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Weibo Big V's Daily Entertainment Circle - Chapter 118

 WBVDEC Chapter 118 - Announcement 

When Jiang Yu was young, she felt that it was a skill to live by herself, but when she got older, she became more and more reluctant to hold grudges against others. Jiang Yu had the soul of a middle-aged person and although she didn’t mind Anna’s arrogance, she didn’t want enmity, coupled with the fact that the other party had a good relationship with Durres, she want to give her a good deal and let <VQ> get this exclusive interview. 

Jiang Yu just didn't expect it would turn out like this. 

Jiang Yu pondered for a moment, <Women's Wear> had been gaining momentum in the past two years. Many designers with individuality had appeared in this magazine. If she accepted the exclusive interview, it was not a drop in price. Besides, the sales of <VQ> were not as good as <Women's Wear>, such a magazine was more in line with her requirements. 

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu asked Zhong Xiaoping to contact Jiang Shan, the editor-in-chief of <Women's Wear>. 


<Women's Wear> editor's office. 

Jiang Shan received a call from her assistant, was silent for a moment, and asked, "Jiang Yu? Is that the Weibo blogger?" 


Jiang Shan was silent for a moment. She had paid attention to this Jiang Yu. She was often mentioned on how much money she could earn per launch, the filming of the popular web drama <Entertainment Circle of Chong Fei>, and the love affair with Gu Shenliu. These made this girl more popular than the first-line celebrities. Besides, the girl was also good-looking. Almost all the clothes in her store were modelled by herself, so Jiang Shan had an impression of her.  

Jiang Shan felt that it was quite good for a young girl to be able to do this! Not to mention her design was really awesome! She had seen the video on the evolution of Chinese's clothing by Jiang Yu. The clothes in the video were quite good. They not only guaranteed the design, but also sold feelings. With Jiang Yu’s design level, it was already more than enough to be in <Women's Wear>, but the other party was starting from Taobao. Although Jiang Yu recently planned to open a haute couture studio, but it was not opened yet, so, in the fashion circle, her level was still relatively low. 

The assistant smiled and said, "It's your own family*! Would you like to chat with her?" (TN: Same Jiang surname.) 

Jiang Shan looked at the electronic layout of the magazine. The content of this electronic version was the next issue of <Women's Wear> magazine, which was basically completed. The only thing missing was one the manuscript. Anna from <VQ> wanted to compete with them as well. 

To ask who was the hottest woman in the country now? It would not be any female star or internet celebrity, it's undoubtedly the First Lady of the country’s designer! The clothing wore by the First Lady of the country had made women all over China discuss the design wildly. Well, the people were particularly concerned about who the First Lady of the country’s designer was. 

Jiang Shan and Anna had been competing for this exclusive interview. Whoever grabs it will stand out in this year's competition. This kind of news was time-sensitive, so it would be too late if they waited for the next issue! Therefore, she told herself that she must get this exclusive interview, but unfortunately so far, no one knew who the designer of the First Lady of the country was. 

"She must be looking for me to be published in our magazine. It stands to reason that she is a person in the entertainment industry and a member Gu Shenliu's studio, so I should give her some face and let her be published in our magazine, but it’s a pity... " Jiang Shan shook her head and said, "I only have one slot left and it is for the main article. This is reserved for the designer of the First Lady of the country. I have fought with Anna for so many years, so I can't take a single wrong step! I can't guarantee that this position can be replaced by her!" 

Jiang Shan was considered very polite, and she was also kind. The assistant had always known that she and Anna had completely different temperaments, so she said: "From the perspective of attention, although Jiang Yu is not necessarily higher than the designer of the First Lady of the country, she is still not too bad. Her fans are very loyal to her, she also has 50 million followers on Weibo! If she just shout a bit, our magazines can be sold out!” 


Jiang Shan wondered: "She has 50 million fans? I haven't paid attention to this." 

"Yes! She just passed 50 million, she is also having a lottery on Weibo in celebration!" said the assistant. 

