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Weibo Big V's Daily Entertainment Circle - Chapter 114 Part 1 of 2

 WBVDEC Chapter 114 - Entanglement (1)

Jiang Yu glanced at the group of people, and the natural expressions on their faces made her feel ridiculous from the bottom of her heart! Where did Zhang Meifeng get her confidence, she opened her mouth and told her to pass the house to Zhuang Zhuang, and said that her child was a foreigner!

Jiang Yu's face was gloomy and her eyes were cold. To be honest, she didn't have the slightest affection for the original owner's family. Maybe she would be sad when facing this kind of thing, but for her, it felt like a waste of time to say a word to these people. A gang of leeches that only know how to suck blood! 

In addition to the pain of being stung, was there any need for their existence? However, it was still necessary to deal with it, otherwise, a pot of milk will be ruined by a drop of poison. Also the power of little thing like bed bugs still shouldn't be underestimated.

Jiang Yu said in a low voice, "Let my house be left to your grandson? Why don't you let Jiang Jie's house and car be left to your grandson?"

Zhang Meifeng was taken aback by Jiang Yu's question. Yes! She thought so too! But her son-in-law Zhao Chenglei was still there, how dare she say this? Besides, Jiang Jie didn't always listen to everything.

Zhang Meifeng rolled her eyes, not wanting to offend Zhao Chenglei, so she said: "Jiang Yu, Jiang Jie is not as rich as you! You have so much money, so you should help your natal family! No matter where you put it, it makes sense! Could it be that you are eating big fish and meat by yourself, but you want your brother's family to live in the countryside suffering? There's no such thing! Besides, I heard that you have hundreds of millions worth of properties? So what if you put out tens of millions? This amount of money is nothing to you! How can you be so stingy? As long as you put a few pieces of clothes on the Internet, you can make a lot of money, unlike us, working hard for a year is not as good as you making money in a day!"

Zhang Meifeng had already calculated, "Let's do it! Mom don't want too much, you give your brother 20 million, and each of your sisters 5 million!"

Jiang Jie and Jiang Lan looked at each other and nodded reluctantly. They were definitely dissatisfied with this figure. 5 million was a drop in the bucket for Jiang Yu's net worth, because Jiang Yu had several hundred million! So much money to only give them 5 million? However, Jiang Yu's relationship with them had not eased yet, so they couldn't ask for too much at once. They would ask for it slowly in the future.

Jiang Jie reluctantly smiled and said: "Although 5 million is not much, we are not greedy! We only get back what we deserve!"

"Deserve?" Jiang Yu suddenly showed a saint like smile. She told herself not to be angry, the existence of these trash people was not without benefits! At the very least, it could be an eye-opener to see that there were still these shameless people in this world!

Jiang Yu raised the corners of her lips and smiled: "Since when did my money have anything to do with you? 5 million?"

The faces of everyone present instantly turned black.

Jiang Jie was not happy anymore, and said in a very aggressive tone: "Jiang Yu! Don't be ashamed! You think I don't know? You helped Yu Hong's family sell more than 200,000 eggs and chickens, and let Yu Hong's two sons made a lot of money! They also opened Taobao stores and can earn 40,000 to 50,000 yuan a month. Speaking of which, isn't because you help them behind the scenes?! You can even help outsiders, why can't help your own siblings?"

The more Jiang Jie spoke, the more angry she became, as if Jiang Yu was a rebellious and wicked person!

"That's right!" Jiang Lan's face suddenly turned cold, and her face was gone. "You are too cold! You don't even help your sisters! Is there anyone like you?"

Jiang Yu sneered and stared at them: "Why? Let me tell you! Because even if they are outsiders that are not related by blood, they at least have humanity! All my school tuition fees are provided by Aunt Yu Hong all these years! Meanwhile you, you haven't helped me even a penny and you will only bully me! Ask yourself, what qualifications do you have to ask me to give you money now?! If I were you, I would go back and examine myself to see what qualifications a selfish, inhumane person like you has to stand in front of me! Zhou Xiao and Zhou Yue can still support that Taobao store, but what about Jiang Mingxuan?!"

Jiang Yu suddenly pointed at Jiang Mingxuan and scolded: "He is a piece of trash! A useless piece of shit! Mud that can't even support the wall!"

"You're the one that is a waste!" Jiang Mingxuan was used to bullying Jiang Yu, so he said angrily: "Why do you call me a waste! I'm just unlucky. I've been unlucky all the time, otherwise I would definitely make more money than you!"

