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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 107

WBVDEC Chapter 107 – Cooperate

"This is……"

Jiang Yu flipped through the A4 sheets in her hands in surprise. The promotion plan printed on the paper and the pictures of the products surprised her.

"There are real things here, you can try it!" After Jian Si finished speaking, she pushed the things in front of her to Jiang Yu. "See the color! See how it compares with the big brands? You are a professional makeup artist, you should know better than me!"

Jiang Yu came back to her senses and realized that Jian Si really wanted to discuss cooperation with her. After all, the samples of cosmetics in front of her were enough to show Jian Si’s sincerity. These things probably had not yet been released, so once leaked, it was no small matter. The other party bringing these things, showed the trust in her.

Jiang Yu only painted light makeup today. After hearing this, she took out a makeup brush from her bag, first dipped in the lipstick, and applied it to her lips.

The samples provided by Jian Si come in many colors. Jiang Yu chose a strawberry red, which was very popular this summer. There were several brands that had released lip glaze in this color. After she tried it, she was right. She looked in the mirror and said in amazement: "The color is good, it lifts the complexion, and it is even better than YSL's!"

"That's right!" Jian Si said with a smile: "Many of my friends have the same comments. I'm not just saying this because these makeups are mine. After years of debugging, we have mature formulas and good results. After all, since the beginning, I aimed at the star products of several well-known brands, and tried to make something better than them!"

Jiang Yu tried the blush as well. Among all makeup, the production of blush, loose powder, and mascara was relatively simple. Why? Looking at the level of domestic imitation goods, many fake goods sold on Alibaba were actually very good to use. Many people bought things in the hands of purchasing agents, but they didn’t know how many years they had bought fake goods, it was all because the fake goods’ level was very high! 

Jiang Yu once saw a company employee use fake Urban Decay Naked2 palette. She tried the color and it turned out to be better than the genuine product. The genuine one actually had the shortcomings that the powder texture was too crumbly, so it seemed that the level of the imitation was better.

After brushing the blush on her face, it was as Jiang Yu thought, it was easy to apply and it was very delicate. She tried mascara and eyeliner again. Although she was not sure whether it was waterproof or not, after applying the mascara, her eyelashes now looked thick and slender. The eyeliner was also easy to apply and not smudging. It's amazing.

Jiang Yu had also set up a working group and they had been developing some cosmetics products. She also spent a sum of her monthly expenses on research and development for this group. Cosmetics and skin care products were all areas that she would enter in the future. She had always wanted JY to become a comprehensive brand like Chanel that sold bags and clothes, skin care products, make-up and perfume.

However, own ideas were just ideas. Jiang Yu knew that one couldn’t reach the sky in one step. Therefore, even though the working group had developed a lot of make-up, she always felt that it was not as good as existing big brands after using it, so she shelved the plan to launch make-up for now.

So, the question was, what was Jian Si looking for with these products?

Jiang Yu pushed the product to Jian Si, grinned, and said: "Jian Si, let's get straight to the point and talk about your cooperation method!"

Jian Si smiled. Two smart women never needed to beat around the bush when talking together. After all, with Jiang Yu's current reputation and her Kafan sales, they could decide hundreds of millions of dollars of business in minutes.

"Then I'll just say it! I make the product, you do the marketing, and we split the profit in half, 50-50!"

Jiang Yu thought for a moment, then smiled and said, "Jian Si, your product is really good, but to me, your product is only an advantage in the early stage. Just imagine, after I invest in the later stage, we will jointly invest in the development of the formula. At that time, five or five points seems unfair to me. You know, I have money to develop a product that is no worse than yours, but you may not be able to find a more suitable promoter than me with the product. Otherwise, you won’t let the product stay in your hands for a few years and not launch it. You should know that it is very difficult for others to accept a new cosmetic brand, especially a domestic one. So many small brands keep going out of business."

After Jiang Yu said this, Jian Si's expression did not change. Jiang Yu praised her from the bottom of her heart. She liked people who were calm. But business was business, there was no talk about friendship.

