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Weibo Big V's Daily Entertainment Circle - Chapter 117

 WBVDEC Chapter 117 - Open to Public

At the same time, because of its good reputation, the box office of <Song to Qin> had been on the rise. Many people watched it three times to four times. As they thought it was good, they recommended it to friends, and friends recommended it to family members. Jiang Yu's circle of friends were full of news about the movie. It seemed to be out of date if someone didn’t watch <Song to Qin> when everyone were talking about it. 

Gu Shenliu's image as Zhuang Xu was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, because <The Entertainment Circle of Chong Fei> was well-made, almost no one thought that Gu Shenliu's web drama was a drop in price. At the time the movie was released, and Gu Shenliu used his own strength to perform a different performance as Ying Zheng. Ying Zheng's arrogance, Ying Zheng's ruthlessness, Ying Zheng's ambition, Ying Zheng's gentleness, and lastly, old Ying Zheng's confusion, were all deeply portrayed by him! Such an image and Zhuang Xu were simply two complete opposites. Such a contrast made everyone found it charming! For a while, the domineering and restrained Zhuang Xu and the bearded Uncle Ying Zheng, everyone couldn’t decide who was the cutest! 

Moreover, Gu Shenliu's acting skills were simply textbook-like, and could be completely included in the history of Chinese film! 

The success of the movie made Gu Shenliu the No. 1 hot search on Baidu and also led to the ratings of <The Entertainment Circle of Chong Fei>. At this time, Lan Xiaoxiao in the web drama had received female number one role, and the TV series she starred in was about to be broadcast on satellite TV. After the release, her relationship with Zhuang Xu had also reached a very tangled stage. It could be said that the recent plot was very attractive, and many viewers were complaining, saying that only 2 episodes a week was not enough!

The clothing in <The Entertainment Circle of Chong Fei> had become a model of clothing that everyone was trying to imitate, and it also indirectly made JY's Tmall sales hit a new high. 

The employees of the company are all happy! First, the big promotion already made their wallet full of money, and then Huajianji was launched as well, so they earned another commission! Even when they were too lazy to make money, JY's sales kept rising. 

When the JY staff chatted, they all said proudly: "Hey! I got another 3,000 commission today! If it goes on like this, I will be embarrassed." 


At this moment, Jiang Yu's Weibo followers exceeded 50 million! 

——Taro Ball! 50 million! What about the lottery! 

——Taro Ball! Release the lottery quick, I'm waiting! 

Of course Jian Si knew about the lottery on Jiang Yu Weibo, she said: "What are you going to use as a prize? Do you want Kafan to support you?" 

"No!" Jiang Yu thought for a moment and then smiled: "I have already thought about the prize!" 


"Have the first batch of finished products been made for our new Starry Sky Eyeshadow Eye Shadow Kit?" Jiang Yu asked. 

Jian Si instantly understood what Jiang Yu meant. After thinking about it for a while, she secretly thought that Jiang Yu was really shrewd! Her abacus was not an ordinary one! In the past, Jiang Yu used to spend hundreds of thousands worth of products for lottery and everyone called her a fool behind her back. However, the number of reposts on her lottery Weibo was very high, and the number of Weibo followers increased by at least several million people. Think about it, how much economic benefits could these millions of people bring to her? 

The new Starry Sky Eyeshadow Eye Shadow Kit this time also had the outer box and product shape designed by Jiang Yu. Jiang Yu did not spend a cent of money, and directly held a lottery to send out the kit, which was equivalent to doing pre-launch promotion product. Some people said that the cost was very high as they needed to send out so many kits, but Jian Si still smiled. Advertising fees were very expensive these days. Even on Taobao, there were many people who didn’t hesitate to burn tens of thousands for advertising fees a day! The last satellite TV advertisement or CCTV advertisement alone cost hundreds of thousands to tens of millions of yuan. But Jiang Yu's advertisement was different, she could double the money she sent out every time! 

"It's done! If you want to send it, you can send it anytime!" Jian Si hooked her lips and smiled. 

Jiang Yu pursed her lips and responded. She clicked on the Starry Sky Eyeshadow Eye Shadow Kit on the table. The outside of the kit was made of special plastic in the shape of white lace. It had a princess and aristocratic style. It was exquisite in workmanship and very beautiful! She could guarantee that most people wouldn’t be able to help themselves just by looking at the outer box, they didn't even have to try! As for the inside of the kit, she also used ingenuity. This Starry Sky Eyeshadow Eye Shadow Kit had many colors. She designed it based on the nebula she saw when she first watched the night sky with Gu Shenliu. The bright nebula inspired many different shades, they were erratic and dreamy. She used different shades of purple gradient to make a red eye shadow, which was suitable for everyone's daily makeup, and on the side, there were earthy color shades, like the universe that wrapped the nebula. 

