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Weibo Big V's Daily Entertainment Circle - Chapter 126

 WBVDEC Chapter 126 - Take Photos

When Jiang Yu came back after eating, Weibo was full of wolf howls again, and fans were about to cry. There was still a queue on many newsstand, which made passersby wondering if the newsstand was giving away prizes for buying the magazine. Otherwise, queuing to buy magazines was not like the style of the Chinese. 

Jiang Yu smiled and comforted the fans. "It's been reprinted a lot, but it's okay if you can't buy it! You can find the electronic version on the Internet." 

——But I want to collect it! 

——Yes, the taro ball is very beautiful, I really want to collect them. 

——I also want the physical one, the electronic version doesn't feel as nice. 

However, this matter was unsolvable. Fans knew that Jiang Yu couldn't decide this issue, so they collectively went to Jiang Shan's Weibo asking for reprinting. They swiped more than 30,000 comments on Jiang Shan's Weibo. They were not making trouble, but quietly in a soft voice, they asked for the magazine to be reprinted, saying they wanted to buy it. 

Since ancient times, there had been no twice reprinted magazine in China. Jiang Shan was stunned for a moment and was a little unsure. However, Jiang Yu’s fans were so loud, and the magazine was linked to the First Lady of the country, so many passers-by also bought it to read. In this way, there were simply not enough magazines to sell. What about the previous 1.5 million copies printed? Hehe, just like mosquito legs, not much meat! Not enough! 

Of course Jiang Shan wanted to reprint again. After all, the second reprint meant that the magazine sold more than 2 million in a single month. If nothing else, this number would definitely be recorded in the history of the magazine's development, and it would also make her future soar. In this year's magazine industry awards, <VQ> had occupied the best sales award for more than 20 years, but it would definitely be robbed with this sales number! She could end the dominance of <VQ>! Thinking of Anna's darkened face, she could wake up laughing in her dreams! She and Anna had always been at odds with each other, and being able to step on each other under their feet was her and Anna's shared dream! 

But she was not alone in the matter of printing. Thinking of this, Jiang Shan hurriedly called the magazine's superior. "Yes! Fans are clamoring us to reprint more, and there are over 40,000 comments!" 

"Everyone said they wanted it, and many people on Weibo mentioned me saying that they couldn't buy it!" 

"It's not just the fans of Jiang Yu, because some marketing accounts also want to gain the popularity of the First Lady of the country, they all reposted this interview, which greatly increased Jiang Yu's reputation. Along with our magazine's reputation, many passers-by now want magazines! That's right! The previous reprint was not enough still!" 

In the end, Jiang Shan smiled and hung up the phone. The higher up agreed to print another 300,000 copies! Even if doing this was likely to affect the sales of the next issue of the magazine, but she still had no regrets! Jiang Shan had a hunch that this issue of the magazine would become a turning point in her life. 

As a result, <Women's Wear> was reprinted twice for the first time in history! 

Anna, who heard the news, turned black. She regretted it and wanted to vomit blood now. She understood Jiang Shan's methods. To tell the truth, Jiang Shan was no match for her in terms of ability. If she was the one to run this interview, she would definitely give Jiang Yu an 8-page interview and a cover. One million copies would be printed for the first time, and 2 million copies additional later! If she was asked to do it, she would definitely make this incident a success, but it's a pity, she pushed people out by herself! 

If there was any regret medicine in this world, Anna would be the first to buy it! 


That night, Jiang Yu contacted Durres: "Tomorrow happens to be the weekend, there will be fewer people, see you on time?" 

"Okay, brother will arrange the work and take pictures for you tomorrow." Durres sent a smile. 

As Durres fell in love, the chance for the two to meet was less than before, but every JY's photos were taken by him, the two could be regarded as having a revolutionary friendship. 

The next morning, Jiang Yu got up early to do makeup and styling. The clothes she chose early in the morning for herself and Gu Shenliu were all the clothes she found in the closet. She did not choose traditional wedding dresses or suits. She didn't even apply much makeup, Jiang Yu only applied a simple base makeup to herself, some eye shadow and blush, and her complexion already looked better. She put on light lip gloss, and her whole body was filled with a youthful atmosphere.  