Jiang Shan stared at the screen for a long time. Although she and Anna were both fighting to grab this interview, so far they didn't even know who the designer was, so how could they grab? Although Jiang Yu as the main article of <Women's Wear> for the first time would be a bit inappropriate, but the little girl had strength and attention. Also, there were so many fans on Weibo, it was not impossible. Instead of waiting for a hopeless thing, let Jiang Yu give it a try, who knew how far she could go in the future! There was no need to offend someone recklessly. 

Thinking of this, Jiang Shan called Jiang Yu directly. 

"President Jiang, hello." 

"Editor Jiang." Jiang Yu smiled and spoke softly. 

Jiang Shan was very polite and said directly: "I have heard about you for a long time and I have always wanted to interview you. Your video impressed me a lot. Now China really lacks designers like you who dare to revive traditional clothing! By the way, I don't know if President Jiang is free tomorrow, our next issue happens to be missing the main article." 

Jiang Yu smiled: "When Editor Jiang invited me, I have to be free even if I don't have time!" 

The two laughed. 

"Then see you tomorrow?" 

"See you tomorrow." 

Jiang Shan was milder than Jiang Yu imagined. 

After hanging up the phone, Jiang Yu turned on the computer. At this time, the press release about her being the First Lady of the country’s designer had been sent to major media and magazines. If there was no accident, soon, calls from all parties who wanted to interview her would come in. She searched the web page and saw that a local newspaper had released the news 2 minutes ago. 

Jiang Yu leaned on the sofa and smiled. The sense of achievement brought to a woman by her career was far greater than that of love, and she couldn't wait to see how everyone's face would look when they know the truth. 


On the other hand, Ji Xiaoqiu was upset by the posts on Tianya. Although she wasn't a brainless fan of Jiang Yu, she really didn't like others to speak ill of Jiang Yu. What did these people do, couldn't they see Jiang Yu's strength? 

However, was the designer of the First Lady of the country really Jiang Yu? 

Ji Xiaoqiu searched the Internet, intending to find the answer from the clues. Who knew, as soon as she searched, a report jumped out. 

[The woman behind the First Lady of the country’s clothes turned out to be her!] 

Ji Xiaoqiu clicked in to take a look, but was so frightened that she stood up from the seat. She saw the source of inspiration for the design of the First Lady of the country’s dresses. For example, the peacock blue dress worn by the First Lady of the country on her visit to the United States was embellished with crystals. According to this report, the inspiration came from stargazing, seeing the splendor of the night sky and the vastness of the universe, the designer finally got such an inspiration. 

Stargazing? Ji Xiaoqiu vaguely remembered that the starry sky kit Jiang Yu put out in the lottery was also inspired by stargazing. Jiang Yu said on Weibo before that Gu Shenliu liked stargazing very much, liked watching the universe, then... 

Ji Xiaoqiu looked down, and finally, saw the name in the report – Jiang Yu! 

"It's really my Jiang!" Ji Xiaoqiu was so excited that she quickly took a screenshot of the report and replied to the post. 

3212th Floor (Ji Xiaoqiu): Haha! Some people are going to be slapped in the face! For example, on the first floor, someone said that if the First Lady of the country’s designer is Jiang Yu, you will commit suicide. Here, open your eyes and see clearly! The report is out! The designer of First Lady of the country is really Jiang Yu! This series of designs that have been praised by everyone recently is all made by Jiang Yu herself! 

3213rd Floor: Is it? Really? 

3214th Floor: I looked at the screenshot upstairs, it seems to be true! OMG! What a slap in the face! How ridiculous! Thousands of people sing badly about Jiang Yu here, so she probably has also seen this post, right? That's why shereleased the press release directly, she didn't want to be plagued by rumors. 

3215th Floor: Oh, some old people from the end of the world, don't bet on the suicide! 

3216th Floor: I saw the report, it said that Jiang Yu refused the request at first, which is amazing! Actually refused! 