The beauty of this eye shadow kit was that almost any red eye shadow could be used as a blush! The earth tones could be used for contouring, and there were star-shaped pearly color on the side as well. Those could be directly used as highlights on the brow bone and nose. That was to say, this set of products included eye shadow, blush, contour, and highlight, it could save a lot of money for fans. 

Even better, the price was only 159! Just imagine, 159 could buy such a large kit which looked good and had many functions, who wouldn't be happy? Furthermore, this kit had been tried by Jiang Yu many times. Recently, when she posted a selfie picture, netizens always asked her what eyeshadow she used, that was to say, the product worked very well! The powder was delicate but not easy to fallout, and it didn’t smudge or crease easily. It was very suitable for Asian skin. 

"I want 1000 boxes!" 

"Okay! I'll send it to you right away!" Jian Si said. 

After, Jiang Yu directly posted on Weibo:  

[Dear, many people have asked me what eyeshadow kit I used recently, and the reason why I haven't responded is because this product has not been released yet! As shown in Figure 1, this is The Starry Sky Eyeshadow Eye Shadow Kit launched by the cosmetics company I invested in, the packaging is designed by me! After 3 years of research and development, this makeup kit has a very good effect! If it is not good, I will not recommend it to everyone. Now, I will send 1000 boxes as lottery. The same old rules, repost the Weibo, mention three friends, and leave a message you want to say to Jiang Yu. I will pick the winners from there!] 

——The local tyrant is here again! Hope to get one this time! 

——Wow! The Starry Sky Eyeshadow Eye Shadow Kit packaging is so beautiful! So dreamy! Since when domestic brand can make such high-end makeup? 

——Ah! I always feel that I am witnessing a change in an era. Will Jiang Yu change the status quo of our country's cosmetics industry? 

——Yeah, we always use Japanese or Korean makeup and anti-aging products from Europe or the United States. What about our own country? Are there no good brands? If this product of Jiang Yu is really good, I am willing to support her and domestic products!

——Because of the good reputation of the beauty cream, I decided to buy a set! Err no, win a set! 

——The beauty cream is really easy to use, although it is very expensive, I still bought the full size! Suffice to say, I threw away all my previous foundations and creams. 

——I heard from many bloggers that the beauty cream is easy to use and I was really not disappointed when I bought it. I hope the Starry Sky Eyeshadow Eye Shadow Kit will not disappoint us as well. 

Since it's a lottery, it went without saying the fighting power of 50 million fans was very strong! Therefore, when Jiang Yu refreshed her Weibo in an hour, she found that the lottery had reposted 100,000 times. It reached 300,000 that night, and she forced herself not to be surprised. Ha ha! She was someone who had seen the world! 

Gu Shenliu's movie box office unknowingly exceeded 1.5 billion! Although this was still far from the highest box office in China, it really relieved the creators. Since the beginning when they made this unpopular theme, they were ready to hit the street and generate electricity for love. At first, the director was afraid that this movie would make Gu Shenliu's box office myth went down! Who knows, it had exceeded 1.5 billion! And this was just the beginning, there was still a long time to come. 


At the beginning of the school year, Jiang Yu's haute couture studio opened. 

This the big news should be released. On this day, Jiang Yu and Gu Shenliu were sitting side by side on the sofa. The two looked casual. Gu Shenliu hooked his arm and hugged Jiang Yu into his arms. He said in a low voice, "Jiang Yu." 


"Are you ready?" 

"Well! Come on!" 


Ji Xiaoqiu was a senior netizen of Tianya. Over the years, she had witnessed the "Battle of Zhou Yi", the "Bamboo Shadow Qingtong Guozhao Incident", "Chen Yi Selling Her Body to Save Her Mother", "The Bright Moon and the corpse gate incident", but she was a veteran. Unexpectedly, one day, she would be able to witness a sensational hot post again. 

On this day, Ji Xiaoqiu opened Tianya and flipped through the web page, but saw a post that went popular soon after it was posted. She clicked it and saw that the title of the post was— 

[Is the Internet celebrity Jiang Yu the stylist of the First Lady of the Country? Anyone coming to 818?] 