Meanwhile Gu Shenliu didn't do anything, thanks to his diligent exercise and body management regime, although Gu Shenliu was in his thirties, his skin was very tight and there was no tendency to sag at all. He required very little maintenance, so even when he didn't wear makeup, the condition was also very good. 

The two walked into the campus holding hands. Durres arrived first. After seeing them, he looked at them for a moment before laughing: "Ouch! You don't even have makeup on, so you are quite confident in yourself." 

"Natural beauty, no need much!" Jiang Yu smiled. Yuan Wei also came to help them with trivial things such as holding the light reflector. 

There were very few people in the morning, so Durres wanted to take pictures of breakfast and the early sun, saying it was more emotional. 

Jiang Yu was wearing a white dress and Gu Shenliu was wearing a white shirt. The two stood in the crowd, feeling like they were back on campus. They stood under the century-old banyan tree in Shenda University. Gu Shenliu stood on the ground, Jiang Yu stood on the flower bed beside the tree and put her hands on Gu Shenliu's shoulders. 

Looking from the camera, the handsome and tall man had a smile on his mouth and a happy face. The woman behind him had a bright smile and a warm expression. Just looking at the photos, even a bystander would feel happiness and love came out of the photo. 

After taking a few pictures, Durres took a look and praised: "Really taro ball, I like to take pictures of you. I hardly need to find an angle and I don't need much post-production. Your face really has no dead ends, so does Old Gu!" 

Old Gu snorted, not knowing Durres well enough to confirm. 

Jiang Yu smiled. Although there were not many people in the morning, there were still deligent students who came out to read in the morning. When they saw them, they were stunned for a while and then chatted among themselves, apparently recognizing the two. 

It was no wonder that Gu Shenliu and Jiang Yu were outstanding alumni of Shenda University. It could be said that the entire Shenda University was grateful to them for winning glory for their alma mater. In addition, Gu Shenliu donated money every year to help poor students. Plus Jiang Yu's recent hit online drama, how could there be students from Shenda University who didn't know the two? 

"Is that Gu Shenliu?" 

"And Jiang Yu?" 

"Yes yes yes! Absolutely them! Omg! What are they taking? Magazine photos?" 

"It won't be a pre-wedding photo, will it?" 

"Pre-wedding photos? The two are indeed planning to get married, but pre-wedding photos can't be so ordinary. They are celebrities, they don't lack money! I think they are shooting the cover of a magazine!" 

The students were very reserved. Although they had recognized the two long ago, they all waited with quality. No one rushed to ask them to sign, nor did they surround them which could hinder their work. 

Yuan Wei looked around and said sincerely: "As expected of a famous university, the quality of the students is higher, so sensible..." 

"I guess they are tired of watching us?" Jiang Yu said with a smile: "After all, Gu Shenliu and I often come to Shenda University. Just like in your film school, wouldn’t it be normal to meet an actor in every corner?" 

During the conversation, students kept taking pictures of the two. 

Afterwards, Jiang Yu took Durres to the playground. After shooting the playground, she went to the boiling water room downstairs in the dormitory, and also went to the empty classroom to take a few pictures. 

During this period, all the onlookers silently followed behind them. 

After the shooting of these scenes, Durres said: "This suit has been shot several times, do you want to change clothes?" 

"No." Jiang Yu smiled and said, "We didn't bring a change of clothes, we can simply take a set of photos." 

"..." Durres laughed. It was the first time he saw such a big-hearted person taking a pre-wedding photo. He pondered: "Then go to the library to shoot the next scene! I think we can wrap up after shooting this scene." 

However, libraries required a library card to enter. 

The librarian glanced at them and said, "Oh, I know you, you are the two outstanding alumni of Shenda University and there are pictures of you on the bulletin board! But this is the rule, if you need to, just call Principal Wen, let Principal Wen guarantee your entry." 

Gu Shenliu called Principal Wen directly. 

When Principal Wen heard about this, he was stunned for a moment: "Your pre-wedding photos were taken at school?" 