Jiang Yu continued to laugh: "Stylists and make-up artists in the circle often come up with make-up brands. There are a few Taiwanese stylist brands that sell well, but most of them don't make any ripples. If you can choose me, it proves that you know my value. In fact, if we do cooperate, I will also not let you down. I have a natural instinct for makeup and fashion, can predict the trend of makeup, and I can also help design of the outer packaging to promote the product if you need. Since Miss Jian knows that I have shares in Jado, you should also know how popular the sales of the acne cream I launched before."

Jian Si smiled with infinite style. "So, what President Jiang means is..."

"I am 6, you 4!" Jiang Yu didn’t do business at a loss. She and Jia Xing used the same way of profit sharing before discussing cooperation. In fact, taking 6 points was her biggest concession. If it wasn't for her doing promotion and design, Jado would be just that. How could Jia Xing be worth hundreds of millions today as a small brand that opened a store next to an Italian university?

The same was true for Jian Si. Without Jian Si, Jiang Yu could launch her own make-up brand, but if Jian Si left Jiang Yu, she might not be able to enter the makeup circle.

Jiang Yu still had such self-confidence! She took the coffee from the waiter and took a sip. "The caramel macchiato here is good!"

Such a request was within Jian Si's expectations, but she was startled. What she did not expect was that Jiang Yu had such eloquence and negotiation ability. A year ago, the other party was still an intern in one of her branches. She didn't expect that a year later, she would sat down with the other party to negotiate and there was even a slight tendency to be suppressed by the other party. It could be said that from the beginning, Jiang Yu had always occupied a dominant position.

However, Jiang Yu was telling the truth. If Jian Si had the ability to do a good job in marketing, she would have launched the brand long ago. But in today's market, even if she spent hundreds of millions for advertising, there still might not be sales return. But Jiang Yu was different, her Weibo alone was worth more than one billion of advertising fee!

After thinking for a moment, Jian Si stretched out her hand and smiled, "President Jiang, it's a pleasure to cooperate with you!"

Since the cooperation was decided, the two quickly drew up a cooperation contract to formalize everything.

Jian Si took Jiang Yu to visit the cosmetics company, and Jiang Yu found out that Jian Si's ambition was not small. She opened the Kafan chain store, but she had been developing cosmetics, and had also achieved small results.

Jian Si had developed a lot of things, liquid foundation, concealer, air cushion cream...

The two discussed the product packaging, Jiang Yu said: "The liquid foundation is best set to be in a pump bottle, which is more convenient! This jelly lip glaze is solid and it is not easy to spill off, so we can make a multi-color lip glaze makeup palette, and the design should be more girlish. The packaging of all our products must be specially designed, after all, it is a brand that I have a stake in, we can’t always follow the trend."

"It's up to you!" Jian Si said, "Now we have to decide which item to launch first."

Jiang Yu tried the cream foundation. After trying it, she was very surprised. "The brightening effect is amazing! Is the ingredient okay?"

"Of course there is no problem!" Jian Si smiled: "We are not those micro-businesses. Each of us invested tens of millions to do this business, so it's not a joke! The ingredients are all tested and qualified by the state. We try to use good to reduce allergies. We strive to be safe but effective!"

Jiang Yu recommended powder cream on Weibo before, but this powder cream developed by Jian Si, the effect was better than all the brands she had used before! For cream foundation, although it didn’t seem to be easy to apply, but when using it, there was no such concern at all. Jiang Yu rubbed the cream foundation on her face and found that her face immediately had photoshopped effect. Such a sense of use made her decide now to start with this product!

"Let's launch this cream first!" Jiang Yu said.

"Listen to you!"

"I will negotiate with the packaging design company for the outer packaging, hoping to make the packaging more ladylike, what do you think?"

"You are the designer, you have control on these things!"

Jiang Yu nodded with a smile. When the two of them were doing business together, they should share the work and cooperate. Otherwise, if everyone wanted to monopolize, it was easy to have conflicts.

"I'll take the cream foundation back and make a comparison picture first! By the way..." Jiang Yu said with a smile: "This cream foundation, please change the name!"

"How to change?"

"It should be called beauty cream! How about it?"

