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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 108 Part 2 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 108 – Pamper (2)

This film was chosen to be released in the summer. They aimed at the summer box office.

"Xiaoping! Book tickets for everyone in the company, I invite you all to watch the movie!" Jiang Yu said.

Gu Shenliu traveled to various cities to promote the movie, so recently, he was not home.

To be honest, without Gu Shenliu at home, Jiang Yu felt unaccustomed for a while, so she recently returned to Jinghu Garden to live with Bei Xiaoxiao.

The next day was a family gathering, and Gu Shenliu was away, so Jiang Yu had to act as a representative and went to Gu's house by the Emerald Lake early in the morning.

Mother Gu didn't want Jiang Yu to help her, so she kicked her out of the kitchen. Jiang Yu had nothing to do, so she played with Xiao Q for a while, and then she took out the beauty cream that was going to be launched, thinking about the marketing strategy. She had been recommending things on Weibo, and Weibo was also tied to her Taobao and Tmall. As a result, her current image of selling her own clothes was too deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, which would inevitably cause fan fatigue. If she recommended her own brand again, good or bad, then her Weibo influence would be greatly reduced. Therefore, she was very cautious in the marketing of the beauty cream.

Seeing Jiang Yu looking left and right with a bottle of skin care products, Mother Gu asked strangely: "Taro ball, what did you get?"

"It's my company's beauty cream."

"Beauty cream?" Mother Gu wondered, "I've only heard of cream foundation and skin cream, but never beauty cream."

"It's my newly developed product and I plan to sell it on the market. People who have used it now say it's good, but after all, it's something that is used on the face. I plan to wait for everyone to use it for a while and listen to everyone's opinions before launching it."

"You do things carefully and responsibly! This should be applied by ordinary companies a long time ago. There are so many overwhelming advertisements for internet celebrity face masks and whitening creams on TV. How many of these advertisements are true? Not to mention, the mask alone, a box of domestic facial masks sells for one or two hundred yuan, which is more expensive than big brands, but the effect is not even good. I feel sorry for those fans, and they keep buying them to support their idols!"

"The effect of the product may not be obvious, but at least it must be safe."

Mother Gu nodded and said, "Hey, can I use your thing?"

Jiang Yu was a little embarrassed, it's not that she didn't want to use it for Mother Gu, but the skin care products that Mother Gu normally used were too high-end. A set of her skin care products could easily cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

"You can use it, but I'm afraid you won't like it!"

"What like or not like, it's all from our own family, so I must support what you invent!" After speaking, Mother Gu grabbed the beauty cream forcibly.

Jiang Yu didn't have much hope for Mother Gu. After all, Mother Gu had a high vision. For a person who was used to using bottles of skin care products worth thousands of yuan to suddenly switch to hundreds, how could Mother Gu like it? Therefore, Jiang Yu only felt that it was already good if Mother Gudidn't dislike it.

Unexpectedly, a few days later, Mother Gu called: "Jiang Yu, do you still have this beauty cream? My little sisters all want it!"

"Ah?" Jiang Yu was very surprised. Mother Gu sister group were all very famous people, and whoever spoke out was a well-known person, such as a director of a group, the wife of the chairman of a listed company, and the wife of a senior official, or even the wife of a diplomat. Mother Gu usually went to beauty salons with these little sisters. If they came, a team of consultants in the salon would receive them carefully, for fear of offending these rich wives. These people could spent hundreds of thousands or millions of yuan just with a wave of their hands. If they coaxed the other party into a smile, tried to praise their daughter for being good-looking, their son-in-law for being talented, their son for being filial, the other party would always be more free and easy when signing the bill.

"Hehe, I asked my little sister out to play golf today, but I didn't expect that several people would ask me if I had a facelift or picoseconds laser treatment. They said that my skin condition was much better and that it looks particularly tight, there are less wrinkles and sags! They even asked me if Lucia from the beauty salon did it!" Mother Gu said proudly: " When I tell them that it is my daughter-in-law’s newly developed beauty cream, they are surprised . And then they asked me to get some for them to try as well!"

Jiang Yu suddenly saw a business opportunity. She now realized how this beauty cream should be marketed.

