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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 112 Part 2 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 112 – Save (2)

Pan Lingling sobbed. She only found out that she had vitiligo after she went to college. At the beginning, she only had white spots on her neck, but later it became more and more serious. It was especially severe on her face and private parts. She went to the hospital for treatment but it was not cured. Her family was poor and didn't have much money to spend on her, which made her vitiligo worse and worse, which made her really uncomfortable. Her roommates and classmates began to alienate her and stopped borrowing anything from her. When she was doing laundry, no one else would do it together. When she went to eat in the cafeteria, everyone avoided her. She knew that everyone was afraid of contagion, even if the doctor said that her disease would not spread to others, everyone was still unwilling to be with her. She was only 20 years old, her life had just begun! Other people were in love and enjoying their youth, but she always felt that her life was over!

The boys in class were secretly saying that she was disgusting, and that they couldn't eat when they saw her face! Pan Lingling once thought of committing suicide, but did not have the courage to die.

Jiang Yu smiled: "Let's take a look! You can then give some feedback on my beauty cream!"

Pan Lingling was stunned, the beauty cream was not on the market yet, but Jiang Yu agreed to give it to her in advance, so she should give good feedback to Jiang Yu as well. 

Thinking of this, Pan Lingling raised her head unconfidently. When she saw herself in the mirror, she was startled for a moment, and then she stroked her face in disbelief.

The girl in the mirror...

Pan Lingling hadn't seen her for more than two years! This face without vitiligo was smooth, even, and healthy!

Pan Lingling couldn't help thinking that in the past, she was often not satisfied with her appearance and always wanted to have plastic surgery or something in the future, but now she didn't have that many extravagant hopes, she just wanted to live like a normal person.

What the hospital could not do, Jiang Yu did. Although she did not cure her vitiligo, she made herself no different from ordinary people and allowed her to live a normal life.

Pan Lingling's tears flowed again. "Sister! I thank you so much! This is the money for the beauty cream..."

"You take it!" Jiang Yu shook her hand and smiled: "I gave it to you! It's not much money."

"How can this be possible! You can give it to me in advance, I am already very grateful!" Pan Lingling was anxious and insisted on giving money.

"Take it!" Jiang Yu said with a smile: "Next time you need to, come here again to buy. You can give me the money then! Just treat this as a gift for you. It's fate to know you and we are also from the same school."

Pan Lingling touched her face and walked out of Jiang Yu's company door. She felt that she was very lucky today, not only because of the free beauty cream, but also because of her face!

"President Jiang!" As soon as Pan Lingling left, everyone gathered around.

When Pan Lingling came, they noticed the girl situation. They didn't expect that the severe white spots on Pan Lingling's face could also be covered up. This beauty cream waz too awesome!

"She's changed so much! I almost didn't recognize her!" Several people were discussing.

"Well, the coverage of the beauty cream is still good! This rich ladies batch also has a 3D effect, the effect is even better." Jiang Yu sat down at the desk.

"Oh my God! It's a live advertisement! President Jiang, why don't you give some money for her to advertise, take a comparison picture or a video or something?"

Jiang Yu paused and smiled: "Forget it! Don't build your own happiness on the pain of others." 


Pan Lingling entered her dorm room. Her roommates were inside and usually they didn't pay much attention to her, but Teng Hua, the roommate who lived opposite Pan Lingling, glanced at Pan Lingling, and was immediately surprised. She turned her head back and looked at Pan Lingling in shock.

"Pan Lingling, is your face cured?"

This question attracted the attention of others, and everyone looked at Pan Lingling.

Pan Lingling laughed dryly and said, "It's not cured, I just wiped something to cover the spots on my face."

Everyone was even more surprised. They had lived with Pan Lingling for two years, so they knew how serious the spots on Pan Lingling's face were. It's not that they want to isolate Pan Lingling, but everyone has a self-protection mentality. They said it's not contagious, but everyone was still afraid. Besides, Pan Lingling's spots were on her face, which was very noticeable at first glance. Everyone liked beautiful things, so everyone still felt uncomfortable when they see Pan Lingling.

