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Weibo Big V's Daily Entertainment Circle - Chapter 122 Part 2 of 2

 WBVDEC Chapter 122 - Pregnancy (2)

"Japan?" Jiang Yu was stunned for a moment, "What do international students want?" 

"No! It is said that Japanese netizens thought the beauty cream was amazing, so they asked her to buy it. It was bought by Japanese netizens in a group, that's why they asked for discounts!" Zou Xiaoyu saw Jiang Yu's fascination and said, "President Jiang, I think it's okay. Because sending out so many bottles are easily taxed, so we can give them a cheap price to make them feel comfortable. Maybe they can help promote the beauty cream and make the beauty cream popular in Japan!” 

Jiang Yu smiled and took a sip of coffee before saying, "You decide for yourself! But it can't be too low. Or else, later there will be a problem on why local people buy it at full price, but it is cheaper for foreigners? If Chinese fans know about it, everyone will think we are unfair." 

Zou Xiaoyu was stunned for a moment, pondering Jiang Yu's words carefully. "What do you mean……" 

"Give discounts, but not too many. Good things are hard to find! We go to Japan to buy things, do you think they will be cheaper because we buy more? The strength of discounts is limited! We must have confidence in our products! " 

After a pause, Jiang Yu said, "Just give a 10% discount! If they agree, they can take. If not, forget it!" 

"Okay!" Zou Xiaoyu smiled: "I'll reply right away." 

This incident had given Jiang Yu new inspiration. She had been controlling public opinion and navy in China, but had never thought of controlling public opinion in Japan and South Korea. Although the cosmetics and skin care products in these two countries were already very good, and the local people also bought less foreign products, but this was not absolute. If a single product such as beauty cream could really enter the Southeast Asian market, it would also improve her brand's competitiveness. Thinking of this, Jiang Yu thought of giving this matter to her subordinates to follow up further.


When the school was about to start, all the work of the anniversary promotion had entered the final stage. For some orders with problems, it was time to return and it is time to refund. All customers were satisfied. 

With the success of the anniversary promotion, all employees received tangible rewards, many of whom had even received bonuses of more than 10,000 yuan. The designers earned the most money. 

The atmosphere of the company was very good. Bei Xiaoxiao got a lot of money because of several designs that were sold well. She hugged Jiang Yu excitedly and kissed several times: "Taro Ball! I love you! My mother heard that I made so much money and said she will come to Shencheng another day to thank you!"
Jiang Yu had never met Bei Xiaoxiao's mother. Hearing this, she smiled and said, "Auntie is too polite. What thanks should be said in our relationship?" 

"Oh! Do you think my ancestors burned high incense for me to have friends like you?" Bei Xiaoxiao hugged Jiang Yu and acted like a spoiled child. 

"Okay! Hurry up and get busy! School is about to start, so finish the work you need to do before that." Jiang Yu said with a smile. 

Bei Xiaoxiao asked curiously, "Have you finished the works for the Young Designers Competition?" 

"Almost." Jiang Yu said truthfully: "It's already at the finishing stage." 

"So fast! I have to hurry up!" After Bei Xiaoxiao said this, she hurriedly ran out. 

Jiang Yu smiled and sat down to start working on the design for the Young Designers Competition. Unlike ordinary competitions that were divided into preliminary competitions, semi-finals, and finals, the Young Designers Competition was generally divided into preliminary competitions and finals. The preliminary competition was generally based on only design drawings. After the finalists were selected, the contestants would bring their ready-made clothes to the finals, and the judges would select the winners. That was to say, the garments made by Jiang Yu would be displayed directly. 

However, this competition was a bit different from the past, because a Zhejiang clothing brand sponsored the competition, and the competition would be broadcast live on TV. In order to ensure that there was something to watch when it was broadcast, the sponsor required another round for the competition, that was to say, the ready-made clothes brought would decide the finalists, and then they would go through another round of creation before finally selecting the champion. 

Jiang Yu was not afraid of these, but everything couldn't be taken lightly. She heard that because the competition would be broadcast on TV, many foreign designers had returned from abroad to participate in the competition in order to win the attention of the public. This also led to the competition standard being much more difficult. 

"President Jiang, have you ever thought about quitting the competition?" Zhong Xiaoping came over and asked. 

"Quit?" Jiang Yu was slightly startled, obviously surprised. 

"Yeah, after all, you are already very famous now. The title of the First Lady of the country's designer is been enough for you to spend for many years. If you go to participate in the competition at this time and lose, then..." 

Zhong Xiaoping's meaning was obvious. Once Jiang Yu lose the top winner, even if she won the runner-up, everyone would still question her ability. It could be seen from sports events that many Chinese people only recognized the champion. If she couldn't win the top prize, everyone's recognition of the Haute Couture Studio would definitely decline, which would directly affect the business in the store, affect everyone's views on Jiang Yu, and even affect the business of the online store. 

A person standing on the altar, once fell, would fall badly. Zhong Xiaoping didn't want to see such a scene. 

"I understand what you mean." Jiang Yu's expression did not change, she walked to window, her eyes narrowed and said: "But fear of difficulties is not my style. It's just a competition, I have no reason to be afraid of challenges for the sake of stability. For a designer, once we choose to compromise, it means stepping back, which I cannot tolerate!" 