3217th Floor: God! I am in awe of this girl! Don’t you think that this girl's force is going up all of a sudden? It seems to have suddenly become taller, the designer of the First Lady of the country! This title is enough for her to eat for three generations! 

For a time, countless people flooded into the post, and everyone was stunned by the sudden news. 

Was the designer of the First Lady of the country really Jiang Yu? How was this possible! Jiang Yu was only 21 years old and a junior in college! How could she be a designer for the First Lady of the country? 

3233th Floor: Is this news fake? How can someone so young design a mature woman's clothes? Too fake, right? 

3234th Floor: Nothing is impossible upstairs! You think only children can design children's clothing? Aren’t you too funny? 

The news quickly spread to Weibo. 

On a hot day, netizens were lying dead at home. As a result, when they saw the news, they were bombed out, flooded into Jiang Yu's Weibo, and left messages on the recent lottery Weibo. 

——Taro Ball! My awesome taro ball! I am so honored that I have such an awesome idol! 

——The designer of the First Lady of the country? Certainly not the usual way! 

——I said there is a shadow of Jiang Yu! 

——OMG! The First Lady of the country looked for Jiang Yu after watching the video. This is really a once in a lifetime chance! 

——66666! Great! I love you to death! The First Lady of the country’s clothes are so beautiful! Thank you for honoring our country!
——Yeah, the clothes designed by Jiang Yu gave us more face! Hahaha! 

At the same time, the news also reached Shenda University. Originally, Teacher Zhou didn’t tell the principal about it this issue, but the principal called him when he got the news. 

Teacher Zhou smiled and said, "It was indeed made by Jiang Yu." 

"Then why didn't you tell me?" The principal was surprised. If he knew about such a big thing, he would have cared more about Jiang Yu in advance. One could imagine how much psychological pressure this little girl must have when receiving this matter! 

"It's alright, Principal, she can handle it. Look, didn’t she do a good job? I want to congratulate the Principal..." 

"Congratulations?" The principal laughed: "I think you should congratulate yourself! Professor Zhou, your students are getting better and better each year!" 

Teacher Zhou smiled: "Congratulations to the Principal, Shenda has another outstanding alumni." 

The two chatted a few more words, and the principal said: "Cunguang, I initially didn't have any hope of the young designer competition in September, but now the situation is different, Jiang Yu's design ability is recognized by even the First Lady of the country, it could be seen that this time there would be a good chance of winning the championship, I hope you will lead the team well and strive to win glory for the school!" 

"Yes, Principal!" 


The news was announced, and the employees of JY Company were all excited. They could finally announce it to the outside world, they could finally brag to their relatives and friends, they were the employees of the First Lady of the country’s designer! 

At the same time, Yao Yiyi was lying on the sofa at home. Since the last incident, she had been recuperating at home. Her live broadcast account was closed. Her relatives all knew that she was beaten by the legal wife, so she couldn't raise her head at all. Because of this, she hadn't been out. The sound of the TV was very noisy, but she was distracted for a moment and no longer indulged in the bad mood. 

Suddenly, the host on the TV said: "It turns out that the First Lady of the country's designer is a junior student from the Fashion Department of Shenda University." 

Shenda University Fashion Department? A junior? wouldn't that be her classmate? Yao Yiyi was stunned for a moment, she straightened her body and stared at the TV. Then she saw Jiang Yu's face suddenly appear on the TV. 

Jiang Yu in the photo had fair skin, three-dimensional facial features, and a high nose bridge. Her beauty looked a bit mixed-race, the kind of beauty that could be seen even with high myopia. Her beauty was very straightforward! She had an outstanding temperament, delicate, and clean makeup. She also looked very good with orange lipstick. 

This kind of appearance slammed into Yao Yiyi's eyes without warning. Jiang Yu's beauty was very straightforward. Even if Yao Yiyi really hated this face, she had to admit that Jiang Yu was indeed beautiful. A sour emotion poured into her, Yao Yiyi was trembling with anger. She bit her lips without noticing until she smelled blood, only then she regained her senses and looked at the TV again. 

