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Weibo Big V's Daily Entertainment Circle - Chapter 115 Part 1 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 115 - Live Streaming (1)

Bang bang bang!

Jiang Yu just took a shower when she heard a knock at the door, Bei Xiaoxiao hid behind the door and looked out nervously.

"Jiang Yu! It's not good! The neighbors said they wanted to call the police and they also said they wanted you to be on social news! They said you were not filial!"

Jiang Yu's face remained unchanged, and she opened the door with a flat face.

Seeing her, several neighbors froze for a moment. Everyone saw a female starring in a web drama appearing in her pajamas and looked so beautiful. They were temporarily not able to recover.

"The little girl's name is Jiang Yu?" The neighbor's elder brother frowned: "Although I don't know what quarrel you have with your parents, but your parents have come here all the way, you shouldn't let them sleep on the street!"

The neighbor's eldest brother came from the countryside himself. He hated the people in the city that looked down on people from the countryside, and he hated Jiang Yu even more for forgetting the kindness of her parents after she succeed!

However, Jiang Yu just wanted to laugh when she saw what the elder brother looked like. He might think he was a man of justice, but he obviously didn't know the inside story.

"You already said that you don't know what the quarrel is between us." Jiang Yu's tone was light.

Hearing this, the neighbor eldest brother was startled, yes, this was a family matter, he didn't understand what happened, would he be on the wrong side? Besides, the little girl didn't look like this kind of person.

After hearing this, Zhang Meifeng was afraid that Jiang Yu would say the immoral things she did, so she hurriedly cried: "Jiang Yu! How can you be so cruel?! Your mother did not eat or drink to support you to go to college but you forget about your mother after you develop! Your brother and sisters don't even recognize you! How can you be like this! Mom doesn't come to ask for money, I just hope you can go home with us! Let’s talk about it, don’t drive mother out again!”

Jiang Yu's complexion remained the same, only her brows were slightly raised. She never imagined that Zhang Meifeng knew how to pretend to be pitiful even with her IQ.

Sure enough, Zhang Meifeng words matched her pitiful look, and the hearts of the neighbors were shaken again. The neighbor's eldest brother frowned and said:

"You little girl! I don't care about anything else, but you must let your parents in today! You must apologize and promise to take good care of them in the future! Otherwise, I'll call Social News to come it now!"

Hearing this, Zhang Meifeng's eyes showed a hint of pride. She didn't expect these people to be so stupid. She just showed weakness and pretended to be pitiful, and they were played around by her.

After finishing speaking, seeing Jiang Yu's still indifferent look, the neighbor's elder brother took out his mobile phone and shot a video on Jiang Yu. "I warn you! If you do this again, I will take a video and upload it online, so that everyone can see who you are!"

Jiang Yu frowned slightly, but still didn't speak.

The neighbor's eldest brother's cell phone was almost pointed at her face. Seeing that Jiang Yu didn't respond, he took a picture of Zhang Meifeng and Jiang Daquan, who was squatting on the ground with a sad face.

"You see, this is the behavious of your favorite actress! Look at what kind of person she is! She doesn't even recognize her own parents and relatives! You still regard this kind of person as an idol?"

After a video was filmed, he threatened: "I'll post the video on the Internet now!"

Seeing this, Bei Xiaoxiao became anxious, and pushed Jiang Yu quickly and said, "Jiang Yu, take them home! Otherwise, this matter will become too big and it will affect you!"

Jiang Yu didn't say anything. Over there, the neighbors had already posted the video on the Internet, and they said fiercely: "Being a person must have a bottom line! Your parents support you to study and make you have talent! You shouldn't treat them like this where your behaviour is just like a pig and a dog!"

Zhang Meifeng had tears on her face, but she felt complacent in her heart. OMG! People said that the people in the city were shrewd, but she didn't expect the people in the city to be so stupid! They also helped her post the video to the Internet? She now only needed to wait for someone to treat Jiang Yu! This was great! Jiang Yu would definitely use money to settle everything in private!