Jian Si pondered for a moment, and then smiled: "Beauty Cream? It's indeed a more popular name!"

Making comparison chart of beauty cream looked difficult, but it was actually quite easy to do.

Jiang Yu brought a few bottles of beauty cream back to the company and immediately called Zou Xiaoyu.

Zou Xiaoyu had acne all over her face. Although after using Jiang Yu's acne-removing mask and the small porcelain bottle, they had all disappeared, but the acne marks couldn’t be eliminated in just a day, so she was still using the small porcelain bottle to repair the scars diligently. The acne on her face had disappeared and she couldn't wait to put on makeup, but ordinary foundation couldn’t cover so many acne marks on her face. There were a lot of acne marks on her face, if she used too much concealer, her face would feel thick as if she was wearing a mask, therefore, Zou Xiaoyu was very worried recently.

"Come, come!"

Jiang Yu asked people to shoot a video, and she applied makeup to Zou Xiaoyu. "I'll try it on you to see how good this product is."

In fact, as long as there was no problem with the ingredients, they could pass the test, because the ingredients were safe and of high-grade, it would be fine. Although it’s very easy for big companies to pass the test, Jiang Yu didn’t want to ruin her reputation just to make money. She also wanted to make sure she made good products that could give difference to the customers and there would be no negative effect such as allergies.

"Can you do it?"

Zou Xiaoyu had some doubts, not because she suspected something was not good, but because she really had no confidence in herself. Her face was still full of acne scars and even liquid foundation couldn't cover it at all! If she could cover it, she wouldn't need to cover half of her face with bangs.

Jiang Yu smiled and didn't speak. She just picked up the foundation brush. Soon, the beauty cream was smeared on Zou Xiaoyu's face.

Zou Xiaoyu looked in the mirror and jumped up in surprise.

"D*mn it! Where are the acne scars on my face? Why are they gone? It's just like using an artifact to beautify your face! It has the effect of beauty filter!"

"Haha!" Jiang Yu smiled and said, "Otherwise, why do you think I call this product a beauty cream? As the name suggests, after rubbing it on, it has the magical effect of beauty filter!"

"What a nice one!"

The acne was gone, and the acne scars were covered by the beauty cream. In the future, Zou Xiaoyu only needed to use the small porcelain bottle regularly. After some time, the acne scars on her face would be completely faded, and then she could wear any makeup she wanted every day.

Zou Xiaoyu hugged Jiang Yu and said in surprise, "President Jiang! You are really my lucky star!"

"Okay, okay! I have to evaluate the next person!"

Jiang Yu pushed Zou Xiaoyu away and let the next employee sit on the bench with a smile.

The next employee was a new assistant from the design department of Jiang Yu’s Company. This assistant was named Shen Jiao, a typical girl next door. Her temperament was soft and weak, and her skin was delicate. The only difference was that her face was full of pigmentation stains. Pigmentation was in fact natural, it could cause freckles or large discoloration in more serious cases. In short, when she went to the hospital for examination, the doctor couldn't tell the specific reason, only said that it was hereditary and difficult to remove.

Shen Jiao was originally a timid girl, adding the discoloration in her face, this really affected her life. Therefore, she often wore thick makeup, but unfortunately the makeup couldn't completely cover the pigmentation. Shen Jiao had gone to the hospital to perform laser treatment, but the pigmentation would just grow back. She was completely desperate and had to rely on external makeup to cover her insecurities.

Over the years, Shen Jiao had used many brands of foundation and concealer, but none of them could solve her troubles. Looking at the beauty cream in Jiang Yu's hand, she felt a little uneasy. "President Jiang, I have a bigger problem. I'm afraid you will find this thing useless to me after you wipe it and you will be disappointed."

"You're thinking too much!" Jiang Yu said with a smile: "Actually, your spots aren't that bad. If you pay more attention to your makeup, you can still cover them up. However, if this beauty cream can solve all your problems, you can be a bit more at ease in the future."

Jiang Yu directly put the beauty cream on Shen Jiao's face with her fingers.

A few colleagues stood beside them. They raised their hearts and looked at Shen Jiao nervously.

