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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 105

WBVDEC Chapter 105 – Meet

A lot of times, you had a lot of ideas in your head, and you would casually talk about your vision, but you might never realize it. For example, Jiang Yu casually said in<Star Wardrobe> that she liked two-stories cloakroom. Of course, this was also the dream of all girls! A cloakroom as big as a palace, filled with all kinds of clothes, all kinds of shoes, all kinds of skin care products and lipsticks, this kind of life could be considered dead without regrets!

Jiang Yu liked it, but if she really did the decoration, she would definitely gave up the plan in the end, but she didn't expect that Gu Shenliu actually helped her realize it. She went to the cloakroom that Gu Shenliu decorated for her.

Gu Shenliu took down all the walls in the house that could be taken down, so most of the walls were opened. The designer had also carefully designed the load bearing walls, so that when Jiang Yu opened the door, she was deeply shocked by the cloakroom in front of her. As soon as she entered the door, she could see the whole view of the cloakroom. The cloakroom had arc shaped, all white cabinets, simple and fashionable, high ceilings, oversized crystal chandeliers, various cabinets, stretchable, foldable, everything...

This kind of design didn’t let go of every detail, considering the owner's preferences, it was especially practical. Up the carved stairs, the second and third floors were for clothes, shoes, hats, and bags. Seeing the depth of the cabinets, the third floor should be for thick clothes such as leather jackets and the second floor was for luggage and thin clothes. The shoe cabinet and vanity cabinet were placed on the first floor.

"How many clothes can I put here?" Jiang Yu said in surprise.

"It can hold at least 10,000 pieces of clothes, 3,000 pairs of shoes, 300 bags... Also, knowing that you have a lot of lipsticks, I told the designer to specially make a lipstick wall for you, come and see..."

The originally flat dresser was modified by Gu Shenliu and turned into a cabinet with two vertical sides. Inside the cabinet were small grooves, which was fit for a lipstick. "You can put 2,000 lipsticks! I don't think the good lipsticks on the market can exceed this number!" Gu Shenliu finished speaking, his tone mixed with helplessness: "Every day you complain that my cloakroom is too small, and every day you say that the dressing table is not big enough. So, this time I made a big one for you!"

Jiang Yu, who has always been calm, couldn't help but hug Gu Shenliu and said with a smile, "I like it very much!"

"That's good..." Gu Shenliu's eyes were doting, with a smile on his lips, he took Jiang Yu into his arms: "I'll show you around and show you some special high-tech functions!"

After Gu Shenliu’s demonstration, Jiang Yu learned that all the cabinets in the cloakroom could be controlled by a tablet, that was to say, this cloakroom was a fully smart home, and she could command anything she wanted by simply sitting still. The middle of the first floor of the cloakroom was hollowed out and inlaid with a sunken circular leather seat. She stepped down the stairs and sat down to feel it. This sitting place was very suitable for girlfriends to play, drink afternoon tea and chat, and she felt good about it. It would be very relaxing!

What does it feel like to be loved so much by someone? Jiang Yu now knew. She could only think of all the good, but that's really all. But at the same time, she felt guilty. The two of them had been together for so long, and she seemed to seldom think about Gu Shenliu. It seemed that only Gu Shenliu contribute more than herself.

People couldn’t be so selfish. The next day, Jiang Yu picked up her pencil and designed a series of T-shirts, pants, underwear, trench coats, and sweaters for Gu Shenliu... She made the pattern by herself and instructed her work and pattern-making masters to make the clothes after. She also instructed the company's purchasing staff to help her buy some men's cuffs, famous watches, and leather shoes. It wasn't until she filled Gu Shenliu's cloakroom and saw that it was covered in clothes designed by herself that she nodded with satisfaction.

The date to go to Beijing had been set. Jiang Yu, considering that she would be busier after going to Beijing, simply asked a few people from the company to help her move. Bei Xiaoxiao, Zou Xiaoyu, Tang Qian... all came.

They entered the cloakroom villa and exclaimed at the same time: "Wow..."

Bei Xiaoxiao couldn't believe her eyes: "It's inhumane! Jiang Yu, Gu Shenliu is too kind to you, right? He got such a big villa just to put your clothes in? How much does this villa cost in Shencheng? At least tens of millions?"

"I don't know." Jiang Yu smiled lightly: "He did it all secretly and I just found out that he installed a cloakroom for me when it was finished already!"

"..." What was good life? This was it!

"President Jiang, you are so happy!" Zou Xiaoyu sighed, "This is every woman's dream!"