Jiang Yu didn't say a word from beginning to end.

Jiang Yu was a Weibo celebrity and a popular actress. Although she had not acted in any dramas, had no other TV works, and had turned down all the invitations for advertising endorsements and variety shows, her <The Entertainment Circle of Chong Fei> was enough. She had become a well-known female artist. She belonged to the type of actress that couls last a lifetime with just one classic work. Therefore, even though Jiang Yu was not very active on TV, there were still many people talking about her on Weibo. She was beautiful and had a handsome boyfriend Gu Shenliu. Her own experience was legendary and she had a lot of topics. It's the kind where news headlines could be popular just by having her name on it.

The video posted by the neighbor didn't attract everyone's attention at first, but he had the word "Jiang Yu" in his Weibo. Soon, everyone clicked it and saw that the content was very sensational! A beautiful woman like Jiang Yu acted like a dog! She was a person that didn't even recognize her parents! She even let her parents sleep on the street!

OMG! The news station was shaking! Netizens reposted it one after another and in just a few minutes, it caused a heated discussion on the Internet, alarming fans of both Jiang Yu and Gu Shenliu.

——Sh*t! It is true? Jiang Yu is not like this kind of person, she is full of generosity!

——Don't believe false rumors! I am an employee of JY. President Jiang is very generous to us. He never deducts wages. Everyone knows our company's treatment and recruitment standards. You also see the decoration of our JY. I believe that President Jiang must have difficulties. Likes: 342.

——@Gu Shenliu, hehe! Do you know what your future wife is like?

——No wonder I don't think Jiang Yu is a good person. In order to marry into a wealthy family, she doesn't even recognize her parents? I don't know what Gu Shenliu will think.

——This kind of person should be condemned!

Although there were fans who speak for Jiang Yu, there were people after all. In addition, netizens were incited by the words of the neighbor's eldest brother, and they all felt that Jiang Yu was an ungrateful person. Therefore, there were many people scolding Jiang Yu in an instant. Fans who occasionally come out to defend her were all defined as brainless fans!

Bei Xiaoxiao became anxious when she saw that the matter was serious, and hurriedly called Gu Shenliu.

Over there, Gu Shenliu that was already thinking that Jiang Yu's behavior was a little abnormal today received a call from Bei Xiaoxiao.

"Senior Brother."


"It's bad!"

Gu Shenliu frowned: "Is something wrong with Jiang Yu?"


Gu Shenliu stood up suddenly and said solemnly, "What happened to her?"

"No injuries or anything, Senior, listen to me! Jiang Yu's parents are here..." Bei Xiaoxiao roughly told what happened.

Gu Shenliu listened with a calm expression on his face and he already had an estimate in his heart. As early as when Jiang Yu came back to Shencheng on New Year's Day, he had already guessed Jiang Yu's family situation. Besides, Jiang Yu was working in Shencheng during the summer vacation, and she never went came or call to see if their daughter was doing well. Even if they didn't love her, they wouldn't have reached this level. The two had been together for more than half a year and he had never seen Jiang Yu receive or make phone calls from her parents. So he concluded that Jiang Yu's parents did not have deep feelings for her. He just didn't expect it to be so bad.

Gu Shenliu's heart sank, his complexion suddenly turned gloomy, and his whole person had an indescribably terrifying aura. He opened Weibo, and it was really crazy. Fame waz a double-edged sword. It would make people taste the sweetness and lift them to the sky, but it would also make them taste the bad results overnight.

The person who uploaded the video was obviously Jiang Yu's neighbor. This video took advantage of the weaknesses of netizens and incited the netizens to scold Jiang Yu in their own way. Gu Shenliu clicked on the comments and many of the comments were very unbearable. They accused Jiang Yu as an ungrateful white-eyed wolf.