1st Floor: Does this cliché need an 818? Is Jiang Yu coming to blow the heat again? No! Not at all! It's not that I despise her, but she can't make such elegant clothes! 

2nd floor: First Lady of the Country’s clothes are all dignified and generous, where is it like Jiang Yu? 

3rd Floor: Yes! Jiang Yu, an internet celebrity, has such a big face? The designers of the First Lady of the Country would at least be international master level! What kind of onion is she? 

4th Floor: Confess to the First Lady of the Country, the peacock blue dress is so beautiful! It completely overwhelmed the First Lady of the United States! What a face! 

5th floor: Jiang Yu? Impossible! 

6th Floor: Is this still at 818? No conclusion yet? 


132nd Floor: Not Jiang Yu! Just her? Ha ha! What a face! Come out every day to get hot, don't worry! 

Ji Xiaoqiu frowned when she saw it. To be honest, she still liked Jiang Yu. The girl didn’t steal or rob, and she didn’t rely on men's and instead speak with strength. What's so bad about it? But in the comments, all netizens look down on Jiang Yu, d*mn it! This wind direction was too abnormal! Was there anyone deliberately blacking? 

Ji Xiaoqiu: I think Jiang Yu is good! Nothing is impossible! She is very powerful. Haven't you watched the promotional video released by her Haute Couture Studio? The Chinese style clothes inside represent the history of Chinese clothing and it has more than 1 million repost, so it can be seen that everyone is paying attention! Why can't she make clothes for the mother of the country!
However, Ji Xiaoqiu comments were quickly brushed down, and a bunch of bad comments were posted. 

392nd Floor (Ji Xiaoqiu): I think this post contains strange creatures! I don't know which navy came from, but they have been blacking all the time! 

421st Floor: Yes, I think Jiang Yu is also good! It's weird that this post building is so tall! 

468th Floor: I think it is probably the very talented Cheng Ran! Her clothes are very nice. 

Soon, this post was covered by the previous building, and the clicks continued to climb. But most of the comments were blacking Jiang Yu. 

Netizens gradually realized that something was wrong, because this sunspot was too obvious! It's so dark that even passersby couldn't stand it. As a result, many passers-by and netizens spoke for Jiang Yu, and Jiang Yu's fans was even willing to go to the end of the world to protect her. 

At this time. 

1233rd Floor: Weakly speaking, the person who made clothes for First Lady of the Country was really Jiang Yu. My sister is a designer of Jiang Yu company. She told me that when Jiang Yu went to Maldives on vacation, she was designing clothes for the First Lady of the Country. It's because she watched the evolution history of our country's clothing filmed by Jiang Yu, which was the promotional video of the haute couture studio, and then decided to find Jiang Yu. You also know that Jiang Yu is young after all, so it is normal for the First Lady of the Country to hesitate. Fortunately, Jiang Yu lived up to the trust and the clothes made were well received not only domestically but also internationally. 


1443rd Floor: Is the revelation upstairs true? Impossible, right? 

1444th Floor: Actually, I also heard about this, and it is indeed Jiang Yu, but the insiders have signed a confidentiality agreement, so they dare not expose it at will. Besides, it is related to the First Lady of the Country! In conclusion, we can say it is related to state secrets, so who dares to talk freely? But seeing so many people blacking, I really can't stand it! With this fact, I will hit you in the mouth immediately! 

1555th Floor: I claim the 1st floor, if it is really Taro Ball, I will kill myself with this ID! From now on, I will never go to the end of the world again! 

At this time, the designer for the clothes of the First Lady of the Country was made public by the officials.  

It was almost the time for opening show of the haute couture studio, so everyone was shocked. Those who initially didn't want to go changed their mind to give face. The opening show was even more popular than Paris Fashion Week. 

At the same time, this notice was also sent to major media newspapers. 


Jiang Yu took a sigh of relief. She looked at the computer page and sighed: "This is the first time I intentionally blacking myself! Even I feel sorry for 3 seconds!" 

Gu Shenliu glanced at Jiang Yu, then turned his gaze back. "You arranged it all by yourself!" 

Jiang Yu raised her lips and smiled lightly: "Isn't this also for the sake of promotion? The teacher taught me in high school, so I have to learn this technique! I found someone to black me, which caused a backlash from netizens, this made more netizens pay attention to this matter. The popularity of the slapstick has been fired up and when the netizens are paying the most attention, I will announce the fact and slap their faces, don't you think my approach is enough to be set as the standard?] 