On TV, Jiang Yu had a bright smile and calm self-control, which was exactly what Yao Yiyi hated. 

Yao Yiyi turned off the TV, pinched her fingernails into the sofa, her body trembled and her lips trembled. She didn't understand why she would be so angry just after watching news related to Jiang Yu. When she ruined her life in order to be famous, Jiang Yu not only made money all along, but she also became the designer of the First Lady of the country. 

"Yiyi, why are you crying?" Yao Mother asked. 

Yao Yiyi let her tears flow down, she suddenly showed a firm look, and choked: "Mom! I'm not reconciled! I'm not reconciled to lose like this! I'm not reconciled to fall like this! I'm going to participate in the Young Designer Competition! I can't let this bitch win the championship so easily!" 

Seeing Yao Yiyi cheering up, Yao Mother was overjoyed, and hurriedly said: "My daughter is the best! As long as you are willing to participate, you will definitely be the first!" 

Yao Yiyi blushed, gritted her teeth and said, "Jiang Yu, just wait and see! I won’t let any one of us have a better life!" 


"Editor-in-chief Anna." An assistant walked in and carefully checking Anna’s expression, as if she was afraid that she would go mad. 

"What's wrong?" 

The assistant swallowed: "I just received two messages, which one do you want to listen to?" 

"Which one?!" The witch Anna frowned, obviously displeased: "Just speak one by one! Pick the important ones first." 

"Important?" The assistant thought for a while and said, "The designer of the First Lady of the country has been announced, now all netizens know about her." 

"What?" Anna looked surprised and asked in disbelief, "What did you say? Announced? Who is it? Tell me!" She said happily. This was great! As long as she knew the person, she could definitely invite this person to <VQ> with her years of contacts in the industry! 

"Tell me who that person is! I'm going to invite her now!" Editor-in-chief Anna said impatiently. 

The assistant swallowed and her eyes narrowed. 

"Why are you talking hesitantly today?!" Anna blamed. 

The assistant bravely shouted, "It's Jiang Yu!" 

The office was silent for a few seconds. 

"What?" Anna asked in disbelief, "Who are you talking about?" 

"Jiang Yu! It's Jiang Yu, the one who was looking for you before. You treated her very badly last time, but she still came back, probably because of Durres's face. I think she wanted to give the opportunity for an exclusive interview to you, but she probably didn't expect that your attitude towards her would be unfriendly! You directly drove her away!" 

Anna's heart sank. The designer of the First Lady of the country was Jiang Yu? The one with Taobao store? How was this possible! Shouldn't such an important position be given to an experienced designer? This kind of green onion could get this opportunity? No! Impossible! There was absolutely no way she could have misjudged, that Jiang Yu did not have this strength! She was baby level in the fashion world! 

"Did you read it wrong?" Anna asked in disbelief. 

"No way, Editor-in-chief! The manuscripts are all out! People clearly say that the designer is Jiang Yu! If it is related to the First Lady of the country, who dares to joke around just for hype?" the assistant said. 

Only then did Anna realize that the news was true. No matter how much she looked down on Jiang Yu, the First Lady of the country’s designer she admired was really her! 

If she knew it earlier... However, after all, Anna was the devil of fashion. If this matter knocked her down, it would be a waste of her so many years of experience in this industry. Anna calmed down and pondered: "Linda! Go! Help me call Durres! Contact Jiang Yu! I must get this interview! Don't let Jiang Shan snatch her away!" 

However, the assistant has not moved. 

"Why are you still not moving?" Anna frowned. 

"Editor-in-chief, as I said just now, I have two pieces of news to tell you. The other news is that Jiang Yu has been confirmed by Editor-in-Chief Jiang Shan! That is to say, if there is no accident, Jiang Yu will be in the next issue of <Women's Wear> as the cover and main article." 


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  2. Retribution. As I mentioned earlier - you don't "test" people by having a bad attituted. You're just being bi*chy. And karma bites back


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