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Weibo Big V's Daily Entertainment Circle - Chapter 129 Part 2 of 2

WBVDEV Chapter 129 - Young Designer Competition (1) Part 2

At the same time, the official blog of @Young Designer Competition, which very few people follow on Weibo, suddenly flooded by a group of fans. 

——Why is there no scene map? 

——Ask the editor to broadcast live! 

——No traffic, no TV, please live broadcast the beautiful photos of my Jiang Yu! 

——Begging for live broadcast! 

The editor was flattered, what was going on with these thousands of messages? He suddenly realized that this designer competition was different from the past. Because Jiang Yu and Bo Manrou were tearing each other apart at the beginning, the two attracted a large number of fans. In addition, Jiang Yu had its own fan flow and easily attract hot search. This hot search function had made this competition receive a lot of attention. 

The editor hurriedly reported the matter to the superiors, and this phenomenon attracted the on-site directors of the competition to be more serious. Because they suddenly found out that the fashion channel that originally broadcasted fashion catwalks that no one watched, was likely to usher in the biggest counterattack in history. 

The director not only instructed the people on the scene to do well, but also asked them to give Jiang Yu and Bo Manrou more shots. 

At the same time, on the TV screen, Jiang Yu was standing on the spot making clothes. She was so beautiful, and people couldn't pick out any flaws in her figure. She wore a simple white shirt and tucked it into retro-style light blue high-waisted jeans, revealing her curvy appearance. The long legs and a pair of sneakers on her feet, made her look like a Hong Kong style retro beauty in the 1990s. Not only her clothes and temperament, but her face was like a pictorial girl of that era. Her makeup was exquisite, but not kitsch. She looked fashionable from head to toe but also not blindly cater to the trend. She wore simple and generous clothes, and didn't dress strangely. Her gestures were full of beauty. 

The eyes of all fans started to bubble. 

Oh! This woman is so beautiful! The ability is also very strong, and sometimes she is very offensive when speaking! Mom, I want to be her woman! Enter her harem! 

Of course, Bo Manrou was also very interesting, after all, her aggressive beauty could not be ignored. 

Right now, Jiang Yu seemed to be dissatisfied with the model's makeup. "Your makeup will look dark under the illumination of this white light, and the color of the blush is not right. Let's change it." After that, she just picked up the makeup brush and modify it for the model. 


An hour later, all preparations were completed, and the backstage was busy. Each designer brought their own model, make up and stylist team, and tried to make everything perfect. 

Because it would be shown on TV, Jiang Yu hoped that when her clothes were displayed, it would give people a perfect impression. 

At this moment, Yan Qing came to the stage and gave the opening speech, and then she laughed: "Audience, let's welcome the work of the first designer!" 

"What should I do, taro ball? I'm a little nervous!" Bei Xiaoxiao's design was the first to show. 

In the design of the T-shaped catwalk, the models had already stood on both sides of the backstage opening. Jiang Yu smiled and said, "Don't worry! It will be smooth!" 

The lights on the stage suddenly turned on, and the dazzling lights made the expressions of everyone in the audience a little unreal. 

The models walked to the runway from both sides. They were divided into two teams, passing through the long catwalk, doing various movements, or simply walking to the other end without expression. Under the dynamic music, everyone was staring at these models.

The theme of Bei Xiaoxiao's design was "cocoon", which obviously means breaking the shackles of the cocoon and getting a new life. The design uses many strips of bandages to surround the body layer by layer, making the person seemed to be bound like a cocoon, and at the same time, it had a meaning. The dark color that represented being bound and the bright color that represented breaking the bound were well integrated into a set of clothes. People could feel the designer's thoughts just by looking at the clothes. 

The whole design was remarkable. 

Soon, the show was over, the designers were preparing for the show for several months but it only rook a few minutes to complete the show! 

All the models returned to the base of the catwalk, posing for a photo, looking at the whole scene! 

Then, Bei Xiaoxiao took the microphone and came up to the stage, explaining her intention to design this series: "The reason why I designed this series is because, in this society, everyone is bound by many invisible things, we want to break free, but also can't get rid of these bounds entirely. We can only compromise with the turbidity of dusty things in your own way..." 

Jiang Yu stared at the stage and couldn't help applauding. For a long time, Bei Xiaoxiao stood beside her and she was very inconspicuous, but Jiang Yu knew that her best friend was also very talented. Seeing Bei Xiaoxiao shining on the stage, she was happy from the bottom of her heart. 

The judges looked at each other and gave Bei Xiaoxiao a score. 

Zhou Wenbo smiled: "It's not easy for undergraduates to design such a work, I couldn't help applauding Shenda Fashion Department! Obviously, you will definitely shine in the design world over time, but now, there are still some immature places in your design. However, the design does break the thinking comfortably, which attracts me to applaud you!" 

Jiang Yu heard the words and couldn't help nodding. Zhou Wenbo was in his fifties and was the winner of the Golden Tripod Award. He was very famous in China. He was also a director of the China Fashion Design Association. This designer had also served as a judge for various competitions and had a great say in the fashion circle. 

"What Old Zhou said is correct." Another judge named Li Yuanfeng smiled and said, "It's not easy for a little girl to get to this point at such a young age! It still needs some improvement and you still need someone's guidance to let your design took a new level. But I think this is already very good for your age! By the way, Shenda Fashion Department is getting a lot of attention recently, right?" 

Li Yuanfeng was a professor and doctoral supervisor of a certain university. He often went to international exhibitions and was very famous. 

Zhou Wenbo nodded: "I also heard about it. It is said that there is a famous little girl. I often read about it in the newspapers." 

