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Weibo Big V's Daily Entertainment Circle - Chapter 127 Part 2 of 2

 WBVDEC Chapter 127 - Publicity (2)

Soon, Shenda University Official Weibo also posted: 

[The pre-wedding photos of outstanding alumni @Gu Shenliu and @Stylist Jiang Yu were taken in the outstanding Shenda. Here, the editor wishes the two of you a lot of happiness. By the way, I would like to give a shout out. There are many talents in Shenda University, all are handsome men and beautiful women. We welcome candidates to apply for Shenda University next year! You must know that because of the relationship between Jiang Yu and Gu Shenliu, the high-scoring admission rate of Shenda University is much higher this year!]

——For the first time, I found that our campus is so beautiful. 

——Senior brother and senior sister are so loving. 

——This pair is really good! It was the first time that I felt a celebrity was so close to me. 

——Jiang Yu-senpai is really inspiring. 

——Senior brother is so handsome! My sister is the senior's classmate. It is said that when the senior was in school, he never had a girlfriend!
——Is what you said above true? Oh my gosh! Did Jiang Yu find a treasure? 

——What treasure? Jiang Yu's had no prior relationship either. Could it be said that Gu Shenliu found a treasure? 

——Can this be an issue? Veteran fans know that neither of the two has ever been in a relationship. It can be said that they are both their first loves. 

——Do not believe! Jiang Yu is young so it is understandable, but how could Gu Shenliu be inexperienced? He is so handsome, can a woman let him go? Do not believe! 

Unexpectedly, the Weibo posted by Shenda's official blog was actually misdirected by the following comments. For a time, many people discussed whether Jiang Yu and Gu Shenliu had ever been in love previously, and some senior fans came out to peel, they came to a shocking news - Gu Shenliu had never been in love! 

No! Impossible! Fans shook their heads! Do not believe! 

Seeing that Shenda's official blog and Shenda's alumni support them, Jiang Yu reposted the Weibo to express her gratitude, and she also thanked the alumni for their support. She admitted that it was the tolerant attitude of the alumni that made her always have a good impression of Shenda.  As for Gu Shenliu who had never been in a relationship... Whoever believe will believe it! 

Jiang Yu's reply also warmed the hearts of thousands of Shenda University students. 

At the same time, Jiang Yu received a private message from Gao Jing, asking her to forward Gu Shenliu's Weibo, so Jiang Yu posted with a smile: "Please advise me for the rest of my life!" 

——Cry! My woman has been robbed! 

——The pre-wedding photos are so happy. I like the one in the library, especially when Jiang Yu was reading a book and Gu Shenliu stood at the end of the corridor. I felt that Gu Shenliu's eyes were so delicate. 

——I like the series of playing basketball. 

——I like these pictures under the banyan tree. 

——The makeup is so light, there is almost no trace, it is so beautiful! Woohoo, admit that I have been defeated by your looks! 

Gu Shenliu quickly replied, "You must give me good advice!" 

Although fans were shouting about dog abuse, but Jiang Yu couldn't help to think that every time Gu Shenliu wasin bed, he would be extremely ambiguous and say that he was a senior. He said that it was necessary to teach junior sister well, this sentence "good advice" was very ambiguous! 


In this way, the matter of Jiang Yu and Gu Shenliu's pre-wedding photos had almost contracted the hot search list, and it had reached the level that everyone was hotly discussing it everywhere. 

Originally, they took such a photo to keep a low profile and live a good life, but who knew, because this photo was full of feelings, many people think the photo was very good, classrooms, libraries, playgrounds... Wasn't this how normal campus couple live? Everyone thought that such photos really evoke their memories. Besides, there were many points of discussion in the photos, and some people had analyzed from the photos that Jiang Yu didn't have plastic surgery.

Jiang Yu and Gu Shenliu had also become the most popular celebrity couple in the hearts of netizens. 

When Mother Gu saw the set of photos, felt distressed, and said, "Look at Shenliu, although the photos are beautiful, but taking pre-wedding photo is a once in a lifetime event, take such a shabby photo, Taro Ball will feel wronged!" 