Gu Shenliu stared at Jiang Yu, and there was a flash of banter in his long and narrow eyes. "Oh? I didn’t realize that Mrs. Gu's language skills are so good!" 

"Hehe!" Jiang Yu chuckled: "Generally, it is not as good as Mr. Gu who is a real scholar!" 

Gu Shenliu bullied Jiang Yu over and hugged her whole body. He looked down at he and grinned at with corner of his mouth: "Oh? Can Mrs. Gu guess what I want to do next from the look in my eyes?" 

Jiang Yu looked elsewhere and pretended not to know: "I don't know!" 

"Mrs. Gu's language is still not good enough!" 


Gu Shenliu hugged Jiang Yu and walked to the bedroom, his voice drifting away: "You can't read comprehension!" 


The chief editor's office of <VQ> magazine office building. 

Editor-in-chief Anna was sitting in a chair, staring at the computer with a sad face. She grabbed her phone and called again, but she still didn't get the information on who the First Lady of the Country’s designer was! How could this be? As the editor-in-chief, she had the right to speak in this fashion industry. The pressure was so great. What's even more hateful was that several similar magazines were getting stronger and stronger, which directly threatened the dominance of <VQ>. In addition, it was becoming more and more difficult to do physical magazines, and sales had been declining. If there was no way out, she was afraid that her position as editor-in-chief would be very dangerous. 

Also, Anna had been <VQ> editor-in-chief for many years and had feelings for the magazine. It could be said that she and the magazine had shared both prosperity and humiliation! Magazine sales were down, and she had no light in her face! Therefore, finding an exclusive and influential character as main article had become her most important thing! 

And when the First Lady of the Country visited various countries, her clothes were well received and praised by people in the industry. There was no one who was more looked for than the man or woman behind the design! What a talented designer this was! The designs were a fusion of classical charm and modern concepts. Anna really wanted to meet such a great designer, she was even more excited than the few old guys who dominated the Paris Fashion Week show in the world. 


Anna groaned. 

This designer was so strange! If other people became the designers of the First Lady of the Country, they wouldn’t be able to help themselves and would probably announce it to everyone, so why would they wait until now? Anna asked all the people in the circle and even asked the people above, but they all said they didn't know, even if they knew, they wouldn't reveal it! 

That's weird! 

For this person, Anna was determined to win! She wouldn’t let <Women's Wear> magazine, which was <VQ> competitor to get the exclusive. Although <Women's Wear> was a new magazine, it had become the strongest opponent of <VQ> with its bold concept and style. Some time ago, she also fought with the editor-in-chief of <Women's Wear> on Weibo. The two had always been at odds. This time, if they were preempted by the other party, they would become the only magazine that could bind the topic of "First Lady of the Country’s Designer". Then <Women's Wear> might win because of this! If that's the case, the situation for <VQ> would be even more difficult! If this happen, then she, <VQ> editor-in-chief, was not far from stepping down! 

2 hours later. 

"Editor-in-chief." The assistant entered Anna's office and she said embarrassedly, "Just now, Jiang Yu, the owner and chief designer of JY Company, sent a message asking if you would like to interview her." 

When Anna heard this, her brows furrowed even tighter! See, that's how it was this year! The people she wanted couldn't be found, but the people she didn't want were rushing to come. 

Anna was bothered about the First Lady of the Country’s designer. After hearing this, she waved her hand impatiently: "Why is she still here? Didn't I tell her last time that she is not qualified to appear in <VQ>? You reject her directly, tell her to practice for a few more years and come back!" 

The assistant knew that this was inappropriate, but because of Anna's temper, she had to do it, however she still said it more euphemistically. "Ms. Jiang, sorry, the editor-in-chief said that she hopes to have the opportunity to interview you next time!" 

Jiang Yu heard the words calmly, as if not surprised. The reason why she sent a message to ask was because she heard the news that Anna had been inquiring about the First Lady of the Country’s designer. The industry had also spread it, saying that <VQ> and <Women's Wear> were both trying to get hold of this designer for an exclusive interview, and wanted to borrow this topic to create a beautiful victory! As Anna was a friend of Durres, so Jiang Yu sent a message and asked the other party, who knew that the other party would not even give her a chance to speak. 

How disrespectful! 

Jiang Yu laughed and shook her head. She didn't feel offended at all, she just wanted to laugh. However, she looked out the window and made up her mind. She suddenly raised the corners of her lips and smiled! 

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