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Weibo Big V's Daily Entertainment Circle - Chapter 113

WBVDEC Chapter 113 - Best Quality

The girl at the front desk received the delivery and glanced at the dishes in the lunch box with eyes full of gossip.

It's a super luxurious box lunch! It was the first time they saw minced meat and sea cucumbers in a lunch box, as well as desserts that were suspected to be papaya bird's nests cold soup and fruit platters with tropical such as mangosteen and dragon fruit.

Cry! Rich man box lunches were different!

"President Gu, your housekeeper is very good at cooking!" The front desk said something.

Gu Shenliu's expression remained the same, he tapped his finger in front of the table and said in a low voice, "That's right! The auntie really knows how to cook!"

Jiang Yu laughed, and hurriedly urged: "Get out! Stop gossiping!"

"Yes Sir!" The front desk walked away embarrassedly.

Although Jiang Yu was an easy going boss, they did not dare to be arrogant at work. Everyone was very meticulous with their work, for fear that Jiang Yu would kick them out of the company if they did not serve well. But apart from work matters, they were very close to Jiang Yu and liked to joke together.

As soon as the front desk left, Jiang Yu took a bite, then glanced at Gu Shenliu and smiled meaningfully: "The auntie's cooking skills are good!"

Gu Shenliu snorted coldly: "The auntie is even better in bed!"

"..." No more talking.


The two had a simple meal in Jiang Yu's office. After eating desserts and fruits, Gu Shenliu helped Jiang Yu to arrange the opening show of the Haute Couture Studio. 

Now the studio was almost finished, and the platform for the opening show was also being set up. The seat list, the guest and invitation places need to be considered, which was also a hassle.

Gu Shenliu knew more about the entertainment and fashion circles in Shencheng and even in China than Jiang Yu, so she had found the right person this time, otherwise, only she really couldn't handle this big opening show.

In the afternoon, Jiang Yu had to work, so Gu Shenliu went to the swimming pool for a swim, and the two of them worked separately.

"President Jiang." Zhong Xiaoping smiled. The clothes she designed during the opening promotion sold 40,000 pieces in the Taobao store and Tmall. It was really unexpected. Those who didn't get to buy it, according to the messages received by the customer service staffs,  were still begging for it to be listed again.

Speaking of which, it's all due to Jiang Yu, if it wasn't for Jiang Yu's guidance, Zhong Xiaoping wouldn't be able to get started so quickly. "The personnel department asked me to ask you to sign."

Because the big promotion, the 40,000 pieces sold made a lot of commission. Zhong Xiaoping directly got about 20,000 yuan, so she came to Jiang Yu for approval so that it could be paid together with her salary.

"Okay!" Jiang Yu glanced at it, found that there was no problem, so she signed her name on it.

At this moment, Bei Xiaoxiao hurried in and said, "Taro ball! Look at Weibo!"

"What's wrong?" Jiang Yu's expression remained unchanged. She opened Weibo and asked, "What's the matter?"

"Isn't it about the beauty cream?" Bei Xiaoxiao said petulantly: "As soon as our beauty cream was put on the shelves, we have tens of millions of turnover! We sold more than 20,000 copies of the trial pack alone, but unexpectedly it caused pink eye disease! People stared at our sales and now spreading rumors online again!"

In fact, many people tried to incite Jiang Yu to fight and start a war on the Internet, but they were directly ignored by her.

Jiang Yu opened Weibo and saw a blogger named @Brother Na posting:

[Some people are really funny! Every day they pretend to be a Taoist priest and criticize similar products on Taobao! They market themselves as a grass planter and deceive their fans! In fact, they are just intending to make money and promote their brand on Weibo every day! What new beauty cream? Are you sure it's not a three no product? It works better than other foundations, you say, why is your face so big? Does your beauty cream have a quality inspection certificate?]

Jiang Yu was stunned for a moment, who was this Brother Na? "Where did this jumping clown come from?"

"From where?! Before, a netizen asked you that there are some sellers on Taobao who sell a kind of whitening skin cream and skin lotion that are imported from Japan and Taiwan, saying that they bought it from a big factory and claimed once it was smeared on the body, it will turn white. At that time, after you read it, although you didn't name anything, you reminded fans not to buy this kind of thing casually, saying that such things generally contain lead, which is not good for health! Many people flocked to this netizen Weibo and found out that this store was opened by Brother Na, so his business lost tens of thousands of orders a month! Almost no one believes his family anymore, do you think he would not be angry?!"