Father Gu said: "Children have their own plans, maybe they just don't want to be extravagant." 

"But it still shouldn't be this simple. They didn't even buy a wedding dress! Is there not enough money?" 

"Money?" Father Gu frowned. 

"I heard that Jiang Yu just bought a factory and spent 80 million! Is she saving money? Otherwise, I can't figure out why? Or should I ask them?" 

"Don't ask! It will hurt the child's self-esteem." Father Gu said. 

"I'll be indirect, do a detour!" 

Mother Gu felt that if the young couple really wanted to take simple pictures, it would be better, but if it was because they had no money, she would feel uncomfortable as a mother. So at the moment, Mother Gu called Jiang Yu. "Hey, taro ball!" 

"Auntie." Jiang Yu still hadn't changed how she addressed Mother Gu. 

Mother Gu didn't mind, she just said, "Well, are you short of money recently?" 

Father Gu: "..." This was what she called a detour? 

Jiang Yu was stunned for a moment, then smiled and said, "No, what's wrong?" 

"Oh! It's like this, I see that your pre-wedding photos are so simple, I'm afraid you don't have enough money to buy a factory. I want to ask you, send me your card number and I'll transfer 5 million to you right away for pocket money, darling." 

"..." Jiang Yu said with a smile: "Auntie, I'm not short of money! I have money, really! We thought Shenda was our common memory, so we went there to take it." 

"Is it really not because of lacking money?" Mother Gu asked. 

"Really not!" 

"Okay, remember to take a good rest, go home to eat when you have time and I'll make soup for you to replenish your body." 

"Okay!" Jiang Yu was amused by Mother Gu. It could be seen that her family life was very smooth, otherwise, life would grind her quirky personality into a smooth and boring one. 


After signing the contract for the purchase of the factory, Jiang Yu directly sent the money to President Chen. After spending 80 million, the savings in her card was much thinner. Fortunately, the balance in the three Tmall stores and one Taobao store was still there. There was a large amount of money when combines, so after withdrawing it to the card, the balance almost back to original thickness. 

In this way, the factory building had completely become Jiang Yu's property. After Bei Xiaoxiao found out, she hugged Jiang Yu and shouted: "People have to pay in instalments to buy a house, but you're good, you bought so many houses and paid the full amount! Also, so many buildings in your house are your private property! You are so rich now, a local tyrant!" 

"How can I be alone!" Jiang Yu smiled: "I heard that your wallet is also full recently?" 

"It's all a small amount of money compared to you. The clothes I designed last time sold well and I earned a little commission!" 

"It's already great!" Jiang Yu patted Bei Xiaoxiao's shoulder and smiled lightly: "Compared to working for others a year ago, this kind of life is simply paradise." 

"That's right!" Bei Xiaoxiao seemed to think of the past, her eyes drifted away and said: "I didn't expect that within a year, you build a career, got married, and got pregnant. You were like an accelerator! You are a black hole, you suck all the good things around you!" 

Jiang Yu was amused by Bei Xiaoxiao's remarks. "Come on! I think you are too idle, so you should find someone as well." 

"Me?" Bei Xiaoxiao hummed, shook her head, and said, "Who wants me?" 

"Be confident!" 

In fact, Bei Xiaoxiao was very good-looking, with a round face and fair skin. Her cheeks were always pink, like natural blush. With the collagen on her face, she looked young. Of course, her temperament was a bit funny. Just from the perspective of appearance, people would like her easily. 

Jiang Yu suddenly had a bold idea in his heart. If I introduce Bei Xiaoxiao to him... After thinking about it, Jiang Yu shook her head. She felt that these two people didn't seem to be able to chat, and it seemed like they couldn't even get along on the road, thinking like this, she expelled this idea from her mind. 

