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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 109

WBVDEC Chapter 109 – Premiere

The interview was nothing more than those questions, but because Jiang Yu was young and the reporter was also a young woman that liked to gossip, so she asked Jiang Yu a lot of emotional questions.

"When did you and Gu Shenliu start dating?"

"Last year!"

"What made you decide to enter the palace of marriage at a young age?"

Jiang Yu smiled: "Maybe it's because the ring he held when proposing was very big? Just kidding, I don't think there is any hesitation. Although I am young, I have experienced a lot of things. In my opinion, getting married and having children is an option. It’s not something necessary in life, so if you don’t meet the right person, it’s okay not to enter the marriage hall at all in your life, but I’m very lucky to have met the one. In this case, marriage is a certain matter."

When the reporter heard this, she kept smiling. For some reason, many people always liked to wrap themselves up when being interviewed, which means that the questions answered were not real, but fictionalized to create a good image. However, Jiang Yu gave her a completely different feeling. It was difficult to explain, but she felt that Jiang Yu’s answer were very sincere.

"Will your studies continue after you get married?"

"Of course!" Jiang Yu said with a smile: "In fact, I am planning to continue to graduate school!"

"Won't you feel tired when you need to juggle between home, work, and school?"

"No! You can do everything you want as long as you have the determination."

The reporter asked some more questions, and then closed the interview with a smile. "Thank you, President Jiang!"

The two said goodbye. At this time, the reporter suddenly noticed that a circle was drawn on the Jiang Yu desk calendar, and she asked casually: "I see that you drew a circle for tomorrow. May I ask what special day tomorrow will be?"

Jiang Yu smiled and said: "Tomorrow is Aunt Gu's birthday and it is also the day when Gu Shenliu's film premieres. I draw a circle to remind myself that I need to give Aunt Gu her gift tomorrow and I also need to buy a ticket to the cinema to support the premiere of the film."

When the reporter heard this, she sincerely praised: "No wonder you can handle life and work well, it seems that you are a caring person!"

At the end of the interview, the reporter already set her view on Jiang Yu, which was the same as what she thought before. Although Jiang Yu was good-looking, had some money, and had a small successful business, but compared with Gu Shenliu, it was still uncomparable! Not to mention, every time Gu Shenliu released a movie or a TV series, the stock of his entertainment company would soar. Gu Shenliu owns 10% of his broker company's shares, and he also had a listed company and a number of other investments. When she interviewed other local businessmen before, she heard people say this:

"To interview a businessman in Shencheng, you must first interview the Gu family! The eldest and the third child of the Gu family are not ordinary people!"

In this case, if Jiang Yu married Gu Shenliu at such a young age, it would be unrealistic to say that there were no economic considerations. Maybe she also wanted to take advantage of the golden thighs while she was young and take advantage of the Gu family? Judging from Jiang Yu's ability, she must have been doing things to please Gu family and Gu Shenliu often, that's why she drew this circle on the calendar.

Thinking of this, the reporter walked out of Jiang Yu's office. She was about to leave when she heard the front desk and several company employees gossiping.

"President Jiang bought a ticket for each of us today, have you received it?"

"I got it! President Jiang wants to support her husband's movie!"

"President Jiang really loves Gu Shenliu very much!"

"That's for sure! Gu Shenliu's condition is so good, how could President Jiang not be obsessed with him?"

At this time, the front desk had an expression of ‘you guys are so short-sighted! You have never seen the world’. The front desk snorted and said, "You are wrong! It's not President Jiang who is obsessed with Gu Shenliu! It's Gu Shenliu! He is very afraid that our President Jiang will run away, okay?"

The reporter was stunned for a moment. Seeing that there was an inside story, she was busy eavesdropping.

"Xiao Qian, do you have any gossip? Tell us about it!" The company employee urged.

Xiao Qian snorted, flicked her nails, and said slowly: "You guys only saw the superficial surface! You don't know a lot of things behind the scenes! Now, I'll tell you one thing and you'll understand! Do you remember when President Jiang gave us peaches to eat before?"

"Remember, remember!"

"That day, Mr. Gu also came to our company! He came, brought two peaches, and left immediately! Tsk tsk! He looks so handsome and really fit to be the number one actor in the entertainment industry!" Xiao Qian had heartbroken eyes.

"You are going off topic, off topic! We know that Gu Shenliu is handsome, otherwise so many people wouldn't be fascinated by him, we want to know, why do you say that Gu Shenliu cares more about President Jiang? What’s the big deal about bringing two peaches? What is there for you to say specifically?"

Yes, Why! The reporter eavesdropped.

Xiao Qian shook her hand: "Oh! Listen to me! I also going to talk about this! Gu Shenliu ran to President Jiang that day and brough two peaches, but it's not ordinary peaches!"

"Not ordinary?"

