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Weibo Big V's Daily Entertainment Circle - Chapter 116 Part 1 of 2

 WBVDEC Chapter 116 - Resolve (1)

Zhang Meifeng was dumbfounded, she couldn't recover from the live broadcast screen for a long time. How could it be possible?! She clearly observed just now that there was no one in this room! But now... It was nor good! How could there be a mobile phone and a live broadcast! Jiang Yu was cheating! She did this intentionally to piss her off! How dare she do this to her! 

Zhang Meifeng was trembling with anger, she pointed at Jiang Yu and scolded: "You are so despicable! How dare you treat your mother like this! Are you still human? But so what if you broadcast live? I am your mother, so you should listen to what I say!" 

——Taro Ball Dada, this kind of parents, we also don’t want it! Get them out now! 

——I know it! There are still such parents! 

——I feel distressed about Taro Ball! Kick them out and we will never say anything to you. 

Jiang Yu looked at Zhang Meifeng and Jiang Daquan coldly. It was a last resort. She definitely didn't want to make her private life public and she didn't want to be seen as a joke. She really wanted to keep it private, but Zhang Meifeng was a ticking time bomb. This time bomb was going to explode one day. Zhang Meifeng thought she could hold her, use this as a handle, but how could she be held by anyone? She didn't want this name, she didn't want this life, she didn't want to be threatened, she wouldn't be sucked up by this group of blood-sucking leeches! So she simply made it public! 

These guys wouldn't get enough! If this hidden danger was not lifted, Jiang Yu wouldn't be safe in the future! Long pain was worse than short pain! That's all she could do. 

Now that the trouble broke out, Jiang Yu's goal had been achieved. She simply didn't say a word, she let Zhang Meifeng make a fuss and roll around. Zhang Meifeng refused to leave, Jiang Yu pushed them out the door, locked the door, while she and Gu Shenliu went back to Xiang Song Garden. 

Zhang Meifeng stood at the back, watching Jiang Yu ride away in the ten million sports car. She and Jiang Daquan looked at each other.


Zhang Meifeng returned to the hotel in defeat. Jiang Jie saw her, frowned and asked, "Mom, why are you back? I saw the online video and now netizens are scolding Jiang Yu, why didn't you take the opportunity to live in her house?" 

Zhang Meifeng glanced at her, but said nothing, Jiang Daquan sighed and said: "Jiang Yu went live!" 

"Live?" Jiang Mingxuan asked back, "What do you mean? What is she doing live?" 

Zhang Meifeng had an unhappy expression on her face, and she said after a long while, "She just broadcasted the words your dad and I said to netizens!" 

"What did you say?" Everyone was taken aback. If Zhang Meifeng's words were known, wouldn't it be bad? 

"I said what we want, let Mingxuan be the general manager to manage the company, let Jiang Yu give Mingxuan 20 million, and give Jiang Jie Jiang Lan 5 million! That's all!" 

Jiang Jie and Zhao Chenglei's expressions sank. If Zhang Meifeng said all these words, how could netizens still stand by them? 

"Mom, why do you speak regardless of the occasion!" Jiang Jie blamed. 

"That's right, Mom! Why don't you use your brain?" Jiang Lan was also angry. 

Who were they angry with? This was unpredictable! If Zhang Meifeng could do this, they would have nothing to worry about eating and drinking for the rest of their lives! In the countryside of a small county, they could earn at most one or two thousand a month, but the housing price in the county was also not low, approaching six hundred thousand, how much could they earn in a lifetime? What was the achievement? 

But it's different now, the chance of a pie in the sky waz right in front of them, as long as Zhang Meifeng could handle Jiang Yu, they could become rich people! They would be able to be the best! They could buy a villa in the county or buy a facade! If they were short of money in the future, they could always ask Jiang Yu for it! 

But Zhang Meifeng waz so stupid! Stupid enough to let all netizens knew about this! 

"How would I know she's live streaming? I thought it was just us! Gu Shenliu also came, and when I saw him, I asked for 20 million betrothal gifts! It was all broadcasted live! How can I talk to him now? How can I talk to the media to sue and ask Jiang Yu to give money!" 