In recent years, the price of things was definitely not the most important factor affecting sales. Therefore, if Jiang Yu sold this thing on Taobao, she would sell it for two or three hundred at most. The price of two or three hundred was already similar to big brand name liquid foundation. It's not easy to compete with big brands, not to mention that there were many fake cosmetics products in Taobao, so fans might not be willing to buy it. But, the more it hurt when you bought it, the more you enjoyed the sense of superiority that others didn't have but you have.

Buying luxury goods was mostly the mentality. Frankly speaking, if the design of some luxury goods was put on ordinary brand, not many people would like it. But if released by big brand name with high prestige, even if they were not satisfied, they would find excuses. As for some small flaws, they would think that maybe the designers had their own considerations!

Jiang Yu especially wanted to be a mid-to-high-end brand. Since the beauty cream was so easy to use, there was almost no better satisfying base makeup product on the market. So, how should it be priced? If too cheap, the brand would be difficult to promote internationally, but if the price was too expensive, how to get fans to buy it? This was a dilemma.

Jiang Yu suddenly felt that the promotion that she started from Weibo was destined to not be too high. This was the reason why the average price of Jado bags could be set at 3,000. This was because so far customers didn’t know that this was her brand and only thought that she was doing promotion and design for a light luxury Italian brand. Since Mother Gu's sister group was so high-end, could she find an entry point from this group?

If these ladies' groups say it was easy to use, word of mouth spread from these rich people would be more convincing than others, so fans would buy it more.

Jiang Yu's heart was agitated, and she hurriedly asked, "Auntie, how many people are in your sister group?"

"Well... there are more than 40 people in the group, most of them are local rich wives, but some are foreigners. The locals were about 30 people!"

"That's okay..." Jiang Yu thought about it: "I'll bring some more to you the day after tomorrow. The new packaging of my products has come out and it is more luxurious and more in the style of a lady. You will not lose if you give it as a gift. "

"You child is more thoughtful than me. In fact, it is just for them to use, don't worry too much!" Mother Gu instructed.

"I know!"

Jiang Yu hung up the phone and hurriedly called the product department, asking them to quickly make a few beauty creams in the set high-end packaging.

A few days later, the first batch of the newly packaged beauty cream came out.

During this time, Jiang Yu herself was also using the product. She had very few facial problems, so she focused on the legs that needed more beauty.

Some people would wonder, did you also need makeup on your legs? That's for sure, otherwise why did you think the legs of those celebrity airport photos looked so tender? There were also those actresses who wore short skirts in the winter. It was so cold in winter that many people’s skin turned into chicken skin when they catch a cold, but were these celebrities an exception? The answer was no. Jiang Yu had done makeup for celebrities in her previous life. Naturally, for actresses, makeup on the face was only part of the package, makeup on the legs was also the bulk of it.

Judging from the leg test, the beauty cream not only had a better effect than photoshop, but also had a strong lasting power, which could reach the point of 10 hours without reapplication. These 10 hours was definitely enough for ordinary people!

Jiang Yu personally gave this batch of beauty cream to Mother Gu.

Mother Gu smiled and said, "You can just tell me and I will let the driver pick it up. You don’t have to run yourself."

Jiang Yu smiled and said, "I'm idle anyway."

"Nonsense! You young people are always busy with work, you can sleep more when you have idle time!"

After Mother Gu finished speaking, she took a picture with her mobile phone and sent it to her group: "Sisters, the beauty cream is here. Let's have tea together in this afternoon? I'll bring it to you."

"Okay! See you in the afternoon!"

Mother Gu turned off her phone, smiled, and said to Jiang Yu, "I'll give it to them to try!"


Jiang Yu knew that if these ladies who were used to big brands give thumbs up to the product, then this product would really pass the test.

A few days later, Jiang Yu went to Gu's old house for dinner, and saw Mother Gu walking out with a smile: "Taro ball, I have to trouble you!"

"What's wrong?" Jiang Yu asked with a smile.

"Oh! Look at my little sisters, they don't know how to keep their words! Last time they only said that they wanted a bottle of beauty cream to try, but now their daughters, daughters-in-law, and grandchildren all want one as well! I counted it, there are 122 people asking in total! You need to calculate how much these cost, auntie will send red envelope on WeChat to you!"

