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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 108 Part 1 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 108 – Pamper (1)

After finally taking a rest, Jiang Yu was lying at home and watching <The Entertainment Circle of Chong Fei> with Gu Shenliu. Before she knew it, the drama had already aired more than half. Because the script was well written, the IQ of the protagonist was always online, plus hype from Gu Shenliu’s Studio, these had led to the fact that the play became well-received on the Internet so far, and had been called "the conscientious production in domestic dramas" by netizens.

To Jiang Yu's surprise, this drama had also become popular in South Korea and Japan. Many fans there had also been chasing the drama. It was said that this was the most popular Chinese drama abroad so far.

When a fan was traveling in Thailand, he also took a photo and mentioned @Stylist Jiang Yu, saying that she was waiting for the update from Thailand early in the morning. Although she was travelling, chasing the drama was still a priority.

<The Entertainment Circle of Chong Fei> had brought a lot of traffic to, and it had kept other novels by Twisted Flatbread active on the gold list.


Jiang Yu was planning to follow the drama when Twisted Flatbread’s call came over.


"Sister, thank you so much! Because <The Entertainment Circle of Chong Fei> is on air, many studios are rushing for my novels recently, and the prices are all very high. The copyright fee is almost no less than 5 million!"

Twisted Flatbread was so excited. In fact, her account in Jinjiang was originally very transparent. She didn’t expect that thanks to Jiang Yu, as Jiang Yu was fortunately attracted to her novel. It was also unexpected that the web drama was even more popular than competing star-studded dramas. Under such circumstances, more and more her royalties were also sold!

"You have the strength yourself!" Jiang Yu said with a smile.

"No way! I know how much I have!" There were many authors with big brains on the Internet, it was not her turn at all. When her novel was originally published, the data was not very good. To be honest, she didn't even know how it could be favored by Fang Huai, and then turned over by Jiang Yu.

"Don't belittle yourself, you are fine!" Jiang Yu encouraged.

"Really, Senior, thank you, my house is rich in peaches, I'll send you some!" She was someone who knows how to be grateful.

Jiang Yu did not refuse, but said: "Thank you, then send the fruit to our company!" She left the company address for Twisted Flatbread.

"Okay, Senior!"

Jiang Yu thought that the girl was just talking or at most she would send a box. After all, fruit was not a valuable thing, and there were many people who came and go, so Jiang Yu agreed to let Twisted Flatbread send peaches to the company. 

Who knew, two days later, the truck of the courier company stopped at the gate of JY company, and the courier brother said enviously: "President Jiang, your family's courier service is really unusual! In the past, it was enough to receive truck loads of packages from abroad. This time, even fruits are delivered by truck! It's amazing!"

Jiang Yu was taken aback, "A truck?"

"You see for yourself!"

Jiang Yu walked over to take a look and saw that after the express company's truck was opened, it was full of well-organized fruits. She was stunned for a moment, and confirmed that the sender was Twisted Flatbread!

"Why so many?"

"We don't know about that!"

Jiang Yu couldn't eat so much by herself, so she had someone send some to Gu family, and more than a dozen boxes each to Gu Linlu's company and Gu Lingxiao's research institute, also one basket per person to Gu Shenliu's studio.

After the delivery, the remaining dozens of boxes were all eaten away by the company's employees as afternoon snack.

"Taro ball! This peach is so sweet!" Bei Xiaoxiao gnawed hard.

"Right!" Jiang Yu responded, but she hadn't eaten any yet. In fact, she rarely ate peaches. It's embarrassing to say, and she was afraid that people would laugh at her and say that she was hypocritical or something! But she really had an allergy to the fluff on peaches! Yes, it's a real allergy! Other people were allergic to mangoes, durians, and peanuts, the allergy rate to these things was very high, so it was not unusual, but she had never heard of peach hair allergies.

When Jiang Yu went to the hospital for a check-up before, the doctor said, not surprisingly: "What's so strange about this? Some people are allergic to metal! Have you ever seen people that can't even touch the doorknob in their house so that they have to wrap it all in cloth?"

Jiang Yu shook her head.

"Then have you seen people allergic to foamy things such as shower gel, shampoo, facial cleanser, etc? Anything with foam will be allergic?"

Jiang Yu continued to shake her head. The world was full of wonders, someone could be allergic to this?