Zhong Xiaoping was stunned for a moment, she suddenly felt a little embarrassed, she used worldly eyes to speculate on Jiang Yu, but she never thought that Jiang Yu was different from other people. "President Jiang, I support you!" 

Jiang Yu glanced at Zhong Xiaoping, raised her lips slightly, and smiled. 


School was about to start. Knowing that Jiang Yu would be busy, Mother Gu asked Jiang Yu to go home with Gu Shenliu for a family dinner. 

Mother Gu cooked a few dishes herself and set up a table of food. It was summer evening and night was much cooler than day. Mother Gu made the decision, moved the dining table to the garden, and took out the barbecue grill. The three sons were ordered to grill and barbecue, Father Gu kept his eyes on Xiao Q, while Mother Gu and Jiang Yu were in charge of skewering. 

"It's good to have more sons, you can use it at will!" Mother Gu said with a smile. 

Jiang Yu laughed: "Each of these three people is at the level of male gods, others will definitely not imagine that they are slaved at home like this." 

"In fact, when I was lurking in Shenliu fan group, I often heard them say that Gu Shenliu is a male god. Haha, these little girls can easily take the role of comedian, in fact, stars are still human beings, aren't they?" Mother Gu smiled. 

Mother Gu skewered some shrimp and put them on the barbecue. Soon, the shrimp gave off a nice burnt smell. Jiang Yu smelled it and felt her appetite increasing. It was strange that her appetite had improved a lot recently. 

Soon, a plate of barbecue was ready. There were grilled mushrooms, grilled shrimp, grilled scallops, grilled abalone, and grilled corn. 

Jiang Yu swallowed and said with a smile, "Eat them all! Xiao Q, this is your favorite grilled corn!" After speaking, she handed the grilled corn to Xiao Q. 

Xiao Q bared his teeth and smiled: "Thank you, hehe!" 

"Good!" Jiang Yu squinted and smiled. Children were so soft and glutinous. She never thought about marriage in her previous life, but she always wanted to have a child of her own. When she saw a child, she liked them from the bottom of her heart. 

"You, you really love Xiao Q! Look at the clothes you designed for him. There are so many pieces. He wakes up every morning and he doesn't like to wear the clothes I bought. He has to wear something designed by his aunt!" Mother Gu squinted and smiled. 

"Xiao Q looks so cute, everyone likes him!" 

The two smiled and brought all the barbecues to the table. Mother Gu poured wine for everyone. She raised the red wine glass and said with a smile: "Come on, let's have a drink!" 

Jiang Yu picked up the wine and was about to drink it, but was stopped by a hand stretched out beside her. She was stunned for a moment and looked over in puzzlement. 

Gu Shenliu took Jiang Yu's red wine glass, poured her a glass of boiled water, and said in a deep voice, "You drink this." 

"Ah?" Jiang Yu was really puzzled. They had been together for so long, but Gu Shenliu had never shown a tendency to be controlling. He usually cooked and washed clothes. How could he be so obsessed with a glass of wine? 

Mother Gu couldn't stand it anymore! How could she gave birth to such a son like Gu Shenliu! He told Jiang Yu to kneel at home to mop the floor and clean the house, but he didn't even feel bad for his wife. Now, the controlling tendency was getting more and more powerful. He even had to refuse Jiang Yu drinking a glass of wine. 

"I said Shenliu, it's not right for you to do this! Taro Ball was just drinking a glass of wine, what's wrong with it? You can drink why she can't?" Mother Gu rolled her eyes. 

"That's right!" Gu Linlu also protected Jiang Yu: "Xiao Jiang is not an underage, so drinking a glass of red wine is not illegal." 

"Yes! Drink some red wine for beauty." Gu Lingxiao said. 

Father Gu also spoke: "She need to get used to drinking wine, this way she won't suffer when she is outside!" 

Seeing that everyone was protecting her Jiang Yu was a little embarrassed. 

Over there, Gu Shenliu, who was besieged by everyone, casually poured Jiang Yu's glass of red wine into his own glass and said: "She can't drink." 

"Can't drink? Taro ball, are you allergic to alcohol?" Mother Gu asked with concern. 

Jiang Yu shook her head. When she had no inspiration, she sometimes smoked and drank, she didn't notice any allergies. 

Gu Shenliu calmly held Xiao Q on his lap, lowered his head, and asked Xiao Q in a low voice: "Xiao Q, would you like little brother or little sister?" 

Xiao Q was worthy of being a malleable talent, he said sweetly at the moment: "As long as it is uncle's baby, whether it is male or female, Xiao Q likes it." 

The expressions of the people at the table were petrified, and their bodies were stiff. 

Xiao Q ran into the house and ran out again, he took a model car and happily stuffed it in Jiang Yu's hand. He lied his head on Jiang Yu's stomach and was listening for a long time. He narrowed his eyes and asked in a crisp voice: "Auntie, this is my welcome gift for little brother! When will little brother come out? Quickly give birth so he can play with Xiao Q!" 

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