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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 110 Part 2 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 110 – Big Promotion (2)

Jian Si asked, "How much are you going to set them to?" 

They discussed this issue at a meeting. After research, the employees felt that two or three hundred yuan for domestic brands would be good, but Jiang Yu didn’t think so. 

"I have already applied for Huajianji, so it will be sold on Tmall in the future. As for the beauty cream, since this cream works very well and the technology is also unique to us, after breaking other big brands’ word of mouth, we shouldn’t be afraid of people not coming to buy. Look at other cream foundation on the market, most of which are sold at more than a thousand yuan, but aren't they still a bunch of fans? I thought about it and think we still need to sell ours no less than 500 yuan!" 

In fact, Jiang Yu really wanted to sell more than 1,000, but she also wanted to bring some benefits to fans and didn’t want the price to be too high for everyone to afford. But the later promotion plan of the brand Huajianji had been set, and soon, there would be advertisements for Huajianji on TV. At that time, once advertising fee was counted on the cost, the grade of Huajianji would be different, so the price couldn’t be too low. 

Jiang Yu was silent for a moment: "So set it at 599 yuan?" After a pause, she said, "But at this price, many people will definitely not dare to buy it. I think we should come up with a smaller pack with less weight that can only be used a dozen times. We can sell it for 40 or 50 yuan and let everyone try it out. Once they feel the benefit, people will repurchase naturally."

"That's a good idea too!" 

Thinking of the last time with the acne mask, Jiang Yu suddenly raised the corners of her lips and showed a meaningful smile: "By the way, let’s give away some beauty cream in advance!" 

"Giveaway?" Jian Si said, "Our beauty cream product has been developed for several years, and it is very mature. There is no need to promote it again and again, it can directly be sold on the market!" 

"Don't worry!" Jiang Yu said with a smile: "It's the anniversary of JY store soon. The discount I gave for the anniversary is very strong, the whole site is 30% off, and there is no limit. This is very important and rare for our old customers. It’s even stronger than Double Eleven, so I plan to distribute trial packs to fans just like when Little White Powder and Little Porcelain Bottle were released." 

Hearing this, Jian Si laughed for a moment. In fact, she has always been following Jiang Yu for quite some time. Although she rarely showed up, she had been listening to Kafan manager talking about Jiang Yu. She knew about Jiang Yu's slap at Chen Bixiang since the beginning and had been following Jiang Yu's Weibo. As for the acne mask, at that time, Jiang Yu distributed trial packs to everyone, which made many people feel good after using it, but when they wanted to use it again, it's gone! 

Of course, everyone hated itchy teeth. They urged Jiang Yu to put the acne mask on the market quickly, so that everyone could get rid of their acne. Judging from JY's customer flow and Jiang Yu's reputation, if Jiang Yu really used this trick again and gave free trial packs, it might bring unimaginable sales to Huajianji's beauty cream. 

"Okay, I'll listen to you!" Jian Si said. 

"Jian Si, please tell the factory to make the trial pack. Don't make too much and make a small package that can only be used about 2 times!" 

"Twice? Won’t it be too little?" 

"It’s already a lot! When you buy skin care products, other brands will also give you trial packs. If they feel that it’s not enough and want to continue using them? Then they have to go to the counter to buy! The real trick is to make good products! We have been making products seriously, so we will have no issue. As long as our beauty cream is proven effective, can help girls who love beauty, and can help solve everyone's troubles, even if they need to spend 5,000 yuan, all would think it's worth it!" Jiang Yu said confidently. 

"Okay, I'll listen to you!" 

Soon, it would be the anniversary of JY brand. 

Jiang Yu looked at the schedules sent by various departments and the big promotion items on the anniversary day, and couldn't help but take a deep breath. The reason why she was a little nervous was because this JY promotion was no longer on Taobao store only, but also include Tmall! 

Tmall currently sold <The Entertainment Circle of Chong Fei> clothes only. What the actors were wearing in the new episode of the web drama would be on Tmall's shelves the next day. With the popularity of the drama and the blessing of other advertisements, Tmall’s sales hadlong surpassed Taobao store, reaching a number that surprised Jiang Yu’s estimation. 

And this time, it would be the first time that Tmall would launch other clothes besides the clothes in the web drama, and the preview had been released long ago. Judging from the number of likes, there were many people who looked forward to it. Tmall was different from the Taobao store because it targeted different groups of people. Many designs on it were exclusive and were not available in the Taobao store. The style was also more mature and atmospheric. In this way, Jiang Yu was really looking forward to what kind of performance the two stores can achieve in the big promotion that she couldn’t even estimate! 

Jiang Yu had shares in Jado, and Huajianji would also start selling skin care products and make-up invented by Jian Si's team, but these two brands were her side kick. Although she still had feelings, they were not as deep as JY's. After all, so far JY was still her personal brand, and she had poured too much into the brand development from nothing to the scale it was today. It was her own hard work. 