Gu Shenliu put down his phone, he believed that Jiang Yu was not such a person.

"Gao Jing." Gu Shenliu called Gao Jing.

"Shenliu, I was about to call you! Have you watched the video on the Internet? Who is blacking taro ball? Is it our opponent? Or is it a company that can't grab resources with us? Or a competitor of Jiang Yu in the fashion circle?" Gao Jing said hurriedly.

"It shouldn't be!" Gu Shenliu said solemnly, "It's true."

"Really?" Gao Jing was stunned for a moment, "You mean Jiang Yu really kicked his parents out!"

"Yes, but she must have her own reasons. You shouldn't respond to this matter yet but first prepare several marketing accounts in our studio, prepare whitewashing manuscripts with different styles, and prepare the navy side as well. Wait for my instructions!"


After Gu Shenliu finished speaking, he picked up the car key and went to Jinghu Garden.

Bei Xiaoxiao was about to die in panic, but Jiang Yu didn't react from the beginning to the end, as if it wasn't her who was blackmailed. She was really calm, the neighbor posted the video on the Internet, and Zhang Meifeng also shouted thet she would call the police and would ask social news to come, but Jiang Yu was still indifferent, as if the protagonist of this matter was not her.

"Whether or not you will let your parents in, we still have to sleep! You cannot keep wasting our time!" The neighbor said.

Jiang Yu squinted his eyes and sneered: "You have posted the video on the Internet, are you still going to let me take care of you?"

The neighbor was taken aback: "Why are you so ignorant little girl? I just don't want to see you doing something wrong! I don't want you to be photographed on social news!"

"Yes! You don't want me to be on social news, so you sent me on Weibo hot search, right?"

The neighbor's eldest brother blushed. In fact, he was originally angry and wanted to scare Jiang Yu, but he didn't expect Jiang Yu to ignore him all along. Who knew there were so many people who had forwarded the Weibo. In the past few minutes, there had been tens of thousands of reposts. He had never had a popular Weibo in his life. Seeing so many people scolding Jiang Yu on his Weibo, the neighbor's eldest brother suddenly felt really good to be noticed, so he immediately dismissed the idea of deleting Weibo.

"I'm fighting for injustice! Anyone who sees this kind of thing will post it!"

"Then have you ever thought that what you see with your eyes may not be true?" Jiang Yu said coldly, without waiting for him to say a word, only coldly said to Zhang Meifeng, "Do you really want to come in?"

Zhang Meifeng was overjoyed, Jiang Mingxuan had given her a task and told her to live in! Seeing that Jiang Yu was afraid of her, Zhang Meifeng said proudly, "Of course! I want to live with you tonight!" Such a nice house, it's a pity not to enjoy it! Besides, this house will belong to Mingxuan in the future, she just came to live in her son's house ahead of time.

"Okay!" Jiang Yu suddenly raised his lips and smiled meaningfully.

Zhang Meifeng entered the room and lay on the sofa with Jiang Daquan. At this moment, Jiang Yu came out and half-closed the door.

There were no outsiders in the room, Jiang Yu snorted coldly: "Okay, everyone is gone, stop acting!"

Zhang Meifeng held back for a long time, and finally smiled. She covered her mouth and said proudly, "Other people said that people in the city are smart, but I think they are all idiots! They directly believe everything! Oh, I laughed so hard!"

Jiang Yu frowned. "Tell me! What do you want?"

Speaking of this, Zhang Meifeng suddenly became interested! She smiled and said, "Jiang Yu, I said it earlier! You can't fight me! You ask me what I want? What I want is very simple! I want money! I want you to help your brother and give this house to Mingxuan. Put it under his name, let Mingxuan family come to live, and let Zhuang Zhuang go to school in a big city!"

"Oh? If the house is for them, where do I live?"

"You?" Zhang Meifeng said as a matter of course: "You go to live in your man's house! If you can't do it, rent other house! Why should I care about a girl like you!"

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