"How many clothes can this fit?" Everyone was stunned, this was how the life of a tyrant was...

Judging from their expressions, Jiang Yu said in her heart that she probably had the same expression when she heard that the second prince of Dubai gave the waiter $700 tip.

Jiang Yu smiled and said: "That's why I called you here. I have the clothes packed, but it takes a lot of time to put them in. After thinking about it, you all know clothes, so I just called you to accompany me to put in the clothes!"

"Wow! This is for lipstick? President Jiang, do you have so many lipsticks?" Tang Qian looked at the dressing table and exclaimed.

"Not really!" Jiang Yu thought for a while: "There are about 1,000 including the newly bought batches that haven't arrived yet. Of course, this number is still increasing!"

"...No wonder you can be a beauty blogger! It turns out that if you want to be a beauty blogger, you not only need to have superb makeup skills, but first of all, you have to have the money to buy and buy all the time! Only then can you try and recommend things for everyone! Only then can you be a qualified grass planter!"

"President Jiang! Why did you buy so many masks? It's several meters tall!" Everyone widened their eyes in amazement.

"I plan to try it out and recommend the good ones to everyone, but I'm too busy recently, otherwise I will use them diligently. How about I give a few boxes to you?" Jiang Yu said and gave them some skin care products and facial masks.

"Yeah! Long live President Jiang!"

Bei Xiaoxiao took back dozens of bottles of some skin care products that Jiang Yu had tried but not finished using yet. She lived with Jiang Yu for a long time and knew that Jiang Yu often tried out a bottle of skin care products only a few times. With their relationship, Bei Xiaoxiao certainly didn't mind using the leftover!

"It's a waste to throw away those you don't need! I'll help you solve it!" Bei Xiaoxiao.

"Okay!" Jiang Yu smiled.

After a few chats, Jiang Yu poured them a drink and then said, "Let's get moving! There is still work at night!"


Several of them helped Jiang Yu pack up her clothes. Jiang Yu had a lot of clothes! There were also many bags! But the cloakroom was so big that after putting everything in, there were still many cabinets that were empty.

"Very good!" Jiang Yu looked at the wardrobe in front of her with satisfaction and said with a smile: "I can finally go and buy things again!"

The next day, Jiang Yu and Gu Shenliu boarded the plane to the capital.

The meeting with the First Lady of the country was something Jiang Yu had never imagined in the past and this life. However, even a person like the First Lady of the country needed a special makeup artist and a stylist. She also needed to live like ordinary people.

"Hello." Jiang Yu said mildly.

"Xiao Jiang!" The First Lady asked in a gentle tone, "How is Professor Zhou recently?"

"Teacher Zhou is very good. He has been asking me to say hello to you on his behalf!"

The two chatted for a few words. During the process of measuring the size, Jiang Yu asked some of the First Lady’s preferences. She knew that the First Lady liked traditional Chinese collars, knew that she did not like overly flamboyant designs, and knew that she had the heart to promote traditional clothing. The quality of the First Lady’s heart made Jiang Yu felt very comfortable.

Jiang Yu paid attention to the First Lady’s preferences and made some judgments in her heart. This was her habit. When customizing clothes for guests, she always needed to understand the personality and preferences of the guests, so that the design could match perfectly.

"By the way, I may also need the occasion where you need to wear these clothes, such as which country to go to, what kind of work to do in that kind of occasion, only in this way can I make adjustment for different countries’ national characteristics. Different occasions would need different designs, such as the clothes to wear when visiting some sick children would be different with the one to wear when meeting other heads of state! These are all things I need to consider!”

The First Lady of the country smiled and said, "I will ask someone to prepare my itinerary for you and you can design your clothes according to this!"

"Thank you! I will live up to your trust and try to be perfect!"

Although she was the First Lady of the country, she was also a woman who loves beauty. The First Lady of the country seemed to have some understanding of Jiang Yu, and said with a smile: "I heard that you have invented some makeup and won the favor of many young girls. Do you think my makeup needs to be improved?"

Jiang Yu was flattered, like a little girl who fulfilled her duty.

The First Lady of the country had her own make-up artist, and Jiang Yu opinions would definitely be annoying, but the image of the First Lady of the country was related to the people. Since she asked, she must really want to hear Jiang Yu's advice. After all, she would wear Jiang Yu's design in the future. The makeup look matched by the designer of the clothes would definitely not go wrong.

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu said with a smile: "Actually, I think your makeup is already perfect. Of course, if you want to change it, there is still other way to paint it!"

"Oh?" The First Lady’s eyes lit up, "Then you give me a try?"