Jiang Yu looked out the glass door. The number of people in the entire team had grown to 200 people. At first, the office that was thought to be too spacious had become crowded without everyone realizing it. 

Jiang Yu clicked on Weibo and posted: 

[My dears, before you know it, the anniversary promotion is coming. This is the first year that JY has gone through. There are winds, rains, stories, and most of all, your support. The girls in our JY family have always moved us. Many people from all over the world wearing our clothes and sending us photos, watching you wear our clothes to see the world, this makes us very emotional! JY's first birthday, there will be no cake and no candles, only the anniversary promotion! There is no playing trick of increasing the price and then discounting it, it is the original price with 30% off! The preview has been released, the girls who have been waiting for a long time can check it out! Link: 23WE23DSSw#]

The accompanying image was a preview of the clothes. 

——Big promotion? That's not the point, the point is this batch of photos! Don't tell me, this photo was taken by Gu Shenliu? 

——What do you mean upstairs? How did you know it was taken by Gu Shenliu? 

——Look carefully, this photo was taken in Maldives! This kind of scenery is only available in Maldives, nowhere else in the world! It's the same location as the photo of Gu Shenliu's proposal published on the Internet! It's impossible for Jiang Yu to take a photographer with her, right? Also, Gu Shenliu is known for taking good pictures! 

——Wow, you are so right! Was it really taken by Gu Shenliu? Taro, please answer @Stylist Jiang Yu. 

Jiang Yu never expected that as soon as she refreshed, tens of thousands of comments were talking about who took the photo. 

Jiang Yu flipped through the pictures and they were indeed taken very well. At first, she copied the pictures directly to the editing artist for retouching. Later, because she was too busy with work, she forgot about it. Unexpectedly, it was recognized by fans first. 

——These photos are indeed different from the style taken by Durres before! 

——I prefer this Maldives background. 

——These clothes are so beautiful! Many are great for vacations! I really want them all! 

——I'm taking my kids to Maldives in September, these clothes are so timely and suitable for me! 

The photos taken by Gu Shenliu were very expressive. This was a very intuitive feeling and Jiang Yu was still unable to tell clearly. People used to say that the clothes she wore made people want to buy them and it seemed to be the case. If she was just walking casually on the street, people often asked her where she bought her clothes. Even when she went to the toilet, a bunch of people asked about her clothes.
The photos taken by Gu Shenliu had this kind of feeling, which made people feel beautiful and tempted at first glance! The photos were so good! Looking at these photos, Jiang Yu only felt that her eyes were washed again. She missed the days of their Maldives vacation. 

Jiang Yu reposted Weibo and said with a smile: 

[I didn't expect everyone to be very insightful. You guessed it right, the photos were taken by @Gu Shenliu. When he took me to Maldives for vacation, I didn't know he wanted to propose, so I brought more than 40 pieces of clothing for the big promotion. I asked him to take pictures for me every day, hahaha! He must be very depressed, right? But Mr. Gu is really very good at taking pictures!] 

——Dog abuse! 

——Gu Shenliu is indeed a skilled photographer who has been delayed by his work in the entertainment industry! 

——It was so well shot, so loving! I don't know why, from the photos, I immediately felt that Gu Shenliu really loved Jiang Yu. The pictures taken by Durres in the past were good, but they were cold and without warmth, meanwhile Jiang Yu in Gu Shenliu's photos was very beautiful, makes people feel that his heart when looking at Jiang Yu is captured. 

——Gu Shenliu planned to propose marriage, but you brought more than 40 pieces of clothes. Gu Shenliu was probably in a bad mood at that time, hahaha! Just thinking about it makes me laugh! 

——That white dress is so pretty! I want I want! 

——That black dress is awesome!!! 

——Wow! 30% off is so tempting!! And it really wasn’t set at a higher price!!! I guess I'm going to eat dirt again next month! 

Just then, a comment caught Jiang Yu's attention. 

[Taro balls! Please review some liquid foundation. In summer, it is really easy for makeup to wear off. You don't recommend much liquid foundation, so I really hope you can recommend some more foundation products! I really need it! I want to buy the one you recommend, but it's a pity that the cream foundation is too expensive! I can't afford it! Recently, I heard that some kind of beauty cream is popular in the Shencheng rich ladies circle? Have you used it? Is this product good? How can I buy it?]

Even ordinary fans had heard of beauty cream, so it could be seen that the reputation of beauty cream had really spread. After thinking about it, Jiang Yu typed the words: 

[My dears, in this big promotion, all customers who shop on Tmall and Taobao stores will get a trial size of beauty cream in addition to the anniversary gifts!]

——Wow! Trial size of beauty cream? What's the meaning of this? You mean this amazing base makeup product that is known as the powerful beauty cream which can be used, one for beauty, two for microdermabrasion effect, and three for face-changing effect, was yours??? 

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