But such serious spots could be covered up?

"What foundation brand did you use?"

Pan Lingling smiled: "It's not foundation, it's beauty cream."

"Beauty cream?" They were all Jiang Yu's alumni, and Jiang Yu was now very famous. Just imagine, a senior from the same school was actually the heroine of the TV series they liked, how could they not pay attention? Therefore, everyone knew that Jiang Yu had invested in beauty cream. "Is the effect so good with just the beauty cream?"

"Well, yes! Sister Jiang Yu also helped me put on the beauty cream." Pan Lingling smiled.

Everyone was even more shocked. Jiang Yu was now worth at least several hundred million. She didn't like to be interviewed and she rarely came to school, so very few opportunities for everyone to meet her. But Pan Lingling could actually catch up with Jiang Yu?

For a while, the roommate's tone was a bit sour: "Do you know Sister Jiang Yu?"

"No, I just want to find her to buy the beauty cream. Senior sister said that the beauty cream is not on the market yet, but she agreed to sell one in advance to me." Pan Lingling was grateful.

Everyone couldn't help but look at Pan Lingling. She was quite capable. She could make Senior Jiang Yu make an exception and also left a good impression on her!

"Then did Sister Jiang Yu say when the beauty cream will be available?"

"No, I didn't ask." Pan Lingling said concisely. She didn't know if it's because the face was no longer so severe, but today her roommate went to the cafeteria to eat, and actually called her to go with them.

Pan Lingling suddenly felt that even the air became fresher than before. She thought about it and felt that she was really grateful to Jiang Yu for what she had done. She was like this, so she had already made preparations to not find a man and work hard to earn money for a lifetime. Besides, there was a genetic risk of vitiligo, so she would never let her children get this disease too.

Since this was the case, there was no need to worry. Jiang Yu had helped herself so much, so she should repay Jiang Yu. So, after going back, Pan Lingling made a long Weibo:

[As an alumni of Shenda University, I really thank my senior sister @Stylist Jiang Yu for sending me this box of beauty cream, so that I, a person troubled by vitiligo, can live in the sun like a normal person! You can see from the picture. At first, my vitiligo was very serious and half of my face was covered with white spots, which made me want to commit suicide at one time. Only because of my timidity, I survived. I stopped the senior and asked the senior to sell me a bottle in advance! I really did not expect the senior to agree and gave me a box for free! The second picture is the effect after use, and I am very grateful to the senior! I know that there will be no possibility of getting married and falling in love in my life as I don’t want to have children and pass this disease on to my children. I just need to be like a normal person, and Senior sister, you made my dream come true!]

“Taro Ball! Pan Lingling is on the Internet and she mentioned you!" Bei Xiaoxiao reminded.

Jiang Yu was taken aback for a moment, "You know Pan Lingling?"

"I definitely know her!" Bei Xiaoxiao said, "Her face is really eye-catching, so most Shenda University students basically know her, except you. You don't hear things outside the window, so you don't know."

Jiang Yu opened Weibo and read Pan Lingling's post. She did not expect that Pan Lingling would volunteer to help her promote beauty cream.

Jiang Yu quickly reposted on Weibo and said, "It's my honor to be able to help the little fairies with beauty cream! Making all girls more confident is the original purpose of me founding Huajianji and JY brands. It is also my original purpose, the goal that I have been working hard for! I am also very happy to help a fellow schoolgirl! Please be confident, the road in life is long, and the scenery is far more than one!" 

As soon as Jiang Yu reposted, Pan Lingling, who had not been paid attention to, suddenly gained a lot of fans.

Netizens started to report like crazy, because they were all frightened by Pan Lingling's comparison picture.

Was this could still be called makeup? It's like a face change! Everyone knew that beauty cream worked well, but they didn't know that it could be this good.

