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Weibo Big V's Daily Entertainment Circle - Chapter 114 Part 2 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 114 - Entanglements (2)

Everyone who heard this was full of joy, Zhao Chenglei and Jiang Jie looked at each other.

Jiang Jie smiled imperceptibly. She was correct to make sure that Zhang Meifeng appear in this matter. After all, Jiang Yu was not Zhang Meifeng's opponent. As long as they lived in Jiang Yu's house, Jiang Yu would definitely not dare to not give money in the future, and even if she didn't want to give it, celebrities like Jiang Yu also had to be very aware of people's opinions. If they exposed Jiang Yu's scandal to the media, she would definitely spend money to settle the matter, and in the end they would get a lot of money.

As for giving her house to Zhuang Zhuang? Jiang Jie sneered. Jiang Yu thought she was stupid? Why should her property be given to the Jiang family?! Besides, Jiang Mingxuan was just her younger brother. If he did something like a jerk he usually was and dragged her down, she would definitely not care about him! Did Jiang Yu think she would really let Zhang Meifeng rule over her stupidly?

Jiang Yu still had a saint like smile: "Want to live in my house?"

"Yeah! Your house is big and comfortable to live in! Ah, I, your mother, have never lived in a commercial housing in a big city!" Zhang Meifeng was overjoyed.
"Okay!" Jiang Yu was still doing the same trick, she smiled sincerely and looked harmless, but in the eyes of others, they felt that she was thinking of a sinister trick. "You live!"

Zhang Meifeng was overjoyed and was planning to take a bath and sleep.

But she heard Jiang Yu say again: "As long as you are not afraid of a fire in your house in the middle of the night, you can sleep! This is the top floor. If there is a fire, you will definitely not be able to take the elevator. If you can't get up the ladder, the sprinkler will not be able to save you, but don't be afraid, I will let you live here."

Jiang Mingxuan's hand was about to hit Jiang Yu.

Jiang Yu couldn't bear it any longer, and suddenly laughed. Her tone was calm, as if she was talking about the weather. "Jiang Mingxuan, you can try, this way, I can chop you up with a knife tonight!"

"Chop me? Do you think I'm scared? If you have the ability to chop it! Chop it!" Jiang Mingxuan said angrily: "If you don't chop me to death, see how I beat you!"

Jiang Yu approached the kitchen with a blank expression and took out a butcher knife.

Jiang Mingxuan said with contempt: "Scare me? Hah! You think I, Jiang Mingxuan, is scared? Let me tell you, when I joined the society, you didn't know where I have been! If you don't take out your money today, I will not forgive you today. Hah Jiang Yu, you lunatic!"

No one thought that Jiang Yu would really take action. With the knife, the sofa's surface was cut off by her!

Jiang Jie and Jiang Lan hurriedly avoided, Zhao Chenglei also took a few steps back, Jiang Daquan wanted to step forward but was afraid of being mauled by the knife, Wen Wen held the child back.

Jiang Yu's eyes were red and her voice was cold: "I am a person who always responds to requests. Since you asked me to hack you to death, then I will hack you to death!"

After saying that, the knife went down again.

Jiang Yu looked desperate and this scared Jiang Mingxuan and Zhang Meifeng to the core.

Jiang Yu slashed down again, almost slashing Jiang Mingxuan's arm. If he hadn't run fast, the knife would definitely have hit the bone.

Jiang Mingxuan didn't expect Jiang Yu to be serious. His teeth chattered and he shouted, "Ah!!!"

Everyone was frightened to death and ran outside the door like a ghost, Jiang Yu closed the door expressionlessly. "Okay! It's finally clean!"

Zhang Meifeng stood outside the door, completely dumbfounded! Their big family was ready to come, eat, drink, and live. Now that they were kicked out, where should they go in the middle of the night?

"Jiang Yu! Hurry up and open the door! If you don't open it, I'll call the police!"

Jiang Yu put down the knife in her hand and turned a deaf ear to the threats and insults from outside.

Bei Xiaoxiao swallowed her saliva with a frightened expression on her face, was there such a mother in the world? "Taro Ball, what if your mother and the others go to the company tomorrow to make trouble?"

Bei Xiaoxiao was very worried, now Jiang Yu was a celebrity, once her reputation was ruined, it would be bad! Besides, there were many keyboard warriors out there and even more people that wanted to see Jiang Yu fell, if Zhang Meifeng acted and cried a few times in front of the media, she was afraid that netizens would directly scold Jiang Yu on the Internet.

"Or give them some money? Otherwise, they will keep making trouble, which is not good for you! Also, what will the Gu family think when they saw your family make trouble like this? Will they look down on you? You are going to get married, in case something happens at this time, it's not worth it!"

Yes, even Bei Xiaoxiao knew that this kind of trouble would make the Gu family look down on Jiang Yu, but Zhang Meifeng never thought about it at all. She didn't care how her actions would affect Jiang Yu and even threatened Jiang Yu, threatening to discredit Jiang Ya's reputation.