"Then have you ever seen someone who is allergic to any chemicals? They cannot use any skin care products or cosmetics, can't rub anything on their face, and has to take a pill every day to suppress the allergies?"

Jiang Yu still shook her head. This time, she obediently took the anti-allergic medicine and kept silent.

The doctor glanced at Jiang Yu and nodded with satisfaction: "See! You just need to know that being allergic to peach hair is not a big deal! Go back! At most, you just need to ask your husband to peel it for you."

At that time, the doctor glanced at Gu Shenliu, who was standing beside Jiang Yu, and said, "You little girl has a free labor but you don't know how to use!"

Since then, Gu Shenliu had been peeling peaches for Jiang Yu, and because of this, she never touched peaches by herself. She glanced at the basket of peaches in front of her, not moving.

Seeing Bei Xiaoxiao eating with relish, Jiang Yu called Twisted Flatbread to say thank you. She wanted to pay, but the other party didn't want it and said very intimately:

"I know that your company has a lot of people, so I sent you more and distributed points to other employees!"

Very considerate!

Jiang Yu sent peaches to the Gu family members. In fact, it was offering Buddha borrowed flowers, but this matter had a different meaning in the eyes of Gu family.

Although the three sons of the Gu family were considerate, they were sons after all, so they were not so thoughtful when doing things. Therefore, such thoughtful things as giving gifts were impossible in the Gu family, especially fruits such as peaches. It was not an overly precious item, but for Jiang Yu to have this intention, already proved that she really had Gu family in her heart.

When Mother Gu received the boxes of peaches, she was overjoyed. When you get older, you would know what kind of character was the most valuable. There were not people like Jiang Yu who were caring, knowledgeable, and respectful. Eating peaches, she just felt sweet in her heart. At the same time, she also sighed – a daughter is indeed better! Daughter is kind! Hey, why was her life so bad? There were only three sons in her life! There was really no way other than wait to be a mother-in-law!

When Jiang Yu's peaches were sent to Gu Linlu's company, Gu Linlu was in a meeting. He was stunned when he received the peaches, only then did he realize that the three brothers had never behaved like this before.

"Mr. Gu! Your Gu family are really harmonious! It's really enviable!" The company executives praised.

Gu Linlu was complimented, but felt his back straightened.

"Right, our family is indeed good, there's never been a conflict!" Gu Linlu pursed his lips in a good mood.

Gu Lingxiao received the peaches and gave them to his colleagues in the research institute. He only sighed in his heart while eating the peaches. It seemed that giving birth to a daughter was still different. The little padded jacket was not for nothing! In the future, he must work hard to give birth to a cute and caring daughter!

As for Gu Shenliu's studio... Hehe! The people in Gu Shenliu's studio had long been accustomed to receiving things at every turn! In the past, Gu Shenliu didn't pay attention to employee benefits, he only thought that men should be simple, it would be enough to give more money. But after Jiang Yu moved in with him, he started to send some gifts to the employees, which instantly made the atmosphere in Gu Shenliu's studio much better.

"Shenliu, the peaches sent by Jiang Yu are very sweet!" Gao Jing ate the peaches with a satisfied expression.

"En!" Gu Shenliu was sitting in the office with his legs crossed, responding nonchalantly, but his eyes fell on the fluffy peach in the palm of his hand and he was slightly distracted.

Jiang Yu was allergic to peach hair. In the past, he peeled the peaches and handed them to Jiang Yu. Now that he was away, he didn’t know how Jiang Yu would eat.

Gu Shenliu frowned, and then stood up. He was tall and had a strong aura. This filled the entire office with a sense of oppression. The staff who were going to enter the door with a folder for a meeting froze for a while, for fear that Gu Shenliu, who used to order work in the middle of the night, would return to the way he used to be.

Gu Shenliu frowned, picked up his car keys and ran out.

"Hey, Shenliu, where are you going? There will be a meeting soon!" Gao Jing shouted.

Gu Shenliu's low voice drifted away: "Go back!"

In the company, Jiang Yu was worried about a basket of peaches! She liked to eat peaches and the basket of peaches sent by Twisted Flatbread looked very delicious. When others ate it, she always thought that it should taste very good.

The door was suddenly pushed open.

