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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 111 Part 1 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 111 – Report of Success (1)

One for beauty, two for microdermabrasion effect, and three for face-changing effect?

Jiang Yu pondered these words, only to think that the netizens were too talented! She had to say that she often looked at everyone's comments to find inspiration. Sometimes when fans said what kind of clothes they want, she would design them appropriately. She smiled and posted today's third Weibo:

[Dear people, beauty cream is indeed a project I invested in! In fact, Jiang Yu has been developing cosmetics and skin care products, it's just good things cannot be done in one or two days! The beauty cream was successfully researched by a research team for nearly 4 years. When this project came to me, I didn't have much confidence in it until I tried it later and found that the effect is really good! Really! You may think that I am exaggerating, but you will find out after you use it!" 

The beauty cream was very famous, and everyone was talking about which company came up with it, but they didn't expect it to be a project invested by Jiang Yu. Although everyone was puzzled and thought that Jiang Yu might be exaggerating the effect for money, but on second thought, many celebrities in Shencheng had recently praised the beauty cream, saying it was easier to use than any foundation and cream, and the most amazing thing about this product was that it combined the effects of a variety of products, moisturizing, nourishing, beautifying, concealing, brightening... It's really an amazing base makeup product!

——Taro ball, I think Ye Qian, a famous lady, recommended it and said that it is very easy to use. I saw the comparison picture and found the effect to be amazing. So, is it really good?

——Taro ball, is there a comparison picture?

——I also want to see the comparison picture and comparison video, or you can directly do live broadcast to us?

Jiang Yu smiled, she just realized that she rarely started live broadcasts recently! The main reason was that there was no time. It took at least two or three hours to do live broadcast not including the preparation. In these two or three hours, she could draw a lot of design drawings.

After thinking about it, Jiang Yu posted another Weibo: "Dear guys, I'm very busy today, so I can't do a live broadcast for you, but I recorded a video last time, so let's show it to everyone."

The connection and the accompanying pictures were the comparison photos that fans were asking for. It was a compilation of before and after comparison pictures of Jiang Yu's employees.

When everyone saw that the beauty cream perfectly cover up the company employees' acne, scars, and pigmentation on their skin, everyone gasped in their hearts! This beauty cream was amazing!

But when they clicked into the video, they were shocked to realize that the beauty cream was far more useful than they thought. After all, pictures could be faked easily, but videos were more difficult. Judging from the uncut video, Zou Xiaoyu and other employees using the beauty cream was like a face changer! How could it be so amazing!

——This is really amazing! Taro ball, I want beauty cream!

——I want! Everyone knows that base makeup is a very important part. If a person has a good base makeup, their skin will look particularly flawless and nice, even without makeup, it will not be ugly!

——I have bad skin, a lot of pigmentation. Lasers are useless, I really want this.

——I don't want a trial pack, I want to buy it directly, is there a link?

——I believe that taro ball is not the kind of people who have no conscience for the sake of money. You can directly give the link and I will buy it!

——I have been with you for a year, and I know your personality very well. In fact, you don’t need to send out trial packs again, just release the baby directly, we will buy it.

Jiang Yu was really moved by the unconditional trust of her fans. She secretly decided in her heart that after the beauty cream was released, she had to give more things to the fans so that they could all enjoy the benefits.

Jiang Yu smiled and didn't speak. She was about to close Weibo when she saw Gu Shenliu suddenly reposting her big promotion Weibo:

"The wife makes money to support the family, the husband is be responsible for..."

——Haha, the husband is responsible for the beauty !

——Husband is responsible for keeping his wife warm in bed! In the future, Little Gu, Little little Gu, and Little Gu Gu will all rely on you to create!

——The husband is responsible for taking beautiful photos for his wife, so that the wife's clothes can be sold well!

——To be honest, your photos are so good, I really want to buy each one of them!

Jiang Yu just wanted to laugh when she saw the comments.

Recently, netizens had blessed the two of them for their relationship, and the fans of the two were also very helpful, which made Jiang Yu feel warm.

Under such circumstances, the anniversary promotion finally came!

Tmall homepage and Taobao homepage were hung with promotional pictures and preview pictures of the big promotion, and the discounts of the event were also posted. It was clearly written, what to grab at 0 o'clock, what to grab at 1 o'clock, what to grab at 2 o'clock... What discount was there at the point? Even the goods were clearly written!