On a day when there was less work in the company, Jiang Yu took several company department leaders to visit the factory together, listened to everyone's opinions, slightly remodelled the factory, re-reinforced the warehouse, and made better fire protection, so that they could be very secure. In the future, no fire would happen, even if it did, it could be put out with water at any time, and all risks could be minimized as much as possible. "The machines have already been ordered. In about a month, all the machines will be in place. By then, the transformation of the factory will be completed. Our winter clothes this year will be produced by our own factory!" 

The department managers were all surprised. They heard that it cost 80 million to buy the factory. They really didn't expect Jiang Yu to be so rich! On the other hand, they felt at ease, this proved that the company was well funded and worth staying on. For a while, they all looked at Jiang Yu with complicated expressions. 

So rich at such a young age! Who says God is fair? God opened the door, did not close the windows, and also opened the back door for some people! Hiks! 


At the same time, Gu Shenliu went to his own investment company. This company was established at the beginning of his career. At that time, he had some spare money in his hand. He was usually busy with filming, had nowhere to spend the money, and had no girlfriend, so he established it. This company was used to find good projects to invest in. Previously, he invested on Pang Jichun's factory with this.
"Mr. Gu, there is a good project here, and it is suitable for you." Manager Liu said. 

Gu Shenliu glanced at the manager, his tone remained the same: "Suitable for me?" He picked up the folder and opened the project book, frowning more and more tightly. 

This project was very interesting. After reading it, he also understood why Manager Liu said that this project was suitable for him to invest in. In fact, it was not him, but this project was very suitable for Jiang Yu. Judging from the report, if this project was really invested, it would only make a profit and no lost, but... 

Manager Liu said at the right time, "I think this project is very suitable for Mrs. Gu. You and Mrs. Gu will invest in partnership, and the result will definitely be a win-win situation." After a pause, "If you need, I can also explain to Mrs. Gu and take her to visit." 

"No need for now!" Gu Shenliu frowned slightly, disliking Manager Liu's overly positive attitude. 

Manager Liu was stunned for a moment, realizing that he was talking too much, so he stopped talking. 

Gu Shenliu took the project book and read it for a long time. The project was a good one, but Jiang Yu was currently pregnant, and the young designer competition was about to start as well. Recently, she and several contestants had been getting extra training with Professor Zhou. Professor Zhou explained to them some of the things they would encounter in the competition. The intention was to prepare their participation, preferably to help the school bring home a trophy. 

"Put it on hold for now!" 

Manager Liu was puzzled, but he didn't dare to ask. He just glanced at Gu Shenliu's face and nodded, "Okay!" 

At the same time, Jiang Yu was busy in the clothing room of the Haute Couture Studio, making ready-to-wear garments for the young designer competition. These ready-to-wear garments would be displayed directly on stage, and would also be broadcast live on Shencheng TV at that time. With an audience of tens of millions, if she could do it well, it would bring her a lot of fame and fortune. If she didn't do it well, it would push her into a bottomless abyss. If the worst happen, probably the Haute Couture studio would not last long. Therefore, she had no choice but to succeed! 

Apart from talent and experience, all Jiang Yu could do was work hard. She couldn't help but put her hands on her belly. She was pregnant, and sometimes she felt sorry for the child from the bottom of her heart. She should take care of herself when she was pregnant, but she had been doing high-intensity work instead. But the young designer competition was about to start, so she had no choice. 

At this moment, the shopping guide of the haute couture studio came in, and she said respectfully: "President Jiang, a guest came outside and indicated that she wanted to see you." 

Jiang Yu frowned slightly: "Didn't you tell her I'm busy for the time being?" 

"Yes, but she indicated that she wanted you to serve in person and said that if you don't see her today, she will wait forever." After the shopping guide finished speaking, she whispered in Jiang Yu's ear, "President Jiang, this woman seems to be a little hostile to you, does she have ulterior motives? You have to be careful, there was a boss who was splashed with gasoline by a rival a few days ago!" 

This sentence made Jiang Yu slightly startled. She raised the corners of her lips, put down the scissors with a light smile, and walked out. She was going to meet this special guest! 

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