This made everyone look sad. 

"What can we do?" Wen Wen was about to cry, she said angrily: "If she really doesn't give a penny, how can Mingxuan and I get married! Mingxuan has spent all the money and my mother will definitely not allow me to marry Mingxuan!" 

As soon as the matter involved the only golden grandson of the Jiang family, Zhang Meifeng became anxious. "Wait, I'll find a way!" 

At this time, Jiang Lan, who had been silent for a while, suddenly said, "Mom, why don't we do this..."


Jiang Yu knew that these people would make trouble again, so after returning home, she simply posted the video she recorded when she went home for the new year on the Internet. On the video, Zhang Meifeng rolled her eyes and bluntly said that she did not want Jiang Yu as a daughter. She were trying to force Jiang Yu to marry the fool Zhang Zhi, and signed a letter of severing the mother-daughter relationship on the spot, saying that she would never find Jiang Yu again. 

Jiang Yu didn't say anything else. She had strong self-esteem. It was one thing to do things, but she never wanted to incite everyone to discuss and pay attention to her private affairs.

As soon as this video was released, the Internet was completely blown up! Jiang Yu's private affairs became breaking news. Everyone watched Zhang Meifeng like a dog blood TV drama, regarding Jiang Yu as a cash cow, not recognizing her own daughter but only her money. Such a person refreshed the three views of netizens and made everyone gather at Jiang Yu's Weibo. 

When the first unfilial claim was raised, they wanted to see how she replied, but Jiang Yu didn't say a word and directly started a live broadcast to let everyone see Zhang Meifeng's true face and then posted this video. Netizens watched the video and exploded, this video had a very strong sense of substitution, especially for the girls, when they saw Zhang Meifeng said those words, they all trembled with anger. 

——Taro Ball! If I were you, I would really cut these defective products with a knife!  

——I feel sorry for you! My taro ball! Don't say anything else, I went to your store to place an order for more than 1,000 yuan, I support you! 

——I will give you a reward of 1000 for this articles. Let’s not talk about it, use it to buy some fruit to calm down your mood. 

——My taro ball! They are really not worth it for you. I hope this will not arouse the dissatisfaction of the Gu family or affect your marriage. 

——Just for 100,000 yuan they would do such a thing? I can't believe it! 

Who knew, at this moment, Mother Gu saw this video. She was so angry that she trembled, pointed to the video and said to Father Gu: "Husband! How can there be such a parent in the world! I have three stinky boys and even then I can't bear them to feel pain, if I have a daughter, I will really protect the delicate girl lest she would get hurt easily! Do you think these people have something wrong with their brain? " 

"..." Father Gu put down the business magazine, which was the page where Jiang Yu was interviewed. He hummed: "Right! It's not right to prioritize sons over daughters and it's not right to prioritize daughters over sons. What's wrong with our sons? Don't be prejudiced like Zhang Meifeng!" 

Mother Gu was still so angry that she immediately posted on Weibo: "[@Stylist Jiang Yu your mother doesn't love you, it doesn't matter, you will marry into our Gu family in the future and I will love you, it just so happens that I don't have a daughter, so you can by my girl!" 

——This is not good Mother Gu, she is a daughter-in-law! How could you make a lover relationship into sibling! 

——Haha, Mother Gu is so warm! Who said that wealthy mother-in-laws are fierce? 

——Mother Gu is so good! We will give let taro ball be in your care! 

——Hey, I used to disapprove of Jiang Yu marrying Gu Shenliu, but now I look at it, I think it’s pretty good. Mother Gu is so loving, she can finally warm Jiang Yu. 

Jiang Yu smiled when she saw Mother Gu's Weibo, and reposted it back: "Although I am not your own daughter, I will definitely be filial to you." 


"Drink a cup of warm milk." Gu Shenliu brought a cup of milk to Jiang Yu. 

"Thank you." Jiang Yu frowned, "I don't think they will let it go." 

After all, it was Jiang Yu's family quarrel, so Gu Shenliu was not able to talk too much, otherwise it would appear that he was very narrow-minded as a man. Besides, he couldn't get in on the bickering between women, but he had a principle that no one could bully Jiang Yu, if Jiang Yu was not happy, no one should be happy! 