"Yes, the peaches that Gu Shenliu brought has been peeled! That is to say, Gu Shenliu was afraid that President Jiang would have to peel the peaches herself when she want to eat and he couldn't bear to let her get tired, so he peeled the peaches and brought them to President Jiang to eat! "

Everyone had a shocked expression on their faces: "Is there anything else?" The employee asked again, "Why doesn't President Jiang peel it herself?"

Xiao Qian snorted: "You don't understand this! President Jiang loves beauty, don’t you think that peeling peaches will make the juice get into her nails? Rich people are different from us!"

"My God..." Everyone had gossip expression on their faces, "So there is such a thing! It turns out that Gu Shenliu is more affectionate than our President Jiang!"

The reporter was stunned for a long time after hearing this gossip. Was there such a thing? She, an outsider, saw that Jiang Yu was not as good as Gu Shenliu in all aspects, so she naturally thought that Jiang Yu was the one that was more active in the relationship. However, on the contrary, the person that was so caring that he was even reluctant to let the other peel peaches was Gu Shenliu himself!

The misunderstanding caused by the peeled peach was…really big!

If Jiang Yu knew about this, she would have to shout, "I'm just allergic to peach fluff! That's all!"

The next day, Jiang Yu sent a gift to Mother Gu to wish her a happy birthday. Because Mother Gu said that her birthday would remind her of the fact that she was getting old, she didn't plan to celebrate it, so Jiang Yu rushed back to the company after she sent the gift.

Gu Shenliu went to Hangzhou today to promote and interact with fans at the cinema.

Jiang Yu swiped the activity map on Weibo, thinking about it. How many days had Gu Shenliu been away? Was she already so unaccustomed?

Sure enough, habit was a terrible thing! Jiang Yu frowned slightly and continued to lower her head to draw. Since her husband was away, no one was seducing her to do ‘exercise’, which saved so much time. She should use this time to draw more design in case of emergency, because she had a hunch that after being separated for such a long time, when Gu Shenliu came back, he would definitely not let her go!

At night was the premiere of the movie.

Jiang Yu bought the tickets, and together with Bei Xiaoxiao, brought a cup of popcorn into the screening room.

"Taro ball! There are so many people at the premiere tonight! It's full!" Bei Xiaoxiao watched from side to side.

"Yeah! Maybe there is an event at the cinema? Free to watch the premiere or something!"

"In short, the feeling of watching a movie this time is completely different from before. I used to have a fan mentality, but now it is different. Gu Shenliu is my best friend's man!"

Jiang Yu laughed.

Soon, the movie started and Ying Zheng appeared in a young age. He and his entourage were hunting. An eagle flew by in the sky that day, so the entourage said that the eagle flew too high and could not shoot down, but Ying Zheng refused to listen. He rode a horse and chased the eagle for several miles. He finally caught up with the eagle, shot down an arrow, and said with a smile: "I am someone who wants to conquer the world! What does an eagle count for! Even if all the eagles in the world are spreading their wings, they have to give Ying Zheng their wings and bow their heads!"

The entourage was stunned, but because Ying Zheng was young and arrogant, they didn't take it seriously.

Later, when Ying Zheng grew up and Gu Shenliu came out, he played Ying Zheng with ambition, courage, and strategy perfectly.

The 22-year-old Ying Zheng began to pro-manage the government and wanted to get rid of Lu Buwei, Ao Yu, and others! This process was extremely thrilling. Although everyone knew the ending, the plot was so tense that the audience watching the premiere watched with bated breath, for fear that Ying Zheng would not be able to get rid of the others, but instead would be suppressed by these people.

Later, Ying Zheng did not listen to advice and reused Li Si and others. He abolished the feudal system and replaced it with the county system. He attacked Xiongnu in the north, conquered Baiyue in the south, built the Great Wall, built the Ling Canal, and arrange the water system. He pushed China to the era of great unification.

Ying Zheng in the play opened his arms, as if embracing his own country!

In general, the movie affirmed Ying Zheng's merits, but it didn’t just portray him as a flawless great man. On the contrary, the movie was potraying Ying Zheng's conquest of the six countries, dealing with the Queen Mother Zhao, and when he was dealing with Jing Ke. These left an imaginary space for the audience to judge his merits and demerits.

<Song to Qin> told the life of the first emperor. Therefore, the plots were rich and the climaxes were build one after another. The plots were tense, so that as the audience just relaxed a little in the process of watching, they began to feel nervous and stimulated again. In the production of the film, the actors' acting skills were overwhelming, and until the end of the movie, everyone sat on the seats and didn't move, as if they still felt unfinished.

"It's over? So soon? I haven't seen enough!"

"That's right! That woman is Su Ye? I didn't even recognize her!"

"Gu Shenliu's acting skills are good! I feel like he must have read a lot of historical materials in order to play Qin Shi Huang!"

"The actors are very attentive. This is not like other commercial  film! It's good to watch! It's worth watching again. But I don't understand some of the plots in it, do you understand?"

