unexpectedly made the show get more attention. At this moment, someone posted on the Internet: 

[8181 of the two goddesses in the Young Designer Competition! Who do you think will win the championship in the end?] 

As soon as this post came out, fans on the Internet were stunned, especially Jiang Yu's fans, because they realized that the goddess participated in such a big thing as a costume contest, but she didn't tell them. They couldn't believe it, and they flipped through Weibo. Jiang Yu's last Weibo post was still the previous eye cream grass planting. Other than that, there was nothing related to the competition, so when did Jiang Yu sign up? 

Fans were stunned. 

——Wow! Competition? Really? How do you know? 

The landlord replied: Shencheng TV station 3 is broadcasting it, you can see it when you turn on the TV. 

——I also saw it when I tuned the channel just now, Bo Manrou and Jiang Yu was tearing each other as soon as they appeared on stage! I'm still wondering, how did these two started the conflict? 

——It was revealed on Weibo just now that Bo Manrou was Gu Shenliu’s godsister, and about godsister, hehe, everyone understands! Therefore, the reason for tearing it up is that Bo Manrou and Jiang Yu is a rival in love! 

——Sh*t! So colorful? This is the annual dog blood drama! 

——No wonder! I was thinking how could two people who have never met each other fight directly?! 

——Good! Many local designers are very talented. It is said that this competition has been prepared for more than half a year before it officially starts. You can go and see it! 

——I'll go see it! 

——I'll go as well! 

——To be fair, the two girls are comparable in appearance. 

——Yes, Bo Man Rou belongs to the beautiful and aggressive kind, while Jiang Yu is very beautiful and comfortable kind, in short, they are all beautiful!

The rivalry was really a gimmick, so not long after this post was uploaded, many netizens started watching the show and they couldn't stop. After all, there had never been such a well-made competition in China. The nature of the show had both strength and gimmicks! 

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