Jiang Yu nodded and chuckled, she thought it was something, but it turned out to be for money!

As for this kind of whitening product, Jiang Yu reminded everyone that they should never use it whenever they encountered it! What false claim about the product being imported and bottled in Japan, and the claim about it being produced by a research institute in Taiwan. Just think about it, why would they have this resource when others don’t? How many relatives and friends did everyone have in their family, either in Japan or in Taiwan, but no one knew about this magical thing? Why don’t you go to heaven?

Jiang Yu had been engaged in this line of business for a long time and she had upheld the belief from the beginning that even if the effect of something was not instant, it must not contain harmful ingredients, and must not deceive customers. If she hadn't cooperated with Jian Si this time, she would definitely delay any cosmetic launch for a year or two.

As for Jian Si's beauty cream, the test results proved it to be very safe, and Jiang Yu also verified it herself, and indeed there was no problem. It was just a technological change, and new things would always be questioned.

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu ignored the Weibo and just reposted it:

[My dears, the test results are available in both Tmall and Taobao Store, so you can see for yourself. I attach it in this weibo as well. Besides, a three-no product can't enter Tmall! Our products have been tested by multiple agencies and are absolutely free of harmful ingredients. On the contrary, there are a lot of good skin care ingredients in the beauty cream, which can be found in the product manual of the beauty cream! You can judge the facts for yourself! 

PS: Huajianji first TV commercials will be broadcast on David TV, please pay attention! And those who want to start a war, just ignore him. Ignoring is the only way to not give him face, to not give him traffic! Let's suffocate him, kill him alive!]

——Ha ha! It is not worth your life, ah you!

——You naughty little taro ball!

——I believe in Jiang Yu. I have used the whitening products from Brother Na’s house, and it seems to really contain lead!

——What happened? Why didn't I get it?

——Let me give you some popular science. Before, Brother Na’s house has been selling three no products, which are known as whitening skin creams and body lotions imported from Japan. There are many buyers and the monthly sales volume is 20,000. As a result, a fan asked Jiang Yu if this product can be used and Jiang Yu directly questioned its safety. She said that it could not be used! Jiang Yu's credibility is very high, so when the fans see it, they all go deep into the matter. This is a funny thing! The so-called whitening cream imported from Japan was actually made in two bungalows in Shenzhen. When this incident happened, there were posts everywhere on the Internet. Of course, Jiang Yu should indeed be blamed for the destruction of Brother Na's business, but I actually think it is a good thing! Since Jiang Yu has invested tens of millions to make her product, there will definitely be no fakes. Besides, it should be very formal to be able to advertise on TV! Likes: 49594]

This fact, Jiang Yu didn't even know that there was such a thing. She posted again:

[Thank you for the explanation, I don't even know that cosmetics can still be produced in a bungalow. It's like putting leftover fruits in the house, can they keep fresh and not deteriorate? 

Meanwhile, may I ask some people this, what kind of things you are confident to use on yourself? I hope everyone understands that all whitening products should not be quick-acting. Unless you buy foundation or beauty cream, you rub it on to whiten it, but it will directly go back after removal!]

Brother Na's introduction to the battle attracted a lot of attention at first, but who knew that Jiang Yu didn't pay attention to him at all. Because of this, Brother Na was so angry! He made dozens of Weibo posts scolding Jiang Yu.

As a result, Jiang Yu said in a good mood: "The weather is good today!"

Brother Na fell! Almost vomited blood!

Brother Na scolded: "To make money and build an archway! After all, you are just the same thing as me!"

Jiang Yu replied: "Oh, which dog is barking? Listening to this sound, at most it is just a string. Betting 5 cents! No more!"

Brother Na was so angry that he jumped up and down again: "Destroying people's business, are you not afraid to be struck by lightning for blocking people's wealth?! Why don't you feel embarrassed when you walk around? Do you really think that you are great?"