"Really?" Jiang Yu raised the corners of her lips and sneered: "You took the 100,000 yuan that Aunt Yu Hong gave you to bought me back my freedom, but you went to gamble and gave rewards to anchor on the Internet. You couldn't even keep the betrothal gift, and you still said that you aren't trash?"

Jiang Mingxuan didn't expect that Jiang Yu would even know about this. He shrank his neck and felt that he had been stabbed in a sore spot. He said confidently: "I originally wanted to make more money. Everyone said that if I invested 100,000 yuan, I could earn more than 500,000 yuan. Who knows that my luck is bad and I lost it all!"

"Oh, so you think that's not what waste is?!"

Jiang Mingxuan became anxious and scolded: "I told you Jiang Yu, don't even try to mock me again!"


"You!" Jiang Mingxuan raised his hand as if to hit Jiang Yu: "Say another one, believe it or not, I can kill you!"


"Mom, get out of the way, I'll kill her!" Jiang Mingxuan scolded and tried to beat Jiang Yu, but Zhang Meifeng stopped him.

Feeling like she was a good person, Zhang Meifeng hurriedly said: "Jiang Yu! Let your younger brother lose if he loses, it's only 100,000 yuan, what's so great! 100,000 yuan is not even what you earn in a day, you have so much money, you can just give it to him! Also, don't keep messing with your brother, otherwise mom can't hold him back. If your brother really lost it, you will be the one who suffers!"

Jiang Yu closed her eyes and told herself not to be angry. "You think I'll let Jiang Mingxuan hit me?"

"You child! Where is your body as a man's opponent?"

Jiang Yu tone was unusually calm: "Do you want me to remind you where did the 100,000 yuan come from? Zhang Meifeng, you have signed an agreement to cut off the mother-daughter relationship with me! You can't come to my house with just your thick face!"

Zhang Meifeng rolled her eyes and suddenly had selective amnesia: "What's the big deal, I'll return the 100,000 yuan to Yu Hong!"

"Oh? Do you have 100,000 yuan to give her back?" Jiang Yu asked coldly.

"I can borrow it even if I don't have it!" Zhang Meifeng said as a matter of course: "Oh, yes, you have money, you should pay back the 100,000 yuan!"


Zhang Meifeng asked again: "That's right! Your younger brother came to the city this time intending to find a good job. You also know that there are too few jobs in our rural area and not even one is worthy of him! Shencheng is a big city, your brother is here to do great things and make a fortune!"

"Okay!" Jiang Yu unexpectedly did not refute: "You let him find a job himself."

"What are you kidding!" Zhang Meifeng smirked, "You know that your brother has no education!"

"You can still find a job without a high degree, it just depends on whether he wants to do it or not! Courier, delivery, security, restaurant waiter, as long as he can work diligently, he can definitely make money!"

"What do you mean?" Jiang Mingxuan's face sank instantly.

Wen Wen also frowned after hearing this, "You! Isn't that just you looking down on our Mingxuan? How can our Mingxuan do that kind of work?"

"What kind of work?" Jiang Yu frowned: "People should rely on their own labor to make money! Every penny earned is clean! How can you say that I look down on you?"

Jiang Mingxuan blushed with anger and he scolded: "Don't fool me! You can make a fortune and be a boss, why can't I?! Why should I be poor to death?"

Jiang Yu's expression remained the same: "Why? Ask yourself! You think you have the ability to be the president of the state? Do you even have the ability to do anything? Waste!"

This remark made Jiang Daquan and Zhang Meifeng angry. They only had this one precious son, how could they bear others scolding him like this.

"I warn you!" Jiang Daquan scolded: "If you talk about your brother like that again, I will beat you!"

Jiang Mingxuan, who was on the side, was still playing a hooligan temper. He seemed to think that if he could frighten Jiang Yu in this way, she would pay obediently.

"Mom, get out of the way! Let me beat her to death! I want her to wake up and see who is in charge in this family! She made money but didn't give us anything, I've never seen such a wolf-hearted person!"

This Jiang Mingxuan didn't go to school and joined the society early, so his tone was ruthless. Bei Xiaoxiao watched from the side, very frightened, and hurriedly pulled Jiang Yu and said: "Taro Ball, let's take a step back! If it really doesn't work, let them live in this house and I'll move out!"

"Yes! You move out!" These words came to Zhang Meifeng's heart. She saw that there was a chance and she smiled: "We will live in Jiang Yu's house in the future! You can live here as well if you want, but you need to pay 1,000 yuan a month for rent!"

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