"These people will never have enough. If I satisfy them this time, it's impossible to guarantee that there will be no next time. I can't spend money every time!"

Bei Xiaoxiao thought for a while, that was indeed the case. "I'm just afraid that they will hurt you behind your back!"

"Don't worry!" Because of this, Jiang Yu didn't plan to go back to Xiang Song Garden. She sent a text message to Gu Shenliu and then said to Bei Xiaoxiao, "Let's go with the flow!"

Bei Xiaoxiao glanced at Jiang Yu's seemingly calm face, but did not speak again.


However, what Bei Xiaoxiao didn't expect was that Zhang Meifeng actually stayed at the door and didn't leave. She could see through the cat's eyes that the shameless people didn't go at all. Zhang Meifeng and Jiang Daquan were even lying at the door, and they kept crying.

"Everyone, come and see! My daughter doesn't want to honor her mother! She let us sleep on the street while she herself live in a mansion!"

Zhang Meifeng's voice was loud, and many neighbors came out unwillingly as she shouted.

"This is a residential area, don't shout in the middle of the night or I will call the police!"

When Zhang Meifeng heard that people was going to call the police, she swallowed her saliva and then wiped her tears with a pitiful look on her face: "Brother, I can't do anything either. You see, us old couple came to the city to go to our daughter, but our daughter ignored us entirely. She also drove us out and let us sleep on the streets, why is my life so hard?"

The neighbor's brother glanced at Zhang Meifeng and Jiang Daquan's clothes, and frowned even more. The old couple was in tatters, with old clothes and messy hair. They were drinking from a tea jar in their hands and there was a plastic bag containing steamed buns on the ground. They looked like people from the countryside coming to the city overnight.

The neighbor's brother frowned and looked at Jiang Yu's house number: "I remember that a little girl live here, is that your daughter?"

"Yes! It's my daughter!" Zhang Meifeng wiped her tears and cried, looking like she was wronged.

This appearance easily won the trust of the neighbors. The sister downstairs said, "I remember that this little girl seems to have started a company! She even acted in a web drama! My daughter is chasing the drama every day!"

"Yes, this little girl is a star and a rich person. I heard that she is worth hundreds of millions! At that time, when someone told me that such a rich person will come to our community, I was thinking why didn't they buy a villa to live in!"

"She is so rich but she let her own parents drink cold water and eat steamed buns, she don't even let them in?"

"It's ridiculous! Today's little girl is not the same as before! They don't even know the traditional virtues of us Chinese!"

"Yeah! No matter what the contradiction, it's late, she should let her parents sleep in for the night!"

There was a lot of discussion, and they all said that Jiang Yu was disrespectful and unfilial!

Seeing that everyone was helping her, Zhang Meifeng seemed to have thought of a way to make Jiang Yu surrender! She was a little hesitant for a while because if she really did this, it would be like tearing her own family's face! However, there was nothing else she could do. Jiang Yu refused to take out the money and without money, Wen Wen would take Zhuang Zhuang away. If this happened then Jiang Mingxuan would lose a good wife and the family would lose their only seedling. 

Speaking of which, Jiang Yu was at fault! She was so rich, so what if she gave tens of millions? Zhang Meifeng had never seen so much money in her life. For her, if her daughter had money, then it would also be her money! As long as she moved her mouth, she would have money to her pocket by playing tricks on Jiang Yu. 

Thinking of this, Zhang Meifeng made a decision. She pulled Jiang Daquan with a face full of anger, lowered her eyebrows, and sobbed:

"I'm not afraid of your jokes, my daughter used to be very good with us! I worked hard to bring her up, let her go to college, let her go to the big city to see the world. If there is only one steamed bun at home, I can't bear to eat it, and I will give it to her. But for some reason, she refuses to go home recently. After we inquired, we found out that she made a fortune in Shencheng! She made a lot of money! We are very happy to know that she has a promising future. It took us 7 hours to get to Shencheng by bus, but I didn't expect that she would kick us out! Does she think that we dress inappropriately and embarrass her? Or is it because she is marrying that star Gu Shenliu she thinks that parents like us will make her lose face that she would be unable to lift her head at her husband's house?"

It could said that the imagination of the people was boundless. After listening to Zhang Meifeng's words, several neighbors immediately came up with a story.

A girl was trying to marry into a wealthy family but the wealthy mother-in-law did not allow her to recognize her poor parents and she herself thought that such rural parents were shameful, so she refused to recognize them and sent them away instead!

"How can your little girl do this? Parents are always parents, she can't throw them away for her own good life!"

"Yeah! This kind of treason is shameful, we should call the social news to report her!"

"That's right! I always thought this little girl was a good person! Who knew she was so immoral!"

"She hate the poor and love the rich!"

At this time, the neighbor's elder brother on the opposite side took out his phone and said, "I'll report her to the social news!"

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