Gu Shenliu's voice was low: "Yes, Uncle Wen, Jiang Yu and I don't want to make things too complicated, we just want to take some pictures on campus as a souvenir." 

"Not bad! You are a solid child. I think when I got married, I also went to the photo studio to take a seven-inch photo simply. Although the marriage was simple, the relationship was more sincere than any couple!" After a pause, Principal Wen said. : "Okay, you give the call to the person in charge." 

Soon, the librarian answered the phone, and the four entered the library smoothly. 

They chose the reference library with fewer people. There were only 2 people in it. The 2 students were stunned when they saw them. They covered their mouths excitedly and took out their mobile phones to take pictures of the two.  

Jiang Yu and Gu Shenliu looked at each other, the man smiled and found a bookshelf by the window. 

"Yes, that's it, Gu Shenliu, you stand opposite Jiang Yu, you two can hold the same book." Durres instructed. 

Click click! The shutter was pressed and Durres took several pictures in a row. 

"Change place, Jiang Yu, open the book, Gu Shenliu stands at the end of the corridor and look at Jiang Yu." 

This location was soon finished. The two were professional, so they took pictures very quickly. They almost didn’t need extra guidance. They could always show what Durres wanted. Afterwards, Durres took another photo of them sitting on the table reading a book, and after taking the photo, Jiang Yu raised her head and put the book on her face. 

In short, all the pictures were reproducing the scenes of real students in school. 

After filming this set, Durres was quite satisfied, smiled and said proudly: "Brother can guarantee this pre-wedding photo shoot is absolutely classic!" However, he seemed to think that these scenes were not enough, so he took the two to the basketball court again. 

Although it was a weekend, there were not a lot of people on the basketball court, and the two found an empty seat. 

Gu Shenliu walked to the side and said in a deep voice to the boy who was playing: "Hello, can I borrow a basketball?" 

The boy came over and said with a smile, "Sir, of course you can!" 

Both laughed. 

The boy threw the ball over, Gu Shenliu caught it and made a three-pointer.

Click, click! Durres squinted his eyes with satisfaction: "Not bad, Old Gu! Come again! Let Jiang Yu also play. You surround her from behind and teach her to shoot!" 

"Jiang Yu, come down and stand on the side to watch Gu Shenliu shoot!" 

"Hold hands and laugh at the camera!"

"Come on, the two of you jump, remember to laugh!" 

Durres kept instructing, and then asked the two sit on the ping-pong table to take a few pictures. 

Durres showed Gu Shenliu all the photos one by one. "What do you think?" He raised his eyebrows. 

"You call the shots!" Gu Shenliu never liked to interfere too much with other people's affairs. 

"Then I'll go back at night for a simple color grading process and I'll send it to you for a look at that time!" 

"Okay!" Jiang Yu took Durres' arm and said with a smile: "Hard work, Old Du! Come and drink wedding wine later!" 

"Of course!" Durres glanced at Jiang Yu’s belly and laughed together with Yuan Wei: "You have to invite me when the child is born! Double happiness is coming, you can't drink any!" 

They walked in front, leaving Gu Shenliu to walk behind alone. No one hugs, so much grievance. He snorted coldly, why did he think the picture of Jiang Yu holding someone else's hand was so dazzling? 

In this matter, Jiang Yu seemed to be talking about something interesting, the sun was shining, the temperature was just right, and everyone laughed. 

As soon as they walked out of the basketball court, they saw the little cuties who were watching on the side, walking over weakly, and asked nervously: "Senior, senior, can you sign your name?" 

"Ask for an autograph!" 

"Senior brother and sister are so good! Can you sign your names?" 

Gu Shenliu smiled lightly, stretched out his hand in his pocket, hooked his lips and said, "You are very good at talking!" 

The little girl exploded with excitement and stomped her feet in place. "Senior brother, please sign 'Chen Jiao is a handsome guy'." 



That night, Durres looked for Jiang Yu: "The photo is processed, how should I send it to you?" 

"Send to my email!" 

"It will need to be compressed, so I will copy the original into a CD for you another day." 

"Okay! Thank you!" 

Jiang Yu clicked on the photo Durres sent, but didn't speak for a long time. 

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