Like last year's Double Eleven, Jiang Yu didn't go home and waited for the arrival of 12 o'clock.

This big promotion was extremely important, as it determined whether the 600 million sales goal this year could be completed.

"President Jiang, have a cup of tea!" Zhong Xiaoping came in with a cup of tea. In fact, she was more nervous than Jiang Yu, because she had studied with her for so long, and had always been Jiang Yu's assistant. She was usually instructed by Jiang Yu and had learned a lot. This time, Jiang Yu gave her a chance and let her try to design 5 pieces of clothes. After the five pieces of clothing were voted and decided by Jiang Yu, one piece was selected for the shelves. 

This was the first time Zhong Xiaoping had completed the design independently. If it could be successful, she would be one atep closer to her designer dream.

Thinking of this, Zhong Xiaoping stared nervously at the computer screen.

Jiang Yu glanced at Zhong Xiaoping. The girl was pretty good, she was a diligent person, and so she was also willing to help her.

"Nervous?" Jiang Yu took a sip of tea.

"A little bit." Zhong Xiaoping said honestly, "President Jiang, what if no one buy my clothes?"

"No way, your design is not bad. You made Van Gogh's oil paintings into embroidery and applied them in a transparent net fabric. A long T-shirt is placed on top of the gauze suspender skirt. Although this design is not high-end, but fortunately, the color matching of Van Gogh's oil paintings is good. This style is also the type that girls like, so it should be able to sell well!"

Zhong Xiaoping was a little embarrassed to receive the compliment, and said: "Thanks to President Jiang for helping me modify the design. The dress I designed is only in blue color, but you added the embroidery drawings for me, as well as other pink and blue elements. Only with your modification it could be approved by the design department to be put on the shelves.”

"Have confidence in yourself!" Jiang Yu smiled and said, "Study hard! To tell you the truth, I have a plan in my heart. I plan to send a designer abroad for training every year where the cost will be paid by the company. Of course, there is no free lunch, they must sign a long-term contract with the company when they come back, but the treatment is definitely the best in the industry! I don’t think other colleagues in the design department will want to go, so you can try to grab this opportunity this year.”

Zhong Xiaoping was stunned for a while after hearing this. Her cheeks flushed with excitement. Study abroad for further education? And the company would be paying for it? Couls she really get such a good opportunity? Could a non-professional person with low education like her really be a real designer?

Howeved, why were other colleagues reluctant to go? After thinking about it for a while, Zhong Xiaoping realized that Jiang Yu Company had a strong development momentum. Now they stayed in the company, and when the company went public in the future, they would all be veterans, and they might also get some shares in the company. This was a great opportunity for them. Of course, these people wouldn't be giving up in vain. Besides, now that sales were on the rise with Tmall, everyone had more room to play. Many people couls get 40,000 to 50,000 yuan a month in commission alone, so who would want to give up such a high-paying job easily?

However, for Zhong Xiaoping, this was a great opportunity! "Thank you, President Jiang, I will definitely work hard!"

12 o'clock finally came, Jiang Yu sat in front of the computer, watching the background.

Ding ding ding... 

One after another, the sound of transactions came from outside the door. Although it was far away, it was so quiet at night that the sound was very obvious.

Jiang Yu liked to listen to this sound. Like a symphony, it was beautiful and pleasant. Playing it in her ears, it made her feel that her whole body was enveloped in a halo. This was the halo of money.

Every ding ding sound means an order, and every order means a high profit! To put it simply, the sound was not the sound of ding ding, but the sound of money falling to the ground!

Of course Jiang Yu liked it!

"President Jiang..." Zheng Lan pushed the door excitedly and entered!

Jiang Yu looked up lazily and glanced at her. "Huh? You want to say good news?"

"Uh-huh!" Zheng Lan's eyes lit up with excitement, she said excitedly: "The sales are very good! This is the report, you can take a look!"

Jiang Yu did not reach out to receive it, only Said: "Come back and tell me when it's over 100 million!"

"..." Zheng Lan cried and left. Were bosses so cruel these days? A young girl only wanted 100 million yuan, was not money if it was less than one hundred million? Wuwuwu, the boss bullies people!

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