Zhong Xiaoping stood at the door with a gossip face. She looked at Gu Shenliu, who just entered the office, with ambiguous eyes.

"Gu Shenliu is so handsome! He's in good shape!" The front desk was worried.

After the two announced their relationship, the only benefit was that they were doing a lot more aboveboard.

Jiang Yu smiled and looked up: "Why are you here?"

Gu Shenliu narrowed his eyes and pursed his lips tightly, facing her eyes.

The two tacitly did not speak.

Gu Shenliu threw a lunch box directly on Jiang Yu’s seat, and said solemnly, "Your stuff!"

As soon as Gu Shenliu left, Zhong Xiaoping and Bei Xiaoxiao ran in with a gossip mind and looked at the lunch box curiously.

"Taro ball, why is he looking for you? Why did he throw a lunch box and run away?" Bei Xiaoxiao opened the lunch box in confusion.

"I don't know!" Jiang Yu was stunned for a moment, and then looked at the lunch box.

"Sh*t! Opening the lunch box is like detonating a bomb!" Bei Xiaoxiao opened the lunch box, but was shocked by the contents inside.

Zhong Xiaoping was too shocked to speak.

They both looked at each other, and then looked at the lunch box.

Two peaches? Er no, should they say two peeled peaches? Running so far and rushing back, just to give this thing?

Zhong Xiaoping's tone was sour: "Why don't I have such a good boyfriend? He is handsome, rich, and so caring! President Jiang, have you really saved the world in your last life?"

"This... what is he doing with this? You haven't lost your hand, so can't you peel it yourself?" Bei Xiaoxiao also said angrily, "Were you too used to ordering him to do this and do that, so now you don't even want to peel the skin of the peaches yourself?"

Under their gaze, the corners of Jiang Yu's mouth raised. She picked up a peach in a good mood, and stuffed it into her mouth. The moment the juicy and sweet peach entered her mouth, she sighed contentedly, squinting her eyes and eating with satisfaction.

"D*mn it!" Bei Xiaoxiao hummed, "You! You'll be a spoiled and crippled woman sooner than later!"

However, Jiang Yu didn't listen. She calmly ate the second peach.

Bei Xiaoxiao shook her hand helplessly: "I can't save you! I can't save you!"

That night, Gu Shenliu tossed Jiang Yu all night.

Jiang Yu fell asleep directly after. The two bodies hugged tightly together and the thirst-quenching feeling brought by the skin-to-skin kiss made them miss each other's bodies very much.

Gu Shenliu buried his face in Jiang Yu's chest, loving her extremely reluctantly. "Jiang Yu, take care of yourself when I'm not at home."

Jiang Yu didn't hear what Gu Shenliu said. When she woke up the next day and saw that Gu Shenliu had disappeared, she searched the Internet for news, and only then did she realize that Gu Shenliu and Su Ye's new movie <Song of Qin> was about to be released. Of course, Gu Shenliu, who had always been dedicated to his work, would be busy promoting the film, not to mention that the director had a good relationship with him. Just for the sake of personal friendship, he also had to pull up the box office.

Gu Shenliu and Su Ye's film <Song to Qin> was the most anticipated film this year. As the name suggests, the film told the story of Qin Shi Huang's Ying Zheng, who gradually moved towards the pinnacle of power. In the film, Gu Shenliu was playing the role of King Qin Yingzheng, who was the first emperor. This role had high requirements for actors in all aspects. This movie was a big challenge even for Gu Shenliu, not to mention his age range in the play was relatively nig, from childhood until old age.

It could be said that <Song to Qin> was a rare historical film in China that told stories seriously in recent years. The lines in the play were well edited, the details were also in place, and the costumes were exquisite. It fairly told the merits and demerits of Qin Shi Huang's life.

Especially Qin Shi Huang's sentence: "I am the history of Qin, I will write it!" It was even more domineering!

At the end of the film, the modern archaeologist also played by Gu Shenliu discovered a lot of historical materials of the Qin Dynasty. In the process of explaining the history of the Qin Dynasty to the visiting students, he commented on Qin Shi Huang. This evaluation was exactly the same as what Qin Shi Huang said in the play, ‘My merits and demerits will be handed over to future generations to comment!’

Of course, the reason why Jiang Yu knew this was because she went to the crew to make do suit fitting for Gu Shenliu at that time and heard some stories.

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