Jiang Yu: "Lightning struck me? Sorry, I have a lightning rod on my head. Instead,  you should be the one to pay more attention! Remember to put a few more on your bungalow!"

Their scolding attracted a lot of onlookers, and even Su Ye and Durres sent text messages to support.

Jiang Yu smiled back: "Life is not easy, and occasionally you need to adjust!"


That night, Jiang Yu was planning to go to Gu Shenliu's place, but unexpectedly received a call from Bei Xiaoxiao.

Over there, Bei Xiaoxiao's tone was very complicated: "Jiang Yu, your family is here!"

Jiang Yu's face sank, and she took a taxi to Jinghu Garden. She hadn't been here for several days, so only Bei Xiaoxiao lived in the house. 

Jiang Yu was thinking about countermeasures along the way. In fact, they came a little later than Jiang Yu imagined. She thought they would come during the New Year's Eve, but who knew it would be delayed until now.

Jiang Yu entered the house and saw Zhang Meifeng wearing a red coat, crimson lipstick on her mouth, high heels, and Bvlgari's plaid scarf, particularly 'mix and match'!

Seeing Jiang Yu entering the door, Zhang Meifeng smiled and lifted her chin proudly and said: "Oh! Jiang Yu, if Mom didn't come, I wouldn't know that you live in such a big house by yourself! This house costs a lot of money, right? I heard that the lowest house price in Shencheng is 30,000 to 40,000 yuan per square meters! You are really too much! What would a girl like you do to buy such a big house with so much money? It’s a waste! If you have money, it’s better to do business for your brother and let him open a factory and be the boss. It’s better than being wasted by you! Besides, you will marry in the future and these things are still not your man's! If you do this, you will lose money! Listen to mother, fat water should not flow to outsiders' fields! This house will be used by Mingxuan's son in the future!"

After Zhang Meifeng finished speaking, she fondly touched the sofa, tugged at the carpet and curtains, and stepped on the floor, smiling until her face bloomed, as if she had thought of the beauty of moving here in the future. She had a shrewd look on her face, and her abacus was playing loudly.

Zhang Meifeng smiled maliciously: "And you child, you didn't tell Mom when you made a lot of money. People in the village asked me why I didn't go to enjoy happiness with my daughter and I couldn't answer, so embarrassing! This time Mom  came and didn't plan to leave. Mingxuan, Wen Wen, and Zhuang Zhuang also come to enjoy the happiness with me! No matter what misunderstandings we had in the past, I’m still your mother! How can mothers and daughters have a feud? No matter how fierce the family quarrel was, when the door is closed, it is always the same to the outside world!"

After Jiang Yu finished admiring Zhang Meifeng expression, she replied blankly: "I'm neither an idiot, nor a saint. Are you playing me as a monkey? I'm sorry, I could be a monkey, but with your IQ, you can never be my master!"

Zhang Meifeng's face sank, and she said displeasedly, "What do you mean? Could it be that you don't plan to give this house to Zhuang Zhuang? Who are you to not give it to Zhuang Zhuang? Zhuang Zhuang is the only seedling of the Jiang family! All the assets of the Jiang family must be left to him! "

Jiang Yu's tone was cold: "My property has nothing to do with your Jiang family!"

"Why not?" Zhang Meifeng was anxious, and said bitterly: "You are also surnamed Jiang, so your property is also the common property of the Jiang family. We are all one family! The family should not be divided! Yours is mine, so your money belongs to the Jiang family! You should help your brothers and sisters!"

Jiang Yu was amused by this, Zhang Meifeng really refreshed her three views every time, she sneered: "Why are you so cheeky? When I was poor and had no food, why didn't I see you give me living allowance? When you sold me, did you think there would be today? When you asked me to marry the fool Zhang Zhi for 100,000 yuan, why didn't I see you opening the mother-daughter card with me? To be honest, your behavior really makes me sick!"

"Jiang Yu! How can you talk to your mother like this?" Jiang Daquan shouted with a sullen face: "Your mother will always be your mother! She gave birth to you! You must listen to what she says!"

"Some people don't recognize us relatives from the countryside when they are rich! I really know now what does it mean to turn around and not recognize people!" Jiang Jie said with displeasure.

Jiang Lan also snorted coldly: "That's right! Even mom can't control you! Will you be here now without mom? Mom did all that for your own good, she hoped you can live a good life!"