Jiang Yu laughed, Mother Gu was really up to date. She was in her 60s, but she played WeChat very smoothly. She also followed stars to watch live broadcasts, and often followed her and Gu Shenliu's news.

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu smiled and hugged Mother Gu's shoulder. She said affectionately: "Auntie, you said that I am your future daughter-in-law, is it possible that I can ask you to pay? Don't talk payment to me, later, someone will bring you 200 boxes, so whoever wants it, you can give them more. This can be considered as advertising for me."

Mother Gu smiled, gave Jiang Yu a look, and said politely: "I understand!" After speaking, she took out her mobile phone and sent a message: "Sisters! You are the first batch to get the goods! It's a super VIP! I asked my daughter-in-law to get it from an internal channel. This thing is not launched yet outside, so you can't buy it! If you run out, you can ask for more to me!"

——No problem, Sister, your daughter-in-law is very capable, this thing is great!

——Sister, I think this beauty cream is really much easier to use than liquid foundation.

——The thing is, it would be better to have different shade numbers.

——Yes. This beauty cream is a bit too pale for my skin.

——I really envy you for having a good daughter-in-law! Unlike the one in my family, who only knows how to play mahjong every day.

Mother Gu said proudly: "Yes, my daughter-in-law is very good! It’s my fortune!"

Jiang Yu was stunned and nodded again: "The opinions of the aunts are very pertinent. In fact, we are also developing the shades. When it is officially released, there will definitely be varied shades available!"

Maybe everyone had this mentality. The more difficult it was to get, the more they felt that the things they got through relationships were better and they would cherish it more. After these wives used the beauty cream, they felt that the beauty cream was very good, so they give it to their daughters and daughters-in-law at home. After a while, they didn't expect that their daughter and daughter-in-law would be hooked instantly. After their daughter and daughter-in-law got the beauty cream, their shared it with others, and even posted on the Internet.

[This is a beauty cream that my mother got from a friend. It is said that it has not yet been released. It is only popular in the circle of rich people and it is really super easy to use! Look at the packaging. The packaging is very luxurious and expensive, at first glance, you can see that it is something that rich people use. As for the effect... it's even more amazing! Otherwise, it would not have become the hottest baby in the Shencheng’s rich ladies circle. Now everyone is asking for this thing. It is said that the name is 'Beauty Cream' and this bottle of mine was used by several friends, so I almost ran out! I don't even know where to buy it after I use it up!]

——Come on, Jiang Yu didn’t plant grass these days, have you started to plant grass yourself instead?

——Beauty cream? It's a memorable name!

——Wuwuwu, we really want it! But if it is used in the circle of ladies, it must be very expensive!

——Where can I buy it? The comparison picture is so obvious! After using it, it is really like being photographed by a beauty camera.

——It must be just for the rich to use! We poor people can't use it at all! Wuwuwu…

In this way, the popularity of "beauty cream" was actually getting bigger and bigger, and netizens' impression of it had been stuck on the impression of "top skin care products that only rich ladies can use". There was also the trend that said the beauty cream to be more effective than liquid foundation, so many fans with serious facial problems couldn't wait to try.

Under such circumstances, did you think Jiang Yu would sell beauty cream immediately? Wrong! The more people wanted it, the more it need to be out of stock. Only in this way she could give everyone the illusion that a bottle of this item was hard to find and value it more!

Therefore, Jiang Yu deliberately took hold and slowed down the launch date, so that the reputation of the beauty cream could continue to ferment and continue to be trending.

"President Jiang, the reporter who is scheduled to do interview is here." Zhong Xiaoping announced.

"Let her in."

Jiang Yu rarely gave interviews. Except for Weibo, she had never stood on the street to publicize the web drama. Fortunately, because she was a producer herself, no one forced her, which was considered to be willful to the extreme. However, this time she agreed for an exclusive interview because the <Business> magazine was very famous in the city. The people who could be interviewed by the magazine were all successful entrepreneurs, and the people who subscribed to the magazine were also famous business people in China. It was conceivable that doing this interview would make Jiang Yu became much more compelling, and would also make Jiang Yu showed her face in the business world.

The reporter came in and said with a smile, "Presdient Jiang, I'm Wenwen."


"Then let's start now?"


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