Jiang Yu also stood up, she took a breath and walked out behind the audience. To be honest, she also felt unfinished, no matter what the box office was, from the point of view of herself as an audience, this drama was very exciting!

It was already 2:30 AM, so Jiang Yu and Bei Xiaoxiao took a taxi back. She was very sleepy, but she was used to read Weibo before going to bed. Thinking of this, she opened Weibo and took a look. Unexpectedly, there were actually many people mentioning her.

Jiang Yu clicked on the original Weibo, and saw @Two-dimensional Beautiful Girl said:

[I watched the premiere of <Song to Qin> in the theater. Guess who I saw? That's right! It's your favorite Jiang Yu, Lan Xiaoxiao! Oh my god! This little couple is really in love! The husband is promoting the movie in Hangzhou and the wife is contributing to the box office for her husband in Shencheng! Why do I find it inexplicably cute?"

——Wow! Abuse the dog! Real dog abuse!

——These two never show affection in public, but I think they are more affectionate than anyone else!

——Forfeiting beauty sleep to watch the premiere at 12 o’clock, I wouldn’t believe it if it wasn’t true love!

——Jiang Yu is so thin! Her legs are so long! It's such a beauty without flaw!

——This dress on her is so beautiful! Is it from her online store? Really a strong designer.

Jiang Yu saw this comment and replied: "The clothes are going to be available on the anniversary sale, you are welcome to buy them at that time!"

After replying, she reposted this Weibo and laughed:

[It's really me, I support @Gu Shenliu's movie with practical actions and I hope it will sell well at the box office! Of course, after watching it, I only have one feeling – the ticket price is worth it! This is a rare good movie. I saw the intentions of the screenwriter and director from the play. Of course, the heroine played by my family @Su Ye is also good. She is so beautiful! In short, after watching the movie, I have decided that I will watch it again tomorrow, after all, I didn't understand several details in the movie!]

——Taro! You haven't slept so late? Did you really go to the movies?

——I'll see it tomorrow too! Since you are a grass planter, I also ate the grass of this movie!

——Support! My Gu Shenliu's great movie must be supported!

——I want to see the movie made by my Jiang Yu's man!

Early the next morning, the Weibo reposted by Jiang Yu was also reposted by more than 30,000 people. Many people called them cute, saying that Jiang Yu abused dogs, and said that the couple was really in love or something. Many people might not know <Song to Qin> initially, but this movie had entered the people’s attention because of Jiang Yu.

Gu Shenliu even reposted on Weibo: "I'm not at home recently, so you can look at me at the screen!"


——Ha ha! Inexplicably cute, what should I do?

——The husband is not here, so the wife watched a movie first to relieve the pain of lovesickness! Real cute!

——I'm going to the cinema tonight to watch the movie.

Soon, Su Ye also reposted: "Wow! Good girlfriend, blessing for 10,000 years!"

Directors, producers, and official film bloggers also interacted with Jiang Yu. Of course, people who knew Jiang Yu such as Zeng Yanan, Durres, and Yuan Wei all helped Gu Shenliu on Weibo.

Although Gu Shenliu didn't talk much, he was a good person in the circle because he had a good appearance and worked seriously. Unlike many people who started to play big names as soon as they became popular, Gu Shenliu's good reputation in the circle was also reflected in on the movie release.

Many celebrities did not participate in the movie but they also helped Gu Shenliu forward Weibo to promote the movie. At the beginning, they did this because of their face. They wanted to leave a good impression to Gu Shenliu, so they bought movie tickets to watch in the theater, and planned to take a picture of the movie ticket and post it on Weibo to let Gu Shenliu know that they had supported him, but they didn't expect that after they watched the movie, they almost exploded when they came out.

What a great movie! The actors? Great acting! It's worth watching and I really want to watch a second time.

In this way, the movie's reputation was getting better and better and the praise was getting higher and higher. It also had a high score on Douban, and the online reputation was also very good. Many people said that this movie told the history in a straightforward way, but it was unexpectedly exciting. In addition, Gu Shenliu had a large age span in the play, and his good acting was proven over and over. When he was young, Ying Zheng was so handsome that people drooled. After getting older, his mature man’s charm was even more irresistible.

As a result, many people were surprised to find that Gu Shenliu, who had a beard and looked like an uncle, was actually more handsome! It's not scientific, wasn’t it? This kind of movie was really irresistible, right?

The next day, Jiang Yu walked into the cinema again, and this time, she specially picked time slot during the day. So, many people photographed her in the cinema and dozens of people posted at the same time, so this matter quickly became a hot search. It was also reported by many media.

 Jiang Yu took a picture of the movie ticket and posted: 

[Watching <Song to Qin> the second time, I found that husband @Gu Shenliu is very handsome in every style!]

 Gu Shenliu immediately forwarded: "You have good taste!"


Netizens were having a plentiful dog abuse day! Obviously, the interaction between these two people was not particularly sweet and the dialogue was also very ordinary, but for some reason, they just thought that these two people were very sweet!

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