"What are you going to do?" 

Jiang Yu pondered: "I have evidence to refute her, but I'm afraid that the media's wind direction will be difficult to control and I'm also afraid that several gossip accounts on Weibo will get involved." After a pause, she added: "I need to buy navy troops to lead the trend, as long as we master the media, we will have the first opportunity." 

Gu Shenliu snorted and took out a folder from the drawer and handed it to Jiang Yu. "Have a look!" 

Jiang Yu opened it and looked, the more she looked the more surprised she became. She couldn't believe it, "All these gossip accounts on Weibo belong to your studio?" 

Gu Shenliu said solemnly: "When Weibo was first established, our studio was already operating resources in this area. Now we control many gossip accounts, and many Big V accounts are also the trumpets of our company's people. It's still easy to control the trend of Weibo!" 

Jiang Yu was fascinated, suddenly smiled, and said: "Then I want to ask Mr. Gu, as one of the studio's artist, am I eligible to use the company's resources?" 

"Just artist may not be able to enjoy it." Gu Shenliu possessed Jiang Yu, kissed her milky lips, and hummed, "But as Mrs. Gu, you will be qualified!" 

Jiang Yu smiled and kissed Gu Shenliu back. 


The next morning, Jiang Yu went to the company early. Who knew that when she walked to the door of the company, she saw Zhang Meifeng lying at the door of the company. No matter which employee came over, she would cry and cry: "Everyone, come and see! Jiang Yu doesn't even recognize her own mother! This kind of person should be shot! She lives in a mansion, eats well and dresses well, but she makes her own mother poor and let her live on the street! You say, how could there be such a wolf-hearted person?" 

The employees who came and went were frightened and rushed into the company. 

When Zhang Meifeng saw one of them, she would grab, cried a lot, and scolded Jiang Yu before giving up. It was working hours, and the employees were embarrassed to death when they saw this scene. Jiang Yu was very generous and was good to her own employees. It was conceivable that she must be good to her family. They did not believe that Jiang Yu was such a person. 

"I saw the live broadcast last night!" Zou Xiaoyu frowned and said, "Auntie, don't ruin President Jiang's reputation again! Everyone knows that you sold President Jiang when she was a child and later you sold her for 100,000 yuan just to get dowry gift, you wanted to sell her to a fool as a wife! Do you know that your behavior is illegal? If you don’t leave, our company can only call the police!” 

"Call the police?" In Zhang Meifeng's imagination, Jiang Yu never dared to make a big issue. She was the one who could call the police. She had to call the police and let the police arrest Jiang Yu! "You report it! I'll see who the police will arrest!" She simply blocked the door, not allowing anyone to enter the company. 

Jiang Yu got out of the car and saw a group of people surrounding the door of the company from a distance. She walked over with a blank face and saw Zhang Meifeng lying on the ground with her hair scattered and her clothes torn with many holes, looking like a beggar. 

Zhang Meifeng looked proud. She didn't believe that Jiang Yu waz shameless, she was dressed like this, Jiang Yu could never treat her as air! 

"President Jiang!" Everyone shouted. 

Jiang Yu nodded, looked at Zhang Meifeng on the ground, and said coldly, "Stand up!" 

Zhang Meifeng was stunned for a moment, then said: "I won't stand! If you want me to go, give me the money first!"  

Right at this moment, a bunch of reporters ran over. Zhang Meifeng saw it and waved to them quickly, and said happily: "Reporter, I'm here! Come see how my daughter treats me!" 

The reporters all gathered around and frantically took pictures of Zhang Meifeng. She cried: "You reporters must help me write well! Write all the evil deeds of Jiang Yu! Expose Jiang Yu's true face! Let everyone know about her virtue!" 

The reporters gave Zhang Meifeng a complicated look. 

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  1. Wen Wen’s family is also crap (but so is she, so…). I understand why they object to her marrying the loser JMX, but they’re ok with it as long as they get a bride price. But if they don’t get any money, they’re taking her away to…what? Be a single mom? Is that credible leverage? It’s not like he couldn’t potentially get other women pregnant in the future…he’s actually quite young.


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