After 2 minutes, Jiang Yu stopped. "Okay! Look in the mirror!"

Seeing this, the colleagues were stunned for a while, before saying: "Wow! Is this Shen Jiao? Not a different person? It really cover up everything!"

Shen Jiao was stunned and looked at the mirror. She covered her mouth, tears streaming down her face. "President Jiang! Is this really me?" Her fair and delicate skin glowed with a soft luster, not only the pigmentation spots, but also the small moles, pores, and smile lines on her face were gone! It's really like being polished. So surprising!

"President Jiang, this is amazing! With this beauty cream, who would go for plastic surgery? We can all be so beautiful!"

The corner of Jiang Yu's mouth was raised. The effect of this beauty cream was better than she imagined, especially because it could even cover smile lines and crow's feet, which increased the value of the beauty cream. After all, middle-aged people who love beauty especially need such a product!

After the video was filmed, the company's employees immediately rushed to Jiang Yu's office when they saw the effects of Shen Jiao and Zou Xiaoyu's use.

Employee A: "President Jiang! We want this beauty cream, when will it be available?"

Employee B: "Yes, President Jiang, I think this beauty cream is better than other liquid foundations! We want it!"

Employee C: "President Jiang, can you give it to us some as an employee benefit? We will help you try it out and earn word of mouth!"

Employee D: "Yes! Hehe, President Jiang, employee benefits!"

Jiang Yu was amused by them. They were willing to help with the evaluation and Jiang Yu was also willing to be a good person. She smiled and said: "Okay! I'll have someone send a batch over, but the packaging was not done yet. What you got is just the simplified version!"

"No matter! As long as the effect is as good!" The employees left with satisfaction.

Jiang Yu had been too busy lately, so she finally took a rest. She went home from get off work early to accompany Gu Shenliu. Gu Shenliu was coerced by her on the grounds that "if you don't help me with my task, I will stay away from you and make you suffer from the train noise", so he had to help Jiang Yu with the opening of the haute couture studio.

This was not difficult for Gu Shenliu, after all, his studio was not a vegetarian! Gao Jing's working ability was still there! However, it’s not difficult to make a big show, but as a newly opened studio, the key to the question was what kind of people they could invite, as the number and level of people represent the grade of the studio. This also meant whether they could eat well in the circle!

And these were exactly what Gu Shenliu was good at!

Gao Jing gave Gu Shenliu the guest list: "Look, I have written down the people for the first row, the second row, and the third row. You can see if there is anything that needs to be changed!"

Just as Gu Shenliu took it, Jiang Yu pushed in the door. "Gao Jing, you are here?"

Gao Jing snorted and rolled his eyelids arrogantly: "I don't know who pulled me to work as a coolie! Let me tell you, if you actually want me to do something like this, you should have called Durres! He is more suited for the occasion!"

Jiang Yu smiled: "When the opening show is over, I'll invite you to travel abroad!"

"Really, you two husband and wife, not fuel-efficient lamps!" Two great devils! Gao Jing sneered in his heart.

Jiang Yu took the cake she just bought and said, "Gao Jing, eat cake!" After speaking, she forked a piece of cake and put it to Gu Shenliu's mouth.

Gu Shenliu glanced at it and opened his mouth to eat. "Tasty!"

"I know you like to eat this shop’s cakes, so I made a detour to buy them."

Gu Shenliu raised his eyebrows and said in a low voice, "Who did Mrs. Gu learn this method coaxing?"

"It's all my own! It hurts my feelings for you to say such words!" After Jiang Yu finished speaking, she sat next to Gu Shenliu with a smile.

Gu Shenliu was wearing a dark gray T-shirt today, which made his muscles very smooth, and with his tall stature, he was indescribably handsome. He stretched out his arms and took Jiang Yu into his arms, and the two of them ate the cake one by one.

F*ck! Gao Jing secretly fired bullets in his heart! Did these two have any face? Did they not want face? If they wanted to feed dog food, they could just do so straightforwardly. There was no need to go too far in abuse that they shaved off his every single dog's hair, right?

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