In one hour, 40,000 reposts and 30,000 comments were enough to show the level of attention this Weibo had received, and it also showed that everyone was shocked by the comparison picture! It was also a manifestation of the influence of Jiang Yu's Weibo!

——Taro Ball, are you really not considering applying for the Nobel Prize?

——This is simply an invention for the benefit of all mankind!

——Wow! In the future, there is no need to use imported products, let's switch to domestic products!

——Awesome effect! Awesome!

At the same time, many people on Xiaohongshu received trial packs and wrote reviews on beauty creams. 

Xiaohongshu was a place dedicated to growing grass. Therefore, many people had been planted by these posts.

Under such circumstances, Jiang Yu smiled, she knew that it was time for the beauty cream to hit the shelves!

That night, Jiang Yu posted a Weibo:

[Dears, this is the final packaging picture of the beauty cream! The price of 599 yuan is really the lowest price I can think of. It cannot be lower, the price of skin nourishing ingredients in the beauty cream is relatively high and I can guarantee that it is a good product that cannot be found anywhere else in the market! Of course, if you are afraid that you will not use it well, you can buy a trial pack first. The trial pack can be used a little more than ten times, and the opening price is 59 yuan! Yes! Today, Huajianji Tmall is open! Beauty cream and acne set are all 30% off! That is to say, you can buy beauty cream for less than 420 today! Those who need it, try it ! Link: 23WE#@2.]

——D*mn! Go grab it!

——Good card! Are many people robbing?

——How crazy! As soon as I refreshed the pahe, 10,000 pieces were sold already!

——Everyone is crazy! In the past, there were people who insisted that the numbers on Jiang Yu's store was faked, but only we know that this madness is true!

——Sales are so high! It seems that everyone is really looking forward to the beauty cream!

——I believe Jiang Yu will not lie to us.

——It is quite expensive, but it does have a skin-nourishing effect. After I used up the previous trial pack, my skin became better.

Jiang Yu smiled as she watched the rising sales on the screen, and smiled from her heart. She would definitely make better products to give back to everyone.


At noon, Gu Shenliu came to Jiang Yu's company with a lunch box.

The employees were about to explode, and they are all talking:

"Gu Shenliu is too good to President Jiang, right? Did President Jiang save the galaxy in her last life?"

"A winner in life!" 

On the side, seeing Gu Shenliu came, Jiang Yu smiled and said, "You sit down for a while, I'll make a weibo to plant grass first." Her planting machine couldn't be interrupted, and she couldn't stop planting grass just because she now sold cosmetics. If she stopped, over time, people would no longer trust her, and gradually, everyone would think that Jiang Yu was just an ordinary Internet celebrity who sold her own clothes and cosmetics. 

The price of beauty cream was very high, once netizens bought beauty cream, their wallets would inevitably be flat. So, Jiang Yu needed to plant grass that was not too expensive, this way everyone would buy it casually. Because if their wallet was flat, they would naturally hesitate whether they should buy beauty cream, which would affect the sales.

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu found a slightly cheaper product and recommended:

[BCL's Clear Last Powder High Cover SPF40 PA++, this product is a big hit in Japanese cosmeceuticals, and it is a typical multi use product! Sunscreen, concealer, and moisturizing are three major products, it is easy to use and no oily shine at all! The powder is also finer, with a blingbling effect! The price is less than 100, so the cost performance is really high! The yellow package is the most popular, suitable for fair sisters. The only disadvantage of this powder is that the fairest shade could still be too dark, if you have fair skin, you should choose carefully!]

Jiang Yu also accompanied a real photo. This powder was really good, the oil control effect was also good, it was the best to use in summer! Very natural!

——Just waiting for you to plant grass!

——My friend went to Japan so I just asked her to bring it.

——I have it in my store. If you need it, search Taobao: Su Xiaoqi purchasing shop.

——I rarely see someone recommending this! It seems to be selling very well in Japan, less than 100 is really cost-effective!

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