"Not bad! It is indeed a school where elites gather!" 

These few comments made Shenda University students explode. 

——Haha, what this few old men said makes sense! Our Shenda do indeed gather talents. 

——Miss Bei Xiaoxiao's clothes are not bad, it's remarkable! 

——Come on for Sister Bei! Looking forward to another outstanding Shenda University. I hope you can win the championship and win glory for the school! 

"This time the design is really remarkable! I think your idea is very good, but the clothes can't fully carry your idea!" Zou You laughed. 

This was a star figure in the design world. In terms of qualifications, he was not as good as the first two, but he often appeared on variety shows. It could be said that his fame was greater than his ability. However, he had many fans and everyone loved to see him, so he appeared here. 

The opinions of the three judges were relatively unanimous. 

At the moment, Zhou Wenbo smiled and said, "Then let's rate it?" He first raised the sign with a score of 8.5, and Li Yuanfeng quickly raised it too. He havee 8.7, and Zou You gave 8.3. 

The audience burst into warm applause. 

Although this score was definitely not the highest, but at least it was not ugly. It had already met Bei Xiaoxiao's requirements. She hugged Jiang Yu excitedly and shouted: "Haha! I am satisfied!" 

Jiang Yu laughed and pulled Bei Xiaoxiao off her body. 

Soon, the models for Jiang Wei and Zhou Zhou also came on stage. They usually performed no worse than Bei Xiaoxiao, but this time they were not as good as her. Such a result must be a hopeless for the final. It was slightly disappointing, but still within the acceptable range. After all, as a student, it was good to be able to walk on this stage already. 

After that, Yao Yiyi also came to stage. As soon as she came, the forum of Shenda University was full of discussions. 

——She...isn't she really going to embarrass Shenda? 

——I heard that for money, she conducts sex live broadcasts on the Internet and sells large-scale selfie pictures for 50 yuan per set. 

——Hey! In fact, she used to look pretty good, but she seemed to have plastic surgery, so now she has become weird. 

——She seems to like to bully Jiang Yu-senpai very much, and she often compares with her. However, there is some meaning that her heart is higher than the sky and her life is thinner than paper. 

Yao Yiyi's work was called "The Monologue of Mang", and her model attracted the attention of the audience as soon as she came on stage. This was because the style of Yao Yiyi's outfit was rather grotesque. It was filled with various mismatched clothing styles, a generous Cocoon-shaped coats that can fit two people, or bloated tops that look like balls. To match these clothes, the models’ hairstyles and makeup were also exaggerated. Most of them had short shaggy hair, exaggerated glasses, and all kinds of weird eyeshadows. They walked with empty eyes. 

If just only for the work and not the person, Jiang Yu thought that this design was still a bit interesting. Yao Yiyi seemed to want to express her confused heart through this set of works, which also made the work show a kind of weird aesthetics. This kind of aesthetics itself, Jiang Yu could appreciate, but... 

At the end of the song, Zhou Wenbo took the lead in laughing: "Little girl now really has a lot of ideas, this is another student of Shenda University! In fact, from the design and color matching of the work, what you have done is very interesting, at least you have the mindset of a designer of always breaking the rules, it's just…"

Zhou Wenbo shook his head and smiled, Li Yuanfeng immediately lowered his posture and asked: "Does Old Zhou mean to say that this girl's design is a bit kitsch?" 

"It may be a little too serious to say that, but the shape of her outfit is all trying to get out of the fog of confusion. The tailoring, color matching, and sense of line make me feel it was an attempt for quick success." 

Zou You also joined the conversation: "It's a bit like someone wearing the shell of a college student, she seems to want to disguise, but the disguise is not successful enough!" 

"That's right! You said what I thought, Zou You." Elder Zhou smiled. 

The three seem to have reached an agreement again, and such a cooperative relationship was obviously more pleasant. 

That's right, this was what Jiang Yu wanted to say as well. Yao Yiyi's works looked very good at first glance, but such a maverick design must have a strong mental strength to support it. It could only be controlled by those who were truly pioneers in thinking. Obviously, Yao Yiyi was not one. 

Sometimes, the pen in a designer's hand was like a sword in the hand of a martial arts master. From the moment they started drawing, the pen was their whole world, their strokes draw their hearts and their three views. The patterns and appearance were all reflected inside the design. 

The comments of the three of them made Yao Yiyi's face turn pale. 

Kitsch? Quick success? Someone disguised as a college student? Yao Yiyi seemed to be slapped in public and her face was hot. For a moment, she even felt that everyone at the scene was talking about her, talking about her being beaten as a mistress and having sex with an old man. 

In the end, Old Zhou gave 8.4 points, Li Yuanfeng gave 8.5 points, and Zou You gave 8.4 points. The total score was slightly weaker than that of Bei Xiaoxiao. 

Yao Yiyi ran off the stage as if running away. 

At this moment, Jiang Yu and Bo Manrou were standing on the backstage. 

Looking at each other, Yao Yiyi's eyes were red and she stared at Jiang Yu unwillingly. At this time, three words were written all over her body: "Wait and see!" 

After that, some young designers came to the stage, many of them were in their thirties, but for some reason, Jiang Yu looked down without blinking and was not impressed by these sets of works, which is a pity! Originally, she wanted to take this opportunity to dig some useful talents back. However, these designers have been away from school for a long time. Although they have more experience in making clothes than students, most of their works are stained with worldliness, which makes Jiang Yu very unhappy. 

At this moment, Bo Manrou's work came on stage. 

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