Seeing this, the staff on the side glanced at Jiang Yu, with obvious distrust in their eyes.

The tall girl next to the First Lady of the country sneered in her heart. She thought to herself, where did this girl who really thought she was a makeup artist and could decide the makeup of the First Lady of the country at will? The makeup artist of the First Lady of the country was a very capable person. She had won many international awards and she often designed catwalk makeup for the Paris Fashion Week show. It could be said that not only in China, but she also had status abroad! Jiang Yu was so young, but she wanted to give pointers on the makeup that the seniors painted? It's really too confident! Later, when the makeup was drawn, it was obviously not as good as the senior’s, let's see if she would be embarrassed! Thinking of this, she sneered, waiting to see Jiang Yu's joke.

"Actually, your makeup looks very good and I have nothing to change. I can only make some changes in makeup techniques and try to adjust the transparency of the base makeup!"

Check it out! This girl named Jiang Yu knew that she could not do well, so she bragged first!

After Jiang Yu finished speaking, she modified the base makeup for the First Lady of the country according to her newly invented method of applying foundation. In fact, the makeup of the First Lady of the country was very limited, because she represented the image of China and was not like the First Lady of other countries that liked sexy and flirtatious dresses. Chinese traditional culture required that the First Lady of the country to be generous and dignified, and the First Lady herself also hoped that she could reflect the humble manners of Chinese women.

Therefore, Jiang Yu tried not to add too much additional makeup on, but reduced some instead in an appropriate amount. By changing the technique, she made the base makeup more docile and transparent, and created a lustrous skin like porcelain! As for the eye makeup, she tried not to paint it too thick, just light brushes but she used some careful techniques to make the First Lady’s eyes look more gentle. With this, when she smiled, it would give people infinite goodwill, and the lipstick... Jiang Yu changed the First Lady’s lipstick color. She specially picked a dignified but not old-fashioned lipstick that could still change people's appearance.

Finally, when Jiang Yu was finished, she looked at the First Lady’s makeup and smiled, "Look in the mirror!"

The First Lady of the country looked at herself in the mirror and was slightly dazed. If she remembered correctly, Jiang Yu's entire technique was not much different from that of her regular makeup artist, and even the steps of Jiang Yu's makeup were even fewer, but the strange thing was that Jiang Yu's makeup made her look very good, and the base was perfect. The skin was full of luster, giving people a very energetic and healthy feeling! The light eye makeup and especially the color of the lipstick, even lifted her complexion, making her skin appear fairer and softer. The whole person was suddenly different! She couldn’t tell where it has changed, but she just felt that she was more gentle and beautiful in the mirror!

This was something that the First Lady of the country did not expect. Reducing makeup could actually give different but not less effect!

"You, you are actually beautiful no matter how the makeup was applied. So I mainly advocate healthy base and complexion, because sometimes people need to paint not the facial features at all, but to change the state of the skin. Applying a good base makeup can make the skin look younger and more energetic. Looking at it this way, with a healthy complexion, everyone will look energetic!" Jiang Yu smiled lightly on the side.

The First Lady of the country smiled: "You little girl is not ordinary!"

The woman looked down on Jiang Yu from the beginning to the end looked at the First Lady of the state thru the mirror in shock. It's beautiful! For the first time, she found that the First Lady of the country could look so gentle and graceful, which made people feel very comfortable, especially when she smiled. It was like a breeze blowing her face, she couldn’t help but have a good impression!

She looked at Jiang Yu in disbelief. This little girl actually had good makeup skills! She was so young, but she was more powerful than the most famous senior in this circle? She was shocked!

Jiang Yu didn't seem to feel the doubts from beginning to end. She just stood aside with a light expression and a smile on the corner of her mouth.

Back at the hotel, Jiang Yu took a long breath. Gu Shenliu, who accompanied her to Beijing, looked away from the book and asked, "How?"

"It's alright!" Jiang Yu was a woman who had seen the world, but when she went to such a place, she still felt majestic, she smiled: "The First Lady is very gentle, like an elder, I chatted with her and knew her preferences, I also measured her size! Next, I have to draw the design quickly!"

Fortunately, when Jiang Yu went to Maldives before, she drew a lot of sketches. After this meeting, she only needed to revise some according to her new judgment.

"The First Lady of the country is going to country H, this meeting is very important! The clothes I designed have to be right!" After Jiang Yu finished speaking, she hurriedly took out her sketchbook! The sea of stars was waiting for her to conquer, and she could begin with conquering the people of H country!

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