Zhang Meifeng's face sank and sank, she forced herself not to be angry. The third daughter in front of her was not the one she used to handle. She held back her anger, frowned, and asked, "What do you think you, a woman, want a house for?"

Jiang Yu walked into the room, put down the bag, and said coldly, "What to do? I will be happy even if I just use it to put garbage! It's not up to you to take care of my property!"

"You'd rather put garbage than live with your brother?" Jiang Mingxuan said angrily: "Are you human? Everyone's older sisters give money to younger brothers. You are so rich, you can give me tens of millions! Mom said all your property is mine! She will definitely help me take it away!"

Zhang Meifeng hastily covered Jiang Mingxuan's mouth. D*mn it! Although this was the truth, it couldn't be told to Jiang Yu now!

Zhang Meifeng hurriedly laughed and said, "Your brother is ignorant and said nonsense! I never said such a thing!"

Jiang Yu didn't seem to have heard Jiang Mingxuan's words at all. She washed her hands calmly, and her voice was cold: "I advise you to leave early, don't beat around my house and property! These things have nothing to do with you! As I said earlier, I will be happier to donate all my property to the country rather than leave it to you people! Don't expect to get even a cent!"

"Donate? How can this be! All this money is for your brother! It belongs to the Jiang family!" Zhang Meifeng pinched her waist and shouted, "You think because you are rich now you want to throw away all your poor relatives? I tell you, I am your mother, and Zhuang Zhuang is your nephew! He is the only grandson of the Jiang family! The only seedling! You must support Zhuang Zhuang as he grow up and you must support your brother as well!"

Jiang Jie and Jiang Lan on the side reminded: "Mom, there are us too!" But they saw Zhang Meifeng pushing them impatiently.

Although she brought her son and daughters together, Zhang Meifeng knew very well that her son was the most important thing. The daughters were only born to help her son, to raise her son. Otherwise, what would she do with these daughters???

"Support him? Why? Do I owe you or him?" Jiang Yu's eyebrows turned cold: "I'm not Voldemort!"

"What?" Zhang Meifeng didn't react for a while and said angrily: "Let me tell you the truth, Jiang Yu! We come here this time and you have to accept it! If you don't let us live here, I'll call the police to catch you! I will go to your school to smear your reputation, I will go to the reporter to give interview saying that you don't support your parents, not helping your brother, ignoring your nephew! I will tell them that you are so cold-blooded! When I make things bigger, let's see what you do! By the way, aren't you going to get married? How could someone want such a cold-blooded daughter-in-law? Let's see how you will get married then! If you don't make us feel better, don't try to be clean yourself!"

Zhang Meifeng words made Bei Xiaoxiao who was standing beside Jiang Yu stunned. Although Bei Xiaoxiao's family was not wealthy and her parents were often sick and not even have medical insurance, they were very kind to her and gave her the best in everything. To buy a laptop for her, even though the family had no money, they still bought her a macbook, saying that giving the best to the children is the heart of all parents in the world! But then why are Jiang Yu's parents so weird? No wonder Jiang Yu never wants to go home, it turns out that her family is all vampires! These selfish remarks made her completely dumbfounded!

Are there any parents in the world who want to discredit their daughters?

"Threat me?" Jiang Yu raised her lips expressionlessly, overflowing with a sneer.

Zhang Meifeng was stunned for a moment, afraid of making Jiang Yu anxious, and then said, "I'm not threatening you, I just want you to know that you are part of Jiang family! Your brother and your nephew are your responsibility! You must take good care of them! And your house must be left to Zhuang Zhuang! You also have to write a will and say that all your properties will be given to Zhuang Zhuang!"

Jiang Yu felt that if she came in contact with these wonderful creatures for a few more days she would be pissed to death, she asked coldly: "Zhang Meifeng, you think I won't have any children of my own in the future? Why should I leave my house for your grandson? You are dreaming!"

"You still want to leave the house to your son?" Zhang Meifeng seemed to think this was unbelievable, she frowned and said, "Your son doesn't have your surname! If you give him the house, that means that it will be given to someone with a foreign surname! That would be cheap for your husband! You can't do such a stupid thing!"

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